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Raw Desire

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 1/28/11

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Genre: All sex.
Director: Laurent Sky
Cast: Boo Dilicious, Charlie Laine, Dillan Lauren, Felix Vicious, George Uhl, Marco Duato, Nick Manning, Ramona, Talon, Teagan Presley, Wein Lewis.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Teagan Presley
Length: 01:37
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Two bonus points: one for condom-free sex and the second for 2007 Dr. Jay's Must See Girl Teagan Presley.


In director Laurent Sky's porn movie debut, his high fashion and adult photography experience is put to the test in designing, choreographing, capturing, and editing some of the most stunning adult images you'll see. This is no point-and-shoot porn experience. Lots of creativity, time, money, and effort went into the creation of this kaleidoscope of color, motion, sound, and sex!

The movie is divided, as is often the case, into five scenes. However, unlike most porn movies, each of the five scenes has a "theme" including, "The Anarchy of Sex," "Time Stands Still," "Speed of Light," "Increased Desire," and "Sex is Art."

Each of the scenes begins with a political and/or sociological introduction that often includes cameo appearances by well-known porn celebrities such as Randy Spears, Brittney Skye, and Lexington Steele. I was particularly impressed by Brittney's assertion that it is terribly wrong that, in many of the United States, it is OK to have a handgun but not a dildo. Right on, girl!

Although the sex scenes are somewhat edgy, they are not overwhelmingly outside the box. I must say, however, that the cumshots are remarkably distinctive. On the other hand, the video, special effects, and commentary that precede each scene are very unique and are, perhaps, the most interesting aspects of the movie. Don't get me wrong. The sex is very "strokable." However, the uniqueness of the movie is exemplified by the scene setups. So, even though the chapter selector allows you to bypass the setups, I advise you to watch the whole movie, start to finish.

Due to the stunning visuals, superb outfits and makeup, and not-too-edgy sex, I think this would be an appropriate movie for advanced couples. If your mate would balk at double-penetrations, skip Scene Four.

This movie is so unique that I'd like to know your thoughts if you've seen it. To communicate with me personally, write to [email protected] Or, scroll to the bottom of this webpage and add a comment if you want your thoughts to be public.

Check out some photos of the girls in Raw Desire here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the incomparable Teagan Presley, taken when she was young, but not so innocent! Enjoy!


Scene One

Scene One illustrates the theme "the anarchy of sex" It is a hard-rocking coupling that features Marco Duato and raven-haired and all-natural Dillan Lauren. As is the case in each scene, the video and commentary that precedes the sex is provocative and really gives you something to think about. I loved it! After "Fucking Time" flashes across the scene, Dillan, nude and on her knees, gobbles and strokes Marco's rigid cock. The high-energy fellatio includes lots of dick licking, throat fucking, noisy deep throating, lecherous eye contact between the couple, and hair pulling. Marco also slaps Dillan's face and tongue with his shaft. And, even more scintillating, Dillan acknowledges our presence by conversing with us through the camera lens: "I can make any fucking cock hard!" Then, to prove her point, she repeatedly spits on the camera lens--to moisten your dick, of course. Volcanic anal sex begins in the reverse cowgirl position: Dillan's wide-open pussy looks so fine as it observes the intense anal reaming that's going on right under its nose. Dillan pounds Marco super hard as she cries out, "That fucking cock feels so good in my fucking ass!" After Dillan commands, "Fuck me like a fucking whore!" Marco complies and pistons in and out of her tight asshole at redline speed. Meanwhile, a constant flow of extremely nasty invective and shouts of ecstasy pour from Dillan's mouth. And, her all-natural boobs bounce with delight (awesome camera angles and close-ups). Dillan and Marco pound each other with ever-increasing ferocity until sweat-soaked Dillan screams through an orgasm that registers on the Richter scale. Afterwards, both Dillan and Marco stand up. Then, Dillan positions her body perpendicular to the floor and stands on only her left leg while holding her right leg high in the air. This position allows extremely fine camera angles that accentuate Dillan's greedy asshole as it swallows all the thrusts that Marco can give it: "FUCK MY FUCKING ASSHOLE LIKE A LITTLE SLUT!" This is awesome footage. After Dillan cums again, they lay down on the floor so they can fuck spoon style--Dillan's tits look SO good as they bounce in reaction to Marco's balls-deep anal thrusts: "I love that fucking hard cock slamming my asshole!" Meanwhile, Dillon fingers her soaking-wet pussy and squeals passionately as wave after wave of pleasure course through her stunning body. Insatiable Dillan continues to absorb the pleasure until she releases it in yet another explosive and long-lasting ass-gasm. To finish up, Dillan jacks her clit and verbally urges Marco to higher levels of passion until he spews his load all over a chair. Then, as the camera zooms in on Dillan's tongue, she licks the semen off the chair and, of course, swallows. Magnificent! Five stars!

