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Krystal Therapy

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 2/9/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Feature
Director: Barry Wood
Cast: Ashton Moore, Byron Long, Damian, Dani Woodward, Eric Masterson, Evan Stone, Holly Wellin, Jack Venice, Jay Huntington, Katie Morgan, Krystal Steal, Manuel Ferrera, Marcus London, McKenzie Lee, Melissa Lauren, Reno, Rita Faltoyano, Steven St. Croix, Tyler Knight, Vincent Vega.
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: 01:27
Condoms: Yes.
Bonus: None.


Blond goddess Krystal Steal plays a psychiatrist who, ironically, is afflicted with multiple personality disorder (MPD). Krystal's "good" personality provides effective and emotionally detached therapy to her patients. However, her "bad" side seethes with lust and would prefer to see her clients fuck each other--and her!--rather than engage in verbal psychoanalysis.

Krystal's two personalities come face-to-face when she tries to psychoanalyze herself. She eventually realizes that prim-and-proper Krystal is just a façade covering up a dreadful secret. In the end, Krystal recognizes that her true personality is her "bad" side. Believe me, her therapy sessions take on a scandalous new direction after that realization!

Krystal plays both of her personalities to a tee. In many cases, her "bad" persona sits in one chair while her "prim" side sits across the room and "counsels" her bad side. "Good" Krystal dresses the part--professional, business-like, detached. However, "bad" Krystal dresses as you might expect--just thinking about her outfit gives me a hard-on!

I must confess that I've been a great fan of Krystal's since I first saw her photoshoots with Sky Lopez. I've followed her up-and-down career closely and like her body, her personality, and her performances. In fact, I even interviewed her and wrote a detailed article about her for Adult Stars Magazine. In that article, I referred to Krystal as a yin and yang. Her superb portrayal as a victim of MPD in Krystal Therapy strikes me as an appropriate metaphor for how I see her: sweet, articulate, and down-to-earth in person, but a hellion once she bares her magnificent body.

Krystal Therapy is, by far, Krystal Steal's best-ever feature movie. She looks hotter than hell, does a very competent job of acting (excepting the bloopers in the "blooper" real), and fucks like the true hellion she is. Krystal Therapy is definitely worth a look! Krystal's legions of fans will love it!

Check out some photos of the girls in Krystal Therapy here. Enjoy!


Scene One

Scene One is a threeway boy/girl/girl "therapy" session in which "bad" Krystal overcomes "psychiatrist" Krystal and fucks her patients Katie Morgan and Steven St. Croix--right in her office on her desk! This hot--and superbly photographed--scene earns four and one-half stars.

  • Scene Setup: Krystal spends a little time "counseling" herself and uncovers a repressed memory in which "bad" Krystal listens to the incessant complaints of her patient Steven St. Croix. She becomes infuriated with his whining and tells him off: "You are so pathetic." "Who the fuck do you think you are?" demands Steven. "I'm your mother fucking psychiatrist."
  • Foreplay 1: Krystal drops to her knees and, as Steven smiles broadly, she yanks out his cock and gives him a spirited, slobbery, and noisy blowjob that is shown on-screen close-up and personal. She also strokes his lucky cock with her talented hands. Meanwhile, Steven's wife Katie sits across the room and, unfazed, calmly files her fingernails.
  • Position 1: Once Steven's hard-on is raging, Krystal turns her attention to Katie. After donning a strap-on, Krystal bends Katie over doggie style and pounds her juicy cunt from behind. Krystal uses the toy much as a man would use his cock--her moves are excellent. Katie looks superb during this segment, especially when the camera captures her big, beautiful, and bountiful boobs as they bounce in response to Krystal's thrusts (outstanding video--close-ups and camera angles!). Katie's lust soon becomes so intense that she hurls her body back and forth so that she and Krystal can fuck each other.
  • Position 2: Responding to Krystal's command, "Now I want you to fuck your husband while I watch you," Katie bends over Krystal's elegant glass desk. Steven joins her, rips off her remaining clothes, and then shoves his cock balls-deep into her spit-lubricated pussy doggie style. Katie's athletic, firm, and buxom body looks absolutely superb as she and Steven match each others' moves stroke-for-stroke (outstanding camera angles capture the action). Katie loves it and exclaims, "Yeah! Fuck me like that!" Meanwhile, Krystal sits in her desk chair, squeezes her magnificent tits, and frantically jacks her clit.
  • Position 3: Steven sits back in one of the client chairs and gives Katie a chance to show off her incendiary and extremely erotic moves as she fucks him reverse cowgirl style. Again, Katie's body looks absolutely stunning as she fucks and grinds Steven's happy cock until she cums. Of course, Krystal continues to play with her fucking gorgeous vagina throughout this segment.
  • Position 4: Krystal and Katie switch roles: Katie sits in Krystal's desk chair and masturbates while Krystal gleefully rides Steven's (condom-protected) cock cowgirl style. Damn, although I've loved Krystal's body for years, I don't think she's ever looked better! Her butt...her tits...her abdomen...her gnarly tailbone tattoo...her flowing blond hair...are all perfect!
  • Position 5: While Katie continues to fuck herself, Krystal and Steven transition to doggie. Steven pounds her hard and deep (great close-ups) as she murmurs incoherent sounds of passion. Again, Krystal's body looks stupendous as it absorbs untold pleasure! In due course, Steven's passionate pounding causes Krystal to scream through an intense orgasm.
  • Position 6: Krystal lies on her side atop her desk. Then, as Katie lustfully strokes Krystal's body with her talented hands, Steven fucks Krystal's pussy with slow and purposeful balls-deep strokes. Meanwhile, Krystal squeezes her own magnificent boobs.
  • Position 7: Katie lies on top of the glass desk. Then, as Krystal closely supervises her two clients, Steven fucks Katie missionary style.
  • Position 8: Katie again assumes the doggie position astride Krystal's desk. Steven fucks her pussy from behind until he's ready to pop.
  • Popshot: Katie drops to her knees just in time to receive Steven's voluminous load all over her face. Afterward, Katie and Krystal stroke and suck him dry.

