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Riot Sluts Vol. 2

Studio: Platinum X Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 1/22/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Mason
Cast: Buster Good, Isabel Ice, Jack Skanetti, Jamie Brooks, Jayna Oso, Julie Night, Katrina Kraven, Kimberly Kane, Manuel Ferrara, Marco Duato, Scott Lyons, Tiana Lynn, Trent Tesoro.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Kimberly Kane
Length: 02:17
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Two bonus stars: one for condom-free sex and the second for Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Kimberly Kane.


From her wicked, twisted, and oh-so-nasty mind to your screen, edgy director Mason brings you six of the hottest, horniest, and most nefarious sluts ever to grace the blue screen. In six hotter-than-hell scenes, these girls show you what they can really do when all their restraints are torn away. Passion, lust, and depravity rule in Riot Sluts Vol. 2!

These scenes are not for the weak-hearted. They are edgy, somewhat rough, and push the envelope in Mason's trademark way. However, they are not violent. Although the sex is rough-and-tumble--and the toys are violent-looking--the girls and guys really seem to enjoy what they're doing...and they really get carried away by their passions.

If you take a look at the boxcover, you'll see Katrina Kraven and Kimberly Kane sporting handguns. Although these guns are never fired during Katrina's and Kimberly's two scenes together, you can imagine the uses that Mason's twisted mind finds for them!

Boasting a cast that includes Julie Night, Tiana Lynn (you know there will be squirting!), Kimberly Kane, and Katrina Kraven, Riot Sluts Vol. 2 really delivers. Bottom line...like the boxcover boasts, "They'll Blow You Away!"

Although I wouldn't want a steady diet of this type of movie, I enjoyed seeing just how much zeal Mason elicited from her six riotous girls--and five equally wild guys.

Check out some photos of the girls in Riot Sluts here. Pay particular attention to the photos of Tiana Lynn squirting. Enjoy!


Scene One

Scene One is a long scene that begins as a very wicked girl/girl scene featuring Katrina Kraven and Kimberly Kane, morphs into a five-way orgy during which the two girls blow the cocks of three guys, and returns to girl/girl to finish up. When the scene begins, a message flashes onto the screen warning you to not try using "the devices involved in the following scene." I sincerely hope that you follow this advice. Otherwise, you're going to shoot a hole in your pussy or mouth! After the legalese warning disappears, Mason, brandishing her camera, inadvertently trespasses on Katrina's secluded wooded compound. Katrina, dressed as a dyke gang-banger and wielding a handgun, takes a swig of liquor before apprehending Mason: "Who the fuck is trespassing now?" Katrina forces Mason to her knees, capturing her and holding her hostage with the pistol. Completely in charge, Katrina draws Mason's attention to her beautiful pussy by pulling down her panties and rubbing her clit with the barrel of the gun (Katrina looks awesome). Mason also gets an eyeful of Katrina's fine ass as she cleaves it with the gun's barrel. Even more unbelievable, Katrina fucks her own mouth with the gun while continuing to strip off her clothes to inflame her prisoner. Eventually, Katrina escorts her Mason--at gunpoint--to her secret lair where Kimberly Kane is awaiting her mistress Katrina. (Interestingly enough, I had just met Kimberly Kane a day before I previewed this movie. She was performing in a sweet girl/girl scene with Mia Smiles for a Wicked Pictures movie. Although I thoroughly enjoyed watching Kimberly and Mia please each other on set, Kimberly's performance with Katrina in this movie is, to put it mildly, incendiary!) At first, gorgeous, blond, and all-natural Kimberly is not pleased at Mason's presence. However, Katrina soon convinces her that Mason is OK because she likes "tough bitches" like them. To prove their toughness, Katrina fucks Kimberly's mouth with her handgun and licks up the resultant spit while the two girls talk oh-so-nasty. Soon, Katrina, completely in charge, orders Kimberly to kneel upon some discarded cardboard and show her ass. Kimberly eagerly complies and enjoys the feel of gun metal on her thighs, legs, and genitals. Katrina also plies Kimberly with a little Jack Daniels. Soon, Katrina is squeezing Kimberly's excellent ass cheeks, rimming her beautiful asshole, fucking her mouth (great gagging) and vagina with an oversized dildo, slapping her pussy and clit with a strap, sucking and licking her clit, reaming her asshole with a huge butt plug, and pulling on her hair. Meanwhile, Kimberly reacts like a truly insatiable slut by screaming in ecstasy, hurling delightfully wicked vocabulary, using her mouth to liberally lubricate the toys that will be used to fuck her, and by performing ass-to-mouth (ATM) on the toys. Eventually, the girls change roles so that Kimberly can worship Katrina's body by ruthlessly slapping her tits, squeezing her ass cheeks, and dildo-fucking her asshole. Kimberly adores Katrina: "I wish I had a cock to fuck you with. If I had a cock I'd fucking marry you! I swear to God! If I had a cock, I'd marry you and I'd fuck you every day. I'd keep you SO satisfied! I would make you do the dirtiest things." Katrina, too, adores Kimberly swearing she'd shoot herself in the head for Kimberly and promising, "If you make me cum in the ass, I'll be with you forever." Kimberly tries to fulfill Katrina's desire by frantically finger-fucking her pussy and dildo-fucking her asshole in the doggie and missionary positions. Yes, Katrina cums hard and often, succumbing to Kimberly's fevered touch (words cannot do justice to the intensity of this incendiary lesbian sex!). As the scene continues, Kimberly forcefully fucks Katrina pussy-to-pussy using very effective and erotic undulating moves. And, Kimberly uses the handle of her pistol to rub Katrina's pussy while using the barrel to fuck her own throat (as if the gun were Katrina's cock). Kimberly uses every trick in her book to make Katrina climax again and again. But, she wants to give her even more: "I wanna give you cock! I wanna give you LOTS of cock. I wanna watch you suck so much cock. I want you to choke on cock for me. I want them to cum on me and I want you to lick it off. I wanna give you cock! I PROMISE!" After kissing to seal the deal, Scott Lyons, Buster Good, and Jack Skanetti join the girls so that they can get riotous blowjobs. Believe me, you'll never see two girls enjoy three cocks more than in this scene. In fact, the girls go completely out of their minds with lust, sucking, stroking, licking, spitting on, drooling on, and choking on one, two, or three cocks at a time. Amazingly, they kiss each other with one or more cocks between their mouths. And, they inflame the guys and each other with lots of nasty invective. They even spit on the camera lens! (Although I expected Katrina's wild performance, I was quite surprised by the depth of Kimberly's lust. Wow, she's one to watch!) The guys, too, go wild. They spit on the girls (including spit swapping), slap their tits and faces with hands and cocks, pull on their hair, shackle their arms, and use their cocks to gag their throats. To finish up, Kimberly orders the guys: "Cum for us. Make my girl happy! Look at these cocks jerking off around us. We're spoiled, aren't we? We're spoiled little girls!" One by one, the guys explode in the girls' mouths. The girls kiss to cum swap and swallow every drop they can. Afterwards, they dismiss the guys and embrace as two lesbian lovers once again. Awesome girl/girl sex with the added bonus of blowjob-induced semen. Five stars.

