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Girl Crush 2

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 2/14/11

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Girl Crush Vol 2
Club 59/Elegant Angel
Directed by Mason
Running Time: 3hrs and 6min
Price: 19.99


Kristina Rose
Karlie Montana
Andy San Dimas
Georgia Jones
Allie Haze
Lilly LaBeau
Hayden Winters
Chloe Cane

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes: 11 minutes of footage of the girls after their scenes
Photo Gallery
Trailers (2 for the other Studio 59 releases)
Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Web Site Info

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 256 kbps
Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-5 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Before we get going, we start off with some interviews and some sneak peeks of the action we are going to see later on. I am pretty sure this is the same footage that was in the trailer they released on their web page.  So once the movie finally gets going, we start off with a scene that starts off pretty amazing, with the soft touches and kisses, but then by the time the scene ends, which is almost an hour into the movie, it just got boring and I was waiting for it to end. Don’t get me wrong, both ladies are sexy, just lost interest after awhile. But luckily the following scene got me back into it and the ladies did a great job, little more energetic. And the last two scenes were about the same, had the potential going in, just seemed to fall a little flat in my book. Onto the special features, which included a decent BTS and a few trailers. Audio and Video were both ok, with some minor issues with the volume, which I had brought up in the scene reviews.  So going into the movie, I am really surprised by this rating, but I am afraid I am going to give this a RENT IT rating.

Scene One  Kristina and Georgia (2/5 rating)

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We start off with an interview with Georgia and we learn a little about her sexual history with ladies, what she likes and what she is looking forward to with her scene with Kristina. That is followed by an interview with Kristina, where you learn about her sexual past with ladies, what she likes about them and what she likes about Georgia. And we find out that this is going to be their first time together, so it should be even more special. The scene starts as the two are laying on the bed, kissing each other very slowly and passionately as they explore each other with their hands. Kristina brings Georgia closer to her as they wrap their legs. Kristina begins to grind on her leg, and then ends up on her back as Georgia mounts her and then starts to play with her tits. I have a feeling there is going to be way more kissing than I am used to seeing in most of the movie I review, but if it’s done right, it can be very sexy, which I think is going to be the case for most of this movie. The girls are sitting on the bed with their legs wrapped around each as they continue to kiss. She gets Kristina back on her back and slowly takes off her shorts, but doesn’t even dive right into her pussy, as she squeezes her tits and kisses them, and finally heads south as she slowly takes off her panties. She starts to rub her pussy and she is close enough that Kristina can play with hers too. Georgia backs up and slowly starts to lick her pussy, and then they are back to kissing as Kristina starts to rub Georgia’s pussy through her shorts. She gets her shorts and then starts to play with her pussy ever so slowly, and then leans her back and they start to grind their hips as the kissing continues. And then Kristina works her way down to her tits, while she rubs her pussy. She then dives into her pussy and begins to work her magic on her. Nothing on this movie is going to be hard and fast, it’s all slow and steady as she goes. After awhile she comes up for air as the start to grind on each other as the kiss some more. Georgia reaches around and gives her ass a few slaps, before they end up fingering each other’s pussy and then she is right back to grabbing a hold of Kristina’s booty.  But she grabs on tight to her as she starts to shake and twitch from excitement. They lay on the bed as she starts to finger Kristina’s pussy, and then reaches around and starts to play with her nipples a bit. There seems to be some issues with the overall volume on this scene, I’ve had to adjust the volume a few times, to make sure I don’t wake up the neighborhood. Anyways, Kristina is back to working on Georgia’s pussy and you can hear that she is pretty wet as she rubs her pussy. She then reaches around and grabs her leg and pulls her closer as they almost seem to fall asleep in each other’s embrace.

Scene Two: Lilly and Andy (4/5 rating)

This time we start off with the ladies together as the interview gets going. It seems that these two really like each and Andy really seems to like Lilly. They can’t keep their hands off each other as they are answering the questions. You can tell these two really are looking forward to this scene, and seem to think it’s going to be a great time. As the scene starts, the ladies have made their way to the floor and their legs are wrapped around each other, as they kiss and then Andy moves in and begins to play with her tit’s a bit. Andy seems to be the aggressive one in this scene. Andy’s top comes down and she starts to grind her hips on Lilly’s. She whisper to Andy that she makes her hot and then grabs her and grinds her even harder on her lap. They continue to grind as Andy has her hand down her shirt, and then leans her back and starts to play with her pussy through her shorts, as her ass in the air. As Lilly has her legs spread open, Andy licks her inner thighs and seems to be driving her crazy. So Andy gets her shorts off and then grabs a hold of her panties and pulls her closer as they grind on each other for awhile and then Lilly takes control and fingers her pussy and then climbs on top of Andy and goes wild. And Andy seems to be almost crying with excitement as she rubs up against her. Lilly back off a bit and let’s her catch her breath, but then goes right back to grinding on her leg. You know how I said I though it was going to be all nice and slow in these scenes, these ladies have proved me wrong. They are really getting into it in this scene. Lilly ends up on her back as Andy starts to lick her pussy and slide her face up and down it, and Lilly moans and purrs with delight. She grabs the back of Andy’s head and pulls her head even closer to her pussy. As she continues to work her magic on her pussy, she gives her tots a few slaps and then stands up as Lilly moves over to the couch, bent over the side. Andy continues to wet her pussy with her finger and spit, and then sits on the couch and let’s Lilly slide her panties off. Andy then spread her legs as she licks her pussy up and down. Andy begins to shake and shiver as she continues, especially when she focuses on her clit, which once again brings her to tears with excitement. Andy pushes her back and onto the floor as they scissor each other with some real energy. She then pulls her closer and grabs on tight as she gives her a few slaps, and then dives back into pussy and gives it a nice workout, and then climbs on top of her and looks into her eyes before she lays her head in between her tits for a few seconds and then slide forward and sits on Lilly’s face, as she gives her pussy a good licking, as Andy begs for more. Andy once again takes control and gets Lilly back on the couch and works her very pink pussy, as she bounces her ass for the camera, and Lilly gives it a few slaps just for good measure. She once again on her chest to hear her heart beat and then the scene comes to an end as they kiss once again.