Scene Two

-- sponsored by --

In Scene Two, lusty superstar hellion Melissa Lauren (she's sporting red and black streaked hair in this scene) takes on two black men (Byron Long and Tyler Night) in a volcanic boy/boy/girl/anal scene. Melissa looks and performs as good--or-better--than ever in this four and one-half star scene. I only wish she would have been fucked up the ass and taken a double-penetration!

  • Scene Setup: During counseling, "bad" Krystal helps "good" Krystal recall another repressed memory. One of Krystal's clients, Melissa Lauren, complains about her husband's "really small cock." "You know what you need? You need a little sugar in your balls, sister. You heard me. You need to get boned by a big stud. No, make that two big studs. You'll get fucked in your pussy and in your asshole. What the fuck are you waiting for?" Melissa eagerly agrees and we're instantly transported to a stark set furnished only with a chain-link fence, red mattress, and two hugely-hung black men (Byron and Tyler).
  • Foreplay 1: Bryon gets to make out with Melissa first. They share an open-mouthed kiss and then his helps her out of her bra. Of course, Byron squeezes and suckles Melissa's attractive pierced nipples. Meanwhile, Tyler slides his face between Melissa's thighs and hungrily eats her beautiful pussy.
  • Foreplay 2: While Tyler continues to tongue-fuck Melissa's cunt, she, in turn, grabs Byron's huge cock and greedily strokes, sucks and deep-throats it. She also uses Byron's cock to make jawbreakers in her cheeks and to slap her face. Damn, Melissa sucks Byron's cock so passionately--and spits so much saliva on it--that you'd think it was the first cock she'd ever blown! Nice job!
  • Foreplay 3: Melissa continues to satisfy her oral fixation when both guys kneel cock-to-cock atop the mattress so that she can take turns blowing each one. While sucking one shaft, she strokes the other. Thus, both guys are constantly happy. Throughout this fellatio segment, horny Melissa is determined to give both guys the best--and most slobbery--blowjobs of their lives: "I fuckin' love these cocks!" And, the guys repay her enthusiasm by finger-fucking her pussy and by spanking her ass cheeks while she blows them.
  • Position 1: In the doggie position, Melissa continues to gobble Tyler's dick while Byron slides his cock into her pussy. Byron and Melissa then fuck each other with long, deep, and perfectly synchronized strokes. Melissa loves it, talks nasty, and screams in absolute ecstasy as pleasure flows through her lusty--and gorgeous--body.
  • Position 2: The guys change position so that Tyler can fuck Melissa's pussy doggie style--and pull her hair--while she, in turn, services Byron's rod with her insatiable mouth. Tyler pounds her so hard that her lovely all-natural pierced tits gyrate joyfully. Melissa wants it HARD. So, she further inflames the guys' lust: "Fuck, I love your cock in my pussy! Yeah, give me that black cock in my pussy!" To push Melissa over the top into orgasmic bliss, Byron fingers her clit while Tyler fucks her pussy.
  • Position 3: Atop the red mattress, Melissa straddles Byron reverse cowgirl style and lowers herself onto his mammoth cock. Then, as superb close-ups capture the action, Melissa wildly pounds Byron with balls-deep strokes (great moves, Melissa!). God, this looks good--especially when Melissa's outer labia wink open and closed as Byron's cock slides in and out of her. Meanwhile, Tyler stands next to Melissa and fucks her mouth and slaps her tits with his rod. Byron makes Melissa cum again when he reaches around and jacks her sensitive clit as he fucks her pussy.
  • Position 4: Tyler gets another chance to plow Melissa's pussy next--in the spoon position. Of course, she keeps her mouth--and throat--full of Byron's dick and uses her fingers to massage her swollen clit.
  • Popshot 1: Melissa kneels in front of Tyler so he can pop directly inside her wide-open mouth. She sucks and strokes him dry--and even deep-throats his rod. Then, she spits his semen out onto her tits and massages it into her flesh.
  • Popshot 2: Captured with excellent point-of-view footage, Byron jacks his cock until he unloads into Melissa's mouth. She vacuums out every last drop of his cum and then spits it out onto her chin.