Scene Two

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In Scene Two, gorgeous Latina Jayna Oso plays a fallen angel sent from heaven to hell because she sodomized the angels. On a brief stopover in the City of Angels on her way to hell, Jayna, dressed in black wings, perches atop an industrial building to longingly survey the depravity in the city while enjoying the most evil of vices--a cigarette. Mason encounters sinful Jayna and soon gets an eyeful of Jayna's fine, tight, hard, and natural flesh and perky nipples. While Mason and Jayna talk, Jayna notices one piece of "filth" (Manuel Ferrara) and confesses to Mason, "I want him to fuck me the filthiest I've ever been fucked. Jayna steps down from her perch and greets Manuel. They embrace face-to-tit so Manuel can suckle her pert nipples while she embraces him. Soon, they separate so that he can finger her pussy with his spit-lubricated fingers. Then, he turns her around, doggie style, and bends her over so that he can rim her asshole, lick her pussy, slap her ass, and finger her clit. Meanwhile, Jayna pants and whimpers in ecstasy. Soon, Jayna stands erect, face-to-face with Manuel, reaches her hand into his jeans, and strokes his cock while he fucks her mouth with four fingers. The pressure builds within Manuel's pants--so much that he simply must unbutton his pants. Of course, when his huge cock pops out, Jayna takes it into her hand and mouth to please it. She deep-throats him and even sticks out her tongue to tickle his balls. Then, he fucks her face--all the way down her throat--as globs of her spit lubricate the works. He also chokes her throat while she begs him, "I want you to fuckin' fuck me!" She then bends over into the doggie position--her black wings fluttering against her back--so that he can plow her slippery pink pussy fast, furious, and balls-deep while she encourages him with nasty talk and shouts of passion. Meanwhile, she fingers her own clit while he punctuates the action with several sharp slaps to her ass. In due course, Manuel leads Jayna off the roof and into a stark concrete-walled room where a mattress has been haphazardly tossed onto the bare floor. They spend a little glorious time in 69, pleasuring each other orally. While Manuel gobbles her pussy with his mouth, he works multiple fingers up her tight asshole. Then, they transition to spoon so that Manuel, from behind, can ream Jayna's gorgeous, soaking-wet, pink, chevron-haired pussy and finger her clit. She reacts by screaming and babbling incoherently. Soon, Manuel increases Jayna's pleasure exponentially by slipping his cock out of her pussy and inching it up her asshole. Once she's accommodated his entire king-sized cock, he pistons in-and-out of her balls-deep while she jacks her clit and screams, "Oh, God! YES! Tear my asshole up!" Manuel increases her passion by slapping her ass and forcefully kissing her mouth. Then, he moves her into the doggie position and, after she four-finger-fucks her own asshole, he resumes high-intensity anal sex, reducing Jayna to a whimpering mass of pleasure-saturated flesh. Then, after a little nasty ATM, during which Manuel slaps Jayna's face and deeply kisses her mouth, they transition to reverse cowgirl for more anal sex. This time, Jayna fucks Manuel using powerful thrusting, undulating, and grinding moves while jacking her clit at redline speed (her pussy is SO beautiful!). In due course, Manuel takes over and pounds her relentlessly until it's time for some nasty ATM. Then, Manuel binds Jayna's body with a chain, tosses her onto the mattress missionary style, and eats her pussy until she cums violently. Immediately afterward, Manuel reinserts his cock into her asshole and pounds her hard as her body quivers with orgasm-induced pleasure. Jayna really loves how she feels and credits Manuel: "I'm all yours! I'm all yours! I'M ALL YOURS! TAKE ALL OF ME!" To finish up, Jayna jacks Manuel's cock relentlessly with both hands until he showers her face with semen. Then, while his cum is still dripping off Jayna's face, Manuel uses the chain to secure her to an exposed pipe. Four and one-half stars.

