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Connection, The

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 1/15/11

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The Connection
Zero Tolerance
Directed by Nate Liquor
Price 19.99
Running Time 2 hrs and 5 min
Type: All Sex


Aletta Ocean
Cindy Hope
April O’Neil
Cathy Heaven
Lily Labeau
Mick Blue
Ian Scott
Nick Lang
David Perry

Special Features:

(1/5 rating)

Trailers (10 minute montage of trailers)
Shot in HD
Photo Gallery
Cum Shot Recap
Pull Motion Chapter Menu


Mpeg-2 at around 6.8 to 7.1 Mbps Video (2/5 rating)
Dolby Digital 1 Channel 48kHz at 192 kbps Audio (2.5/5 rating)

Overall Thoughts:

So when it comes to reviewing movies, it is always nice to see some faces you love, but it’s even nicer when someone new comes along and really shines, and I have to say that April and Mick scene at the end was a great way to end this film. It seems that this had some what of a story to it, but spent very little time dealing with it, which is what you would expect from most porn. But enough about the story, I also have to point out the great camerawork in this movie, but there were a few times where the action was kind of fuzzy and was a little distracting to the scene. Decent video quality, with a very basic 1 channel audio, which was kind of weird I thought. Another thing that was kind of disappointing, the back of the box stated there was some behind the scenes stuff on this disc, but I did not see any. So that kind of sucked. Well, looking over the scores and seeing this movie gets a pretty decent number for the sex scenes in this movie, but loses some points for some video and very little special features, means that this movie is going to get a RENT IT rating. It had some great stuff, but a few things had to ruin that greatness at times. But it’s well worth checking out on a rental, and I can only hope you enjoy those last few scenes like I did.

Scene One: Lily Labeau and David Parry (2/5 rating)

It seems Mick is on a flight to somewhere and he falls asleep and then we see that Lily is at poolside and the guys walk in, Mick sporting a black eye. It seems that he has some business to deal with. Apparently Lily and David are keeping a secret from him. She seems a little worried, but he let’s her know that he is here to protect her. They start off by kissing, he goes for her neck and then heads a little south to her tits. After her tits he heads even further south and play with her pussy. He ticks his hand down her bikini bottom and then finger fucks her a bit and then takes it off and dives head first into her pussy. For those that are into the hairy patch, she has somewhat a bush above her pussy. Still within reason, in my opinion. He licks her pussy some more and then goes back to the finger fucking, and she grabs on to the side of the chair with delight. He stands up and she rubs his crotch through his pants and then finally opens his pants and he shoves his cock in her mouth for some face fucking. She grabs his cock and begins to jerk him off and gives him a few sexy glares as she is doing it.  He once again stuffs his cock in her mouth and even tries to get his balls in there too. He ends up sitting on the chair and she, with her bikini still on, climbs on top and begins to ride him for some cowgirl action. He grabs her ass while she rides him, and spreads her ass to give us a good view of what is going on. He asks her to suck on it a bit more, so she climbs off and bobs her head up and down on his cock.  She  stands up, and after an awkward moment, she slips back on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action. We get to see her small and perky breasts bounce as she continues to take him. He reaches around and fingers and plays with her pussy to enhance the pleasure for her. You can see some flashes here and there from them taking photos of the scene, a little distracting at times. But she leans back and continues to ride him. He stands up, spreads her legs and then plays with her pussy some more, before sticking his cock back in her mouth. I think he enjoys her oral skills.  And to even things out, he dives his face back into her pussy and licks and pokes away at her pussy, before he slips his cock back in her pussy. He continues to fuck her until he pulls out and she goes back to work on his cock. But soon enough, he is back inside her pussy, until he pulls out and begs her to jerk him off until he cums in mouth and all over her chest. She takes his cock and cleans off all of the cum and then licks it clean.

Scene Two: Aletta Ocean and Nick Lang (3/5 rating)

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Next up, we see Aletta in the bathroom, giving us a tease, as she tries to keep those amazing boobs in that corset. Well no need to worry, it comes off pretty quick and she is left with her panties, that soon come off. She plays with her boobs, and then pussy as we look up at her. She shows off her ass to the camera, and then gives us a few glances with those amazing eyes. She leaves the bathroom and heads to couch, where she plays with herself a bit, before a man walks in and she has his cock in her mouth within seconds. They start off with some face fucking, and then he pushes her head down so she can play with his balls, with her pierced tongue. Soon enough, he’s got a hold of her black hair and his back to face fucking once again. She leans back on the couch and he dives into her pussy for a brief moment, before sticking his cock in her pussy. He pulls out and then positions himself over her face and goes back to the throat fucking. She takes him with no problem, no matter what he gives her. He goes back to her pussy, and she screams for him to fuck her, with that accent, that I just love. She grabs her ankles and he dives into her pussy and licks away with some energy. He ends up sitting on the couch and she climbs on top and guides his cock into her pussy as she rides him cowgirl style, with those boobs in his face. He can’t help grabbing her ass as she continues to ride him. She climbs off and go back to work on his cock, before she ends up bent over on the couch for some doggy action in her pussy. She keeps talking, and I keep falling a little more in love with her. She may be getting fucked from behind, but she looks back a few times and gives him a sexy gaze. She teases him about fucking her ass, and so he starts off by licking her ass, before she guides his cock into her ass. They focus on her ass, and it seems like he may have possibly came in her ass, or it’s just the juice from her excitement. They switch up to some spoon action in her ass, as the fucking continues. She screams as she is about to cum and then screams at him, when he slips out and she begs him to put it back in her ass. He stands up and jerks himself off until he gives her a pretty weak money shot in the mouth. She licks his cock as the cum drips down from her mouth.

