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Deep Inside Amy Fisher

Studio: Other » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 2/18/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Jim Enright

Cast: Amy Fisher, Lisa Ann, Tommy Gunn, Dale DaBone, Marcus London. Non-sex role: Evan Stone (behind the scenes)

Length: 83 minutes

Date of Production: 8/12/2010

Extras: There is an over eight minute Behind the Scenes segment. For the most part, there are shots of Amy Fisher performing her sex scenes. She is also talking at the camera and her personality is shown a bit. Evan Stone also makes an appearance with the lovely woman. A nice looking photo gallery is included. Several trailers are also provided.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition.

Overview: Deep Inside Amy Fisher is the first professional adult film that Amy Fisher is putting out for the start of her new adult career. The director is Jim Enright and the studio is Dream Zone Entertainment. Before each scene, she introduces it with some cute anecdotes. I am sure that people will be skeptical about her talents, but, in this film, she comes across as a very good porn star. Her sensual cocksucking technique is highly stimulative to both the viewer and her partner. Moreover, she can give out good boy-girl passionate performances as well as very effective personal ones. Even though she is somewhat new to girl-girl lovemaking moments, her connection with Lisa Ann shows everyone that Amy can pull it off with a hot woman. I have interviewed Amy last year and I know that she is determined to be a legitimate star in this industry. It's a serious career choice for her.

Scene One: Amy Fisher and Tommy Gunn are kissing on a couch in front of a beautiful Japanese waterfall. Their lip lock action feels intimate. They have incredible chemistry together. Also, the background music is an effective device. I really love their eye contact. No one would ever suspect that Amy is sort-of-new to this porn thing. She feels very comfortable in this setting. Meanwhile, her body looks very attractive. After their kissing activity ends and some titty sucking occurs, the man sucks her feminine plaything with good determination. Their performance continues to feel intimate and personal. I love her dirty talk and moans. It is authentic and not at all fake nor over the top which many new adult stars tend to do. Then, Amy sucks his manhood with nice rhythm. Once again, their amazing chemistry is striking. She also sucks cock well in a sensual manner. The audience will be very turned-on by her technique. Their off-and-on kissing action is cool. When Amy places more effort on her blow job application, it is quite apparent from his body language that the very experienced Tommy Gunn is feeling it. On a personal note, I haven't seen Tommy act that way much with other partners on screen. Then, he spoons her and the viewer gets to see Amy's body at a better vantage point. The energy level rises as the guy fucks her with solid rhythm and force. It is also very noticeable that Amy is feeling the sensations run through her body as the audience can see it in her emotionally-filled eyes and face. It's like seeing the eyes to her soul. I love the authenticity to this scene. Next, Tommy shows off his signature fast pumping actions as he fucks Amy during her cockriding moments. Her vocal "Oh Baby" comments sound cool. Then, he mishes the pretty woman well as her facial expressions tell the whole story of what she is experiencing at that moment. Her dirty talk continues to be hot as the scene approaches to an exciting end. Furthermore, I love when Amy is staring at the camera. Finally, she strokes him off on her body. 

Scene Two: Amy Fisher and Dale DaBone are walking outdoors in nature. The first thing that I notice when I see her clearly is her hard nipples sticking through her shirt. Moments later, they are kissing and then, he sucks her breast. It is clear that she and Dale do not have that magical chemistry that had occurred in the previous scene. Their performance lacks the intimacy factor. It feels more like a regular adult sex scene. Nevertheless, I really enjoy Amy's dirty talk and moans. A huge highlight is that the viewer gets better pussy shots in this scene as Dale sucks it. Afterwards, the brunette cutie sucks his dick tenderly. Once again, her blow job behavior drives her partner into a reaction that we hardly see from him with other partners. Her sensual sucking and hand stroking work are hot. The tight close-ups are a huge turn-on. I wanted to see more. Then, Dale missionaries the woman with good technique. Her "Oh Baby" comments sound very cool. Her eye contact and facial expressions are hot. The shots of their rapid penile-vaginal fucking area looks amazing. In the meantime, Amy's facial expressions look very emotional. Later, their screwing activity gains in momentum and passion. Next, Amy rides him cowgirl style and we get a good shot of her nice looking ass. The active ride is good. At the end, he strokes off on her breasts and eye.

Scene Three: Amy Fisher and Lisa Ann are kissing on a bed. Their bodies look very sexy together. Soon, Lisa Ann is sucking on her breast. Their moans and heavy breathing activity are turn-ons. Amy's titty fondness for her partner's boobs look cool. I like their chemistry. Later, Lisa Ann works over Amy's sexual plaything with solid passion with her mouth and especially with her very active finger. I love the energy that these women put out. Amy's pussy looks very cute. Afterwards, Amy does a very good job in sucking the woman's passion fruit. Her full lips look strikingly hot on Lisa Ann's sexual mound. She also does a nice job finger fucking her and rubbing her clit. Also, Lisa Ann does a good job in humping her finger. A 69 follows with Amy on the bottom. Their tanned bodies look hot. I love how Amy is tender with the woman's feminine plaything and how Lisa Ann is more energetic with her technique. It's a very good contrast in styles.

Scene Four: Amy Fisher and Marcus London  make out beside the pool. Amy looks incredible in her bikini and heels. He does a good job orally working over her cute breasts. Marcus also applies a solid hungry effort with his pussy eating actions too. Then, he fucks her through her vaginal tunnel with his good pumping rhythm. The energy level rises. Afterwards, their doggie moments look cool as both of them look good in their positions. Furthermore, the mish moments continue their consistent solid fucking performance. In the meantime, Amy's dirty talk becomes more noticeable and passionate. Their eye contact is also thrilling to watch. Then, he pulls out and shoots his load on her.

Final Thoughts: This film proves that Amy Fisher has the talent and professionalism to become a star in this industry. Many viewers are going to be amazed with her blow job demeanor. Many guys will be turned-on by her cocksucking actions and for those moments alone, this movie is a go-getter. Fortunately, there are other goodies that Amy offers the audience too. Her body is very fit and is yummy eye candy. She is an outstanding kisser. Amy's very good comfort level during her sexual performances is surprisingly striking. Of course, her partners deserve a lot of credit too. Tommy Gunn and she have an inner connectedness that is unusual for being matched up for the first time. Lisa Ann, Marcus London, and Dale DaBone provide solid sexual heat to their scenes with Amy Fisher. Jim Enright also deserves high marks for his effective directing work. I gladly recommend this movie and Amy is off to a flying start.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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