Scene Two

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Scene Two is another boy girl scene featuring the lovely stunning brunette, blue-eyed, Boo Delicious and more-studly-each-time-I-see-him Talon. In it, Boo and Talon act out the theme, "When one is immersed in the sensual pastimes of the flesh, time stands still." Again, "Fucking Time" announces the end of the stunning and mesmerizing setup video and the beginning of sex. The scene begins with fellatio: Talon, standing with his cock poking through his black latex pants, has his oh-so-lucky dick serviced by Boo as she kneels, dressed in a skimpy bikini, before him. Great video captures the action as Boo intently eyes Talon while gobbling his balls and licking, stroking, sucking, and choking on his shaft. She also shares her delight with us by establishing eye contact through the camera lens and by asking, "Do you like the way I suck cock? I know you like the way I suck cock!" Hell yes, Boo! And, I adore your captivating big blue eyes! (This is awesome video.) Meanwhile, she fingers her own pussy. Once Talon is hard enough to keep him erect through the remainder of the century, Boo mounts him reverse cowgirl style and aggressively hurls her pussy up and down on his cock while moaning contentedly (Damn, her body looks great in this position!). Talon, too, gets in on the action by matching her thrusts with his own. However, Boo does most of the bouncing and grinding--and, it appears, gets most of the pleasure. One look at her angelic face will prove I'm right. As the scene progresses, Boo lies back on a theme-painted box so that Talon can pound her missionary style. Responding to his incessant thrusts, Boo moans and murmurs "fuck me, FUCK ME! Make me cum. I'M SO GONNA CUM!" Soon, she does just that. Talon, however, is relentless and doesn't let her come down from heaven. Instead, he continues fucking her with ever-increasing ferocity to keep her pleasure flowing. Believe me, Boo doesn't object and greedily accepts every sensation Talon gives her: "Give me your fucking cock! FUCK ME!" Eventually, they transition again: this time to doggie. Talon continues to hammer her pussy hard--I really think his cock must ache from all the pounding he's given her! No matter…he perseveres and even throws in a few butt spanks to inflame her even more! Boo loves it and literally begs him to fuck her "harder" and "deeper." Then, she commands, "You want me to cum? Tell me you want me to cum!" So, Talon breathlessly implores her to "Cum on the cock!" So, while Talon roughly pulls on her hair, Boo presents him with the gift that virtually all men want during sex: yet another orgasm! To finish up, and in keeping with the "time" theme of the scene, Talon jacks off all over the face of two old-fashioned alarm clocks. Then, while turning her big blue eyes to the camera, Boo uses the two clocks to stroke the sides of Talon's cock. She also uses her mouth to suck him dry. Four and one-half stars!

Scene Three

Scene Three, fulfilling the theme, "Speed of Light," is one of the most visually appealing, hard-hitting, erotic, and cock-stiffening/pussy soaking girl/girl scenes I can remember. It's spectacular--both as eye candy and as extremely erotic girl/girl sex--because Felix Vicious and Charlie Laine fuck each other to previously unknown heights of ecstasy. I don't want to give too much away to you--you're going to need to see this to believe it. Suffice it to say that incredible costumes and special effects, superb female flesh, intense tit and pussy gobbling, bone-stiffening nasty talk, superb use of fingers and uniquely attractive and effective toys, unbridled lust, lots of eye contact and conversation with us, and oodles of remarkable orgasms make this scene particularly memorable. Five stars!

Scene Four

Unfortunately, Scene Four disappointed me as much as Charlie and Felix blew me away in Scene Three. It's a threeway b/b/g trio featuring Ramona, George Url, and Wein Lewis that seeks to satisfy the theme "Increased Desire." Believing that "Where one was once enough, now two are desired," Ramona takes on two guys. Somehow, the scene doesn't seem to fit into the overall feel of the movie. Whereas most of the scenes are captured in unique and rather austere locations, this scene was shot in an old abandoned warehouse...the only "prop" is an antique bathtub. And, while the other scenes feature "A-list" American pornstars, this scene features a trio of performers who are, at least to me, unknown (except George Uhl). My guess is that this scene was made in Europe (or used exclusively European performers) and, as a result, suffers from much of the same "mechanical" feel that I sense in almost every European scene I watch. Yes, the trio goes through the motions. Ramona sucks both dicks, gets fucked in both holes--individually and both-at-once when she's double penetrated (vagina and anus)--does some pretty sexy moves, and takes two loads on her pretty face. However, the performers are much too quiet--too passionless--while fucking. And, there's no evidence that Ramona got anything out of the sex other than a paycheck (she moans robotically rather than passionately and never cums). Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad scene. It just doesn't measure up to the excellence I observed in the other four scenes. Four stars.

