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Jenna's Star Power

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 12/28/10

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: Compilation
Director: Jonathan Morgan
Cast: Asia Carrera, Brad Armstron,g Brittany Andrews, Holly Body, Jenna Jameson, Jill Kelly, Mark Davis, Missy, Nikki Tyler, Peter North, Stormy Daniels, T.T. Boy.
Must-See Girls in Cast: None
Length: 01:53
Condoms: See "Bonus" below.
Bonus: All eight of Jenna's scenes are condom-free (Stormy's is more recent and is condom-protected). Eight out of nine ain't bad...one bonus star!


As a member of the X-Rated Critic's Association (XRCO), I was honored, on June 2, 2005, to attend the XRCO's Annual Awards Banquet at which Jenna Jameson was inducted into our Hall of Fame. I was chatting with one of the very young 18-year-old starlets at the show and she asked me why Jenna deserved such a high award. Can you believe a porn star not knowing why Jenna deserves to be honored? Anyway, I jokingly told the young thing, "if you look up 'porn star' in the dictionary, you'll see Jenna's picture!"

My encounter with the young star who was unaware of Jenna Jameson's role in the history and development of porn got me to thinking that some of you readers may not know much about her either. After all, she's not starring in too many releases any more, preferring instead to stay behind the scenes and make Club Jenna movies. So, I think I'll take this opportunity to introduce you to one of the ladies who is the reason I like porn!

Jenna is the epitome of "porn star." She's not only one of the most beautiful women to have ever lived, but she's also very smart, funny, considerate, appreciative, and insightful. She has an outstanding brain: I've talked with her on a few occasions in the worst of circumstances--in inordinately-packed convention halls--yet, after our first chat, she's always remembered me by name and website. What a memory!

As a pornstar, Jenna is deliciously nasty without being sluttish. She adores sex and it shows in virtually every scene she's ever made. Jenna has the ability to do the wickedest of things--and make them appear so real, so natural, so wholesome--while looking like an angel.

Jenna is also a fine actress. I firmly believe that she would be a viable performer in mainstream movies. She delivers her lines well and plays her roles in a very believable fashion. I particularly liked her acting in The Masseuse, Blue Movie and Flashpoint.

Jenna's also one of the best businesswomen you'll ever encounter: while most of the girls in her generation of pornstars dropped out of the business with nothing to show for it--or are still hustling to make a buck--Jenna is the empress of her own empire (Club Jenna) and has been the benevolent ruler of her own populace (Krystal Steal, Ashton Moore, Sophia Rossi, McKenzie Lee, and Jesse Capelli). That's damned impressive and worthy of respect.

Yes, Jenna is a drop-dead-gorgeous porn star who is also a hell of a fine human being. She was also wise enough to marry one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet (Justin Sterling). Too bad they broke up after several years of bliss.

Now that I've finished a litany of Jenna's attributes, let me suggest that you go back in history a bit and see how she got to be where she is today.

Before starting Club Jenna, I personally think that Jenna did her best work for Wicked. Her Blue Movie, a Wicked release, is my favorite of her films. To get to know Jenna, my advice is to go to the beginning and see her in Up and Cummers 11 followed by a sampling of her work for Wicked. Thankfully, Wicked has made this process easier for you by releasing Jenna's Star Power. This compilation of nine of Jenna's scenes from six of her Wicked movies gives you a very good sampling of Jenna's girl/girl, boy/girl, boy/boy/girl, and orgy scenes. It's worth its weight in gold! Well, it's worth at least the cost of four or five DVDs!

FInally, end your studies by watching Club Jenna's Briana Loves Jenna (my favorite of her own productions).

Jenna is the Queen of Porn. Pay your respects--and learn your lessons--by watching Jenna's Star Power soon.

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Check out some photos of the girls in Jenna's Star Power here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the incomparable Jenna Jameson! Enjoy!


