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Teen America: Mission #4

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 2/24/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Robby D.
Cast: Gianna, Haley Paige, Jazmin, Jean Val Jean, Katsumi, Scott Nails, Tommy Gunn, Tyla Wynn.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Katsumi
Length: Length
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Two bonus points: one for condom-free sex and the second for the cast, which includes Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Katsumi.


If you've seen any of the previous installments of this kick-ass series, I hope that you'll agree that it is one of the best wall-to-wall series ever. Both my fellow critic Harry Ola and I agree that, in his words, "I really did enjoy this disc."

Director Robby D., who plays "Jack" behind the camera, spends less time setting up the whole Teen America concept in this installment than he does in previous episodes. For example, he doesn't spend as much time talking to his boss about what he's supposed to be doing. In addition, there are fewer "setup" shots of Teen America Headquarters than in previous installments. In addition, Jack doesn't interview all the girls in their places of employment. Bottom line, there's less time spent on dialog and MORE on white-hot sex. That's fine with me. However, since there's less dialog, this episode isn't as funny as the previous ones.

I strongly suggest that you watch this series in order from Mission 1 and beyond. That way, you'll fully understand the shenanigans that you see on the screen. Of course, you'll understand the sex no matter which disk you watch first.

In previous reviews of Teen America movies, I've commented on Jack's somewhat amateurish camerawork. I've e-chatted with Robby D. about this. Robby told me that some of the boo-boos that Jack makes are intentional since he is, after all, an amateur filmmaker. OK, I'll buy that. So, I suggested that Jack learn, from his mistakes, to better control his camera and set up the lights. I'm very pleased to say that Jack has indeed become a better videographer. I find no fault whatsoever in the video in Mission 4.

If you like white-hot sex and gorgeous girls, you've just gotta give Teen America a look.

Check out some photos of the girls in Teen America 4 here. Enjoy!


Scene One

In Scene One, absolutely darling, Latina, and brunette-haired Jazmin plays a newspaper girl, hawking papers on the street corner when Jack arrives to begin her interview. After chatting for a couple of minutes, she beckons Jack, and his lucky SOB sound guy Scott Nails, to follow her so she can show them why she's gonna win. In a secluded corner, sexy Jazmin slips her hand inside her skin-tight jeans and fondles her boobs through her tight white top. Of course, she eventually slips that top up so we can get a real good look at her northern assets (nice, natural, teen boobies!). She also slips down her jeans so we can savor her firm and shapely ass cheeks as well as her bald-shaven pussy! The guys, of course, grab handfuls of ass and comment on the softness of her skin. Meanwhile, she finger-fucks her asshole and inviting pussy. In Scott's words, she's "going for the gold!" Jazmin really wants to win, so she invites the guys to come over to her place after she gets off work.

As soon as the guys arrive, Jazmin confesses that she's pretty horny. So, without much ado, she bends over to present her ass to us. Scott immediately grabs her pants and slides them down and, as he does so, she demurely asks, "Can he slide his dick in my asshole?" What an invitation! However, before he gets to that point, he spends some quality time fondling her pretty body (especially her boobs), spanking her ass, and stripping off her clothes. Then, with a wicked sparkle in her eyes, she kneels down in front of Scott and plays with his rapidly swelling dick, still held captive by his underwear. "Do you like your cock sucked?" Hell, yes! "I like to fuck cock!" She then pulls down his shorts, takes his humongous penis into her mouth, and greedily worships it with hands, tongue, and mouth. She also gobbles his balls as she turns her triumphant eyes toward the camera. Very soon, Scott is forcefully fucking her throat--making her choke--as she makes absolutely delightful gurgling and slurping sounds (her eyes water!).

"So, what can I do so I can win?" Well, I don't know about you readers, but I can think of a couple of things! So can Scott! So, after this delightful fellatio segment comes to a close, Jazmin begs, "Can you put this in my pussy, please?" Well, that's a no-brainer! So, Scott has her lie down on a couch, missionary style, and inches his mammoth dick into her tight clean-shaven hole as she gasps for breath and shouts passionately. Jazmin arches her back in ecstasy as Scott pounds her slippery wet pussy balls-deep (she has a very capacious pussy) while the camera zooms in on the action. After a while, bold Jazmin asks, "You wanna do it doggie-style, baby?" She gets her wish and Scott pounds her hard and deep after she kneels down on a plush deep carpet (her all-natural boobs bounce delightfully as he fucks her). Jazmin's pleasure engine ignites quickly--especially when he sharply spanks her ass cheeks--and she soon cums all over his "fuckin' cock."

