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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 1/4/11

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Genre: Feature
Director: Michael Raven
Cast: August, Barrett Blade, Eric Masterson, Jacy Andrew, Joey Ray, Katie Morgan, Kirsten Price, Randy Spears, Sophia, Steven St. Croix.
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: 01:24
Condoms: Yes.
Bonus: None.


Supernatural is a very well-made "erotic thriller" directed by legendary director Michael Raven and starring Wicked contract girl Kirsten Price. Kirsten plays the widow of a man (Eric Masterson) who died prematurely and unexpectedly. After Eric's funeral, Kirsten notices strange goings-on in her home...noises, randomly moving furniture, and so on. She also intensely feels the presence of her departed husband.

Fearful that her home may be haunted, Kirsten accepts her sister's (August) offer to stay in her guest room for a while. While showering one evening, August feels the presence of a sinister spirit and later, while sleeping, she is visited by the angry soul of a man (Randy Spears) who committed suicide in the house many years earlier. Of course, the "visit" takes on a decidedly sexual nature!

After August's paranormal experience, Kirsten gathers her friends and family around her to talk about what to do. Through a bit of research, Kirsten discovers that a man did, indeed, commit suicide in the house 30 years earlier. And, his spirit has haunted the house to such an extent that the house has "turned over" ownership several times over the years. One friend, played by Steven St. Croix, confesses that he knows some faculty members at a nearby university who specialize in psychic phenomenon. Steven invites his friend to investigate the situation.

After the research team members experience first hand the angry and violent disposition of Randy's spirit, they conduct a séance and learn three important things: 1) Randy committed suicide because his wife cheated on him in his home; 2) Randy's wife killed herself after finding her dead husband's body; and 3) the spirit of Kirsten's husband (Eric Masterson) has remained behind to protect her from Randy.

Once the team has unlocked the secret of Randy's past, Randy seems to be placated and passes on peacefully. However, there's one more paranormal event before this thrilling feature comes to a close...Kirsten and Eric share a Ghost-like goodbye.

Supernatural, as a movie, is a class act. The locations, sets, storyline, acting, special effects (Kirsten is even levitated to the ceiling a-la The Exorcist during an encounter with Randy's violent spirit and there's a man-made--one would assume--rainstorm during Eric's funeral), and costumes are all mainstream quality.

From a sexual perspective, Supernatural is quite mild, couples-friendly, and absolutely non-threatening. In fact, I think it’s a little too gentle.

Of particular note is the male cast. Two of the guys--Steven St. Croix and Randy Spears--are absolute legends in the adult business. Not only are they very capable actors, but they are also first class performers. That's impressive given their many years of experience (aka...advanced age...just kidding :) ).

Check out some photos of the girls in Supernatural here. Enjoy!


Supernatural features a traditional five sex scenes. All of them are boy/girl vaginal-only. Condoms are the norm.

Scene One

Scene One Overview: Scene One is a boy/girl encounter between Kirsten and her husband, played by Eric Masterson. It is set indoors in the couple's very nicely furnished living room.

