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Black & Blue

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 2/15/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Black & Blue
Wicked Pictures
Directed by Francois Clousot
Running Time: 1hr and 25min
Price: 23.99
Type: All Sex
Condoms: Yes


Alektra Blue
Tori Black
Mick Blue
Nick Manning
Kris Slater
Rocco Reed
Dane Cross
Brendon Miller

Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Slide Show
Trailers (6 trailers)
Bonus Scene w Alektra Blue and Dane Cross from The Honeymoon (very nice 12 minute scene)
Behind the Scenes (16 minutes of BTS, videos of the photo shoot and interviews with the cast and crew)
Web Site Info

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 384 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So as the cover states, this movie includes the 2011 AVN Fan Favorite-Best Body Alektra Blue and the 2011 AVN Performer of the Year Tori Black, so you know this is going to be a good one, well I should say, I would hope so, considering who is in this movie.  A trailer for Lolita and Girl Trouble precede the film, followed by the anti-piracy ad. So I know in my last review I was complaining a bit about the scenes being too long, well I guess I am a hard person to please, cause in this movie, the scenes were too short. The sex was very hot and before you know it the scene was over. I was glad at least the last scene seemed to be about the right length, just wish some of the others were longer too, I would have given a few of the scene a little higher score. And Wicked comes through with the special features once again, a bonus scene with one of the leading ladies, and 16 minutes of some real BTS footage of the filming of the movie. Both the audio and video were above average there was no real issues with either, nothing to distract you from the amazing sex. They did a good job of showcasing the sex, showing you all of the action. This is easily a movie I could watch over and over again, and I am sure it will be in my player a few times in the future. So having said that, I am going to give this a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, and one that I am sure you are going to enjoy as much as I did, and I would guess it’s one that was very close to getting a top rating. So pick this up and enjoy as you watch two of the hottest ladies in porn, do what they do best. Yeah the scene are somewhat short, but you will still enjoy what you see in that short time.

Scene One: Alektra and Tori (3/5 rating)

The scene starts with Tori playing a sax, near a bed, wearing some blue lingerie, and black knee nigh boots. Alektra appears on the bed, wearing some black lingerie, Tori sets the sax down and joins her on the bed. They stand up on the bed, kissing and pulling hair, and Tori’s top comes off as Alektra attacks her tits. And Tori wastes no time getting a hold of Alektra’s wonderful boobs too. Alektra spreads on out on the bed and Tori begins to lick her pussy , and give her a few fingers too. There is some nice close ups of her pierced pussy as Tori licks away. But Alektra wants to get a taste of Tori’s pussy, as she throws her on the bed, and dives her face into pussy, with some fingers added in for fun. She spreads her pussy and dives in and out of her pussy with her tongue. Tori goes back to work on Alektra with her fingers in her pussy, and Alektra shoves of few in her ass. She lets Tori have a taste of her ass too, as she shoves a few fingers in her ass. After a few slaps to her pussy, Alektra pins  her down and they kiss as the scene comes to an end,

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Scene Two: Tori and Rocco (3/5 rating)

It’s photo shoot time and he is the luck one that gets to take pictures of her, as she tries to seduce the camera and him too. But she has enough of the playing around, so she walks over to him and starts to kiss him. He turns her around, but she ends up quickly on her knees, opening his pants and working her magic on his cock. She works his cock and balls over, as she showcases her ass to the camera. She takes off her top and then he helps her with her bottoms, as he bends her over and she ends up propping herself up  and some photo equipment, as he licks her pussy and ass. She begs him not to stop as he continues to lick her pussy. We cut to her on top of him for some reverse cowgirl action in her pussy, which leads to some standing doggy action. The camera is going a good job of showing us the expression on her face as she is getting fucked, and making sure we get to see most of the action. Another quick cut and we get some spoon action on the floor, in which she grabs her leg and shows us how flexible she is. She begs him for his cum and after awhile he pulls out and gives it to her by her pussy.

