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Drenched In Love

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 1/17/11

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Drenched In Love
Wicked Passions
Directed and Written by Skye Blue
Genre: Couples
Running Time: 1hr and 33min
Price: 23.99


Briana Blair
Britney Amber
Diana Doll
Halie James
Poppy Morgan
Anthony Rosano
Barret Blade
Carlo Carrera
Marcus London
TJ Cummings

Special Features:

Trailer for the Wicked Passions Line
Behind the Scenes: A 27 minute feature, which includes some footage of the photo shoots, some interviews and you get to see how Skye directs the scenes and you get that she really puts a lot of thought into making each scene as hot as possible
Photo Gallery
Motion Menu

Technical Specs:

Dolby Digital 2 Channel @ 48kHz and 192kbps: Audio
Mpeg-2 @ around 4-5 Mbps: Audio

Overall Thoughts:

So this is part of Wicked’s Passion Series of movies, ones that are intended for couples. And with the cast they chose, I can see why this is a couples movie, the ladies are hot and all the guys are pretty buff. Now I have to say that there were times where this sort of seemed like something you would see on Cinemax late at night, but not as cheesy, and of course with actual penetration. More the music and the use of slow motion is what reminds me of it. But having said that, please don’t take it the wrong way, I did feel there was more focus on the foreplay and motions of the performers. And it also helps that you have Jessica Drake doing the voice over for all the scenes. Few scenes really showed that off, but there were also a few not so good scenes, one due to the fact that the couple didn’t seem to work for me, and the other was too short.  The audio and video quality were both what you would expect from Wicked, other than I was somewhat surprised it wasn’t in HD. Another thing I was surprised by, once again I was looking for a bonus scene and was not able to find it. But let’s not dwell on that, it’s happened before with a different company too. But let’s get to the rating, adding up all the numbers and figuring out the averages, I am going to give this a RENT IT rating. It something I could see a couple picking out to watch together on a quiet night.

Scene One: Poppy Morgan and Marcus London (1/5 rating)

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The scene starts with some footage of a pool, and a voice over. As the camera moves in, we see that the two are inside the waterfall, kissing each other very passionately. It seems there swim has turned into something a little more today. He lifts her up and carries her over to a bed and begins to feed her food. They kiss some more, as he makes his way down her neck. Her top comes off and he licks her boobs and then heads south, as he slips off her bikini bottom. He dives in and licks her pussy and she grabs her boobs. A quick cut and they are kissing once again, and she starts to tease his cock through his swimsuit, before she pulls it down and begins to lick it, ever so slowly. After some long foreplay, he has a hold of her leg, as she braces herself on the side of the rocks. Some very soothing and sensuous music, kind of mixes in with the noises from the performers. Shouldn’t be very many loud moans and screams in this movie. They move to some missionary as she lays on the rocks. I can’t really understand why all the slow motion footage, is that supposed to make it sexier. They move away from the waterfall and onto the bed, for some spoon position, and she seems to brace him back a little as he is fucking her. He pulls out and cums on her pussy, and they go right back to kissing. He then grabs her hand and leads her back in the waterfall.

Scene Two: Britney Amber and Anthony Rosano (3/5 rating)

It seems these two have set up to have a romantic dinner and drinks by the fire place. He has tied a ring to her glass and slips it on her fingers. The voice over keeps saying yes, but I am not sure if she does in the scene. And they kiss each other to celebrate their future together. The scene goes to a shade of brownish for a bit and then back to normal, as he opens her robe and begins to kiss leg and then motions for her to come over and join him. They kiss some more and he slowly pulls her bra strap down as she begins to rub his leg. He works on the other side as the bra starts to fall off her chest and he kisses her neck before heading to her boobs. He grabs an ice cube and rubs her nipples with it, before he lets it drip on her stomach. He then puts the ice down her panties and sends it up and takes it out. They go back to the heavy kissing  and then he focuses on her legs, as she starts off by her feet and makes his way to her pussy, but not before playing with her fingers a bit. He slips her panties off and giggles before making his way to her pussy. He licks her pussy as she begins to moan and purr with delight. After a slow motion cut, she is teasing his cock through his pants, rubbing and stroking it, before she finally slips his pants off and starts to suck on his cock. I have to say that the overall heat and chemistry between these two is pretty good. So another slow motion cut and she is on top riding him for some cowgirl action. He makes sure and give her big tits some attention to, as they are right in his face. She leans over and they get face to face and look in each other eyes as she continues to ride him. She really gets into as she continues to hop up and down on him. They change to some missionary as he is really working up a sweat so far. She rubs her pussy as she continues to fuck her. He then pulls out, slips off the condom and gives her a money shot on her pussy.