Afterward, she sweetly suggests, "you wanna go in my ass?" Believe me, Scott doesn't need any more convincing. However, his cock is so big that he needs to prepare her. So, he has her lie back, missionary style, on the couch and lift her legs high so he can work two two-inch diameter anal beads past her sphincter: "Those are some big balls!" Once both balls have been swallowed by her ass, Scott shoves his cock back into her pussy and fucks her DP style while she screams, cries, and giggles with delight: "Fuck my 19-year-old pussy, baby!" Next, be sure to run your DVD player in slow motion as Scott tugs the first anal ball out of Jazmin's tight asshole because her sphincter is a thing of beauty as it opens to release the ball and then snaps immediately closed. With one ball in and one out, Scott again fucks Jazmin's pussy. Later, he removes the second ball and has her suck the balls clean. Then, they transition to reverse cowgirl: Jazmin inches her body down until her super-tight anus swallows most of Scott's dick. Then, Scott plows her fast and deep while she fingers her own clit, finger-fucks her pussy, and shouts for joy. Eventually, she takes control and, as Scott remains motionless, Jazmin hurls her body up and down, forcing his dick deeper and deeper into her brown eye (excellent video). Nasty Jazmin takes time to perform ass-to-mouth (ATM) on Scott's lucky cock. Then, she again mounts him, this time in the cowgirl position, and fucks him deeply and spanks her own ass while we savor her first-class butt and hourglass figure.

In due course, they again transition to doggie and continue anal sex (randy Jazmin obviously loves the pounding). After more ATM, Scott fucks her ass spoon style (fabulous camera angles) hard and deep until she cums again. Scott and Jazmin are insatiable. So, they keep at it: Jazmin kneels, doggie style, and Scott fucks her spit-lubricated ass with two different transparent toys (Jazmin suckles the first while he fucks--and gapes--her with the second). Then, to finish up, Jazmin kneels before Scott as he jacks himself off into her wide-open and greedy mouth (she literally begs for his cum!). Then, after showing her cum-filled mouth to the camera, gluttonous Jazmin gargles and then swallows every drop. Awesome scene! Five stars.

Scene Two

Gianna, a cute brunette southern girl, plays a "food service engineer" in Scene Two. While she sits on a staircase taking a break and smoking a cigarette, Jack interviews her and finds out she's from Kentucky and that she wants to have sex with, you know it, the sound guy played by Jean Val Jean. What's her talent for the competition? "I can suck dick real good!" Before heading back to work, Gianna flashes her all natural boobs and thong-clad ass.

Later, Jack, Jean, and Gianna meet up at her place. When the guys arrive, Gianna's already nude, her arms are bound, and she is kneeling on the floor blindfolded--what a HOT look! Jean teases her with a crop and makes her grasp for its end using only her mouth (remember, she's blindfolded and can't see a thing!). She quickly finds the toy and then bites and licks it before Jean runs it across her body to tease and spank her (especially her nipples and bald-shaven pussy) and make her "really horny." After a few minutes of excellent teasing, Jean takes off his pants and slaps her face with his cock: "I like your dick on my face!" After swapping spit, Jean then makes her blindly fumble around for his cock. Of course, she finds it and then licks its head, spits on it, makes spit stringers, greedily sucks it, and deep-throats its length. She also blindly gobbles his balls. Meanwhile, she fingers her own sensitive clit.

Eventually, Jean removes her blindfold and unbinds her hands. Then, as soon as she sees his immense rod, exclaims, "WOW!" Of course, the sight of his dick makes her want it even more. So, she again gobbles it enthusiastically, and, while smiling broadly, takes almost all of it down her throat.

