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Asa Akira Is Insatiable

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 2/20/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Asa Akira is Insatiable (a second opinion)
Elegant Angel
Directed by Mason
Price: 34.99
Running Time: 3hrs and 43min


Asa Akira
London Keyes
Erik Everhard
Manuel Ferrara
Toni Ribas
Jon Jon
Arnold Schwarzenpecker
Eric John
Prodigy X
Rob Banks

Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Website Info on how to get BTS footage (which you can get for free, it runs about 25 minutes)
Cumshot Recap
Photo Gallery

AVN Awards:

Best Anal Sex Scene
Best Double Penetration Sex
Best Three-Way Sex Scene
Fan Awards-Favorite Movie

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 256 kbps
Video: VC-1 at around 11-14 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So you may be wondering why I am writing a new review for a movie that came out last year. Well my fellow reviewer Houston Don, was nice enough to share some of his movies for me to check out, and I agreed to write reviews of them, just so you guys can get a second opinion on some movies. And this is the first and boy was this an amazing one to start off with. Asa showed us what she is all about in this movie, and even gave us a few surprises. I also feel that both Elegant Angel and especially Mason also deserve a round of applause for giving us this great release, one that looked and sounded amazing on Blu-ray and luckily I won’t have to worry about the disc getting worn out. The special features were a little slim, but they were nice enough to give a free 25 minute BTS that you could find on your website, so if I had to say anything bad about it, it would be the special features, about a half hour of special features is about a 2 or 3 on my scale for reviewing, usually.  So before I get to my final verdict, you can check out what Don had to say by going here:


But I have to say that when it comes to this movie, I agree with his score, and I also gave this a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating and I am sure this is already in your collection, and if it isn’t, it needs to be added quickly.

Scene One: Asa vs. Arnold, Hooks, Jon, Prodigy, Rob and More (5/5 rating)

After a brief intro by Asa, we see her walking down the street wearing a black jacket, stockings and heels. She makes her way into a theater, where a group of guys are watching porn on the screen, and some are even playing with themselves. Asa walks in and they all seem to take notice, she takes a seat and unbuckles her coat to show that she has on nothing but some black panties and bra on underneath, She starts to play with herself, as the guys start to see what she is doing. The closest guy moves in and grabs a hold of her boob, as she lets him suck on her finger. Another guy moves in and goes for her other boob, but she ends up sucking on his cock, as the other guy plays with her pussy. A few more guys make their way to her, we have 4 guys at the moment and a 5th soon to follow. She starts sucking off another guy, and then pretty soon we have a blowbang folks, as she is surrounded by cocks of all shapes and colors. There is some face fucking, deep throating, and gagging as the scene continues, and she makes her way around to all of the guys. She sticks her ass in the air and one of the guys slips his cock in her ass cheeks, no penetration, just teasing her a bit. She continues to suck off the guys as they give her ass a few slaps and start calling her names. Another teases her by slipping his cock in between her and her panties, and ends up giving her ass a few more slaps. She ends up on her back as she continues to suck off all the guys and they play with her pussy, with a few fingers here and there. She asks them to call her a whore and slut as she works her magic on their cocks. They even shove their cocks in her mouth to keep her quite as they finger her pussy. After she cums, she ends up once again with her ass out, they tease her some more as one guy rubs his cock on her pussy, as she wiggles her hips on it. They give her some rough slaps and a few chokes as they continue to work her over. They slip her panties off, give her ass a few slaps and then she says the magic words, as she begs them for some cock, and after some more begging she finally gets a cock in her pussy, and then the guys line up for a crack at her pussy. But like a true dirty girl, she always has a cock in her mouth as her pussy gets fucked from behind. After a few guys attack her from behind, we get some missionary action, as she screams how much of a whore she is, I think she is going to lose her voice by the end of this scene. No matter what these guys do to her, she just wants more. She even surprises them as she climbs on one of the guys and go for some cowgirl action, with some very hard poundings of her pussy. She climbs off and goes back to some missionary as they continue to have their way with her. One guy even gives her feet some love too, as she gets fucked in the pussy and a cock in her mouth. And then the guys start to cover her body and face with their cum. And not even that is enough, as she grabs her neck and plays with her pussy, as she gets a few more loads in her mouth and body, she rubs the cum all over body, and she just begs for more and she gets a few more before the scene comes to an end.