Scene Three

Scene Three is an excellent outdoor threeway featuring Tiana Lynn, Julie Night, and (lucky bastard) Manuel Ferrera. The scene, set on and around a massive concrete retaining wall (maybe a dam?), highlights the delightful debauchery of two of the most renowned porn stars in the early twenty-first century. If you've watched any porn in 2004-2005, you should know exactly who Tiana and Julie are: Julie is one of the most brilliant (I've seen the girl's university textbooks)--yet delightfully nefarious--performers to ever grace the blue screen and Tiana's orgasms are accompanied by fire-hose-like streams of female ejaculate. And, both girls are very easy on the eyes. Put these two girls together with Manuel, and you know the sparks are gonna fly. Without giving away too much about this five-star fuck fest, here are a few highlights of this extraordinary scene. 1) Julie presents director Mason with a "present," the wicked--yet sweet-as-candy--Tiana who, when presented to Mason, not only blows cigarette smoke in her face but also spits in her direction. Talk about nasty! 2) Julie and Tiana begin their "show" with a little girl/girl action amplified by the use of a huge, spit-lubricated, vibrating, and rotating toy. 3) Tiana squirts/cums 12 times! Sometimes, the force is so strong that Tiana's cum soaks the camera lens. And, nasty Julie often positions her mouth so that she can catch--and drink--Tiana's ejaculate. Other times, Tiana's juice soaks her surroundings. In fact, the shear volume of Tiana's ejaculate leads me to wonder how she keeps hydrated when giving such intense sex! (In case you're interested, I have discussed Tiana's ejaculations with her in person and believe her when she says they're real. I've also seen several girls squirt on the set--but not Tiana--and can attest that those ejaculations were not staged.) 4) The nastiness-level of the girls' vocabulary is second to none. And, their screams and shouts of ecstasy are enough to harden any guy's cock or make any girl's pussy drip. 5) The sex--both girl/girl and boy/girl/girl is rough and includes lots of tit, pussy, and face slapping; butt spanking; spitting; mild biting; asshole rimming; and throat choking. 6) The trio performs excellent as a group: nobody sits on the sidelines...they're always getting or giving pleasure. 7) There are lots of intense two-way and three-way open-mouthed kisses. 8) The girls go fucking wild pleasing Manuel's cock and balls with their mouths and tongues--sometimes both girls on his cock at the same time. And, there's lots of deep-throat action. 9) Manuel frantically fucks the girls vaginally in doggie, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and missionary. And, he gets to plow the Julie's ass reverse and doggie style. 10) There's lots of nasty cock-cleaning ATM action! 11) Finally, Manuel sprays his cum all over both girls' tongues and faces as they kneel--cheek-to-cheek--in front of him. Then, the girls kiss to share his bounty--each girl gets to swallow some of it. First-rate!

