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Can He Score 3

Studio: Bang Bros » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 1/7/11

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Can He Score 3
Bang Bros.Com/Bang Productions
Price 23.99
Running Time: 3hrs and 24min


Sadie West
Kiara Diane
Dana DeArmond
Mason Moore
Angel Dark

Special Features:

Chapter Selection
No Regional Coding
DVD-ROM compatible-Direct link to the site
Previews (Milf Lessons and Fuck Team Five trailers before movie) - 9 trailers
Photo Gallery- you can view by each scene

Technical Stats:

Linear PCM: 2 Channel 48 kHz 1.5 Mbps  Audio
Mpeg-2 1.6  Video

Overall Thoughts:

So Can He Score, think of it like a dating show, where you pretty much know they are going to have sex at the end of the date. If only real life dating seemed that easy. Anyways normal guys get set up with porn stars and they go out on a date and we get to see them on their date. Well I am not here to review their dating habits, so let’s get to the sex. I wasn’t really sure what to expect with the sex. I figured the guys would be nervous and the girls would have to do their best to relieve that nervousness. But you know what, I have to say that there were a few scenes I was actually quite impressed with the chemistry and heat between the two (DeArmond and Dark scenes, which I could re-watch a few times). The others were kind of what I was expecting, and no fault to the guys, I am sure I would be nervous as hell if I was in their shoes.  So having said that, let’s go over a few things, special features were OK, with a few trailers and a photo gallery divided by each scene. But I had some issues with the sides of the video being cut off on my TV, and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. That added with the poor video and audio quality, this was a distraction at some parts. So after figuring out all the numbers and doing the math, this is going to get a solid RENT IT rating, and the DeArmond and Dark scenes should easily make it worth your time to rent and watch. And I think they could have some solid releases if they bump up the audio and video quality and maybe show some BTS of the dates or something.

Scene One: Sadie West (2/5 rating)

On our first date, Sadie is set up with a guy named Memo. After we get some interviews, we get to the date and he is so freaking high. Some of the little pop up clouds from each person are kind of funny. Back to the date and you can tell that she has to keep the conversation going, he is too high. Thank god she is on this date, otherwise this would be the most boring date ever. After they eat, she convinces him to play tennis, so they make it to the courts and she tells him to strip to his boxers.  Wow, this is some crazy tennis action going on right now. Well at least she pulled her pants down halfway through to make it a little more interesting. They turn it into strip tennis, which gives him a boner and she wants to see it. So she gets a look at it and then starts to give him a blowjob on the court.  He still seems too high at this moment, hopefully he will remember what he is about to do. She spends a good amount of time sucking on his balls too, as she continues with the wet blowjob.  Even though he has been rather quite, she seems to think he is going to work out OK. After a very long blowjob, he takes him to the side and then kiss for a bit and then she is right back to working on his cock. He gets the courage to start rubbing and smacking her ass as she works on his cock some more. I have to say, even though he is really aware of what is going on, she is doing a great job and making this scene bearable to watch.  She then tells him to jerk himself off as she strips for him. She is naked, they kiss some more and she climbs on top and slides his cock into her pussy and rides him like an animal. They move to some missionary action as he shows signs of life finally. She tells him to keep going, she does this all the time. She tries to build up his confidence so that he won’t hold back at all on her, she wants him. They switch to some spoon action and she ends up doing most of the work, once again. She ends up back on top of him for some reverse cowgirl action, she plays with her pussy until she cums on his cock. And for a moment she doesn’t want to move, see they have something in common. She stands up and takes a breather and he stuff his face in her ass and begins to lick it. Back to some reverse cowgirl action and they get a little bird watching in. Next up is some doggy action, which is his favorite position so I think a money shot is coming soon. And he gives her a money shot in the mouth and she almost chokes on it.

Scene Two: Dana DeArmond (4/5 rating)