Scene Two: Asa and Manuel (1st Anal) (5/5 rating)

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We follow that up with a brief history of her career, and we find out that Gina Lynn deserves a great standing ovation for getting Asa into the porn industry. And then she talks about her anal scene with Manuel which we are about to see. She was nervous going into the scene but loved it after seeing it. She commends him on the size of his cock and that she is going to tell all who follow, that it’s ok she had Manuel in her ass. So the scene starts off with Asa in a bikini, giving the camera a nice tease and dance, showing off her amazing body. He top comes off, followed by her bottom and we see that she has a plug in her ass, in preparation of her upcoming scene. She pulls it out and gives it a lick and then slides it back in her ass. She replaces it with a clear one and continues to slip it in and out of her ass, and even shakes her booty as it is shoved in her ass. With the plug in her ass she walks into the house and , we cut to her and Manuel on the bed, and they are kissing and he has his face in between her tits, before he heads south to her pussy, as he licks it. They meet up and kiss some more and then he flips her around and pulls out the butt plug with his mouth and ends up giving it to her in her mouth, and then he dives back into her ass, as he rubs her pussy. But he doesn’t mess around as he shoves his cock in her pussy and gives it a good work out, and then she sucks on his cock, before she climbs on it and goes for a ride, cowgirl style, as he once again gives her pussy a real workout. After a brief break so she can catch her breath, she shoves a few fingers in her pussy, as he continues to pound her pussy. She follows up with some more oral, with some deep throating and face fucking and then he whispers to her face and she begs and pleads for his cock in her ass. So he slips beside her and slowly inserts his cock in her ass, as she tries to keep her breath as he starts off slow, and then quickly speeds up the thrusts in her ass. He grabs her hair and then she ends up on her back and they take turns choking her as he continues to fuck her ass. He grabs a hold of her and sets her on his lap for some reverse cowgirl action in her ass, as she stuff 4 fingers in her pussy, he stops for a brief second, but she tells him not to stop. She climbs off and dives her face into his ass, as she presents her ass to the camera, and then moves to the side of the bed and lets him continue to fuck her ass from behind. He grabs her and pulls her closer to him as he continues to work her ass over. She leans forward and then moves her body back and forth on his cock, but he then takes control once again with some hard pounding. She flips on her back for some missionary action, still in her ass, and then she reaches around and jerks him off while his cock is in her ass. She turns on her side and they look into each other’s eyes, and then they get a little rough once again with some choke holds and then he pauses and let’s her catch her breath and then goes back to work on her pussy, as she spreads her legs apart for him. But she ends up on top of him again, as he slips his cock back into her pussy and gives her a real ride, as she puts her arms behind her back. Some more hair pulling and ass slaps follow and then she leans all the way back on the bed, as he continues to work her ass over. And then they leave the bed, and she is leaning up against the wall and jerks him off, as he whispers to her, gives her a few slaps across the face and then throws her on the bed, she lands with her ass in the air, and he quickly goes back to work on her ass. It seems that maybe her ass is still not used to him inside as she gives him a few looks as he slips his cock in and out of her ass, but he goes back to pounding her ass pretty good, so I would say she is doing just fine. He gives her ass a little break as he dives his face into her ass, but then goes right back to working her ass over, while stuffing a few fingers in her pussy. He comes closer and she lets him know he can do whatever he wants to her and she ends up on the floor, stuffing her pussy and ass with her fingers as he gives her a money shot in her mouth and neck, but oh no, he isn’t done just yet. He goes back to fucking her ass, as cum drips off her face, she begs him to keep going until she cums again, which is soon enough, and this amazing scene comes to a close.

Scene Three: Asa and Jon and Prodigy (5/5 rating)

