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Office Perverts Vol. 3

Studio: Reality Junkies » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 1/2/11

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Office Perverts Vol 3
Reality Junkies
Written and Directed by Bobby Manila
Price: $19.99
Running Time: 2hr and 32min


Phoenix Marie
Kagney Linn Karter
Ava Rose
Dylan Riley
Shawna Lenee
John Henry
Anthony Rosano
Kris Slater
Chris Johnson
Kevin Doyle

Special Features

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Web Site Info
Slide Show
Cum Shots

Technical Stats:

Dolby Digital 2 Channel 48kHz at 192 kbps :  Audio
Mpeg-2 at 6.5 Mbps  : Video

Overall Thoughts:

So this is my review of a movie from Reality Junkies, and with the Office Perverts series you can tell that this is pretty much the same premise as the Big Tits at Work and Naughty Office series from some of those other porn sites online. So how does this stack up to the others, cause you can’t help to do that when watching this. Well the video is quality is better than the Naughty Office stuff, but just a slight step below the Big Tits at Work stuff. Although this does seem more like a realistic scene due to the fact that I don’t think they use any extra lighting or stuff to enhance the scene. This looks like they found a empty office, set up a scene and shot it with just the basic office lights. I don’t mean that in a bad way either, just wanted to point that out. The audio quality was decent, nothing to brag about, but not terrible, few instances of issues with uneven sound as they moved in closer to the action. Special features were very little and don’t really help in the overall score of the movie. But now that we got all the technical stuff out of the way, let’s talk about the sex. Well this had some great scenes, especially Kagney and Phoenix scenes, but it also had a not so great scene with Ava Rose. But with the overall scores of the scenes, you still get a decent average of 3, which is enough to give this movie a rating off RENT IT. Like I said overall the sex scenes were good, but I don’t think it justifies buying this one, but worth it for a rental at least.

Scene One: Shawna Lenee  and John Henry (2/5 rating)

Shawna is working on the computer and she is just about to finish an important document, when her computer shuts down on her. She calls the IT department and waits for John to show up and help her. He can’t seem to figure out why she always has trouble with her computer.  It seems her power supply is burnt out and it’s going to be difficult to fix. He needs a week and she wants it fixed now. He is off in 5 minutes and he doesn’t want to waste his free time helping her. She tries to be nice to him and he seems to know she doesn’t care for him. She promises to be nicer to him, but he seems to have to be home to play some online games. She realizes that she is getting to him, as he starts to work on her computer issue. She turns on the charm a bit, as she flirts with him and grabs his crotch and begins to rub it. She begins to open his pants, he is trying to say no, but she grabs a hold of his cock and begins to suck and lick it. She deep throats all of his cock in her mouth. She asks him if he wants to see her naked, so she pulls her top down to show off her tits and then her pants come off. He admits to wanting to fuck her for awhile. He gives her a hand with getting her pants off, and then she slips her panties off and then sits in the chair and guides his head into her pussy. He starts off by licking it, as she grabs her tits and plays with them. He slips a finger in her pussy, and then continues to lick her pussy and she seems impressed by his skills for being an IT guy. He moves up and sucks on her tits and then stands up, takes off most of his clothes, and then slides his cock into her pussy. She rubs her pussy as he thrusts his cock into her pussy. It seems that perhaps he isn’t really doing a good job as she seems to be playing with her pussy a lot, while he fucks her. They switch places and she ends up riding him as he sits on the chair. She does a really good job keeping the heat going with the sexy talk, but it seems the chemistry between these two isn’t that good. She stands up and makes him clean off the desk and then bends over and lets him fuck her from behind. He continues to fuck her from behind until he pulls out and cums on her face and chest. She licks off the cum and then asks if her computer will be fixed by the morning.

Scene Two: Kagney Linn Karter and Anthony Rosano (5/5 rating)

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She is here to hopefully get her lingerie sold in his stores all over the world. She walks into her office, wearing some clothes that really draws attention to her amazing body. He starts off by giving her a history of the chain and then she explains what she has to offer. She shows off her portfolio to him, but he seems more focused on her tits, you can’t really blame him. He tells her that he would need 10 million dollars worth off product from her and she tells him that she would no problem getting it to him. He asks to see a sample and luckily for him, she is wearing some of her stuff. So she takes off her top to show her bra, but then unleashes her tits and stuffs his face in her tits. He calls his secretary and tells her to hold his calls. He continues to play with her tits as she bends over and dives her hand into his pants. They kiss and then she gets on her knees and opens his pants up. Some more kissing and then she stands up, turns around and he slips her panties off and then dives his face into her ass. For those paying attention at home, her pussy is pierced. Anyway, back to the action, she ends up back on her knees with his cock in her mouth. She plays with his balls as she continues to suck on his cock.  He jerks himself off as she continues to work his balls but then gets right back to his cock. She chokes on his cock as she tries to get all of it in her mouth. She spits on her tits and then slips his cock in between her tits and lets him titty fuck her. They kiss some more, as he bends over and plays with her pussy a bit. She then bends over the desk and she begs him for more as he fucks her from behind. He gives her hair a tug as he continues to fuck her, which is pretty hot. She moans and purrs as he continues to fuck her, and even grabs her neck and brings her closer to him. He moves to  the chair and she climbs on top and rides him, and we get a nice close up as her tits bounce up and down. She leans over and touches the floor and then pumps her ass up and down on his cock. She gives him a break as she licks off his cock, but then ends up on top again with all of his cock in her pussy. He seems to be on the verge of cumming, but he seems to wincing in pain as he holds back.  She gets up and then turns around and slides back on his cock, this time she has her tits in his face and her ass to the camera. After awhile she stands up and goes back to work on his cock. She ends up laying on the desk and he dives his face into her pussy and begins to lick and suck away at her pussy. But soon enough, he is right back into her pussy, fucking away as he plays tune in Tokyo with her nipples. She begs him not to stop as he slides in and out of her pussy. He seems to be hitting all the right button as she wiggles with delight and keeps telling him to keep going and not to stop. He pulls out and gives her a money shot in the mouth. As she cleans herself up, she asks if they have a deal and her plan seems to work as he is willing to work with her.