Jenna's Star Power is hosted by the lovely Stormy Daniels and includes eight of Jenna's Wicked Scenes. It concludes with Stormy doing her own scene with Chris Cannon. In addition, there's an additional Jenna Jameson scene in the Extras. Wow, talk about value: most of Jenna's movies contained two or three of scenes. This compilation gives you the equivalent of four movies worth of Jenna! It also gives you a look at some of the other legends of porn, including Asia Carrera, Jill Kelly, and Nikki Tyler.

Scene One

Scene One is from Hell on Heels (1999) and features Jenna and Nikki Tyler. Nikki plays a mad scientist and Jenna plays her "Frankenstein" monster. Jenna is, however, a hell of a lot prettier than Frankenstein! Once Nikki is finished with her creation, she brings Jenna to life so they can, obviously, have sex! They use lots of metal toys--as well as vaginal and anal speculums--on each other. But, I get ahead of myself. While fucking gorgeous Jenna is still strapped to the operating table in a spooky laboratory, Nikki, cackling like a perverted witch, pulls latex gloves onto her hands and uses them to massage her creation's body, multiple-finger-fuck her pussy, and slap her boobs. She also licks and rubs Jenna's pussy (it's adorned by a clit-hood ring that Nikki thoughtfully provided for her creation) and beautifully-packed breasts. All this sexual attention soon awakens Jenna who, wondrously, knows exactly what to do to please Nikki. As soon as her creation awakens, Nikki goes wild with lust, deeply kissing Jenna's mouth and suckling her boobs and high heels while she writhes in ecstasy. Soon, Nikki selects a bulbous dildo from an assortment of metal toys and surgeon's tools and has Jenna lick it. Once the toy is covered with Jenna's all-natural lubricant, Nikki uses it--and her tongue--to deeply fuck her creation to her first-ever orgasm (great camera angles and special effects). Soon, the girls reverse roles so that Nikki lies on the operating table. Using her teeth, Jenna unties Nikki's gown and then goes down on her pussy using inexplicably talented fingers and tongue. In fact, Jenna four-finger-fucks Nikki's vagina while Nikki finger-fucks her own asshole and rubs her clit! Jenna also uses her fingers to spread Nikki's hole super wide and then pounds her slippery pussy with a long metal dildo while rimming her asshole. Later, nasty Nikki selects a vaginal speculum from her assortment of tools, uses it to spread open Jenna's pussy and then slides a dildo through the speculum so she can fuck her! This is hot girl/girl action! Meanwhile, Jenna talks nasty, hurling invective at Nikki to further inflame her lust. Not to be outdone, when it's Jenna's turn to please Nikki, she grabs an anal speculum and uses it to stretch Nikki's asshole to new dimensions. She then spits into Nikki's wide-open anus to provide lubrication so Nikki can finger fuck her own asshole! Later, Jenna fucks Nikki's ass with a big metal dildo (nice gapes) until she cums. Five stars!

Scene Two

Scene Two is an orgy from Paradise (1997). Stormy mentions that this is Jenna's first-ever on-camera orgy scene. In it, she gets a piece of all the other players: Brad Armstrong, Mark Davis, Missy and Holly Body. Damn, I'd forgotten Holly Body's outstanding boobs. Wow, talk about "in-your-face!" And, I must admit that Jenna not only looks dazzling, she sounds terrific when she growls, shrieks, and giggles with pleasure. She gives some damned-good blowjobs, too--especially in conjunction with Missy! The highpoint is the cumshots: all three girls hold their tongues tip-to-tip so the guys can jack off onto them. The girls then share the bounty. Four stars.