Scene Three: Cathy Heaven and Ian Scott (3/5 rating)

Next up, we see Cathy, wearing some pink bra and panties, as she is in a bedroom. She walks over to a chair and begins to show off her body to the camera. She slowly slips out of her bra and shows us her tits, and then starts to play with them a bit. Next, she slides her panties off, tosses them to the side and then begins to play with her pussy, using her fingers. She flips around in the chair and shows off her ass to the camera as she continues to play with her pussy, and I think she even gets a finger or two in her ass too. The camera pans away and then we see get back to the story, for a brief second, and apparently he is offering her to him as a present. What a nice guy. They get all hot and heavy with some kissing and then he goes for her boobs, as she slides her top down. As her top comes down, her skirt goes up, but then comes off, showing her pink panties again. He slides them to the side and inserts a few fingers in her pussy and fucks away, as he kisses her neck. The rest of her clothes come off and he goes to work on her pussy, with a few fingers and his tongue. For those that are fans of the accents, it seems that both people in this scene will be good for you. He sits on the couch and he tries to slide his pants off as she deep throats all his cock in her mouth. At this point she is doing a great job of showing off her oral skills. He gets on his knees on the couch, but she continues to swallow all of him in her mouth. Some face fucking follows then she climbs on top of him for some cowgirl action in her pussy. She really seems to be giving 110% in this scene as she bounces up and down on his cock. She flips around and continues to hop on his cock, leans back a little and lets him control the tempo a bit. They switch to some doggy action on the couch, as he gives her some hard and quick thrusts which leave her speechless for a bit. The cushions are about to come off the couch, when she asks if he wants to try her ass. So he starts off with a few fingers, before he slides his cock in her ass. The deep and fast thrusts continue, even when he is fucking her ass.  He slips beside her for some spoon action and we can see that both performers are getting rather sweaty at this point. He continues pounding her ass until he pulls out and cums in her mouth.

Scene Four: Cindy Hope and David Perry (3/5 rating)

Next up is Cindy in a yellow swimsuit as she gives us a nice tease over a glass floor. I think I remember saying how I would like to see more of this lady, it’s been awhile, but let’s see if I still feel that way after this scene. I think I remember commenting on her eyes and hair, but her body is pretty nice too. David joins her on the greenish couch and she opens his pants and starts to go to work on his cock. She starts off with some sweet kisses before she starts to suck and swallow it. After a bit she starts to take off her clothes, first her top, which he then goes in and plays with her tits, while rubbing her pussy. She goes back to work on his cock, and then they both get rid of their clothes and he heads south to lick and spit on her pussy, as she spreads her legs. He tells her to touch herself as he leaves the scene for a bit. He comes back and shoves his cock in her mouth, as she continues to play with her pussy. But he wants to be inside her, so he slips beside her and starts off with some spoon action. After that is done, she goes back to his cock, before she climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl action. So at this point I need to point out that it seems that she may lost a little in this scene, she doesn’t seem to really be into it, until they switch to some cowgirl action and she seems to come alive a little. But the cowgirl action doesn’t last too long, as she ends up face down and ass up on the couch. He dives his face into her pussy, before standing up and slipping his cock in her pussy. So the scene started off pretty hot, they got a little mild, but has picked up a lot since then. Anyways, after the doggy is over, she goes to work on his cock some more, with some amazing licking skills, I have to say. They get back to the fucking, with some missionary on the couch. She gets up and works on his cock some more and then jerks himself off until he gives her a money shot on her chin. Hopefully I will get to see you again soon, Cindy.

Scene Five: April O’Neil and Mick Blue (4/5 rating)

April is in the bathroom showing off her ass to the camera, and teasing us by playing with her underwear, giving us brief glimpses. Her top comes off and she plays with her boobs as the camera is zoomed in on them. She pulls her underwear aside and shows us her pussy and then goes back to showing off her ass. She ends up nude on the side of the shower and then gets up and walks away. We go back to Mick as he gets out of his truck and we follow him as he makes his way into her apartment, where she is taking a nap on the couch. He leans in and gives her ass a few kisses and she asks if he found what he was looking for. He says it was here all along. They start off with some heavy kissing and he unhooks her bra, and then he slides his hand down to her pussy, as she rubs his crotch. They continue with the deep kissing until she gets his pants open and starts to jerk him off a bit. She giggles with delight as he continues to finger her pussy. The heat between these two is very high right now, as they seem to play off each other. She finally gets a hold of his cock and begins to suck on it every so slow, but very sexy. They go back to the heavy kissing before he grabs her and sets her on his lap, but then gets her on her back and gets rid of the underwear, and goes to work on her pussy. He teases her pussy with his cock, then as they are face to face, looking at each other, he slowly slips it in her pussy. She gets all giddy and gets a good grip on the couch as he continues to work her pussy. A nice touch to the scene, as the camera gets in nice and close as they kiss each other and then pans out to show more of the action.  She then climbs on top and bounces like a madman on his cock, and then he slides down a bit and then pounds her pussy while grabbing her ass. I think I would give this scene a 5/5 if it wasn’t a few times that the focus was all blurry. It’s like the action is so hot, please let me see all of it. Back to the action, she flips around for some reverse cowgirl action, as she plays with her pussy while fucking her. She goes to work on his cock some more, and then he picks her up and gets her ass in the air and dives into her pussy, before he sticks his cock in there. The fuck fest continues as he slips beside her for some spoon action. The scene comes to an end as they kiss briefly before he cums in her mouth and she licks his cock off as the movie comes to an end.


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