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Later, after swapping more spit, Gianna kneels on the floor so Jean can fuck her spit-lubricated pussy from behind. Jean slowly inches his dick deep inside her. Then, she hurls her body back and forth to force his cock in and out of her (her jiggling ass and small boobs look so fine as she pounds him). Of course, Jean does some fucking too, pounding her in earnest while spanking her ripe round ass. And, to increase her pleasure, Jean grabs her arms and uses them to pull and push her hard toward and away from his body (great shot-from-above footage). Later, they transition to missionary and, as Jean fucks her, he chokes her with his hand. And, she takes charge of her own clit by rubbing it vigorously with her hand. During this missionary sequence, they take breaks for a little cock cleaning oral action (she makes great slurping sounds as he fucks her throat). Then, in a position that's perfect to highlight Gianna's tight body, they vaginally fuck for a while spoon style. Jean takes advantage of the position to choke Gianna's throat, to spank her ass, and to pull on her hair, actions that make her pretty body even wilder with lust (great camera angles).

As the scene continues, Gianna again sucks her juices off Jean's cock, repeatedly spits her saliva into Jean's mouth, and then mounts him cowgirl style. Jean reams her very hard and deep as she whimpers and shouts passionately (great camera angles). And, to inflame Jean's passion, Gianna spews out nasty language. To finish up, Gianna energetically sucks and strokes his cock (lots of drool) until he's ready to pop. Then, he jacks himself all over her face, plastering her face, chin, and tits--as well as filling her mouth--with an inordinate amount of semen. Gianna spits her cum out of her mouth and it rolls off her chin and coats her chest. Four stars.

Scene Three

Darling brunette Tyla Wynn (she has GREAT natural boobs and mesmerizing eyes!) doesn't appear to have a job: at least, there's no at-work interview and she's only known as "The Anal Nut Job." She does, however, confess that she wants to be a horse trainer when she grows up. The interview begins in Tyla's living room as Scott Nails again plays the lucky SOB soundman. As Scott fumbles with the sound gear, "nut case" Tyla, dressed only with a frilly cowgirl vest, jumps around the room pretending to ride a toy horse (you know, those horse heads on a stick we "rode" as children). Of course, the horse's "nose" often finds its way deep into the tender folds between Tyla's thighs!

What's her special talent? "Sticking my horse tail in my ass." Whoa, she is a nut case! An anal nut case, that is! So, without further ado, Tyla bends over, doggie style, so that Scott can work a well-lubricated butt plug into her ass. Once it's inside, her sphincter holds it in place and the camera zooms in so we can see up her ass. After temporarily removing it, she licks it clean and hands it back to Scott for reinsertion. Once it's firmly in place, Scott erotically fondles Tyla's plump and pretty pussy with his fingers, probing and tickling it to great effect (at least from Tyla's perspective!).

Then, Scott presents his dick to Tyla who, of course, sucks it deep into her insatiable mouth and licks and strokes his spit-covered shaft with obvious gusto: "I want you to shove that fuckin' cock down my throat!" He does exactly that, forcing her to swallow and choke on it (it's very hot fellatio). During this segment, she also double-stuffs her mouth with both the ass-covered butt plug AND Scott's cock. And, she uses her tits to fuck his dick.

Once Tyla's ready for some cock-in-pussy action, she lies on her side on a couch so that Scott can fuck her spoon style (very nice shots of his dick penetrating her nicely-cropped pussy). Scott pounds her aggressively. Meanwhile, she fingers her own clit, talks nasty, and shouts out in ecstasy while the camera perfectly captures her superb body as it is engulfed with pleasure: "Bang your fuckin' balls against my pussy!" Responding to her plea to "fuck me harder," Scott reams her at redline speed. After some delightful pussy-to-mouth action ("I'm gonna get every wet drop of my pussy!"), followed by some more spoon-style sex (great camera angles and close-ups), they transition to cowgirl (especially appropriate for a horse trainer, no?). While Scott fucks her, Tyla grabs her horsetail butt plug, reaches around, and shoves it up her accommodating anus (she is, in effect, double penetrated). Tyla is, of course, a very nasty girl. And, to prove it, she repeatedly sucks her ass juices off the toy before replacing it in her voracious asshole. In fact, at one point, Tyla lifts herself off Scott and suckles both his cock and the butt plug at the same time. Of course, Scott continues to pound her very happy pussy throughout this segment.