Scene Three

Scene Three is from Flashpoint (1997). It provides an outstanding look at the quality of Jenna's acting abilities. She and Brittany are in a nice restaurant finishing up a meal when Brittany blurts out to Jenna, "I'm so excited to find out that you're into girls, too...I need you NOW!" Brittany deliberately drops her napkin on the floor and, when she kneels down to pick it up, she starts eating Jenna right there in the restaurant. Desperate to avoid a scene, Jenna escorts Brittany to the restroom where intense five-star girl/girl sex explodes. Brittany throws Jenna against the wall and forcefully kisses her while shoving her knee up high, parallel to Jenna's breasts, so that Jenna can reach Brittany's pussy to stroke it. Meanwhile, Jenna lustfully watches their reflection in the restroom's mirror. While their awesome kiss continues, Jenna pulls up Brittany's dress and fondles her perfect ass cheeks. Soon, Brittany drops to her knees and licks Jenna's belly while Jenna, in turn plunges her body up and down to, in effect, fuck Brittany's tongue (very hot moves). As the scene continues, Jenna pulls aside the top of Brittany's dress and lifts her up, off the ground, so that Brittany's boobs are parallel to Jenna's mouth. Of course, a little intense nipple sucking ensues! After Jenna has finished worshipping Brittany's boobs, she drops to her knees and uses her extra-long and perfect-for-cunnilingus tongue to tease Brittany's bald-shaven pussy and bejeweled clit. She also tongue-fuck's Brittany's pussy and makes long stringers of spit. Wow, Jenna sure can eat pussy! Then, Jenna shoves Brittany against the wall, chokes her throat, and ravenously feasts on her boobs. Later, Brittany removes Jenna's top (their big boobs are nipple-to-nipple for a second) and then tosses Jenna into the doggie position atop the toilet. After hiking up Jenna's skirt, Brittany sharply spanks her world-class ass and eagerly rims her asshole while Jenna cries out with lust: "Put your tongue up my ass...fuck my ass!" Then, Brittany three-finger fucks Jenna's pussy while continuing to rim her asshole. After turning Jenna over, so that she's sitting on the toilet, Brittany straddles her and the two women grind their pussies together as if they were fucking. Then, Brittany four-finger-fucks and licks Jenna to a body-wrenching orgasm while Jenna fondles her own nipples with spit-lubricated fingers. Five stars!

Scene Four

Scene Four is from Silver Screen Confidential (1996) and features Jenna and T.T. Boy in a boy/girl slugfest to determine who's the best fucker. Jenna is a reporter assigned to interview T.T. Again, this scene demonstrates Jenna's superb acting ability. Somehow, during the interview, they get into a squabble over whose underwear is sexier (Jenna's are crotchless!). To hell with both pairs! Take them off! I guess T.T. agrees because, as soon as he gets a look at Jenna's uncovered pussy, he grabs her and pulls her on top of him as he reclines on a couch. While kneading her fine ass cheeks with his hands, he kisses her mouth and helps her out of her clothes. Of course, his fingers quickly find her slippery wet hole, which is soon swallowing both his and Jenna's fingers. After Jenna bares her awesome boobs, she bends down and gives T.T.'s enormous cock an inspired blowjob that features lots of intense eye contact as well as spit stringers (great camera angles). Meanwhile, she keeps her pussy busy with her fingers and squeals with genuine delight. Sadly, they forego cunnilingus (I'd give anything to eat Jenna's pussy) and transition, instead, to reverse cowgirl. Close-ups highlight the action as Jenna's spit-lubricated pussy completely swallows T.T.'s dick as she hurls her body up and down. Later, the camera zooms back so we can enjoy Jenna's bouncing boobs as she and T.T. fuck the shit out of each other. Jenna really enjoys the action, squealing with delight as her pleasure engine ignites. After while, they transition to doggie for a little in-and-out action from behind that accentuates Jenna's big gyrating breasts and culminates with a screaming orgasm. Then, after only two positions, T.T. can't take the pressure. So, Jenna quickly turns around and, as she looks at him adoringly, takes his load onto her tongue and face. Smiling broadly, she sucks him dry--but doesn't swallow. Four and one-half stars.