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It seems that this scene, she has a lively one compared to the last. She talks about her nerdy side and he seems to a Midwest type of guy, from Texas.  Elias, shows up at her front door and then the conversation is awkward at times, but it’s the normal kind of first date awkward. He doesn’t know she is a porn star, but he finds out, but it seems to bother him for a second, but he gets past it pretty quick. So on the date, they start off with a nice hike, where Dana seems to be looking for snakes all day. They seem to be having fun, even though she isn’t wearing very good hiking shoes. They get to the top and she points out the landmarks, and then she makes the view even better by lifting up her shirts and shows off her tits to him. He seems to enjoy the view. Halfway through the date and they both seem to think things are going well. They make it back to her place and they check out the scenery from the back of her house. Things get a little awkward as they both kind of want to do a little more and just can’t figure out who should make the next move. He kind of moves in and goes for it, they start off with some heavy kissing and sits on his lap and gives him a lap dance and he goes for her boobs. She stands him up and takes him pool side, and then kiss some more as she takes off her bra and starts to play with his crotch. She teases his crotch with her ass and tits, before she finally opens his pants and grabs his cock and begins to work her magic. She slips his cock in between her tits for a bit, but then is right back to the blowjob. The chemistry between these two is great and I have a feeling this is going to be great scene. She wiggles her ass for the camera as she continues the wet blowjob. She gets on top and teases his cock with her pussy before she finally lets him slip it in. Once again she does a nice job of showing her ass off to the camera as she rides him. She climbs off, but goes right back to sucking on his cock before she ends up on her back for some missionary action. She grabs him and kind of lets him know she likes it a little rough and hard. He finds the right tempo and she even threatens to kick his ass if he stops. She lets him catch his breath and then lets him get some doggy action, so he can get a good look at her ass. She reaches around and sticks a few fingers in her ass, as he continues to work her pussy. He seems to be looking at the surrounding view to make sure he doesn’t cum too fast. After a long doggy style session, she climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl action. But before anyone falls off the chair she sucks his dick some more as her ass is in her face, but he doesn’t give her pussy any attention, but then she slips back on his cock and rides him some more. He stands up and she jerks him off till he cums in her mouth. If only all first dates ended like this.

Scene Three: Mason Moore (3/5 rating)

Wow, someone must have lost a bet, I can’t wait to see the look on her face. He shows up at her door and she seems a little shocked at what she sees. She closes the door on him, but she tries to apologize. I can’t tell if she is giving him some hope and if she is just being nice to him.  This is going to be interesting, an old horny guy with bad teeth, and she is just trying to make it through this date. But after some interviews with both, it seems she is not enjoying this and he seems to think she is going to have sex with him. He keeps trying to make his move, and she finally has had enough. This date comes to an end. But luckily there is a replacement for her. He’s a little younger and doesn’t seem to be as creepy. They leave and then quickly end up naked in the hot tub and he gives her a back rub. There is some flirting and small talk, but I can’t really tell what is going on with these two. He moves in and asks about her tats. They try and out street each other trying to show off how hardcore or bad they are. They decide to finally leave the hot tub and they both get dressed and he wants to see one of her scenes. She shows him one and then they end up on the couch and she puts the moves on him as she goes in for a kiss and rubs his crotch. She seems to be happier with this guy. She takes off his pants and starts working on his cock. It’s kind of funny how his face has gotten all serious now, once again, I am sure he is trying to concentrate so he doesn’t cum too fast. She finally stands up and unleashes her amazing tits and stuffs them in his face, as he licks and sucks on them. She then pulls her panties down and teases him with her ass and then dives back into working on his cock, before she climbs on top and rides him for some cowgirl action. They both give her ass a few slaps as she wiggles her hips on his cock. She slides off and then tells him to fuck her from behind, and when a naked lady tells you to do something, you do it. She tells him not to stop as she is about to cum and boy does she get aggressive really quick. As the camera moves in closer to the action, he suddenly has issues keeping it in her pussy. So they move to a POV shot for awhile as the doggy style continues. He seems to be building some confidence as he starts talking and getting a little more into it. She reaches around her and sticks in a finger in her ass, and they both seem to enjoy it. She spreads her ass open and teases him a bit with it and then swings around to work on his cock some more. She lays on her back, and takes it some more, missionary position, still on the couch. He slams her with some hard thrusts and she really seems to like it. He slows things down a bit after that and keeps slipping out, but does a nice job of teasing her pussy before he slips it back in. So far in, it’s a decent scene, but once again, it seems that she is putting more into than him, you can feel a little chemistry between the two as the scene continues. She seems to find his favorite position as she climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl action, as he reaches around and grabs her tits. Her legs start twitching as she screams she is about to cum again, and the camera gets up close and personal to show us how wet her pussy is now. She climbs on and gets the taste of her pussy off his cock before he stands up and jerks off on her tits. After he is done, she asks him to leave.

