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Deep Inside Your Mom

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/17/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Deep Inside Your Mom

Zero Tolerance

Genre: Compilation, MILF

Director: Varied by Scene

Cast: Rhyse Richards, Mikey Butders, Demi Delia, Mick Blue, India Summer, Michelle Lay, James Deen, Claudia Valentine, Lisa Ann, Morgan Ray, Jenner, Julia Ann, Marco Banderas, Alana Evans, Heather Pink, Kayla Synz, Trent Soluri, Payton Leigh, Janet Mason, Kylie Ireland, Alex Gonz, Victoria Valentina

Length: 357:58 minutes (181:00 minutes & 176:58 minutes)

Date of Production: 2010 (scenes varied)

Extras: The first disc had a popshot compilation, some trailers, and a photogallery while the second disc had only a pop shot compilation.

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Deep Inside Your Mom was presented in a visually appealing anamorphic widescreen color using an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 as shot by various directors for Zero Tolerance using the MPEG-2 codec employed by standard definition releases with a 480i resolution. The lighting was usually strong, eliminating the shadows and grain like most of the company's works in the past, but there was a deliberate soft focus in some scenes, others a bit harsher, at times. The grain was minimal but the video noise more pronounced (especially on the fishnets and fancy lingerie used at times) and I got the impression that the directors spent some time to use the camera angles to enhance the looks of the nicely made up ladies. The bitrate tended to hover around the mid 4.4 Mbps area most of the time I paid any attention to it, the opening tease sessions looking like they were much lower resolution and frame rate for some reason. The composition of the scenes enhanced the look of the ladies, each of them used to softer lighting in recent scenes, but that soft focus approach did not help the production look at top notch as some company productions. The sole audio track was presented in 1.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps rate using a 48 kHz sampling rate most titles are mastered with, the aural experience fairly limited due to the nature of the gonzo shoot. There was also no separation between the channels and the dynamic range was as truncated as ever, standard gonzo audio being okay for most consumers.

Body of Review: Zero Tolerance has been one of the strongest gonzo production outfits for years now, shooting all sorts of genres to fill their vaults. As is growing more common of late, they are releasing a wide variety of compilations for fans to appreciate, the latest sent to me for a quick review being Deep Inside Your Mom. As expected, the emphasis was on the MILF genre, a lot of cougar action too, the plethora of pussy included on the double disc set including such big names as Julia Ann, Lisa Ann, Kylie Ireland and others. Upon checking out the scenes, there was no obvious editing (as happens with the company’s body part compilations) and clocking in at almost six hours made for a fine value, the only concern being that many of the scenes came from such a small number of titles/series. The back cover described the movie like this: “Calling all MILF-loving mother-fuckers! Why waste your time trying to pry open the daughter's pants when mom's spread wide and willing in the next room? Get yourself a busty broad with some miles on her motor to suck your cock like a hoover vacuum and then beg you to stuff her ass with some serious man meat. These seasoned sluts don't have time for childish games- they just want young stiff poles to ride their experienced pussies hard and fuck their tight asses good before their kids come home from school, this is truly the mother-load of MILF comps- every scene is a jizz-dripping winner!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: You’ve Got A Mother Thing Cumming 2: Rhyse Richards, Mikey Butders: Rhyse Richards, an attractive blond bombshell, was up first as she was interviewed by director Mike Quasar, her mouth soon wrapping around the cock of Mikey Butders for a splendid blowjob. She took his nuts in loving care as she worked on polishing his knob, bending over for him to lick her ass before she went back for more. This led to a titty fuck and various vaginal positions, Rhyse not as active a rider in all positions but earning his nut of genetic juice all over her tits just the same.

Scene Two: I Came In Your Mom: Demi Delia, Mick Blue: Demi Delia, an older woman mostly associated with her boyfriend Randy Spears, was up next as she lounged by the pool in her gold bikini, masturbating as pool boy Mick Blue tended his chores. She was rubbing herself and needing some love, coaxing Mick to come over so she could feel him up. She then took matters into her own hands, or should I say her own mouth, pulling out his dick to start sucking it actively, going deep on the rod to show her level of experience. Demi isn't one of my top MILF picks but she did a capable job and Mick responded to her well enough, moving the show inside to the living room couch where she tore off his shorts to climb onboard his dick for another active ride. She was overly loud too, but appeared to like the younger penis tearing into her biscuit, her dirty talk making the scene better as a result. They fucked vaginally in several positions before the ending vaginal creampie, no last minute edits to make it look fake.

