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Can He Score 4

Studio: Bang Bros » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/18/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Ivy Winters (click each screen capture for a separate trailer)

Can He Score 4

Bang Bros

Genre: Pro-Am, Web-to-DVD

Director: Uncredited

Angelica Saige

Cast: Ivy Winters, Avery Hill, Angelica Saige, Sunny Money, Nikki Sexx, Lucious Young, Andy San Dimas, Clarke Kent, Cathy Heaven, Sebastian

Length: 197:49 minutes (45:33, 33:35, 50:39, 37:23, 30:39 minutes)

Dates of Production: 5/25/2010, 1/15/2010, 4/30/2010, 2/8/2010, 2/25/2010

Nikki Sexx

Extras: The best extra was the inclusion of a bonus DVD called MILF Lessons #20, admittedly unrelated to the title being reviewed but a full movie is always a welcome extra since it adds fuck for the buck value. There was also a photogallery for each scene and a bunch of trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Can He Score 4 was presented in letterboxed widescreen color as shot for the internet by uncredited directors for Bang Bros. The five scenes were essentially uncut from what I could tell and offered in MPEG-2 for this standard definition package, the video bitrate hovering around the 2.8 Mbps mark when I spot checked it. As with most company efforts, the camera was a bit shaky since the crew was constantly on the move but the lighting was decent enough to minimize the grain, compression artifacts, and other visual issues most of the time. The composition of the shots tended to favor the ladies since the director was wise enough to spend most of his time following them around, the impromptu manner of the amateur wannabe men sometimes impacting their performances. The audio was presented in 1536 Kbps but in a 2.0 LPCM, usually picking up the vocals just fine with no discernable difference from the usual Dolby Digital that everyone else adds on during post production. Don’t get me wrong, there was still a lot of background noise and ambient noises in most scenes (at least portions of them) but considering weaker efforts in the genre, it suited me well enough.

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Andy San Dimas

Body of Review: Bang Bros is a company that I have long found to be a great deal of fun given their DVD releases over the years. I always sing the praises of the company website too, but as a collector I simply prefer the physical media that lasts much longer than the burnt discs everyone seems to make when checking out websites. In any case, the latest release by the company making it to me is called Can He Score 4, a series of five scenes from the aforementioned website that showcases female porn performers engaging in sexual misconduct with amateur men in a variety of locations. While this concept has been around for decades, my first exposure being during one of Jamie Gillis’ old series (may he rest in peace), it has additional interest factor considering the number of absolute mopes the industry has had to hire in recent times, the fun factor enhanced by the way the ladies are always so accommodating. As a viewer, I know the hook ups are pre-arranged but that doesn’t diminish their appeal, especially when the men perform above expectations. All of the sex was vaginal and oral, the men chowing down on the performers almost as much as the ladies blew them, the website scene descriptions largely accurate so I included them, and their individualized trailers, here. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action as noted on the company website, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Cathy Heaven with Sebastian

Scene One: Mr. Mutton Chops: Ivy Winters, Avery Hill: The company described the scene like this: “This week we have the very beautiful Ivy Winters here. She's only 19 and relatively new to the porn industry. Ivy loves to have sex with boys and with girls thats why she decided to turn it into a career. But since she travels a lot and sees a lot of different cocks and vaginas she wanted something that could be a little stable for when Ivy is home and has nothing to do. So we asked her to come on our show and that we would find her a man who can fit that bill. Thats when we found Avery Hill he's a small town Electrician who has the biggest pair of mutton chop we've seen since 70's porn. Well he wanted to meet a beautiful girl since according to him all the home town babes look like they got hit in the face by the ugly bard door. A pornstarlette and a Regular joe were set out on a mission to go on a date and to hit it off. Because we want to see CAN HE SCORE?!”

Scene Two: Got Her Money: Angelica Saige, Sunny Money: The company described the scene like this: “This week Angelica Saige came to us because she wanted to find a new boy toy to play with on her down time. She's a porn starlette that got her start recently and is already making big waves in the Porn Industry. She has great tits that jiggle just as the wind blows on them and an amazing ass! She's only 20 so we hooked he up with some one her own age. Sunny Money i s a student who on his spare time likes to go skiing. He wanted to meet a nice young girl that he can show a good time and possibly plow from time to time. These two seem like a good match but only time will tell if he can do it. CAN HE SCORE?”

Scene Three: Boy Toy: Nikki Sexx, Lucious Young: The company described the scene like this: “This week we have Nikki Sexx..a smoking hot Blonde with fantastic legs, amazing ass and immensely large tits. She is rocking! And Nikki knows it. Plus she's kinda goofy which makes her fun to be around because Nikki's light hearted and not afraid to try new things. Thats why we picked her out a nice Mexican date by the name of Lucius Young. He's training to be a boxer and never has time to date. He had heard about us and decided to give us a try. I mean the concept is simple. You go on a date with a Celebrity Porn Star and then you try to make her laugh and get in her pants how hard can it be. Right it can be hard because you cant just go in expecting a blow job, you gotta pretend like you dont want it. So we took them to a nice 50's cafe and then to go play pool lots of fun activities that will hopefully get them to warm up to each other. Because at the end we only need to know one thing...CAN HE SCORE?!”

Scene Four: Wild Stallions!: Andy San Dimas, Clarke Kent: The company described the scene like this: “Ok So we have Porn Starlette who goes by the name Andy San Dimas. Andy being a boys name and San Dimas being the setting of her favorite movie Bill & Ted. We set her up with a British guy who just came to California a few weeks ago to seek his fortune in Stunt work. Turns out his name is Clarke and he's an expert at Parkore. We sent them off on a date to see if these two can match up and become a nice couple but best of all we wanted to see if they can fuck real good. But the only way to see that is if Clarke pulls all the right moves and plays his cards right. This is proving to be a Super Challenge because Andy San Dimas is really Hot! So lets see CAN HE SCORE?!”

Scene Five: Non-Conversationalist: Cathy Heaven, Sebastian: The company described the scene like this: “This week we have the very beautiful Cathy Heaven who just came to the States from Hungary. She's new to the industry only been on for 6 or 7 months now and she's loving every minute of it. So this wee we decided to put her on to a nice change of pace and put her on a date with a regular joe and see just how she handles herself in a real life situation. So Enter Sebastian he just came back from Afghanistan a few months ago. He seems a little shell shocked because he's not much of a talker. I guess it works out because Cathy doesnt speak very good English. So can these two work it out and get it on or are they just gonna fall on their asses...CAN HE SCORE?!”

Summary: Can He Score 4 by Bang Bros had plenty of the fun factor I have long enjoyed about the company, the actual performances by the men typically better than I’ve seen on similar releases by the competition. The ladies were attractive, perky, and the package included a full length bonus DVD (MILF Lessons 20) which increased the strokability and replay values enough to merit a rating of Recommended even though at least one of the low end mopes has been in porn previously (defeating the purpose of the concept). The scenes looked a lot like they were patterned after certain contemporary dating shows in how they included humorous pop up balloons for words or pictures; the end result working better than normal for me as entertainment. In short, Can He Score 4 was the first volume of the series sent to me for review but it had some appeal conceptually like many other series from the company, it just needs some of the rough edges polished up a bit more for next time.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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