Scene Three: Allie and Chloe (2/5 rating)

We start off with Allie talking about her sexual past and how much she loves boobs and how she thinks that women are better kissers than men. She hopes that Chloe is going to be one of those quiet women who are animals in bed. We follow that with a interview with Chloe, both interviews have most of the same footage from the trailer and intro. Anyways the scene starts, as Allie is wearing a brown dress and Chloe is wearing a camo tank top and jean shorts, very similar to ones that Georgia was wearing in the first scene. They start off with some kissing as they get closer to each other and like Allie said in her interview, she is going for the boobs. Chloe rolls Allie on her back and then slips off her top and then Allie slides her dress down to expose her boobs. Allie then gets Chloe on her back as she kisses her neck and then starts to head south working on her boobs some more and then slides her shorts off. She dives into her pussy as she slides her panties to the side, and then slides them off completely, and begins to lick her pussy. After a pretty long oral session, she takes off her panties and lays Chloe on top of her as they begin to grind on each other, as Allie has a firm grip around her neck. Then Chloe heads down and starts to lick Allie’s pussy as she moans with delight. Chloe then straddles her leg and begins to grind her hips on it, as they kiss and once again Allie has a hold of her neck, apparently another lady who likes things a little rough. Allie gets Chloe on her back and kisses her boobs as she begins to grind her hips and then puts her on her lap, so she can get even with her boobs and show them some more love. Allie then starts to move her hips as Chloe is on her lap and then back on top of her. Allie ends up on top of Chloe once again as they kiss, and Chloe rubs her pussy on Allie’s leg. Chloe gets a few fingers in her wet pussy as Allie gets her off even more. Allie seems to be starting to sweat a little bit, as she lays on the bed, and Chloe is back to licking her pussy. And then Allie brings her closer and they kiss some more as the scene comes to an end.

Scene Four: Karlie and Hayden (2/5 rating)

As in the previous scenes, we start off with an interview with Karlie and her experience with women and what she likes about them. We follow that with an interview with Hayden, and those baby blue eyes that seem to attract your attention through the interview.  She talks about her first time with a lady and how she really likes to get her neck kissed. This is their first meeting, so hopefully it will be magical. So as the magic begins, they are kissing each other ever so softly as Karlie has her hand near Hayden’s neck, which may be driving her wild at the moment. Karlie starts to explore Hayden with her hands, and then straddles her leg in between Hayden’s and leans her back onto the bed. Karlie starts to kiss around her boobs and neck, so we know Hayden is very happy in the pants right now.  As Karlie is on top of her, she lifts up her short to expose her pink bra and then helps her wrap her legs around her. She finally let’s her up from the bed, as she takes off Karlie’s top and shows us her blue bra, and then begins to kiss her neck. The girls then start to slowly take off each other bras, but not before they kiss each other’s neck some more. As Hayden tits are exposed, Karlie begins to lick her nipples. Karlie stands up and Hayden kisses her stomach and then makes her way to her tits, and gives them some soft kisses and licks.  It seems that Hayden has her tongue pierced, for those paying attention. They lay next to each other on the bed and wrap their legs together, as Karlie begins to rub Hayden’s pussy through her plaid panties. She eventually gets her shorts off and continues to rub her pussy, her panties comes off as she continues to rub and lick her pussy. She inserts a few fingers and fingers her pussy as she kisses her in between her breasts. She fingers her a little harder and faster , and eventually adds a tongue to increase her pleasure. I also want to point out that Hayden is the first girl with a shaven pussy, most of the other girls have a little bush action going on down there. I hope at some point in time, Hayden is going to return the favor to Karlie, cause so far it seems  a little one sided to me. I see things are moving a little now as Karlie gets up and bends over as Hayden pulls her shorts down and then begins to rub her pussy through her panties. Karlie gives her a glance as she slides her panties off and then starts to lick her pussy. She uses her fingers to spread her pussy as continues to lick and rub it. So follows that up with some finger play, as she slips a few fingers into her pussy. They both end up fingering their pussy, and kissing and then they end up laying next to each other again, kissing as the scene comes to an end.

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