Eventually, Tyla's ass has relaxed enough to take a real cock inside. So, she straddles him, reverse cowgirl style, and allows him to inch himself all the way into her. Once he's inside, he then pistons in and out as the camera captures first-class footage of Tyla's pretty pussy and ass as she anally swallows his cock (she pretends she's riding a real horse). This superb anal sex is repeatedly punctuated with nasty ATM as Scott force-feeds his aching dick deep into her throat. As they continue to please each other, they transition to doggie for more hot anal sex (Scott spanks her with the crop while they fuck). Tyla looks luscious in doggie: her pretty boobs bounce happily and her ass flesh jiggles provocatively as Scott reams her ass. Meanwhile, Tyla plays with the horse-head toy while shouting out: "Fuck me to the finish line!" So, Scott grabs and pulls her hair while fucking her ass (nice gapes) with increasing ferocity. Then, to finish up this hot scene, Scott jacks off onto Tyla's smiling and beaming face as she kneels before him. Afterward, she sucks his dick dry with her mouth. Four stars!

Scene Four

In Scene Four, Katsumi plays a cute and bubbly foreign exchange student who speaks not a word of English. She's a cute Asian girl who speaks French instead of Chinese or other Eastern language. Hilarious captions--that supposedly translate her French into English--are shown as subtitles during the "interview" that is held in her wealthy parents' home. The captions are unlikely to be literal translations--they're far too funny for that. But, I've got to admit that they're very nasty and provocative!

After this funny, yet non-communicative exchange, Jack and his sound guy (Tommy Gunn) pull up her school-girl skirt and discover that she's a really naughty girl because she's not wearing any panties. Naturally, the guys grab handfuls of ass and squeeze happily. They soon help her wiggle out of her skirt (wow, what a cute and tight body!) and bend her over so Tommy can rim her delicious asshole and probe her pussy with his tongue. In due course, the guys strip off her top and all I've got to say is "perfect!" Tommy and Jack both play with her gorgeous boobs as her breathing becomes more intense. Later, they gag her mouth and bind her hands with handcuffs. Then, they toss her, ass up, onto a bed. Strangely, they wonder why she squirms! She's too horny to stay still! Anyway, Tommy spreads her ass cheeks wide and fondles her pussy with spit-lubricated fingers before plunging his horny tongue deep into her vagina. Tommy spends several delicious minutes rimming her asshole and pleasing her pussy with tongue and fingers. He also spanks her perfect ass cheeks (awesome camera angles and close-ups) while she groans happily. Then, while Katsumi feigns terror, Tommy works a chain of three spit-covered anal beads up her asshole. As Katsumi's anus greedily devours each bead, her pretty sphincter snaps tightly closed. Meanwhile, Katsumi groans in obvious ecstasy.

When all three beads are firmly ensconced in her ass, Tommy takes off his pants, removes her gag, and shoves his dick into her now-available mouth. Katsumi literally attacks his dick, acting as if she's starving and it's a huge sausage. She spits on it, sucks it, licks it, strokes it, and swallows almost all of it while eying him wickedly. Meanwhile, she becomes so excited that her nipples engorge to mammoth proportions. Wow, what a high-energy blowjob! When you see it, I'm sure that you'd give almost everything you have to get such a blowjob from Katsumi! Damn, she literally ADORES cock!

After this exquisitely prolonged fellatio sequence comes to a close (actually, I wish it had gone on even longer--it's that good!), Tommy bends her over, doggie style, and tugs out the anal beads while Katsumi fingers her own clit. Tommy feeds her the beads, and she voraciously sucks her ass off of them. Then, after she rolls onto her side into the spoon position, Tommy slips his cock into her pussy (absolutely gorgeous footage of the insertion) and fucks her with slow and increasingly deep strokes while she cries out with pleasure. Tommy thrusts faster and faster: Katsumi's face betrays her intense delight as her breathing becomes increasingly labored (great camerawork). As Katsumi's pleasure builds to new heights, she takes control and hurls her hot little body back and forth on Tommy's dick.