Scene Four

Scene Four features busty blond Jamie Brooks as a dominant to Trent Tesoro's submissive. The scene, set on what appears to be an open-air elevator that lifts its occupants up the side of a hill, begins as English dominant Jamie, dressed in black bondage gear, sexy stilettos, and top hat, points her baton toward Mason and asks if she's there to be re-educated. Mason follows Jamie to the aforementioned elevator upon which Trent is bound and gagged. Jamie uses the baton to stroke Trent's cock, her tongue to lick his throat, and her spit to splatter his face while calling him, "totally fucking pathetic." Soon, to tease the poor SOB, Jamie pulls aside her black suspenders--the only thing that covers her tits--and squeezes his face between her humongous boobs (they're gorgeous!). Meanwhile, Jamie dominates Mason, not with her hands or body, but with nasty verbal abuse. Later, Jamie drops to her knees and licks Trent's cock through his jeans and then kisses his face and duct-tape-sealed mouth while jacking her pussy with her baton. After gently removing the duct tape, Jamie holds Trent's mouth open and spits into it before kissing him tongue-to-tongue. Soon, Jamie decides it's time for some dick. So, after making Trent beg for it, she unzips his jeans, pulls out his cock, licks it from base to head, spits on it, and sucks it like a hungry babe would suckle a breast. She also greedily takes it all the way down her throat (lots of drool!) and slaps it viciously. Eventually, Jamie unties Trent so he can uses his hands to fondle her big boobs and choke her throat. He also gets even by spitting on her face while probing her pussy with his insatiable fingers. They continue pleasing each other orally for several delicious and slobbery minutes until they're ready to move on to vaginal sex. Jamie stands in a modified doggie position (instead of both feet on the ground, she raises her right leg vertically) so that Trent can fuck her from behind while her big boobs dance provocatively (Trent grabs handfuls of mammary flesh and squeezes hard.) Soon, they transition to conventional doggie: after Trent spanks her butt several times, he inserts his dick and pounds her fucking pussy hard and deep at redline speed. Meanwhile, he reaches down, chokes her throat, and pulls on her hair while she encourages him with nasty talk and jacks her clit with the tip of her baton. After a little cock cleaning pussy-to-mouth action, some mutual slapping, and lots of tit squeezing, Jamie and Trent move into reverse cowgirl. Trent slowly inches his shaft up Jamie's asshole. Once he's balls-deep within her, Jamie takes over and uses very sexy moves to pound him hard and fast while jacking her spit-soaked clit with her fingers: "Fuck yeah! Look at that fucking big dick in my ass. It feels so fucking good!" Meanwhile, Trent uses his hands to slap Jamie's face, pull her hair, and choke her throat. After some nasty ATM--and lots of ass spanking--Trent stretches Jamie's asshole super wide by shoving six fingers deep inside. Then, he force-feeds those ass-covered fingers to Jamie before resuming anal sex--this time in the doggie position (nice from-below camera angles). To finish up, Trent fucks Jamie's spit-lubricated tits and then she ferociously sucks and strokes his lucky cock until he explodes inside her mouth and over her face. His substantial load plasters Jamie's face and dribbles off her chin onto her big boobs. Then, she sucks him dry. Afterwards, Mason has a request of Jamie: she has Trent shove the tip of Jamie's baton into her mouth to lubricate it. Then, Trent inches that long metal rod up Jamie's ass. How fucking nasty! Too bad Jamie never came during this otherwise scorching scene. Four stars.