Scene Five

Scene Five, from Cover to Cover (1995) is a very aesthetically-pleasing black-and-white period piece set in the 1940's. Jenna is a very bad girl and fucks a very-young-looking Mark Davis, who plays a boxer specifically warned by his manager that "dames like this are nothing but trouble!" She wants him to "take a dive" and, in return, gives him the fucking of his life. She also lets him suckle two of the best breasts ever and enjoy the sweetness of her delicious pussy when he expertly performs cunnilingus on her. In return, she lovingly sucks his semi-flaccid cock to full mast before they copulate vaginally in the missionary, standing (damn, she looks good in this position!), and spoon positions. Jenna takes his load on her tongue, but doesn't swallow. Jenna's acting skills are again accentuated by this scene...in particular, she delivers her lines so well that it's hard to imagine she's not earning Oscars. Three and one-half stars!

Scene Six

Jenna's Built for Speed (1997) is the source for Scene Six, a gorgeous girl/girl romp between Jill Kelly (a rich bitch) and her chauffeur (Jenna). When the scene begins, Jenna (sporting black hair) is driving Jill's classic 1948 Rolls Royce. Jenna's hot body, which is stuffed into a skin-tight and very revealing black leather (maybe latex) outfit, quickly ignites Jill's lust. Damn, that outfit is HOT! In due course, Jill can no longer contain her desire. So, after Jenna steps out of the driver's seat and helps her employer out of the car, Jill begins to caress and fondle Jenna's fine curves and then offers her breast to satisfy Jenna's oral appetite. Meanwhile, Jill holds her right leg horizontal so that Jenna can grind her crotch against it--in effect, Jenna fucks Jill's leg. Soon, Jenna's oral fixation manifests itself again when she suckles Jill's high-heels and licks her feet. As the women continue to please each other, Jenna finger-fucks Jill and squeezes her boobs while she writhes and moans in ecstasy. Jill reciprocates by licking Jenna's spit-soaked nipples, by rimming her anus, by tongue- and finger-fucking her pussy and asshole, and by licking her clit. Jenna contributes to her own pleasure by thrusting her gorgeous ass cheeks onto Jill's face doggie style. Later, Jill lies back on the car's front seat so that Jenna can eat and multiple-finger-fuck her pussy missionary style. The highlight of the scene involves a double-ended dildo that Jenna controls using an elaborate golden handle that is positioned in the center of the toy. Jenna and Jill take turns twisting and thrusting the toy in-and-out of their soaking-wet pussies while they both writhe with pleasure. Jill also fucks Jenna's pussy with one end of the toy while deep-throating the opposite end. Jenna gets so worked up that she bites--and breaks--Jill's pearl necklace. Then, the two girls suck on opposite ends of the broken chain of pearls. One final observation: throughout the scene, both Jenna and Jill establish intense and erotic eye contact with us through the camera's lens. Too bad neither girl came. Four stars.

Scene Seven

Scene Seven, from Paradise (1997) features Jenna and two of the biggest (in more ways than one) male performers of all time: T.T. Boy and Peter North. In this high-energy scene, T.T. and Peter are assigned to make one of Jenna's fantasies come true. More importantly, they have a competition to see who can make Jenna cum most. I agree with The 8" Critic when he said, "Double loads are dolloped on Jenna's face and chin as the scene draws to a close. Meanwhile, a single load I shot ended up all over my couch. I dare you to watch this scene and not do the same." Jenna, too, has a hell of a great time and not only squeals in her trademark fashion when she cums, but also growls with lust. Five stars!

Scene Eight

In Scene Eight, Jenna takes on Asia Carrera in an Asian-themed lesbian encounter from Hell on Heels (1999). This edgy girl/girl domination/bondage coupling must be seen to be appreciated. Just a hint: they both suckle and fuck each other with what appears to be a devil's pitchfork. It's metal, long, pointy, and sharp-looking! Five stars!

