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Taxi Vol. 1

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 1/14/11

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Genre: Lesbian

Director: Marie Angel

Cast: Madison Young, Justine Joli, Jiz Lee, Syd Blakovich, Sir Sterling, Zoe

Length: 97 minutes

Date of Production: 2010

Extras: A behind the scenes segment is provided. It lasts about four minutes. Jincey Lumpkin is talking about her vision as well as other tibdits on filming this movie. Confessions are also included. Justine Jolie, Syd Blankovich, Madison Young, and Zoe each have their own separate segment where shots of their scenes are shown and each woman talks about their performances and other personal anecdotes. It's very good. Of the four women, Zoe's and Madison Young's confessionals were the most impressive. The promos and trailers give the viewer a very good sample of this studio's titles. The promos are 2008 Girlfriends Films, AVN Trailer, AVN 2010 Girls Promo, Freedom Trailer, Imperfect Angels, Lesbian Seductions, Pin-Up Girls, and Road Queen.  The trailers are Budapest 2, Lesbian House Hunters 2, Backstage Girls, Net Skirts 4, Pin-Up Girls 5, Girlztown 1, Lesbian Psychodramas 2, and Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 15. Website information round out this section.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. 

Overview: Taxi Volume 1 is the first movie from Jincey Lumpkin's studio Juicy Pink Box that Girlfriends Films is distributing. As to who Jincey Lumpkin is, I can answer it in three words: glamourous lesbian cinema. As it states on her juiceypinkbox.com website, this visionary wants to bring the glamour of classic cinema to lesbian pornography. Her drive and compassion are forces that no one should underestimate. It's important to mention that Taxi is an Internet sensation among the lesbian community. This successful series has created a lot of buzz and it's no surprise that it got picked up by the number one studio that makes lesbian films. It's a great partnership. Her other original series are Therapy, Confessions, and her upcoming one Inside.

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Scene One: Domme: A very feminine looking Madison Young is putting the moves on a blind-folded Jiz Lee in the backseat of the taxi. She puts her gloved-covered fingers into the woman's mouth. Suddenly, Jiz is sucking on them and then, places her sucking attention on the attractive lady's breast momentarily. There is quite a bit of fondling activity between the couple as Madison rubs the woman's crotch and Jiz is caressing her breast. Then, Jiz runs her hand along the sexy stocking-covered leg of  Madison. Their behavior creates effective stimulation, however the heat factor lacks much-needed steam. It is surprising that it's not present considering the talent in this scene. Nevertheless, the moments when Madison sucks fingers bring in some good heat though. Moments later, Madison runs her hands along the lady's breasts through her opened shirt. Later, she is biting the nipple of Jiz Lee and then, minutes later, has her biting the high heel of her pumps which bring some excitement to their performance. Their very brief kissing activity is also a turn-on. The overall pace of the entire scene is very slow and the average viewer will lose interest. The one main factor that could probably keep them perked up is Madison's prettiness and hot looking body. Furthermore, their performance does become more entertaining and heated as soon as the attractive woman undresses which is a major plus. Then, Madison works over Jiz Lee's crotch with much passion.    
Scene Two: Lick: Friends Justine Joli and Madison Young are in the backseat of the cab. Both women look very attractive in their outfits. It does not take long until they are kissing. The close-up shots of their lip lock session creates good heat. It is apparent that these women have nice chemistry. It is a performance that will have the audience eager to watch it progress. Justine and Madison have beautiful eye candy bods. Their smiles also add genuineness to their performance. I can watch them kiss all day long. Afterwards, their titty admiration activity continues their personal behavior. Then, Madison places her fond focus on her friend's beauty spot in a  manual and oral manner. At this point, the viewer's body will become more heated and one's nose will get stuffy. Meanwhile, Justine is enjoying her pal's loving attention on her feminine playground. I love watching her open mouth and listening to her breathes as she takes in Madison's licking gestures down below. It's very intimate. Next, some foot and shoe admiration follows by Madison as she holds up Justine's foot and licks her red high heel shoe. It's very sexy looking. Moments later, she is sucking her toes. Meanwhile, Justine is getting turned-on immensely as she rubs Madison's womanhood with her other foot. The camera shots are very effective at each sexual vantage point. Next, it's Justine's turn to pleasure her friend. Her behavior is steamy as she moves down Madison's lovely body in order to taste her pal's sweet honeycomb. Her technique is a mixture of determination and sexiness. Then, their humping action enhances their personal fondness for one another especially since there are nice kissing moments mixed in. Furthermore, the remaining activity only strengthens this quality between them.     
Scene Three:
Tumble: Immediately, Sir Sterling and cutie pie Zoe kiss in the car. Their kissing session feels sweet. Soon, the anxiety between them can be seen as their eagerness becomes more apparent. Zoe undresses her lover in a determined manner and then, Sterling removes the woman's pink dress. Zoe sits on her lap as they resume their lip lock action. It is very noticeable that they want each other badly. They are quite playful too. The activity is erratic at times with a lot of movement from one position to another. When they do settle down, their behavior feels more intimate. I really enjoyed Zoe's rubdown of Sterling's vaginal sex spot. As soon as Zoe receives her own rubdown in that area, the heat factor rises a lot and their performance has finally hit it's stride. Her doggie and straddling positions are good eye candy moments. There is fun enjoyment between them while Zoe fingers her lover's tunnel of love. Meanwhile, Zoe's reactions and gestures feel very authentic and sweet. She is adorable. Everything about her is beautiful even her hands. At the end, she makes Sterling squirt, but the lasting consequence is going to be the audience's hunger to want to see more of Zoe in the future.
Scene Four: Sweat: Beautiful Justine Joli undresses beside driver Syd Blakovich and teases her with very sexy moves. Soon, the beauty is on her lap and the passion between them erupts. The audience could imagine that the windows could get all fogged up by the end of their scene. Syd's titty adoration behavior is solid. Justine's straddling activity is good despite having the steering wheel behind her. Their performance gains more energy and heat when Syd eats her muffin. It also becomes intense. The shots of Justine's face as she is experiencing her oral rubdown are telling. Next, the atmosphere remains solidly passionate when Justine performs her  concentrated pussy sucking application. Overall, however, the most intense moments occur during the finger fucking elements. Later, a 69 is shown with Justine on top. Their remaining kissing action feels personal. Then, Syd delivers a very determined and passionate pussy stimulating workout on the woman. The final lip lock moments are sweet.    

Final Thoughts: I must admit that watching Taxi Volume 1 is a bumpy experience. The first scene lacks steamy chemistry and the third scene is too erratic. However, the beautiful images of Madison Young and Zoe from those scenes are the lingering visions that will permeate in one's mind. As to Justine Joli's performances with Madison Young and Syd Blakovich, these two scenes are the standouts. Her moments with Madison are personally sexy whereas the ones with Syd are passionately heated. I am eager to see more of Jincey Lumpkin's talented work. Unfortunately, in this outing, I can only give this film a rental rating. 

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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