Scene Three: You’ve Got A Mother Thing Cumming 2: India Summer, a super sexy brunette, and frisky Michelle Lay, were up next with James Deen. The gals became acquainted with some lesbian action, Mike Quasar encouraging them to have fun even though his assessment of James as a “creepy dude” seemed amusingly candid. Both ladies contributed to the success of the scene, orally aggressive on each other and his cock between vaginal positions of penetration. It ended when India drained him dry and Michelle took the facial for cumswapping, the fun factor especially defined this time.

Scene Four: I Came In Your Mom: Claudia Valentine, a leaner than average MILF, was up next as she played the mother of a gal who had gone to the store briefly. She heard someone in the shower and surprised Mick Blue as he dried himself off; her acting ability showing me why she wasn't in any daytime soap operas. She took her shot by removing his towel and replacing it with her lips, engulfing his cock in her mouth with some POV footage but also rubbing his prick on her titties a bit to liven things up. They kissed and he gave her some little kisses in all the right spots, bending her over to bone her biscuit as her pussy got all wet. She dropped back to her knees to savor her juices on his penis before they moved to the bed too, the blowjob action continuing yet again until she wanted to ride some more. Claudia has potential as a MILF but her stilted delivery of lines needs more work than her sexual skills, milking Mick seeming easy enough for her to do by comparison.

Scene Five: You’ve Got A Mother Thing Cumming 2: Lisa Ann, Mikey Butders: Lisa Ann, one of the top three MILFs of our time at this writing, was up next as she took care of Alex Gonz. While the age disparity was more prominent due to his hair style, they acted their respective roles well, Mike starting it off from behind the camera with some comments as he showcased her awesome ass. They were in the bedroom and she wore pink bikini undies, Mikey going down on her ass before she actively slobbed his know so very well. She was an active rider and seeing her ass cheeks jiggle is always a treat, the ending facial coming all too soon for my tastes.

Scene Six: Mother Load 4: Morgan Ray, Jenner: Morgan Ray, a curvy gal that reminded me a lot of Demi Dahlia, lucked out when she was interviewing for a stupid male assistant by coming across Jenner. I wasn't attracted to her in the slightest and the dog concept used on him was as lame as the acting the pair gave in the vignette, her surgically enhanced body looking a bit more worn than average for a gal in the industry. He went down on her as she provided some aural stimulation, the fake porn comments striking me as particularly goofy this time but she was sexually okay as he went down on her and fingered the aged cheese; her sloppy blowjob actually quite good. Her mouth didn't stay stuffed long enough but the highlight of the scene being her hummer, her moderately active vaginal ride ended up okay but not as heated. There was no chemistry between them but I applaud her energy levels even if it was mechanical sex (and the dog talk got old really quickly). Essentially, while I would probably fuck her for a few drinks, the screwing did not translate all that well as stroke material, the resulting pop shot in her mouth helping keep her poor attempts at dirty talk to a minimum, the scene probably better for the rest of the world than me.

Scene Seven: Mother Load 4: Julia Ann, Marco Banderas: Julia Ann, the beauty featured on the front cover, was up last as she took dancing lessons with Marco Banderas in the expansive living room. As one of the main reasons I selected this title, I found her to be more appealing than when she was so limited at her previous places of employment, her personal chemistry with the guy elevated by means of her playful demeanor that was so common throughout her performance. The music stopped after they began getting frisky, Julia wanting more than a few dancing lessons from Marco after she felt his growing rod press against her. Julia is a great sword swallower and she attentively inhaled his cock in her mouth, making it wet but also seducing him orally before the couple boned like bunnies. This was an active vaginal ride for both of them too, Julia pushing back to meet his thrusts and Marco driven to provide her with the seed she so desired. Julia gyrated her hips when on top of him and diddled herself to an orgasm as well, Marco busting a nut in her mouth after she milked him dry (a combination blowjob with some hand to gland combat). Sweet!

Scene Eight: You’ve Got A Mother Thing Cumming 1: Alana Evans, James Deen: Alana Evans, wearing a patriotic outfit on the balcony of a second story house, was up first teasing with her womanly assets, a short interview by Mike Quasar leading her to work with James Deen. This was a scene where her implants were obvious, her oral skills leading to various bedroom antics, James banging her box while she provided dirty talk suggesting she “earned” his load. The genetic juice flowed freely to her mouth as she watched the camera, the minimal chemistry between them enhanced when she provided some post coital head.