Later, Tommy slips his cock out of her pussy and slowly inches into her immediately accommodating asshole. Then, she lifts her right leg high and out of the way so we get an outstanding view of the action (her plump pussy looks so pretty as it winks in sync with Tommy's deep and fast anal-plowing actions). Meanwhile, Katsumi shouts out with bliss as she works up to a fucking outstanding orgasm: her entire body tenses and then releases as pleasure envelops her. Then, after performing ATM on his cock to clean her ass juices off of it, they resume anal sex--this time in the doggie position. Katsumi reaches under her body and, as Jack eggs her on, uses her hand and fingers to rub her clit until she cums again. Afterward, Tommy gives her a few seconds to relax--by reaming her very slowly--and then resumes full-force fucking. After taking a break for some ATM and deep-throat oral sex (Katsumi is a champion cock sucker!), Katsumi straddles Tommy, cowgirl style, and shoves his dick back up her ass so he can again fuck her with fast, deep, and brutal strokes. However, insatiable Katsumi wants even more. So, she grinds her pussy against his body while she pounds him (nice moves, Katsumi). In fact, she pounds him so hard that he has to ask her to slow down (for fear of popping!). Later, she again sucks his cock clean and then mounts him reverse cowgirl style. She looks SO FUCKING FINE as she hurls her body up and down on him, forcing his cock deep into her ass. And, Katsumi must feel good, too, because, as soon as Tommy reaches down and fingers her clit, she explodes with yet another body quaking orgasm. Afterward, she eagerly sucks and strokes his dick and then the voracious couple moves into doggie for yet more fiery anal sex (nice gapes) during which Katsumi cums again.

Unbelievably, they're not finished yet! Instead, Katsumi rolls onto her back so Tommy can reinsert all three anal balls while she fingers her clit. Then, he fucks and gapes her pussy until he's close to popping (excellent camerawork). Then, Katsumi, nasty bitch that she is, reaches down and slowly tugs the anal balls out of her ass, causing herself to cum again (her entire body quivers and quakes!). Then, she sucks the balls clean. When Tommy can hold back no longer, he pulls out of Katsumi's pussy and shoots his load into her hand that is also holding the anal beads. Then, nasty Katsumi licks her hands--and the beads--clean while giggling triumphantly. This 40-minute-long scene is outstanding and is definitely award-winning quality. And, I'd definitely crown her Teen America for her performance in this scene. Five stars.

Scene Five

Whereas I'd give Katsumi the award for sexual performance, I'd give brunette Haley Paige, the star of Scene Five, the crown for cutest teen. Damn, I'm in love with yet another porn chick! (It's an occupational hazard to adult critics!). Jack and Scott Nails (again the sound guy) show up at Haley's house. As soon as she answers the door--all perky and excited--you KNOW she's gonna be hot. And, she's so damned cute that it hurts! Within seconds, she's topless (OUTSTANDING natural boobs!) and bending over so the guys can grab handfuls of her ass through her skin-tight short-short jeans. Then, knowing exactly what we want, she sits back on a chair and strips off those super tight jeans (she really has to wiggle to get them off her plump ass). Once her shorts have been tossed aside, she spreads her legs wide and reveals her hairy--yet nicely cropped and manicured--pussy. Haley is really bucking the "bald" trend and I'm glad to see her expressing her personality with her hair. She not only lets the guys touch her, but she also encourages them to spank her ass. Then, anxious to show us something, she walks across the living room (through the camera lens, we follow her at ass height) and then compresses her boobs and belly against a vertical sheet of clear transparent Plexiglas. Her bounteous boobs and perfect ass look very hot as they are forced against the Plexiglass. Meanwhile, Scott caresses her flesh, suckles and pinches her nipples, and probes her pussy with his fingers. "There's one more thing I gotta show you!" We again follow her (at ass level) across the room so she can grab her mammoth red-glass dildo and fuck her asshole while she bends over doggie style (Scott lends a hand by spreading her ass cheeks wide with his hands). As she pulls the toy's bulbous head out of her ass, she smiles, giggles, and asks, "You like it?" Duh! After some more sphincter-stretching toy action, she licks the toy clean, giggling as she tastes her ass. Then, she finger-fucks both her ass and pussy at the same time.