Scene Three

Scene Three is one of the most enjoyable, bone-stiffening, and pussy-wetting orgies I've seen in a long time. Set in a retro/futuristic lounge (think of a futuristic bar in the 1980's), the scene begins as a threeway all-girl pleasure-fest featuring Krystal and two of her gorgeous female patients (Rita Faltoyano and Ashton Moore). While the girls play with each other atop a large upholstered bench in the center of the lounge, a group of guys--and Holly Wellin--watch lustfully. Soon, some of the guys join the girls on the bench so they can fuck the girls. Meanwhile, Holly Wellin and her guy Manuel Ferrera decide "what the hell" and get it on along the perimeter of the set. This multi-orgasmic five-star scene ends with one of the most unique popshot sequences I've seen.

  • Scene Setup: During therapy, "bad" Krystal reminds "good" Krystal that she has lusted for gorgeous girls who have laid on her couch during psychoanalysis. "Hey doc," inquires "bad" Krystal, "have you ever had an absolutely gorgeous chick laying on this couch?" "Yes. Yes I have," replies the doc. "Did you ever want to lick her pussy and let her cum all over your face...just for fun?" "Yes!" Both "bad" and "good" Krystal agree that the two girl patients who come to the office every Thursday at 3:30 are definitely worth fucking! "All I can think about is fucking the shit out of them!"
  • Foreplay 1: Stunning Rita Faltoyano begins the scene as the center of attention. Gorgeous Ashton begins by sensuously licking Rita's throat as they get comfy on a padded bench in the center of the aforementioned bar. Soon, the girls are kissing sweetly as envious Krystal looks on. As the scene progresses, Ashton turns her attention to Rita's beautiful all-natural boobs and suckles them like a starving babe. Then, Ashton begins to finger-fuck Rita's gorgeous, hairy, and nicely cropped cunt while Rita undulates her hips erotically to, in effect, grind Aston's fingers. By this time, Krystal simply cannot retain her professional composure and joins the action by stroking Rita's fabulous flesh.
  • Foreplay 2: Rita straddles Aston's face. Then, Aston tongue-fucks Rita's pussy as Rita spreads her labia wide to reveal her hugely engorged and beautiful clit. God this is gorgeous footage...I had to freeze-frame by DVD player to savor Rita's pussy! As the cunnilingus continues, Rita's lust escalates and causes her to undulate her hips as she fucks Ashton's face.
  • Foreplay 3: Rita and Ashton enjoy some sweet 69, each girl doing her best to please the other's juicy pussy with tongue and beautifully-manicured fingers.
  • Foreplay 4: Ashton takes center stage as she lies down on the bench. Krystal ravenously licks and tongue-fucks Ashton's bejeweled and spit-soaked pussy. Meanwhile, Rita jacks Ashton's clit with her pretty fingers. Krystal, too, enjoys Ashton's clit by licking and suckling it. Damn, I love this segment!
  • Foreplay 5: As in Scene One, Krystal dons a strap-on dick. Then, both Rita and Ashton greedily suckle it to make it nice and juicy. Krystal, looking absolutely gorgeous, wants it rough and demands: "Bite it!"
  • Position 1: The girls form a "love chain." Krystal forcefully fucks Ashton's pussy from behind, doggie style, while Ashton, in turn, uses a spit-soaked dildo to pound Rita's delectable twat. Meanwhile, Rita slaps and jacks her own clit.
  • Position 2: Rita, in the missionary position, hoists her pussy high and then hurls her hips back and forth so that she can fuck Krystal's strap-on. Rita's moves are extremely erotic and sensuous as she pounds Krystal's tool. Meanwhile, Krystal inflames Rita's lust with lots of naughty talk. In due course, Krystal takes over the fucking moves and frantically pounds Rita's beautiful cunt with the strap-on until she cums. Afterward, Rita and Ashton suck Rita's juices off of the strap-on.