We start off with another brief interview about her sex life and how it matches her sex in her scenes. She also talks about the origin of insatiable in her life. She has always been a pretty sexual lady throughout her life. So as the scene starts, she is once again out for a stroll on the streets, wearing this amazing outfit that is going to cause a few accidents on the road. Luckily she ends up in the overflow/sewer tunnels, as she continues to strut her stuff. She starts sucking on lollipop to tease us some more as she starts to play with her boobs. Lord knows, most of us wish we were that piece of candy right now.  She turns around and shows off the booty as she slides her outfit off, and continues to shake her ass for us. She turns around and wiggles her pussy for the camera and then is instantly inside a house, as she makes her way to those lucky guys who are about to fuck her. She walks in nude, and starts to kiss them both and then leads them to the bed and sits them down, as one begins to lick her ass, while the other let’s her pull his cock out and begin to suck on it. But after he gets a good taste of her ass, he stands up and joins in the fun as she jerks and sucks off each guy. She leans back and play with her pussy and just looks in amazement at the two cocks she is about to devour. Jon goes in for her pussy as she gags on Prodigy. Prodigy picks her up and hangs on for some standing 69 action, and she still finds the time to keep Jon’s cock satisfied too. She ends up back on the floor with her ass in the air, as Jon dives in to get a taste. He then rubs his cock a few times on her pussy before finally slipping it into her pussy and goes to town on it. She begs him not to stop as he pounds her pussy, and then ends up riding Prodigy, so hard that he slips out, but she guides him right back into her pussy. But it’s finally Jon turn as he gets a crack at her pussy, while she has Prodigy in her mouth. But Jon may be having some issues, so she climbs back on Prodigy for some reverse cowgirl action in her pussy. She ends up on her back on the couch and jerks off one of the guys with her hands and the other with her feet, and then Jon takes another crack at her pussy and she seems to dripping with excitement already. After some deep dicking from Jon, Prodigy goes in for some more pussy pounding, as she gets really loud with excitement. She goes back to oral work on Prodigy and his balls, as Jon finger fucks her pussy, but she ends up on top of Prodigy for some cowgirl action, as she shoves a few fingers in her ass. She ends up back on her feet as Jon fucks her from behind and she continues to work over Prodigy’s cock. But Prodigy picks her up and shoves her pussy in his face and then lays her back on the couch and she begs them to be rough, so they slap her up a few times before they back to working over her pussy. Prodigy is the first to give her a money shot in the mouth, soon followed by Jon who gives her another one in her mouth. But he is not quite done, as she slaps her face with his cock until the scene comes to an end.

Scene Four: Asa and London and Manuel (5/5 rating)

Another interview where we learn she doesn’t like to rely on someone else, and her idea of the perfect date and what she likes in a man. And guys, she likes to laugh, so make sure and polish up on your comedy skills. She also likes a variety of guys that she works with, instead of working with the same guys all the time. She then takes about how submissive she is normal and how she had to try something new and be a more dominant in this upcoming scene. This is going to be a very rough scene, as she describes what turns her on. The scene starts as Asa walks around the house wearing some sexy lingerie, and then stops to give us a sexy tease and dance as she leans up against the wall. We then see that London is there too, as she begins to tease us as she is on the bed near the pool. London stands up and shows her ass off to the camera and then Asa starts to walk towards her and then joins her on the bed as London climbs on top and attacks Asa. They kiss as London rubs on Asa, and then heads south and begins to play with her pussy. But Asa takes control and gets her on her back and begins to work her pussy over with her hands and then dives in with her mouth. She wiggles with delight as Asa has her face so far into her pussy , working it over, while she wiggles her ass. She slides London’s panties off and goes back to finger banging her pussy until London gets her on her back, panties and stockings off and begins to lick her pretty little pussy some more. And as London has her ass in the air, Manuel comes in and dives his face right into her ass, and then grabs her neck as Asa works her pussy over with her hands, then Manuel joins in and I think there was some slight squirting already. But he ends up on his back and pants off as the girls double team his cock and then London sits on his face and he grabs a hold of her hair as he licks her pussy. She leans back and Asa chokes her a little and then they make a Asa sandwich as they all kiss. Asa then jerks him off a bit as London has her face in her ass, and then she slides forward and slides his cock into Asa’s pussy for some cowgirl action. She ends up leaning back with her arms behind as she seems to excite Manuel, and then London climbs aboard for some cowgirl action in her pussy, and her booty bounces for the camera. She leans back and Asa gives her a few smacks and chokes and then a few fingers in her ass, while he pounds her pussy. Manuel flips Asa on her back and works her pussy over, as London sits on her face, but then leans forward so she can lick the taste of her pussy off his cock. They continue with the rough stuff as he chokes Asa, and then she ends up sitting in his face as London works over his cock. He grabs London and throws her on her side and then starts to fuck her pussy as Asa sits on her face, and then Manuel goes back to choking her some more, and then Asa joins in and slaps her face a few times. Asa ends up climbing on top for some brief 69 action, but Manuel lifts her up and wants some more of London’s pussy, first with his cock and then his tongue. There is more choking and slapping action on London, and then Asa ends up licking Manuel’s ass while he fucks London. The girls double team his cock some more and then Asa ends up on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action and then slides off for a brief second, but London guides him back to her pussy. The girls are really working up a sweat in this scene and no one can accuse them of phoning this scene in, they are giving their all. As Asa works his cock over some more, Manuel holds back London before he lets her have another taste of his cock. Asa once again dives her face into his ass and balls. But then he ends up with Asa on his cock and London on his face as he has his way with these ladies. Asa then ends up jerking him off as London has her face in his ass and balls, and then ends up getting finger banged by Asa from behind. London ends up back on his cock for some more cowgirl action as she leans back and let’s Asa play with her pussy even more and even a few fingers in her ass too. Manuel sits on London and slides his cock in between her tits and reaches back and fingers her pussy till she squirts a little more. The girls rub their pussies together and then Manuel grabs Asa and after some begging, gives her a money shot in the mouth. She goes over to London and fingers her pussy as she lets the cum drip into her mouth. And Asa comes really close to making her squirt even more, but then the girls kiss and lick the cum off each other as the scene comes to an end.