Scene Three: Briana Blair and Barrett Blade (3/5 rating)

She likes her bad boy guy, and then are sitting out on the porch, I think, enjoying some drinks and they get hot and heavy as they start to kiss. We get a few glimpses of some of the action we will be seeing later during the foreplay part. His kisses her shoulder and her neck, and then helps her take off her vest and then reaches around for her boobs. She keeps giving him that sweet smile as he continues to take her clothes off, piece by piece. Her bra comes off and he grabs a hold of her boobs and then she turns around and start to help him get out of his clothes too. She gets his coat off and then leans back and lets him lick her tits, and then gets her pants off and teases her pussy though her panties. He slips off her panties and begins to lick her pussy. After awhile he grabs her necklace and pulls her in closer. He then stands up and she slips his pants off and then pulls his cock out of his boxers and begins to slowly suck on it. The camera work on this movie is pretty good. You are not getting any extreme closeups of body parts, but it’s getting all of the action and plenty of looks from both performers. She ends up bent over the bench as he starts to fuck her from behind. Well I may be a little biased, I enjoy me some Briana, but this scene is definitely my favorite so far. She has an amazing body and she really seems to give her all in this scene. After a brief switch, he is sitting on the bench and she is riding him for some reverse cowgirl action, while he reaches around and plays with her pussy. They quickly cut to some missionary action and then the scene comes to an end has he pulls out and gives her a money shot on her stomach.

Scene Four: Halie James and TJ Cummings (1/5 rating)

He starts off to making her close her eyes and he gives her a gift of some lingerie and we see that she won’t be spending too much time with it on. We cut right to chase in this scene as she has a bustier on and he is slowly working on her pussy. She gets up and starts to work on his cock as she rubs his chest. He grabs her by the back of the head and gives her a little help as she continues to suck on his cock. After a pretty long oral session by her, which includes some face fucking, she ends up on top of him for some cowgirl action. She leans back and wraps her legs around him as she continues to take his thrusts into her pussy. They move to some missionary as she grabs her boob and then quickly pulls out and cums on her chest and stomach. Wow that was a very short scene. I was kind of hoping to see more of these two in action.

Scene Five: Diana Doll and Carlo Carrera (3/5 rating)

It’s bar night as these two seem to be striking up a conversation while sharing drinks. She leaves him a message on a napkin and then leaves. She waits for him by a fountain and takes his coat off and slips it over her to keep her warm. But as she looks him in the eye with that sexy stare, I really don’t think she is cold in anyway right now.  They start off with some heavy kissing as he slowly lifts up her dress and gives up a slight glimpse of her ass before the whole dress comes off. She is in her panties and shoes, and he is down to his pants and shoes, but she slides his pants down to even things up a bit. They continue to kiss as she sits down on the side of the fountain and he slides her panties to the side and begins to work on her pussy, sucking and licking it. He slips a finger in  her pussy as he continues to work it and then she gets on her knees and rubs his crotch before pulling his cock out and begins to slowly lick and stroke his cock. They move to a chair and she begins to ride him for some cowgirl action. I think this is another case of a great pairing where she is supposed to be the one in control, and I think he is more than fine with it. They move to some missionary action on an air mattress, and then we get a glimpse of maybe he isn’t that into the scene right now. Anyways a little later, he pulls out and cums on her pussy and then they kiss as the scene comes to an end.

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