  • Position 3: Rita mounts Krystal's plastic dick reverse cowgirl style and, as superb close-ups capture the action, tosses her body up and down to force the dong in-and-out of her pussy.
  • Position 4: The girls form another chain: Krystal, on her back, gets her pussy dildo-fucked by Ashton, who's kneeling doggie style. Meanwhile, Rita fucks--and slaps--Ashton's pussy with another dildo. After Krystal cums, the girls share a threeway kiss.
  • Boy/girl 1 (Krystal and Eric): Eric joins Krystal on the bench, cuddles with her, and suckles and squeezes her perfectly-sculpted tits. Soon, Krystal goes down on him to suck and stroke his cock to full attention. Once both Eric and Krystal are ready to fuck, Eric lies down so that Krystal can pound him in the cowgirl position. Can you imagine how nice it would be to look up and see Krystal Steal energetically bouncing up-and-down on you? Eventually, Eric takes control and thrusts his condom-clad cock in-and-out of Krystal's slippery hole at redline speed. Meanwhile, Eric grabs handfuls of Krystal's waist and squeezes tight. Later, Eric gets a chance to pound Krystal when she kneels on the bench doggie style. Krystal's shapely boobs dance for joy in reaction to his forceful thrusts.
  • Boy/girl 2 (Rita and Jay Huntington): Jay approaches Rita and is soon stroking and squeezing her lust-enraged flesh with his greedy hands and tongue. In due course, Rita gives him an absolutely superb blowjob, skillfully using her mouth, tongue, spit, and hands to full advantage. Once Jay's cock is ready to fuck, Rita mounts him cowgirl style and fucks him with very sexy moves. Meanwhile, she fingers her clit. Later, Rita lies on her back so she can enjoy his frantic strokes in the missionary position. Then, they fuck for a while in the spoon position.
  • Boy/girl 3 (Holly and Manuel): Along the perimeter of the bar, Manuel turns to Holly, who's topless, and begins to stroke her fine body. Soon, she's naked and leaning back in her bar stool so that Manuel can eat her tasty twat. Later, Holly drops to her knees and performs sensual fellatio on his aching rod. Even better, she deep-throats almost all of his super-long cock! As the scene continues, Holly bends over a bar stool so that Manuel can fuck her doggie style. Damn, her bouncing and gyrating tits look great! Later, Holly sits on a stool and spreads so that Manuel can fuck her while standing between her wide-spread legs. Then, it's back to doggie for some more gorgeous shot-from-behind fucking (Holly's pussy is breathtakingly beautiful!). Eager to experience Manuel's cock in as many ways as possible, Holly then sits on his dick cowgirl style and tosses her body up-and-down while he, in turn, squeezes her ass cheeks.
  • Popshot 1: Jay pounds Rita's pussy until he's ready to pop. Then, with nary a second to spare, he pulls out and unloosens a tremendous load all over her shapely belly and thighs. Then, she uses her fingers to massage his nectar into her flesh.
  • Popshot 2: Holly kneels in front of Manuel so that he can jack off all over her face and into her mouth. She then sucks him dry.
  • Popshot 3: Eric pops all over Krystal's tongue, cheeks, and chin. Then, as Eric's cum slips out of her mouth, Krystal sensuously licks and sucks the tip of his rod.
  • Popshots 4-6: All the performers except Krystal leave the lounge. Then, triumphant, Krystal lies face up by herself on top of the padded bench. Three guys from the bar--Krystal's audience, if you will--approach her, pull out their dicks, and masturbate until they spew their loads on her tits. Believe me, Krystal's magnificent boobs have never looked better!

Scene Four

Hot redhead Dani Woodward takes on Reno in Scene Four. This is a conventional boy/girl vaginal-only scene that rates four stars. Although Dani's beautiful, has a great body, and is an excellent fuck, I never saw her cum.