Scene Five

The heat is turned way up again in Scene Five when All American Girl Teagan takes on nasty and edgy Nick Manning. The scene, revolving around the theme "Sex is Art," is pleasing in every way. In particular, magnificent Teagan, who was shot here before her breast enhancement surgery, looks so fine that words cannot do her justice. After a very provocative setup, and after "Fucking Time" flashes on the screen, we find Nick voraciously gobbling--and finger-fucking--Teagan's pussy as she throws her head back with pleasure and groans gleefully. Very talented Nick is successful in making Teagan cum with a body-quaking orgasm just through the use of his tongue and fingers. Way to go, Nick! To repay Nick for the orgasm, Teagan sits on a stool and gives him the kind of blowjob that only Teagan can provide. Nick loves her hand/mouth/tongue technique and, while pulling on her long blond hair, begs her to "Suck it like a little slut!" Teagan knows she's a slut: "I'm a little nasty bitch!" During this segment, I love how Teagan turns to the camera, looks at us intently, and asks, "Do you like the way I suck cock?" With both oral foreplay techniques completed--and both of their lust engines running hot--Teagan straddles Nick reverse cowgirl style, lowers her pussy down until it envelops his cock, and then pounds him like it's a grudge match. Fortunately, in this contest there are no losers: just very satisfied contestants. And, magnanimous Nick even encourages Teagan with lots of nasty talk and squeezes her boobies to increase her pleasure. Eventually, they transition to piledriver so that Nick can ream Teagan's pussy from above (great close-up shots of Teagan's bald pussy). Nick hammers Teagan's pussy until she cums again (she screams incoherently when she climaxes). When they transition again, they land in missionary. Great close-ups highlight the in-and-out action as Nick keeps the pleasure flowing through Teagan until she shivers through yet another orgasm. Afterward, she continues to please herself by gently thrusting her hips toward and away from Nick as he remains still (nice moves!). To finish up, Nick shoots his load onto the side of one of the "art" props on the set while Teagan giggles and watches lustfully. She, of course, uses her tongue to lap up his semen. Then, turning her big blue eyes and smiling face to the camera, she demurs, "I love sucking cum!" Four and one-half stars!

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The video, editing, and special effects are extraordinary. I do think that the picture is occasionally a bit too-contrasty (too much light when the video was captured). Nonetheless, the visual impact is astonishing and among the most interesting I've seen. Five stars.

Audio (technical): The audio was well recorded, although it doesn't appear to be Dolby Digital. All the dialog is crisp and clear and the music doesn't overpower the sweet sounds of sex. Four stars.

Extras: The Extras include the usual stuff such as full motion chapter selection, interactive menus, and self-running slide show. The chapter selector gives you the option of watching each entire scene (opening sequence as well as sex scene) or "Skip the B.S. Straight to the Sex." There's also a 14-minute Behind the Scenes featurette that concentrates mainly on the preparation of the sets as well as the technical wizardry used during production. The BTS also contains video of the still photo shoots (emphasis is on Charlie Laine and Felix Vicious and interviews with the cast members (be sure to listen to Teagan's coments and Boo's discussion of ideal cock size.) A 30-minute Director's Comments featurette is really an audio interview of Laurent Sky accompanied by lots of clips of the sex scenes. Four and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: The sets and locations are extremely unique and are a far cry from the standard "let's fuck on somebody's couch" routine. A great deal of effort and thought went into the visualization, creation, and utilization of the sets. It appears that all but Scene Four were shot on a sound stage specially outfitted for the movie. Scene Four, however, was shot in a dilapidated warehouse, which, in and of itself, is a unique setting for a threeway sex scene. The wardrobe is very creative (brightly colored wigs, for example) and visually stunning. Bottom line, the visual aesthetics are superb. However, I wasn't too impressed with the musical soundtrack. Most of the music that accompanies the sex scenes sounds pretty much like most run-of-the-mill porn soundtracks. This surprises me, based upon the obvious effort that went into the visuals. On the other hand, the soundtrack that accompanies the scene setups, as well as the made-for-this-movie rap that precedes the opening credits, is exceptional. Four and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.60
Average video rating: 5.00
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 4.50
Extras rating: 4.50
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.92

X Critic Pick
(4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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