Scott likes what he sees so much that he asks if he can try. Haley giggles with true delight as Scott inserts not one finger into each hole, but multiple digits! And, he uses a spare thumb to finger her clit while he finger-fucks her holes. Eventually, Haley asks the guys if they want to see what she does at work. You see, she supposedly jacks off horses and bulls for a living (what a nasty job that would be!). So, she dons an ankle-length plastic apron (she's naked underneath) and explains that it's necessary to prevent the animal cum from getting all over her clothes. She really wants to show the guys how she works. But, alas, there is no horse available. So, of course, Scott volunteers. Haley then stretches a pair of gloves over her hands, applies some lube, and then gives Scott a once-in-a-lifetime two-handed handjob. Then, while establishing intense eye contact with you and me through the camera lens, she demurs: "Sometimes, I help them out a little bit--if they're having a little trouble--like this!" Of course, she then takes his oh-so-happy cock into her sweet teenaged mouth (I love the eye contact!). Believe me, once you see Haley stroke and suck Scott's dick, you'll definitely want to be alone with her! In due course, Haley also shows us another one of her "tricks:" she titty-fucks Scott's dick with her abundant breasts while, at the same time, suckling its head.

After more superb fellatio, highlighted by point-of-view (POV) camera work that emphasizes Haley's eye contact with us, Haley climbs on top of Scott so he can fuck her pussy cowgirl style. Once he's inside, he pistons in-and-out of her slippery wet hole (great camera angles and close-ups) while she groans and shouts with exuberance (her bouncing boobs look incredible). And, to increase her pleasure even more, she finger-fucks her asshole while rivers of her white girl juice ooze out of her vagina.

As the scene continues, they transition to reverse cowgirl: Haley inches her body down, forcing Scott's rigid dick deep into her asshole. Then, while Scott enjoys the ride, Haley hurls her body up and down, fucking the shit, so to speak, out of her ass while Scott pleases her clit with his fingers. Haley proves she's a nasty bitch by performing ATM on his cock before turning around and mounting him cowgirl style. This time, she instructs him to go "into my pussy" (the nasty girl does ass-to-pussy!). Then, as she bends down to drop her tits into his face, Scott fucks her balls-deep with fast and furious strokes until she declares, "let's put it back in my ass!" She does just that after transitioning to reverse cowgirl. Believe me, Haley looks so fucking fine in this position as Scott reams her tight anus. After more ATM/throat-fucking action (great eye contact with us), Haley and Scott alternate between vaginal and anal sex in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggie (nice gapes), and missionary (magnificent bouncing boobs). Haley finally succumbs to the pleasure in missionary and has a back-arching orgasm. To finish up, Scott jacks off until he plasters her gorgeous smiling face and bountiful boobs with his semen. Afterward, Haley turns her cum-covered beaming and triumphant face to the camera and smiles jubilantly. Haley, your smile is worth the price of this disk. Five stars.  

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The video is quite good. Lighting, camera angles, and color balance are all quite acceptable. A few edits seemed abrupt (I got the impression that I missed something). However, I must admit this is the best video in a Teen America installment so far. Four stars!

Audio (technical): The audio was well recorded and presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital. Since there's really no musical soundtrack, the 5.1 Dolby seems to be a bit overkill. Still, the moans and groans, as well as the dialog, are clear and crisp, if not out-of-the-ordinary. Four stars.

Extras: The Extras are pretty minimal in comparison to other contemporary adult DVD releases. Of course, there's a Chapter Index. There's also a manually-operated Photo Gallery and a self-running Slide Show (same photos as the Photo Gallery). Trailers of other Digital Playground releases and company contact information round out the offerings. Three stars.

Aesthetics: From a visual perspective, the aesthetics are pleasant. The locations in which the scene setups and sexual encounters occur are pleasing to the eye and are appropriate, but not extraordinary. The girls wear outfits that nicely support their "roles" in the movie and are nicely made-up. On the other hand, there was no attempt to support the on-screen action with music. Four stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.60
Average video rating: 4.00
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.32

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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