  • Scene Setup: Further revelations about Krystal emerge through additional therapy. "Good" Krystal is soon forced by "bad" Krystal to face her most feared and repressed memory...how her "girlfriend" Dani fucked her "loser" husband. Even worse, Krystal had actually sent Dani to her home to help her husband work on "self-esteem" issues.
  • Foreplay 1: In a stark black room, furnished only with a comfy bed, Dani and Reno make out playfully. They caress each others' nearly naked bodies as Dani pulls aside Reno's underwear.
  • Foreplay 2: Dani grabs Reno's already rigid dick and shoves it into her insatiable mouth. She greedily sucks, licks, and strokes it...and takes it completely down her throat, balls deep. Damn, Dani really knows how to deep-throat! Meanwhile, Reno pulls aside Dani's panties so he can finger-fuck her juicy hole. Throughout this segment, extremely effective camera angles--close-ups as well as shot-from-above footage--capture the action.
  • Foreplay 3: Dani straddles Reno in the 69 position so that they can please each other orally and with their fingers. I fuckin' love 69 and wish it were utilized more often in adult movies. I'm pleased to say that Dani and Reno do an exceptionally nice job in this hot 69 segment. Damn, it looks--and must feel--good!
  • Foreplay 4: Reno manhandles Dani into the missionary position, spreads her legs, and then buries his tongue between her tender labia. His superb tongue-to-clit action soon has Dani writhing and undulating in ecstasy.
  • Position 1: After Reno and Dani share a brief kiss, he slips his cock into her super-soaked pussy and fucks her in the missionary position (nice camera angles and close-ups). As Reno pounds her, Dani's arms flail uncontrollably and her head arches back as pleasure courses through her body. And, her tits dance merrily as she matches his powerful strokes with her own.
  • Position 2: Dani kneels on all fours in the doggie position so that Reno can pound her clean-shaven vagina from behind. Dani smiles broadly and moans ecstatically as she fucks him back using extremely erotic moves. And, her pretty boobs bounce happily, too. In fact, Dani's entire body looks good as it's fucked in the doggie position!
  • Position 3: As is generally the case, I enjoyed reverse cowgirl most. Dani uses the opportunity to show off her incendiary moves and unquenchable lust as she tosses her body up-and-down so fast that her pussy blurs on the screen. Dani's one hell of a good fuck! Eventually, Reno becomes so inflamed that he takes control and pistons in-and-out of Dani's pussy at redline speed.
  • Popshot: To finish up, Dani squats in front of Reno, opens her mouth wide, and sticks out her tongue. Then, he explodes directly inside her mouth...and she swallows every drop. Naughty Dani then sucks and strokes his twitching rod until he's dry.

Scene Five

Club Jenna's contract girl McKenzie Lee teams up with Marcus London and Evan Stone in an absolutely superb boy/boy/girl/anal threeway in Scene Five. This is my first look at brunette Brit McKenzie (one of my colleagues got to review her previous Club Jenna release) and I must admit that I like what I see. Five stars.