Scene Five

The final half hour of this nastier-than-normal flick is devoted to brunette Isabel Ice and Marco Duato. Of all the scenes in the movie, the location in Scene Five is the least attractive--the dirty floor of a warehouse. Isabel is another English girl, like Jamie Brooks, and is as nasty as she is attractive. After a brief interview (there's more in Isabel's interview in the Extras), Isabel spends a few minutes, while dressed in a baby-doll outfit, masturbating on the floor of a warehouse. While she probes and spreads her bejeweled pink pussy with multiple fingers, she talks so nasty that you'll go wild with lust. In fact, Mason gets quite agitated as she watches behind the camera! And, Isabel gags her own throat with multiple fingers and rubs her spit all over her face (there went her make-up!). Isabel obviously enjoys herself too, because she makes herself cum and squirt all over the floor. Then, the nasty bitch laps up her own juice, gargles it, swallows it, and spits mouthfuls of it all over the floor! Afterwards, she begs Mason, "I wanna fuck. I want my fucking cunt to be full." Mason grants Isabel's request and immediately provides Marco. Once he steps into the picture, he kisses her hard while she undresses him. She then shoves him up against the warehouse's rollup door and licks his chest and his armpits! while they inflame each other in nasty Spanish. After sharing some more hungry kisses and heated slaps, Isabel drops to her knees, opens Marco's pants, and smells his balls and rigid shaft. Of course, she also worships its spit-lubricated length with her mouth and hands while fingering and probing her pussy until she cum/squirts again (an unbelievable volume of ejaculate). Believe me, if you like oral sex, you're gonna love Isabel's fellatio techniques. Isabel loves Marco's body and tells him, over and over, "You're so fuckin' beautiful! I love this fuckin' cock." And, to prove her love, she nosily deep throats him, swaps spit with him, and rims his spread-wide asshole! In addition, she uses his dirty foot to fuck her mouth and pussy. Eventually, Isabel decides she wants more: "I wanna fuck you...I WANNA FUCK YOU!" So, she presents herself to him, doggie style, so that he can frantically fuck her ass (great gapes) from behind while using his hands to choke her throat. To show her appreciation, Isabel chants, "You're so fuckin' beautiful!" After some intense ATM, during which Marco gags her so that she cannot breathe for several seconds, they return to doggie-style anal sex. Isabel motivates Marco with lots of nasty talk in English and Spanish. He, in turn, pounds her better than she's ever been fucked, spanks her ass and face sharply, and roughly pulls her hair to increase her passion. After more ravenous ATM--and armpit, chest, leg, balls, and cock licking by Isabel--Isabel mounts Marco reverse cowgirl style. Marco fucks her asshole at redline speed. In response, Isabel's boobs bounce for joy while she finger-fucks her throat and pussy and spits all over both of them like a "fuckin' whore." After another brief interlude for ATM, during which Isabel spits on the floor and laps it up, they spend some time fucking anally in the spoon position. While Marco reams her ass, Isabel hysterically jacks her clit and finger-fucks her pussy until she has one of the most intense (non-squirting) orgasms I've seen since, well, Chloe retired. By this time, Isabel is just about spent and starts to beg Marco to cum on her "fuckin' face." Marco agrees and stands so that he can fill her mouth and spray her face with his high-velocity load. While Isabel vacuums him dry, she finger-fucks her own pussy until she cum/squirts a third time while screaming like a feral animal. Afterwards, Isabel tells Mason (and us) how good it was as the scene fades to black. Five stars.

Scene Five is followed by two and one-third minutes of behind-the-scenes action and the closing credits.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): Below average. The video was captured in an amateurish way: flare from the sun is abundant in outdoor scenes, much of the video is over- or underexposed (especially in outdoor scenes), quite a bit of the outdoor action is lost in deep shadows caused by the harsh sunlight, the camera motions are jerky, and the editing is very rough (to say the least). Hard edits often left me with the impression that I missed something of importance while other edits disturbed the continuity of the scene (clips appear out of order). Two stars.

Audio (technical): The audio is just barely average. It appears as if a hand-held camcorder was used to capture the video and that its built-in microphone was used to capture the sound. Since much of the movie was shot outdoors, the built-in microphone was unable to properly capture the sounds of the performers as they fuck or talk. Three stars.

Extras: Actually, I really liked the extras. In addition to the standard stuff (interactive menus, full-motion chapter selection, trailers, self-running slide show, and website access info) there's a very informative and insightful 18-minute video interview of Isabel Ice that's really worth watching. In addition, there's a 15-minute audio interview of director Mason, 14 minutes of Behind-the-Scenes (extra sex, behind-the-scenes foolishness, and unstructured free flowing conversations between the stars and director) and a way cool eight-minute "warmup" for Julie Night's scene. Four and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: The locations for all but one of the scenes are quite imaginative: outdoors atop what appears to be a concrete dam, in the woods, atop an industrial building in downtown Los Angeles, and inside a dilapidated warehouse. These locations are a far cry from the living room couch motif standard in most porn movies and, as such, I appreciate them. On the other hand, the final scene, with Isabel Ice, was shot on the floor of (I'd put money on it) Platinum X Studios' old warehouse floor. Be that as it may, I must give Mason credit for unusual and inventive locations. The girls' make-up is average (nothing worth bragging about) and the outfits are creative (Jayna Oso wears black "fallen angel" wings while Kimberly Kane and Katrina Kraven are dressed as handgun-sporting gang-dykes). There's no musical soundtrack to support the sex. Four stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.70
Average video rating: 2.00
Average audio rating: 3.00
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 4.50
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.04

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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