Scene Four: Angel Dark (5/5 rating)

Angel is set up with a bartender from a restaurant and he seems to get a lot of action from his job. Angel seems to enjoy showing off her body in the interview and he seems to want to tell us about his sexual history. He shows up at her door and they get into the car and start with the small talk. He finds out that she is in the porn industry and he seems to have won the lottery. He has one thing on his mind now, but he would rather skip the date and get to the sex. He lined up a massage for her and it seems these two are hitting it off pretty good. He comments on how hot she is, good job and can’t keep his eyes off her tits, can’t blame him there. They get to the massage parlor and get into the room and his clothes come off so quick as she takes her time with his. Angel is naked on the table and he is naked covering his crotch on the chair in the corner. She gets some lotion on her ass and then the masseuse works her ass over and then he asks if he can do it. Angel has to be in heaven right now, as she has two people giving her a massage. The masseuse leaves and tells him to keep going, he convinces her to flip over so he can work on her front side, very smooth. Angel says she is going to ask the masseuse if she wants to work on him and maybe a little more. She is hesitant, but then we cut to him on the table and she starts to suck on his cock and then Angel climbs over him and takes control, I mean it’s her date. But Angel brings her hand back over to his cock and shares it with her. The masseuse starts to get a little turned on and pulls down her top and Angel moves in and gives her tits some attention. He has face in Angel’s pussy while this is going on. But then the masseuse gets a little shy and says that’s enough for today and the massage, no happy ending, yet, for him. They leave and decide to go get some food and he talks about how his brother told him about this dating thing and how he needs to thank him, yeah I think he should name his first born after him, for what he is able to do today. Some more small talk follows, she talks about some of her crazy fan stories. Halfway through and they both seem to have been having a good time. They make their way back to place and outside on the swing, and he thanks her for what she did at the parlor and wonders if she wants to finish it.  She says yes, as they move to a more stable couch and then she strips to her bra and panties and then starts to give him another blowjob, as he reaches around for her ass, so he can play with her pussy. But enough foreplay, we cut to her as she is on top of him for some cowgirl action as once again he is taken away by her tits. She props herself up a bit and takes control as she continues to hop up and down on his cock. She climbs off and sucks on his cock some more and then slips it in between her tits. This guy has gotten over his shyness pretty quick with her. She ends up back on top of him and he stops for a brief moment, as you think he is about to burst. The chemistry really seems to be growing between these two.  She flips around and continues to ride him on the wooden couch, which seems to be a concern as they figure they’d better go inside. Inside she is back to working on his cock, and then bends over on the couch and presents her ass in the air. He comes from behind for some doggy action in her pussy. He pounds away at her pussy while she grasps onto the sides of the fancy couch. He gives her a break and dives head first into her pussy and begins to work it as she wiggles her hips. They get back to fucking for some missionary action and she gives him a few sexy stares with those eyes, that must help him keep going. He pulls out and cums all over her chest and it seems that they both had a good time.

Scene Five: Kiara Diane (1/5 rating)

She is set up with a Canadian filmmaker, so I am just warning you now, I will try and keep the Canadian jokes to a minimum. Find out that he has a girlfriend back in Miami, wow this guy has got some balls. He shows up and they head off on their date. He asks about her porn history and he then tells her about his work that he has done. I enjoyed the commentary from the “outsourced” guests as the date goes on. He seems really interested in porn, maybe he is looking for an in to the industry. He is over doing the talking dirty and she seems to be getting a little annoyed by it. So on their date they are in a kitchen and they are going to be making a salad and pizza, interesting idea. The salad looks decent, not too sure about the pizza. They move on to making the desert and she teases him with the frosting and fruit. The pizza is finally done and they sit down for some more small talk, her hair, their signs, etc. They get back to working on the desserts and she is teasing him once again. She turns it up a bit as she takes off her clothes, leaving just her panties on. She puts some frosting on her boob and she tells him to lick it all up. She is rather forceful with him, and then they start with the heavy kissing and then she goes for his pants and then starts jerking off his cock and then finally gets around to sucking on it. After a pretty long oral session, she stands up and he reaches over for her ass and pussy as she continues to suck on his cock. She stands up and looks for a clear counter area and then leads him over, and he dives right into her pussy. That is short lived, and then she is bent over the other counter and he is fucking her from behind. They move things to the floor as the doggy style continues. After a fail on his part, he is back inside her pussy but pulls out once again. They move to the couch for some reverse cowgirl action where he seems a little more confident as he gives her a decent pounding. He must really like doggy style cause they are back to it and she keeps talking him up to keep him going strong. This seems like a scene where the lady is putting in more of an effort than the guy, which is what you would expect in this situation. They go back to her on top for some cowgirl action, which quickly leads to some missionary action.  They end up back on the floor once again, this time for some spoon action, and it seems like he is getting very tired and he finally stands up and cums in her mouth, and she seems to spit most of it out. He thanks her for the date and the scene comes to a close.

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