  • Scene Setup: As a result of all the therapy that "good" Krystal and "bad" Krystal endure, "bad" Krystal takes complete control of "their" body. There is a God, he LOVES men, and he gives us lots of naughty girls to keep us company. Anyway, at a subsequent counseling session McKenzie complains that her husband (Marcus London) is so inconsiderate. Even worse, they don't fuck any more. Dr. "Bad Krystal" prescribes an unconventional remedy: she makes Marcus watch as a "real man" (Evan Stone) treats McKenzie "right."
  • Foreplay 1: On cue, Evan strolls into Krystal's office, positions McKenzie on top of Krystal's glass desktop, yanks off her panties, spreads her legs, spits on her cunt (repeatedly), and goes down on her. Evan expertly licks, probes, suckles, and tongue- and finger-fucks McKenzie's pretty pink pussy and sensitive clit. He also fingers her tight asshole. Meanwhile, hubby Marcus is unable to contain himself. So, he approaches his wife and kisses her passionately while another man eats out his wife. He also suckles McKenzie's pert nipples.
  • Foreplay 2: While McKenzie continues to lie on her back, the guys change positions so that Marcus can eat and finger-fuck his wife's pussy while she, in turn, sucks and strokes Evan's humongous cock with her spit-filed mouth.
  • Position 1: McKenzie wants more. So, she tells Evan, "Give me that fucking cock!" She then lies on her side so her ass is at the edge of Krystal's desk. In this position, Evan then fucks her pussy (great video) while she, in turn, enthusiastically blows Marcus' cock. Marcus helps out by jacking his wife's clit with his fingers, by kissing her lips, and by repeatedly spitting into her very willing mouth. McKenzie is pretty certain that her hubby likes what is transpiring. So, she demands, "C'mon. Tell me you fucking like me now!" "I fuckin' love you now," he replies.
  • Position 2: McKenzie kneels on the floor in the doggie position and arches her ass up high (she looks fantastic in doggie!). Then, Evan gently inches his huge cock into her tight asshole. Once Evan's rod clears her sphincter, he fucks her ass with long, slow, and deliberate strokes (great camera angles and close-ups). Meanwhile, she ravenously sucks Marcus' cock while he yanks on her hair. During this segment, both McKenzie and Evan prove how nasty they are when they enjoy a little ass-to-pussy and pussy-to-ass. How naughty!
  • Position 3: McKenzie demands, "I want two fucking cocks!" But, before she gets double-plugged she spends some pleasurable time bouncing up and down on Evan's cock in the reverse cowgirl position. Each time she thrusts downward, McKenzie buries Evan's cock almost balls-deep into her accommodating asshole. In due course, Evan matches McKenzie's so that they pound each other like a well-engineered fucking machine.
  • Position 4: McKenzie's wish to be double-stuffed comes next. She mounts Evan cowgirl style so that Marcus can fill her asshole from behind. Then, as first-class video captures the action, both guys ream their respective holes. "You like me now, don't you? You fuckin' love me now!" As the scene continues, the sex gets progressively rougher: Evan chokes McKenzie's throat while Marcus ferociously yanks on her hair.
  • Position 5: Marcus pulls out of McKenzie's asshole and then steps away so that she can madly fuck Evan with frenzied and animalistic thrusts until she screams through an orgasm.
  • Position 6: McKenzie returns to the doggie position on the floor. Then, as she screams delicious obscenities, Marcus wildly reams her tight--yet accommodating--asshole from behind. He also spanks her scrumptious butt and feeds her his cock ass-to-mouth (ATM) style. Then, while she remains on all fours with her ass high in the air, the two guys take turns fucking her welcoming asshole. Meanwhile, McKenzie growls and roars ecstatically.
  • Popshots: Amazingly, as McKenzie lies atop Krystal's glass desk, both guys jack off until the pop at the same time! They shower her face and fill her mouth with lots of semen. She then plays with their nectar and even blows bubbles with it.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): I am very impressed with the quality of the widescreen (letterbox) video. The lighting is very appropriate to the setting of each scene. Even in dimly lit settings, the action is always visible. The camera angles and close-ups couldn't be any better. However, I think the best thing about the video is the editing. Extreme care was taken to insure that the dialog--especially the give-and-take between the two Krystals--was stitched together seamlessly. And, even though the video during the sex scenes is composed from multiple clips, the time line and the continuity are always maintained. There are also numerous special effects that are employed skillfully to tell the story skillfully (especially the transitioning footage between "good" and "bad" Krystal). Five stars.

Audio (technical): The audio is very good, too. The dialog is always crisp and clear and is of the appropriate volume. The sex scenes are accompanied by unobtrusive music that supports--but does not obfuscate--the on-screen action. The only thing I'd like to see would be multiple soundtracks to make better use of DVD technology. Perhaps a commentary track. Or, a choice between music or no music would be nice. Four stars.

Extras: In addition to the ubiquitous full-motion chapter selector, a submenu for each scene allows you to jump to a particular position (blowjob, doggie, and so forth). The Extras also include an eight and one-half minute self-running slide show (great pictures!), a nine-minute solo masturbation scene featuring Krystal Steal (it's more tease than masturbation), six minutes of funny bloopers and outtakes, trailers for other Club Jenna releases, website addresses, and an infomercial for J-22 (a male-enhacement product from Club Jenna). Three and one-half stars. 34

Aesthetics: From both visual and audio perspectives, the production values are top-notch. "Scrimp" was not a word uttered by the director when choosing locations, sets, props, wardrobe, or make-up. In addition, I really like the special effects--especially when "good" Krystal transitions to "bad" Krystal. Very nice! And, as in most--if not all--Club Jenna releases, the musical soundtrack is superior. Nicely chosen music supports the video and becomes an integral part of the experience. Five stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.60
Average video rating: 5.00
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 5.00
Extras rating: 3.50
Bonus point(s): 0
Overall rating: 4.42

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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