  • Commentary: This is a beautifully-filmed and very loving scene in which both Kirsten and Eric treat each other with great tenderness and seem sensitive to each others' needs. It's a fairly tame scene that's brightened by Kirsten's flawless body and her enthusiasm. It would have been much better had Kirsten convincingly climaxed during the scene.
  • Rating: Four stars.
  • Girl (Kirsten Price): Kirsten is not a quintessential porn chick...she's so real and natural that it's quite refreshing. She's a very pretty woman with multicolored hair (in this scene, her hair is sandy blond near the roots and brunette nearer the tips) and captivating brown eyes. Her medium-sized breasts are all-natural and are very appealing. She has a hard and well-toned body that's not too muscle-bound; a simply gorgeous, blemish and cellulite-free ass; and an exceptionally pretty pussy crowned with a neatly cropped triangular patch of pubic hair. She has long shapely legs, particularly pretty thighs, and pretty pedicured feet. She has a simple tattoo on her tailbone and another between her shoulder blades. I didn't notice any piercings.
  • Guy (Eric Masterson): Sadly, I don't see Eric as often these days as I used to. He's a very attractive guy (as if I would know) with blond spiky hair, a nicely-built body that's not grotesquely muscular, and a large--but not too intimidating--cock that he uses to great advantage to please the ladies.
  • Scene Setup: After Eric's funeral, his despondent wife, Kirsten Price, gazes upon pictures of him in their home and remembers significant conversations and one particularly poignant lovemaking session.
  • Foreplay: Kirsten and Eric playfully and lovingly kiss, undress each other (damn, her body is beautiful!), and caress each others' flesh. Eric gently lays Kirsten on their living room couch and tenderly kisses her chest, breasts, and abdomen before settling between her legs to hungrily devour her sweetness. Eric tenderly licks and tickles Kirsten's labia and clit while she undulates, smiles, and coos with pleasure. Later, Kirsten gives Eric a tender blowjob, using her mouth and talented hands to arouse his lust. Meanwhile, he caresses her pretty multi-colored hair.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: Kirsten and Eric enjoy condom-protected sex in: 1) cowgirl; 2) reverse cowgirl; and 3) spoon.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Kirsten is an enthusiastic girl who seems to enjoy having sex with Eric. She moans realistically and uses well-chosen motivational--yet not nasty--words to inflame encourage and provide feedback to Eric.
  • Scene Highlights: Hands down, the best thing in this scene is Kirsten's enthusiastic and oh-so-sexy fucking of Eric in cowgirl and reverse. Basically, Eric simply lies back and enjoys the ride as Kirsten fucks and grinds him! Eric gets to do his share of the in-and-out action in spoon, during which he pounds her balls-deep with redline-speed strokes. Other highlights include: lots of deep and sensual kissing; Eric's squeezing of Kirsten's gorgeous ass in cowgirl; Kirsten's fingering and slapping of her clit during spoon; and Kirsten's pretty all-natural breasts bouncing joyfully during spoon.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Sadly, Kirsten doesn't appear to have cum during the scene. Frankly, I think her orgasm may have been edited out for some reason because she seems on the verge of climax during reverse.
  • Guy's Pop: While pounding Kirsten's pussy in spoon, Eric pulls out and shoots a high-energy and voluminous load of semen all over her pretty belly and onto the outside of her pussy.

Scene Two

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Scene Two Overview: Scene Two is a boy/girl scene featuring Katie Morgan and Steven St. Croix. It is set indoors in a bedroom atop an inviting bed.

  • Commentary: This is my favorite scene in Supernatural. Katie Morgan is an amazing sexual performer and can move her body in a nearly infinite array of sexy and erotic moves. Her motions during cunnilingus make this scene truly stand out from most others I've seen this year. To add icing to the cake, Katie also cums at least twice during this beautiful...but sex-charged...scene.
  • Rating: Five stars.
  • Girl (Katie Morgan): Katie has been in the adult business for quite a while--since the early 2000's--and I had the opportunity to review some of her early work. Then, she dropped off my radar screen for a long time until I saw her in Club Jenna's Krystal Therapy. Since then, I've been tremendously impressed by Katie's performances and have included her on the list of potential winners of my 2008 Must-See Girls Award (Click here to see Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls of 2007!). Katie's a gorgeous blond with big blue eyes and nicely enhanced large breasts. She has a hard body, a pretty pussy crowned with a neat triangle of close-cropped hair, a pierced navel, and tattoos on her lower abdomen near her pubes and on her left ankle. Her legs are long and lithe and she has pretty feet (Steven agrees and licks her arches and suckles her toes).
  • Guy (Steven St. Croix): Steven's a legend in the adult business. I remember seeing him perform with my favorite girls back in the early 1990s. Damn, I wish my penis had his penis' experiences. I've always liked Steven's cunnilingus technique--in fact, I've learned a lot about pleasing pussy by watching him.
  • Scene Setup: After Eric's funeral, Kirsten's friends , including Katie Morgan and Steven St. Croix, gather with her for a wake and, after a while, head home. When Steven and Katie arrive at home, they prepare for bed and console each other with some very satisfying sex.
  • Foreplay: Katie and Steven cuddle tenderly in bed as they discuss recent events. "Sex is life's affirmation," declares Steven as Katie begins to feel more and more despondent. To console her, Steven kisses Katie's mouth and caresses her hair. She responds with sensual caresses of her own and soon jumps atop him lustfully. Steven pushes her back on the bed, spreads her legs, and momentarily fondles her clit with his thumb. Katie's significant lust ignites immediately as she forcefully lifts her abdomen high in the air and shoves her pussy against Steven's oh-so-willing mouth so he can suck, lick, and tongue-fuck her pussy. Meanwhile, she grinds her vagina against his face and strokes her clit with her finger. During cunnilingus, Steven also suckles Katie's pretty toes, uses his hands to squeeze her magnificent tits, and rims her pretty asshole. This is GREAT orgasm-inducing cunnilingus and Katie's wild and incendiary moves are must-see. This segment is one of the sexual highlights of the movie! Katie's boundless passion soon forces her to take Steven's rock-hard rod into her mouth for some passionate and slobbery fellatio. She also strokes his cock with her practiced hands. Meanwhile, Steven pulls her hair and slaps and squeezes her breasts.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: Steven and Katie enjoy vaginal sex in: 1) kneeling doggie; 2) reverse cowgirl; and 3) missionary.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Katie's truly an insatiable woman who loves sex and shows her enjoyment. She encourages Steven with somewhat-nasty talk.
  • Scene Highlights: Katie's enthusiastic and energetic moves in cunnilingus (see foreplay above), reverse (she grinds his cock while rotating her hips), and missionary (she rocks her hips to shove his penis deeper into her vagina as he pounds her) are definitely the highlights of the scene. I also enjoyed watching Steven suckle Katie's toes and lick her arches as he fucks her. And, I liked watching him pound her pussy with fast-and-furious balls-deep strokes during reverse. In addition, Katie's big tits bounce joyfully and are regularly squeezed by Steven as the scene progresses. Finally, I must admit that Steven and Katie fuck each other so well! It's almost like they're a real couple--they respond to each other automatically and effectively.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Katie cums at least twice...once during cunnilingus and again during reverse. She may have climaxed twice in reverse.
  • Guy's Pop: Steven fucks Katie's pussy in missionary until he's ready to pop. When he reaches the point of no return, he pulls out, rips off his condom, and sprays Katie's belly with a extremely high-powered spray of semen (way to go, old man!). Katie erotically undulates her body as Steven repeatedly spasms all over her body. The visual impact of Katie's movements is stunning.