Scene Nine

Scene Nine is our host's chance to show us her stuff: Stormy takes on Chris Cannon in a very pretty and sweet boy/girl scene. Stormy plays an imprisoned princess who is rescued by her knight in shining armor, Chris Cannon. Of course, she just has to show her appreciation to him by offering him a taste of her fabulous flesh. Stormy begins by showing Chris her sexily clad body and offers him her neck to nuzzle. He takes advantage and not only licks and suckles on her neck, but also squeezes her first-class boobs and butt cheeks while she erotically undulates her body against his. Soon, Chris unzips her top and lets her breasts out of confinement (wow, they are superb!) so she and Chris can squeeze them for our viewing pleasure. After kissing sweetly, Stormy drops to her knees, caresses Chris' cock through his pants, helps him unzip, and tenderly sucks, licks, and strokes his cock with unabashed delight (beautiful camera work). She also slaps his now-rigid dick against her bountiful breasts--and, she lets him fuck them, too! I'm not sure why Chris decided against eating Stormy's pussy. However, after fellatio, they go immediately to reverse cowgirl: While Chris holds his hard condom-sheathed cock vertically, Stormy lowers her body down until her pussy swallows every last inch. Then, she passionately hurls her body up and down, fucking him with delight as her breasts dance playfully. The combination of Stormy's high-energy thrusts plus the judicious use of her fingers to please her clit soon has her screaming in ecstasy. Later, they transition to doggie so that Chris can do some of the in-and-out reaming. After teasing her tight pussy with several short and shallow strokes, Chris fucks her hard and balls-deep while she moans contentedly and, in due course, screams through an orgasm. Afterwards, Stormy sucks her cum off Chris' cock. Then, some more doggie-style sex makes her climax a second time, harder than the first. Later, they spend some very pretty time in missionary (Stormy looks particularly appealing when lying on her back!) as Stormy's super-heated body gleams with sweat. To finish up, Chris tears off his condom and blows his load all over Stormy's lower abdomen and onto the outside of her pussy. Then, using her glove-covered fingers, Stormy scoops up his cum and eats it. Four and one-half stars.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): Since Jenna's Star Power is a compilation, the video is somewhat of a mixed bag. Even though the scenes were all shot before the advent of today's high-fidelity digital video, most of the footage is remarkably clear and sharp. Only those scenes from Hell on Heels have sub-par video--it appears like VHS-quality. As is always the case in Wicked releases, the original footage used in the scenes that comprise Jenna's Star Power was well shot with regards to lighting and camera angles. In addition, the editing, although tight, does not leave one with the impression that something important was left out. The color balance varies widely from scene to scene due to them being taken out of context from the original movie. Three and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): The 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound is always clear and audible. However, in some cases, due to special effects such as slow motion, the audio is out of sync with the on-screen action. This is always a bit disconcerting to me. The musical soundtrack does not overshadow the sounds of the on-screen action. In addition to the English soundtrack, there is a Dolby 2.0 soundtrack in German. Four and one-half stars.

Extras: Wicked always provides outstanding extras. Even though the main body of the movie contains eight Jenna Jameson scenes, there's an 18-minute bonus Jenna and Brad Armstrong scene in the Extras. In addition, there is a very hot Photo Shoot featuring Jenna as well as a very informative Star Stats feature that highlights her extraordinary career. There are also self-running slide show, trailers, and company and website information, and a catalog of Wicked DVD releases. DVD-ROM users will be able to install Wicked's casino game and wallpapers. Sometimes, Wicked's Extras are even more extensive than on this DVD and may also contain director and/or actor commentary as well as biographies of all the stars. However, I seldom pay much attention to the audio commentary and would much rather have the sort of Extras supplied on this disk. Five stars.

Aesthetics: As always, "aesthetics" is Wicked's middle name. Even though the scenes are from widely disparate movies shot over a period of several years, the locations, sets, wardrobe, and make-up are all superb. In addition, the musical soundtrack for each scene was carefully chosen to support the look and feel of the scene. Excellent. Five stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.90
Average video rating: 3.50
Average audio rating: 4.50
Average production values rating: 5.00
Extras rating: 5.00
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 4.75

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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