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Riley Steele Strip For Me

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 1/21/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Riley Steele Strip For Me
Digital Playground
BluRay DVD Combo
Directed by Robby D
Running Time: 1hr and 58min
Price: 29.99


Riley Steele
Sadie West
Krissy Lynn
Heather Vahn
Paris Kennedy
James Dean
Mick Blue
Manuel Ferrara
Scott Nails

Special Features:

Shot in HD
Digital Surround 5.1
Region Free


Bonus Trailers (8 trailers)
16 x 9 Widescreen Format
Slide Show/Photo Gallery
Motion Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes Featurette (same as Bluray)
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1  48 kHz at 448 kbps
Video: Mpeg-2 at around 7 Mbps


Bonus Trailers (14 trailers)
1920 x 1080
Photo Gallery
Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes Featurette (11 minutes of BTS, interviews and some very soft talking ladies with all the subtitles, and Riley gets behind the camera too, and be sure to stick around for the credits)
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1  48 kHz at 640 kbps
Video: AVC at around 22 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

First off, kudos for Digital Playground with stepping up and putting out BluRay DVD Combo packs. It’s such a great idea, that it’s good to see that the porn industry is following some of the bigger film studios. Another thing I need to point out, it’s good to finally see a BluRay release from Digital Playground where it didn’t seem like a very sterile atmosphere. There actually seems to be some color in this movie. So before I even start this movie, we are off to a good start. So let’s talk about the movie, which overall for me was a great movie, I had some scenes that surprised me in the quality of the sex and a few not so much. The fact that Riley was in two scenes was a plus, but I felt in this movie that she was outshined by a few of the ladies. The strip teases done by the ladies were hot and were able to get you ready for the sex you were about to see. Also very impressed by the fact that my top rated scene in this movie, was a blowjob only scene, but it was very hot, thank you Sadie West. The special features were pretty decent too, you get your standard 11 minute BTS that you normally get on their releases, but the trailer count on the Bluray was 14 trailers, which was pretty impressive. So overall I thought this was a very solid release from them and after figuring out all the averages and numbers, I feel great about giving this a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating. With this and some of the other upcoming releases (Buy a Bride and Passport), I have to say that I am really looking forward to seeing what else they being in 2011.

Scene One: Riley and James (2/5 rating)

The movie starts out as Riley is just getting out of the shower and James is hitting the fridge for a drink. He walks in on her as she is getting dressed, and he can’t stop watching her. She keeps trying to get him to leave, but we cut to a scenario where she gives him a little strip tease in the bathroom, and then bends over to tease him even more. But back to reality and they kiss and she turns around, as James smacks her ass and then dives face first into her ass. He stands up and she grinds her ass in his crotch until he pulls down his pants and slips his cock in her pussy. He has her bent over the sink and with a firm grasp on her tits. She flips around and ends up on her back on the sink and James continues to pound her pussy, while getting a few choke holds in on her neck. They swivel to some stand up reverse cowgirl action, as she braces herself on the side of the sink. She ends up on her knees as she gives him a blowjob, while James gives her a little help by guiding her head. After that she stands up for some more standing cowgirl action. She ends up back on the sink, for some missionary, as James continues to fuck her pussy,  while still finding time to give her ass a few slaps. She flips on her side and James just keeps going, and finds some time to gag her mouth with his hand. She ends up back on her knees  for some face fucking until he pulls out and cums in her mouth.

Scene Two: Krissy and Mick (4/5 rating)

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Krissy walks in on Mick as he is getting dressed, and she jokes with him about being a male stripper. But he says he’s not the stripper, she is. So she starts to wiggle her body a bit for him. Apparently he missed a good show last night, so she throws him on the bed and starts to give him a little strip tease and lap dance of his very own. She wiggles her hips on his crotch, before she slips off her bra and teases him some more, before she climbs on his lap and rides his crotch some more. She leans him back and stuff her ass in the air and gives him a booty bounce, and a few slaps to her own ass. She stands up and takes off her skirt and he stuffs his face in her ass and then she pushes him down back on the bed and climbs on top of him. The striptease continues as her panties come off and her tits are in his mouth. She asks him to show her what he’s got. So he dives in her pussy and begins to lick away at it. He comes up for some air and a few kisses, and then she puts him on his back and begins to work on his cock, which is sticking out through his pants. After awhile he takes control and throws her on top of him, and she guides his cock into her pussy for some cowgirl action. He grabs onto her as he continues to fuck her, and then decides to get a good grip on her ass instead as he pounds her harder, as she begs for more. She bounces her ass on his cock and then slips off to work some more oral action on it, before climbing aboard for some reverse cowgirl action. He slips out of her pussy and teases it with his cock before slipping it back in her pussy. He grabs her waist and slides behind her for some spoon action, which includes some more teasing with the tip of his cock on her pussy. There is a nice closeup of her face and we get to see her reaction to the fucking he is giving her. She ends up on her back as he dives face first in her pussy again, and she can’t keep still as she wiggles with delight. He goes back to work on her pussy. But soon enough she is back to some oral action on his cock which leads to her slipping his cock in between her tits. But these two are far from done, as she climbs back on him and hops on his cock, but ends up bent over with her ass in the air. He teases her pussy with his fingers and she begs him for his cock and he finally slips it in her pussy. This seems like a much longer scene than the previous one, and I am very fine with that, these two are bringing the heat in this scene. He pulls out and jerks himself off until he gives her a money shot in the mouth.