Scene Nine: You’ve Got A Mother Thing Cumming 1: Heather Pink, Jenner: Heather Pink, a lean blond in light blue satin lingerie, was up next with moper Jenner, their age disparity far less obvious than the previous scene but she was frisky enough to appreciate as Mike Quasar coxed them onward. She dropped to her knees to slob his knob, Jenner orally reciprocating before fingering her holes and drilling away at them. She was a passive rider in both her pussy and ass, her repetitive moaning bothering me. Her largely untapped potential might have been as a result of her partner but she did all that was asked of her, her facial at the end of the scene beat off by his hand as she sucked out his remaining wad of population pudding.

Scene Ten: Mother Load 2: Kayla Synz, Trent Soluri: The first time we spot Kayla on camera she is sitting in a beach chair out by the pool. Her pool boy stops over and rubs Kayla down in oil before ripping off all his clothes. Once naked Kayla gives her man a seductive blowjob. She started off a little timid and shy but she was soon swallowing his entire cock. Kayla gets probed in the following positions: missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. Her pussy takes such a pounding I bet she had to sit on a block of ice when she was done. A powerful blast of jizz to the face ends Kayla's scene. (review by Peter Rockwell)

Scene Eleven: Mother Load 2: Payton Leigh is a long-haired blonde with a vibrant, bubbly personality. Payton hears a knock at the door and finds a young stud looking for action. Now on a couch, joined by her partner, Payton bend over and starts to polish his knob. She really attacked his meat stick like she hadn't been fed in days. Payton gets violated in all the typical positions. The camerawork was really excellent with plenty of close-ups of penetration. Payton's hard work is rewarded with a large dose of man chowder getting dumped on her face. (review by Peter Rockwell)

Scene Twelve: Mother Load 5: Janet Mason, James Deen: Janet Mason, a curvy redhead wearing a shirt and black bike shorts, was up next as James Deen was introduced by Nate Liquor. The funny dialogue was pornish to be sure, her body ripe for the plucking by the youthful mope. He went down on her in a believable manner and savored the task, her own oral best displayed after he began boning her snatch like he owned it. The ending nut of spunk landed on her torso, James diddling her to an attempted orgasm as she laid back to appreciate him.

Scene Thirteen: You’ve Got A Mother Thing Cumming 3: Kylie Ireland, Alex Gonz: Kylie Ireland, a redheaded bombshell hotty, was up next as she allowed her freak flag to fly with Alex Gonz. Kylie started out in porn as a sweet innocent and progressed through the contract system before letting loose in some mighty outrageous hardcore smut, this later scene showing her acting ability, her lack of inhibitions, and her natural sexual appeal. The white dress didn’t last long, nor did her black lingerie, her aggressive oral and titty fuck reciprocated with some head and a rim job by Alex. He screwed her pussy but fingered her ass, soon plowing her back door while feeding her his fingers, Kylie liking it in all three of her holes. There was some chemistry here and Kylie once again shined in her role, Alex rubbing one out to her mouth as Kylie enjoyed the fruit of her work.

Scene Fourteen: I Came In Your Mom 2: Victoria Valentina, Mick Blue: Victoria Valentina enters her house and goes topless. A masked burglar shows up. She removes the rest of her clothing as the lady walks toward the bathroom. The man breaks into the house while she is taking her shower. The guy sees her and she spots him moments later. Victoria shuts off the water and is frightened. The intruder feels her body and they kiss. Later, the woman enjoys his pussy eating skills. Then, Ms. Valentina shows her gratitude by sucking his tool. Next, the burglar carries her to the bedroom. He eats her snatch. Then, he fingers her vaginally. Soon, the burglar screws her through her tunnel of lust. The reverse cowgirl ride looks hot. The high energy action continues with her cowgirl session. A fuck from behind occurs and he leaves his sticky specimen in her. (review by Apache Warrior)

Summary: Deep Inside Your Mom by Zero Tolerance included some scenes that should have reaped rewards, a number that were just plain strokable, and a handful that were mediocre but overall it was a solid value for those wanting to see some of the top names in the MILF/Cougar genre without a lot of repetition in terms of the ladies (no gals were used in more than one scene). If you have any of the listed titles mentioned above, it will immediately impact your personal value for the double disc set but otherwise, the inclusion of many of my favorites did not hurt one bit, even the technical values by directors such as Mike Quasar and Mick Blue helping to make this worthy of at least a rating of Recommended or better. In short then, Deep Inside Your Mom stuck to the MILF theme pretty well with limited set ups to establish the situations but clearly focusing more on sexual encounters, the company once again showing the value of compilations for those into a genre more than an individual performer.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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