Scene Three

Scene Three Overview: Scene Three is a boy/girl all-vaginal scene set in a bathroom and subsequently in a bedroom atop a comfy bed. It features scrumptious eye-candy August and multi-award-winner Randy Spears.

  • Commentary: This is a good solid scene in which August's performance and orgasms are very strong. However, the scene is too short--only two positions--so I'm assigning a half-point penalty.
  • Rating: Four stars.
  • Girl (August): August is an exotic-looking Latina with streaked sandy-blond and brunette hair and brown eyes. She has medium-sized natural breasts with perky nipples; a healthy-looking body; a shapely, firm, and blemish- and cellulite-free ass; long and lithe legs; pretty manicured fingernails; and a pretty pussy capped by a well-groomed triangle of pubic hair. She has extensive tattoos on her left arm and tailbone and a smaller one on her left ankle. Her navel is pierced.
  • Guy (Randy Spears): Randy is another legendary male performer. Among the most gifted actors in the adult business, Randy is also a never-fail swordsman as well.
  • Scene Setup: After Kirsten experiences some unexpected feelings and frightening occurrences in her home, her sister August decides to stay in Kirsten's house to protect her. One evening, August takes a shower and then climbs into bed stark naked (her body is perfection in motion). Soon, the angry ghost of Randy Spears joins her (nice special effects) and they, since this is an adult movie, share some animated--as opposed to ghostly--sex.
  • Foreplay: Randy's spirit, temporarily come to life, appears under August's blankets and licks his way up her body (real effective!) as she arches her back in terror. Once he licks and suckles her nipples and squeezes her pretty boobs, she decides that he's not so bad and succumbs to his wiles. Randy, emboldened by her surrender, licks as much of her flesh as he can and then begins to stroke and finger-fuck her wet pussy with his spit-soaked fingers. Believe me, August LOVES it, especially when he twists his fingers within her. In due course, August repays Randy by sucking and stroking his lucky cock to full mast. As August forces Randy's spit-slathered rod in-and-out of her accommodating mouth, she sucks SO hard that her cheeks implode! And, she repeatedly deep-throats him, too. In addition, she pleases his cock with both hands using very effective twisting motions.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: Randy and August share condom-protected vaginal sex in 1) spoon; and 2) missionary.
  • Girl's Demeanor: August is an insatiable girl with a tremendous lust for pleasure. I like how she squeals with delight as pleasure courses through her body.
  • Scene Highlights: Believe it or not, the best part of this scene is missionary (I think missionary is usually the most boring of positions!). In this scene, August raises her hips high and thrusts her pussy back and forth on Randy's penis as he powerfully plows her balls-deep. In fact, August regularly arches her back in response to the pleasure she feels. I also liked the emphasis placed on August's pretty natural breasts...she squeezes them lovingly, he licks and suckles them voraciously, and they bounce happily during spoon.
  • Girl's Orgasm: August came during both spoon and missionary.
  • Guy's Pop: During missionary, Randy pulls out, rips off his condom, and pops on August's erotically-undulating body. Again, August's moves are SO hot!

