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Rogue Adventures 35

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Steve Ward » Review Date: 12/23/10

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Hey Again Xcritic visitors!

Steve Ward here with this review of Joey Silvera’s “Rogue Adventures 35


Studio: Evil Angel

Director: Joey Silvera

Genre: Gonzo, Transsexual

Condoms: none

Tech Aspects: This flick is presented in high definition wide screen 16x9. No Regional Coding.



Trailers for “Big Ass She-Male Road-Trip 15”, “She-Male XTC 7”, “Strap Attack 13”, “Flesh Hunter 7”, and “Rogue Adventures 32-34”

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CAST: Hazel Tucker, Aly Sinclair, Mariam, Chayenne, Kelly Alamar, Ariel Everitts, Jasmine Jewels, Christian, Mark Frenchy, Diezel, Paulo Machy, Gabriel D'Allesandro


Joey Silvera is pretty much the emperor of transsexual porn right now. Ever since starting his legendary “Rogue Adventures” series many years ago, Joey has always been recognized as one of the best sources of Transsexual porn.

A few weeks ago I reviewed “The Next She-Male Idol 2” which was fantastic, and is what I consider to be the standout Transsexual title of 2010. Some people thought that movie would be a rather difficult act to top (myself included).

Joey's “Rogue Adventures” series remains one of the most renown transsexual series in porn. Even though his other lines such as “Big Ass She-Male Road-Trip”, “She-Male XTC”, “How to please a She-Male”, and “Big Ass She-Male All-Stars” are popular, none are quite as familiar to audiences as “Rogue Adventures”.

So now we have “Rogue Adventures 35”, which comes along well over a year after the last one and led me to believe for a time that the series had been retired. Can this one top “She-Male Idol 2”? I wouldn't bet on it, but who knows...

Let's find out...


Hazel Tucker: The reason why Christian is so exhausted


Aly Sinclair - Vinyl-clad T-girl extraordinaire

Scene One: Hazel Tucker and Aly Sinclair w/ Christian

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Our first scene starts with Aly Sinclair, a brown haired (with blonde streaks) TS chick wearing red and black vinyl, teasing and stroking herself for Joey's camera. Then we see Hazel Tucker, another brunette TS honey wearing a corset and a denim miniskirt, checking Aly out while being groped by Christian.

Pretty quickly the scene turns into a suck fest (in the literal sense), all the of them handing out BJs to one another. Hazel volunteers to get the first ass pounding. She takes a deep dicking from Christian while blowing Aly, and then they trade up.

More blow jobs at random, and then it's Aly's turn for a fuck. Aly whines a bit during the sex, telling Hazel “I don't know how you do it!”, but she still takes it like a good girl. Hazel's cum shot is almost nothing, she literally has to rub her finger and thumb together to shot that there was any cum at all. That is probably an effect of hormones. It's all groovy though, she takes the dick very well.

Aly and Christian give Hazel a pair of facials, and Joey does his usual interview bit to end the scene. I enjoyed this scene. It isn't great, but Hazel is cute and the scene is fun to watch. We're off to a pretty good start.


Jasmine Jewels - ugh; believe it or not, it gets worse

Scene Two: Jasmine Jewels and Gabriel D'Allesandro

Okay, Jasmine is scary. As if the man voice didn't kill the fantasy immediately, she has some seriously disturbing veins all over her arms and a hideous tattoo on her stomach. I'm actually struggling to use the terms “her” and “she” because she is so manish. Anyway, she has short red hair and is dressed in a black vinyl outfit and appears to be in slut mode right from the beginning.

Do I really have to review this scene? Can't I fast forward or something? No?... oh, all right, fine...

So the scene starts by telling us that Jasmine has shown up for a “She-Male Idol” audition and it turns into a full scene. She walks into the living room and tells us she brought her “bitch boy” along (jeez, how much did she pay him?!). So she has him give her a BJ while she barks orders at him, and this goes on for a while with a little skullfucking, ass-eating and lactating being our only bit of variety.

Finally he gives her the dick doggie style, and actually this part isn't so bad if you put your TV on “mute”. It only last a little while before she returns the favor with some ass-eating, BJ, and of course a good fuck, missionary style this time. After a bit Jasmine pulls out and unleashes about a drop of cum on his face, and gives him a little more skullfucking before taking his money shot in the mouth and snowballing it back to him. Afterward Joey asks why she should be the next She-Male Idol and she says “Because I like to fuck submissive, bottom boys”. Then she asks if we (the viewers) think she has a chance. I won't answer for the sake of being nice.

Yuck, Jasmine needs some more voice feminization lessons or something. Other than her feminine appearance (for the most part), this is practically a gay scene. Unless you are into man-voice, and/or veiney arms... No thank you! It'll take a hell of a hot scene to get my hard-on back after that.


Mariam - "I speak 5 languages!", and she's quite the speaker...


Scene Three: Mariam w/ Mark Frenchy

Ah, this is much better. So here we have Mariam, an exotic black haired, mixed race babe wearing blue jeans and a zebra print top witch is just barely holding her huge honkers. She is very talkative and does a nice little pre-scene interview where she tells us that she is Persian, Egyptian, and Brazilian, and that she speaks 5 languages. That's all great, but we want to see the sex.