Scene Three: Heather and Scott (3/5 rating)

Scott was enjoying a nice nap, when she shows up at his door and is really pushy with him. I’m thinking she has tried to seduce him before, but she tries to turn it up a notch this time by giving him a strip tease. Her clothes come off pretty  as she is down to her bra and panties. Her bra comes off and then soon follows her panties. She gives him a nice giggle as she moves in closer to him and lets him play and suck on her tits. But he heads south to her pussy and begins to lick it, until he lays her on the chair and continues to work her pussy, as she plays with her tits. He works a few fingers in there while he continues to lick her pussy. He flips her around and dives his face into her ass, while working her pussy some more. After a bit, he stands up and finally gives her what she has been waiting for, his cock. She takes of hold of his cock and goes to work on it, like someone who has been waiting for it, and she even makes sure to give his balls a little attention too. She gags on his cock as he face fucks her a bit to see how much she can take. And she then stands up and bends herself over on the chair and takes him from behind as she moans for him to fuck her. And when he slows down or stops, she doesn’t hesitate to tell him to fuck her. He then stands her up and moves her sideways and grabs a hold of one of her legs as the fucking continues.  He pulls out and she is right back to work on his cock. But not long, and she is on top for some cowgirl action. I have to say that she is sort of impressing me a little with this scene. Like I’ve said before, it’s always nice when a fairly unknown lady comes along and really stands out for you. Here’s hoping I get to see more of her in the future.  She flips around for some reverse cowgirl action and for awhile you kind of get the look of when you are watching Eva Angelina at work, some sort of expressions and movement. She goes back to work on his cock, for some brief oral, followed by some missionary action until Scott can’t take it anymore and leaves a money shot near her pussy.

Scene Four: Sadie and Scott (5/5 rating)

It’s playtime as Sadie gives a tease to the camera and she leans over to show off her body, and then crawls towards us and then to Scott as the scene comes to a start. She slowly takes off his short and he plays with her boobs. And as she gives him a very sexy stare, she says she misses him as she pulls his cock out of her pants and begins to suck on it, while telling him to grab her hair. She goes to town on his cock as she jerks him off and spits on his cock. Nothing like a good ole fashioned wet blowjob to get you in the mood. She keeps giving him that amazing stare as she works his cock and you wonder how he hasn’t cum yet. He stands up and she doesn’t miss a beat as she works his cock some more and gives his balls the same kind of love too. She continues to work him over until he finally bursts in her mouth. You know what even though this was only a blowjob scene it was still very hot. The highlight of the movie so far.

Scene Five: Paris and Manuel (1/5 rating)

Paris is rocking out to her music and doesn’t realize that he is there, she is ashamed at first, but her mood changes pretty quick as she gives him a striptease and then climbs on his lap. She wiggles her hips on his lap and then they kiss until he leans over and licks her tits before making his way to her pussy. After awhile he stands up and takes off his shirt and it seems that a pretty big bulge has formed in his pants. He works over her pussy with his fingers, before his pants come off and she starts to swallow all of him in her mouth. He then stands up while she is on her back, and slowly slips his cock in her as she gives out a few screams of delight. He sits down on the couch and  she climbs on top and he begins to pound her pussy as she hovers over him.  She quickly ends up turning around for some reverse cowgirl action, which leads to some spoon action. After being on such a high note, I have to say this movie is going to end on a low note. I was not really into this scene and I hate to see this movie end this way. It’s been a fairly solid release up to this point. Anyways, back to the action, she goes back to the oral on his cock. She jerks him off some more and then ends up bent over as she starts to fuck her from behind, which is short lived until they move to a different part of the couch and he slips his cock in between her butt checks, then flips her over and slips his cock in between her tits until he stands up and cums in her mouth and gives her a few stray shots on her face.

Scene Six: Riley and Scott (2.5/5 rating)

Scott is showing off his dance moves in front of the bathroom mirror and Riley sees him and begins to tease him about it. She seems to be turned on by it, as she lays on her stomach and lets him play with her ass. He somehow turns the tables and convinces her to strip for him. He busts out his camera and starts to record this moment so he can re-live it later, over and over again. She gets naked pretty quick and then joins him on the bed, as she starts him off with a blowjob. But she quickly ends up on top of him, reverse cowgirl styles with her amazing ass in the face. She leans back and continues to ride him as they turn a little towards the camera, to make it a little easier to catch all of the action. She goes back to work on his cock, but then climbs back on for another ride on the Scott train. She really seems that she wants to get really wild and crazy while on him, but he slips out a few times to slow down the action. They move onto some spoon action, as the camera focuses on her facial expression as the fucking continues. I have this scene a slight advantage over the previous one with her and James, due to seeing her laying on the bed, with that ass sticking out in the air, which was amazing. Plus I think the chemistry is a little better with these two. Back to the action, some brief oral is followed up by some cowgirl action. He pulls out and gives her a quick break and then ends up fucking her from behind as the scene continues. He pulls out and jerks himself off until he cums in her mouth, with a  few stray shots on her face.


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