Scene Three: Alektra and Brendon (3/5 rating)

It’s rough day at the factory, until Alektra comes out of her office and joins him on the work floor. He gets her short off and plays with those tits, and then helps her out of that tight skirt, and then ends up face first in her pussy, as she lays on a few boxes. He lets her lick the taste off his fingers, while he fingers her pussy. He knock over some boxes and she gets a hold of his cock and goes to work on it, spitting on it and stroking it. After she is done worshiping his cock, he slaps her tits with it and then she ends up back on the boxes for some missionary action. She then turns on her side, as the pussy pounding continues. They cut to some doggy action as she leans up against the boxes, which leads to some reverse cowgirl action in her pussy. They both really seem to be getting a work out so far, as the sweat starts to show up on both. She climbs off and sucks on his cock some more, before they get back to some missionary until he pulls out and cums on her stomach and pussy. But then we cut to when she just leaves her office and the fun is about to begin as the scene ends.

Scene Four: Tori and Nick (4/5 rating)

Tori is wearing some very tight red latex nurse outfit and it seems Nick is her patient. He tells her about his problems and she just kind of looks at him and pulls out a needle, this is some sexy and weird dentist office. She eases his worries as she starts to rub his leg and then grabs a hold of his tie and brings him closer as they kiss. She leans him back in the chair and starts to take off his shirt and kiss his chest. She climbs on top of him and once again is showing her ass to the camera, she then starts to bob up and down on his cock, and then moves a little closer so he can start to take off her clothes. Did he really just yawn? I think it was his O face, hopefully. He gets up out of the chair and she hops on and slides her bottoms off and he rams his face in her ass, while fingering her pussy. She flips around on her back as he continues and she hops up and down with excitement as he continues. She ends up on her knees, working his cock over some more, before she is back on the chair for some doggy action., as she braces herself with the chair. We cut to some missionary action, as the sweat is literally dripping off his face.  We cut to her bouncing  on his cock with some great energy as he sits in the chair. He reaches around and sticks a few fingers in her ass as she continues to get a workout on his cock. I have to say this cowgirl action is freaking hot and was worth the price of this movie by itself. She ends up on her back for some more missionary until he pulls out and cums on her pussy.

Scene Five: Alektra, Dane and Kris (4/5 rating)

It’s late night and Alektra is wearing a red dress and she seems to be walking down the wrong alley and Dane and Kris are following her and then  start talking to her and get all touchy feely with here and she fights them off for a bit, but then calls their bluff and starts to egg them on even more, She kisses them and Kris and Dane play with her tits and ass, and Dane is the first to get some love for his cock, but she quickly heads over to Kris. She continues to jerk them off and gets face fucked by each of them, and she seems to take what ever they give her, she is really enjoying this. She gets fucked from behind by Dane while she continues to work over Kris’s cock. Kris gets a crack at her pussy, as she sucks off Dane. She begs for a little hair pulling as the work her over. She ends up riding Kris for some reverse cowgirl action in her ass, while she plays with her pussy a bit, and screams that she is about to cum. She ends up back on her knees jerking both of them off until they cum on her tits. So thanks them, and maybe she meant to walk down that alley

Scene Six: Alektra, Tori and Mick (5/5 rating)

The ladies are wearing some leather and fishnet bondage clothing, as the heavy metal music blares, and we see Mick is strapped to the bed as the girls join him. I would think being tied up is not so bad anymore. The girls kiss and then Tori floats her pussy above his head and tease him, as Alektra dives in for a taste. Alektra climbs on his lap and teases him even more, and then the girls start to take off some of the chains and then work over his cock. Tori ends up sitting on his face as Alektra continues to work his over his cock with some great energy. They go back to double teaming his cock, and then ends up on top of his cock for some cowgirl action,  and once again shows a lot of energy as she hops up and down on it. She begs for them not to stop as Alektra licks her ass while Mick continues to fuck her pussy. Next up, Alektra is bent over on the bed, as Mick fucks her from behind, and Tori lays down in front of her as she plays with her tits, as Tori cheers him on. They make a nice Alektra sandwich, as she continues to get pounded from behind. He ends up beside Tori for some spoon action, as Alektra looks over and plays with her pussy, but then dives down and licks her pussy as she is getting fucked by Mick. Alektra climbs on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action in her ass, as she begs for him to keep going. Tori plays with her pussy as she continues to take an ass pounding from Mick. The girls go back to double teaming his cock, as he slides his cock between them both. The scene ends as he cums in Alektra’s mouth and Tori is there to lick up any of the stuff dripping, but Alektra gives her a kiss and shares some of his load as the movie comes to an end. But be sure to keep watching during the credits, some nice footage of Alektra at the beginning.


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