So Mark Frenchy shows up and starts groping and sucking her giant (If oddly shaped) boobs and they exchange a few bad kisses with Mariam holding on to her obvious “No Tongue” policy at the expense of our enjoyment. She quickly has Frenchy give her a BJ and returns the favor with an extra bit of tittyfucking. Then she gives Frenchy the wiener for a spoon fuck. The fucking shifts into missionary mode for a bit, and then for some reason Joey has us watch a few minutes of the 2 of them beating off while Frenchy sucks her boobs like a starving puppy. Ooookay.

So this goes on for entirely too long and Frenchy also does some ball licking while Mariam strokes out a load. Then we cut to Frenchy eating out her asshole for a bit and then again to Mariam jerking him off until he cums on her abdomen. Then Joey does a post scene interview.

I feel like I’ve been ripped off here. We get to see this hot Persian TS babe and I can't watch her get fucked? Meh, anything is better than the last scene though. I can't say this movie is looking at a good rating at this point, but it could get better.


Chayenne - Hey, with a cute TS honey like Chayenne, Joey can't help but get "Happy Hands"


Kelly Alamar - And with an ass like Kelly's, who can blame him?


Scene Four: Chayenne and Kelly Alomar (or Erica Ribeiro) w/ Paulo Machy

So our next scene takes us to Brazil where we meet Kelly Alomar (who is credited in the Cast List as Erica Ribeiro), a sexy black haired Brazilian female who has braces (I think braces on girls is hot). She is wearing a simple white top and red fishnet tights under a black thong. She is getting her make-up done by Chayenne, a sexy bleach blonde Brazilian TS babe wearing a colorful dress.

Joey is interviewing them, but it's in Portuguese so I have no idea what they are talking about. We get some nice ass tease from Kelly and after a few minutes of incomprehensible talking we finally get into out scene with Kelly giving Chayenne an extended BJ. Chayenne gets into it and starts blowing Paulo. Eventually Kelly starts masturbating for us and shortly thereafter Chayenne is giving her the bone missionary style.

Kelly gives the dude a BJ while taking a dicking from Chayenne, then they switch up so Kelly can ride her TS cowgirl style. Then we cut to the dude eating out Chayenne's lovely ass while Kelly gives her some head, and pretty soon Chayenne is getting dicked doggie style. They switch to the spoon and Kelly works Chayenne (and herself) over with hand jobs and other friendly favors.

Kelly takes the dude's wiener for a little reverse cowgirl ride, and then Chayenne wants a turn so Paulo tells her to “Sit on it”, which she does until she shoots out some happy cum all over herself. Chayenne strokes Paulo off until she gives herself a facial. Then there is a little bit of incomprehensible dialogue until we fade out.

Great scene, nice rebound. Chayenne and Kelly are both super hot. The chemistry isn't the best, but the girls are so hot and slutty that it makes little difference.


Ariel Everitts - Sargeant Everitts is on duty, ready to serve a fuck warrant

Scene Five: Ariel Everitts w/ Diezel

So our final scene opens with “Sgt.” Ariel Everitts showing up at Joey's house where he is complaining about his neighbor stealing his lawn chairs and threatening him. Making me wonder is she is a real cop; Sgt. Everitts actually goes to straighten this pest of a neighbor out (rather than just filing a complaint and going off to serve some random person a pointless traffic ticket, but I digress).

So she wanders over to the neighbor's house where we see Diezel sitting in the stolen chair being a punk, and Officer Everitts says she has to discipline him. So they go inside and after a bit more gimmick play they finally get down to business with Diezel giving her a BJ with a little ass-eating thrown in for good measure.

The most amusing part of this scene is when she takes off her top and reveals her “utility belt”, which appears to be a thin vinyl belt that includes a plastic billy club hanging on the belt by a string, and a toy gun that actually has the orange tip as if the size of it (and the lack of a holster) wasn't enough. I guess there just wasn't enough budget available for props.

So She eats his ass and gives him the dick while he's bent over, then she catches some more BJ before serving him up a dick warrant missionary style. He appears to cum prematurely but he makes sure we all know it was pre-cum. Ariel catches a little more BJ and then serves up a money shot which is swallowed. Then Diezel cums on her wong and licks it up. Joey does a little interview with her to end the scene and the movie.

Not bad, I joked about the props but I think it was intentionally done for a laugh. Ariel has a nice body, although her face speaks of one too many plastic surgeries. A pretty decent scene to wrap things up.

Final Thoughts:

Well This movie isn't too bad, but coming off of “She-Male Idol 2” it is definitely a disappointment. The Hazel Tucker/Aly Sinclair scene, and the Chayenne/Kelly Alomar scene are definitely worth a view. The final scene serves as a bit of a preview for the exciting “She-Male Police” movie that Joey has coming out in January, but otherwise is fairly generic. The Mariam scene is a let down, and the Jasmine Jewel scene is simply unwatchable.

I cannot recommend a movie based on two good scenes and one decent one, not at $30 per DVD anyway. So I encourage you to “Rent It” if you are a longtime Transsexual connoisseur, a curious newb, or a fan of any of the Trans babes in it. Save your change and wait for the next potential buy. Happy Holidays!

I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions or comments please send them to [email protected] Thanks for reading!

Steve Ward

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