Scene Four

Scene Four Overview: Scene Four is a boy/girl all-vaginal encounter featuring Barrett Blade and exotic Sophia (two of the ghostbusters). It is set inside the cargo area of a van.

  • Commentary: This is a pretty pedestrian scene brightened only by Sophia's fine body. The scene is too short and is composed of only two positions (there's a half-point penalty for this). Sadly, Sophia never cums. But, Barrett's load on her hard and shapely belly looks damned good.
  • Rating: Three stars.
  • Girl (Sophia): Sophia is a very attractive woman with multi-toned sandy blond and brunette hair and bright blue eyes. Her boobs are nicely sculpted and her nipples harden delightfully when she's excited. Her body is firm and well-toned; her ass is shapely and firm; her legs are quite pretty; her toes are nicely pedicured; her fingernails are manicured; her pretty pussy is cleanly shaven (except for a landing-strip of hair pointing to her clit); and her clit swells huge and hard when she's horny. Sophia has a ring in her navel. I didn't notice any other piercings or tattoos.
  • Guy (Barrett Blade): I've always considered Barrett to be an ordinary-looking guy who lucked out when he got into the adult business. He has brightly colored tattoos and even sports a nipple ring (ouch!). His cock is big, but not huge, and dependable. In this movie, he has multi-toned blond and brunette hair and a goatee.
  • Scene Setup: Barrett and Sophia are part of the university ghostbuster team. After they see the power of Randy's ghost (exceptional special effects), they hide away in their work van to calm down. Soon, they resort to the most effective of anxiety-reducers, sex!
  • Foreplay: To help Barrett "get his mind off things," Sophia shares an open-mouthed kiss with him while he strokes her still-clothed ass and boobs and nuzzles her neck. He soon removes her top and enjoys squeezing, suckling, and slapping her gorgeous large breasts. Then, after helping her out of her jeans, he moistens her labia with his fingers. However, instead of going down on her--like I would--he rolls over onto his back on the floor of the van and enjoys Sophia's oral ministrations as she licks, sucks, and strokes his dick to full erection (nice camera angles). She also licks and suckles his balls. Meanwhile, he caresses her pretty multi-toned hair, squeezes her inviting boobs, and groans ecstatically. Later, Barrett goes down on Sophia's pussy and finds her excited clit hard, big, and oh-so-suckable. God, I wish my tongue were buried between Sophia's gorgeous spread-wide labia right now! Sophia truly enjoys Barrett's cunnilingus technique and a look of absolute bliss beams from her face. And, her nipples swell huge and hard, too.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: Condom protected vaginal sex is shared in 1) reverse cowgirl, and 2) spoon.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Sophia enjoys herself during the scene and squeals realistically as Barrett fucks her. She engages in a little bit of nasty talk, mostly: "Fuck, yes!"
  • Scene Highlights: I think the best part of this scene is savoring Sophia's fine body in spoon...she looks extremely good in this position. I also enjoyed the emphasis on her big tits--especially when she and Barrett squeeze them and when they bounce in response to Barrett's thrusts. I appreciate how Sophia takes a break during reverse to suck her juices off of Barrett's rod. And, I enjoyed watching Sophia "do the work" by energetically fucking Barrett in reverse.
  • Girl's Orgasm: There's no evidence of Sophia climaxing during the scene.
  • Guy's Pop: This is yet another belly pop. At the end of spoon, Barrett slides out of Sophia's pussy, removes his condom, and platters a high-energy and generous load of sperm onto Sophia's beautiful abdomen.

Scene Five

Scene Five Overview: Scene Five is a boy/girl all-vaginal scene set indoors on a living room couch. It features Jacy Andrews and Joey Ray.