Scene Three: Ava Rose  and Kris Slater (1/5 rating)

Ava is hard at work, when she gets a visit from her boss. It seems that she has been putting in some extra time and doing a great job. She knows there is an opening in Vegas, and he seems to think that she isn’t really ready for the position. She seems to do a lot for him, but he isn’t willing to help her out right now. So she sits him down in her chair in hopes to help her confidence, but then she goes for his pants and starts to suck on his cock. Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess. As she continues to work on his cock, she pulls her top down to show him her tits. He asks her to look at the boss as she takes all of his cock in her mouth. She stands up and pulls her pants down to show off her ass to him, Does anyone remember that song by Domino from the 90’s, AFD? Let’s just say she has a big ole butt.  He dives his face into her ass and licks her pussy and even gives it a few slaps. She props herself up on the desk and teases him with her ass, until he finally stands up and slides his cock into her pussy. She ends up on the ground with her ass in the air as he continues to fuck her from behind. For those that like the girls with the big butts, this scene is for you, they give you some nice closeup shots as she is getting fucked from behind. She moves to the chair and pulls her legs towards her face as he continues to work on her pussy.  They move back to floor as she climbs on top of him and rides him for some cowgirl action. He pulls out and gives her a huge money shot all over her face. She asks again and he says that there is nothing he can do, so she quits and says she is going to tell his wife.

Scene Four: Phoenix Marie and Chris Johnson (4/5 rating)

Phoenix is working on her computer, crunching numbers and it doesn’t seem to be going very well. She is getting stressed out over work. So she decides to surf the interwebs for some porn, and it seems she likes what she finds.  She starts to rub her tits and then heads south to play with her pussy. She pulls out a toy and begins to lick and suck on it as she continues to play with her pussy. She then uses the toy on her pussy, but then we see she is not the only person still at work. He looks over the cubicle wall and takes some photos with his camera, but then gets a little too close and she sees him. He threatens to show off the photos to everyone. It seems she hasn’t been laid in awhile and he seems to think they could work something out. He plays with her tits and she goes for his pants, as he continues to look over the pics on his camera. She takes all of his cock in her mouth as she grabs a hold of his balls. She does some amazing work on his cock and he grabs the back of her head a few times so he can face fuck her. He then kneels down a bit and slides his cock in between her amazing tits. She starts to take off her shirt and he decides to bend her over and play with the toy in her pussy and then replaces it with his cock. She braces herself on the side of the desk as he fucks her from behind. He grabs her shoulders and keeps pounding away and she takes it with no problem, it’s been awhile and she has been waiting for a good fucking. She looks back at him and tells him to keep going and not to stop. He gives her a break and she takes this time to suck on his cock some more as she plays with her pussy. But soon enough they are back to the action, as he is sitting on the chair and she is riding him for some reverse cowgirl action. She wiggles her hips on his cock and she continues to bounce up and down on him. After some brief oral, she is back on top, this time for some cowgirl action, which leaves her tits in his face and her ass to the camera, a good view for all. And to make it even better for him, she leans forward and stuff his face in her tits. There is a noise from the chair and they both realize the chair might not make it, so he picks her up and lays her on the desk and then grabs a hold of her leg and continues to work on her pussy. He pulls out and cums in her mouth and she is exhausted after that session. He lets her delete the photos and it seems that they might have to do this again.

Scene Five: Dylan Riley  and Kevin Doyle (3/5 rating)

She stops in to see her dad, but she is told from one of her workers that he isn’t it. They start to talk and he tries to keep concentrated on work, cause his boss has put up a sign to leave his daughter alone. She begins to flirt with flirt with him and he tries to stay focused. She sits on his lap and starts to rub all over his body and then goes in for a few kisses, he grabs her ass and then she ends up back on his lap and starts to take off his shirt.  They kiss some more and then he dives his face into her chest and the she gets on her knees and works on his pants, slides them down and starts to suck on his cock. There is some slight POV action going on as she looks into the camera as she works on his cock. He reaches down to kiss her and then brings her up and then she gives him a strip tease as she takes off her top and begins to play with her boobs. Next off is the skirt and then panties and then she keeps looking at him and giggling like a school girl . She goes over to him and they kiss some more and then she climbs on her dad’s desk and he starts to fuck her for some missionary action. She keeps telling him to fuck her and with the noises she is making, it seems like she is enjoying every little thrust he gives her. She stands up and props herself between the two desks, as he begins to fuck her from behind. He tries to keep it nice and slow, but she tells him to fuck her harder. She pushes him down on the desk and then climbs on top and slides his cock into her pussy and slowly rides up and down on him, as she spreads her ass open so we get a good view of the action.  She eventually flips around for some reverse cowgirl action, but it seems the heat in the scene has dwindled a little bit since they moved to this position. She lifts up a bit and gives him a chance to pound away at her for a bit, but then she is back to being in control.  He gets another brief session to pound her pussy and then stands up and gives a fairly weak money shot in the mouth. She threatens to tell her dad if he doesn’t fuck her again.

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