Scene Five: Asa and Erik and Toni (1st DP) (5/5 rating)

Another interview and she talks about how the DP came to be, which was only just to be a three-way scene, but lucky for us, became much more. And how it almost didn’t show up on this DVD for us to enjoy. So here we go, once again she is wearing a sexy swimsuit, same outfit that is on the cover of the movie. She is dancing near a pool, as she teases the camera with that amazing body. Some great close ups of her booty and I am already really enjoying this scene. She then slowly starts to take off her suit, first showing off her tits and then some close ups of her ass as she slides her suit down. We then cut to her kissing Toni as Erik has he face deep in her ass. Toni then guides her hand down to his cock as she starts to jerk him off and then wraps her lips around his cock. Erik climbs under her ass and begins to lick her pussy some more as she continues to work her magic on Toni, gagging and getting face fucked. Erik stands up and shoves his cock in her face as she continues to make sure both guys are getting plenty of attention. Toni grabs her hair and starts to lead her to the couch, but once he sees her ass, he decides to give it a few slaps while fingering her pussy. And after she pleads for his cock, he slips it in and begins to fuck her from behind. She finally gets over to the couch and takes Erik from behind as she bobs on Toni’s cock. Toni ends up pulling her forward and then slips his cock in her pussy and goes to work on it, while Erik shoves his cock in her mouth to keep her quiet. She reaches back and shoves a few fingers in her ass. She makes her way to Erick for some more pussy action while she leans back and plays with Toni’s balls and cock. But Toni shoves his fingers in her pussy and fingers her till she squirts and then goes back to fucking her pussy. It seems that her pussy may be a little too wet as he slips in and out of her pussy a few times. She bends over on the couch and takes Erik from behind as she gets a few slaps from Toni until she shoves his cock in her mouth. She then gets choked from Toni as Erik is face first in her pussy and then is quickly back on Erik as she leans over and gags on Toni’s cock some more, before getting a few slaps in the face. She then climbs off Erik and onto Toni as he works her pussy over as he fingers her ass. Erik goes back to work on her pussy as Toni sits on her face and shoves his cock in her mouth and then sets his balls on her face. Once again she is working up a sweat and is at the point of losing her voice once again. He ends up shoving his foot in her mouth for a bit and then she turns around and lets him fuck her from behind, and she once again has a few fingers in her ass, but then he climbs on top and shoves his cock in her ass as she moans with delight. And then the magic moment happens as Erik slides his cock in her pussy and ladies and gentlemen, you just witnessed her first DP. The director asks if she wants to cut it out, but Asa just looks and tells her to keep filming as she is amazed by what she is feeling.  But luck has it that this is not a one time feeling as they get another DP going fairly soon after. I would like to point out the fact they haven’t tried to fix her makeup at any point, I know a few studios are known for that, I prefer the real raw look as the scene progresses. Anyways, back to the scene, the guys keep the DP going in various positions and she has the look on her face like she is riding on cloud nine right now. There give her a little break as Erik fucks her ass and she gags on Toni’s cock some more, while licking his feet and sucking on his tows. But eventually he asks is she wants her pussy fucked too, and she says yes as he slips his cock in her pussy for some more DP action, with some choking action thrown in. After that, the anal continues, with some more foot action until this great scene comes to an end as she gets a money shot in the mouth from Erik followed by another one from Toni in the mouth and on her chest. But Toni fingers the hell out of her pussy as she almost squirts once again.

We follow that up with some interesting facts about Asa that you may not know about her. And during the credits, you see the guys reaction when they find out that was her first DP, and a few more interviews and BTS.

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