  • Commentary: This is a very pedestrian scene that is further weakened by its brevity (only two positions). Nothing really happens between Joey and Jacy--certainly no passion. Since this is supposedly the sexual liaison that forced Randy to kill himself, I'm forced to ask the question, "Why?" The only thing the scene really has going for it is Jacy's warm and inviting voluptuous body.
  • Rating: Three stars.
  • Girl (Jacy Andrews): Jacy is a blond-haired and blue-eyed girl-next-door. Her best feature, I think, is her electric smile that can brighten just about any circumstance. She has large natural breasts; perky nipples; a voluptuous, curvy, soft, and cuddly body; strong and muscular thighs; long and attractive legs; and manicured nails. Her pussy has puffy labia and is crowned with a small puff of pubic hair. I noticed no piercings or tattoos.
  • Guy (Joey Ray): Joey's an ordinary-looking guy who seems to be letting his belly go a little soft. He has a large--but not enormous--dick.
  • Scene Setup: During Scene Five, we get to see--through his own eyes--what caused Randy to commit suicide. His wife--Jacy Andrews--fucks another guy--Joey Ray--right there in Randy's living room. Although I wouldn't like such a thing to happen to me, I doubt I'd commit suicide...murder, maybe!
  • Foreplay: During short clips, interspersed with weird paranormal images, Joey fondles Jacy's big tits. When the video finally zeroes-in on the sexual action, Jacy is giving Joey a spirited mouth-only blowjob (great close-ups) while using her hands to caress and squeeze her own flesh. Meanwhile, Joey pulls on Jacy's hair and strokes her curves. During a time out from the cock-in-mouth action, Jacy kisses Joey while continuing to please his penis--this time with her hands. Then, she goes back down on him using both her mouth and her hands. She even deep-throats him.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: Joey and Jack fuck vaginally in: 1) reverse cowgirl, and 2) kneeling doggie.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Jacy takes delight in sex, giggling and screaming ecstatically. She does a little bit of nasty and motivating commentary--but not enough to be noteworthy.
  • Scene Highlights: This very short scene doesn't really have a lot going for it. I must admit, however, that I enjoyed watching Jacy's enthusiastic thrusting and grinding moves when she fucks him in reverse. And, I really liked savoring her voluptuous body and big pretty breasts...especially when they jiggle happily and when Joey squeezes them during doggie. In addition, I liked watching her stroke her clit while she fucks Joey in reverse.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Nothing. Not even close.
  • Guy's Pop: In a break from the four previous scenes, Jacy does not get her belly sprayed with semen. Instead, she kneels in front of Joey as he jacks off all over her face and into her wide-open mouth. His load is enormous and powerful--ejaculations even overshoot her head! After his spasms recede, she sucks him dry.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The 16:9 widescreen video is very professional. The image, however, is a bit soft and gauzy giving it a surreal effect. I know that this effect was intentional, but I would have preferred if the image were sharp and more distinct and contrasty. Although I have no way of knowing if the movie was shot on videotape or film, the effect is more film-like than HD-video-like. The editing is extremely professional and the lighting and color balance are appropriate to the circumstances in which the scene was shot (for example, a sex scene set at night in a couple's bedroom is dimly lit without compromising our ability to see the action). The camera angles and close-ups are appropriate to a couples-friendly film...not as "gynecological" as some might like, but we can certainly see the action! Four and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): The 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound is nearly perfect. I don't say, "perfect," because that's impossible. However, the audio--with stereo soundtracks available in Spanish, German, Greek, French, and Italian--is as close to perfection as you'll hear in contemporary adult movies. Music accompanies each sex scene, but does not overpower the sweet sounds of sex. All that's really missing is a commentary track. Four and one-half stars.

Extras: In addition to interactive menus and a full-motion chapter selector organized by sex scene, this DVD-9 disc boasts: a setup screen used to choose an audio track; the trailer for Supernatural; a 13-minute bonus scene featuring Kirsten Price and Barrett Blade; 18 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage (make-up, wardrobe choices, scene blocking, impromptu interviews, rehearsal of lines, and so on); additional footage of August's shower scene; four minutes of bloopers; a four-minute self-running slide show of Supernatural photos; self-running slide shows featuring pictures of Kirsten Price, August, Jacy Andrews, and Sophia; text biographies of Kirsten Price, August, and Sophia; trailers for six Wicked Pictures releases; a Wicked Pictures promotional reel; phone sex ads; and Wicked Pictures DVD catalog. The DVD also has computer-accessible items including an html link and wallpapers you can download. Although this list looks very impressive--and is, in comparison to most other studios--it's a bit shy of what I've come to expect from Wicked Pictures DVDs. Four and one-half stars.

Production Values: First rate...from both visual and musical perspectives. The locations and sets are far superior (and more inventively used) than you'll see in most "let's fuck on somebody's couch" movies. The wardrobe, hairstyles, and make-up, too, are superb. The director even appears to have considered what the guys wear and how they look! In addition, the visual special effects are technically advanced and extremely appropriate to the storyline. Well-chosen--but not particularly noteworthy--music accompanies each sex scene as well as the plot-related portions of the movie. Four and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 3.80
Average video rating: 4.50
Average audio rating: 4.50
Average production values rating: 4.50
Extras rating: 4.50
Bonus point(s): 0.00
Overall rating: 4.36

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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