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Story of J, The

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 3/18/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Feature
Director: Celeste
Cast: Ben English, Eric Masterson, Jana Cova, Jaqueline, Jassie, Jelena Jensen, Jesse Jane, Justine,
Must-See Girls in Cast: Jesse Jane
Length: 01:30.
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free sex and a second for Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Jesse Jane.


The Story of J is one of the most intriguing and erotic visual experiences in which I've ever had the pleasure to partake. It marked the directorial debut of veteran pornstar Celeste (Bunny Luv) who was one of the most inspired directors in adult movies. Strong words? Yes, but I mean what I say. Drawing heavily from the work of Michael Ninn (if you ever saw Sex, Sex 2, Latex or Shock you'll know what I mean--just look at the antique TV set pictured on the boxcover!), Celeste weaves a compelling and completely lucid tale without using one word! Set in a style reminiscent of the silent movies of the early 20th century, The Story of J tells the story of a docile, timid, and fragile young woman whose idea of sex may best described by "endurance," Jesse is forced by her boyfriend (Mick Blue) to participate in a series of disciplinary experiences offered by mistresses Jana Cova, Justine, Jelena Jensen, and Jaqueline as well as Master Eric Masterson. Mick's goal? To make Jesse even more compliant and submissive. The outcome? Jesse becomes the dominant one, tossing away Mick for her new lover, Master Eric.

The silent-film feel of The Story of J is apparent on several planes. First, there is absolutely no dialog or sounds of sex. Instead, the on-screen action is superbly accompanied by stunningly appropriate music like silent movies were accompanied by orchestras or pipe organs. Second, in the same way that acts were announced in silent films, each of the several vignettes that comprise The Story of J begins when topless big-breasted Jelena Jensen holds up a placard on which is written the name of the forthcoming scene. Third, the performers must really "act" because there's no dialog to tell the tale. Jesse, in particular, must convey all the new and unfamiliar things she feels and experiences using just her face and body. Jesse is stupendous because she leaves absolutely no doubt in your mind about what she's thinking and feeling.

The Story of J is creative on so many levels. For one thing, imagine how much Celeste had to work and plan to find enough--and just the right--girls with names beginning with "J!" Jesse, Jana, Jassie, Justine, Jelena, and Jaqueline: each "J" girl is exactly right for the part she plays. In addition, Celeste's mix of retro technological devices (the round-cornered antique TV), bondage gear, chains, whips, candles, blonds, brunettes, and a sleek modernistic location results in a distinctive yet believable milieu in which to tell Jesse's story.

I must also applaud the obvious planning and thoughtful consideration that went into the production of The Story of J. Celeste considered and thought-through every aspect of the movie. Here's one prime example: all the "J" mistresses have clean-shaven pussies, but Jesse Jane has a bush. I've seen every one of Jesse's scenes and watched her film part of Erotique. She's always been clean-shaven! So, why the pubic hair? My first thought was so that Jesse's character would appear somehow different--somehow inexperienced--compared to the other girls. My reaction was confirmed by Celeste in her answer to my inquiry: "...I wanted a more naive look on Jesse." Talk about planning! It must have taken Jesse several weeks to grow out her hair!

Even though The Story of J is a story of domination and submission, I think that it is appropriate for couples because no one is really hurt. For example, when Jesse is supposedly "whipped," no marks of any kind appear on her: it's just a story and it's just acting. Actually, I was more "offended," as it were, by Jesse's initial fearful role as sex "recipient" than her eventual metamorphosis into a strong woman who can give as well as she takes. What may be appealing to women, and a bit frightening for guys, is that women can--and ought--to play the role of dominant--at least once in a while!

The Story of J contains five sex scenes, four that feature Jesse Jane (two boy/girl and two girl/girl) and one boy/girl that features Jassie. In each of the boy/girl scenes, there's hard-core in-and-out sex leading to orgasm. Jesse's outdoor girl/girl scene with Justine and a three-way all girl orgy also climax nicely. In addition to these five sex scenes, Jesse gives a quickie blowjob to Mick. The remainder of the movie is composed with numerous what I might call "sexual" scenes that, even though they are highly erotic and arousing, do not lead to anybody's orgasm. Instead, they are candle-lit bath scenes, disciplinary scenes, masturbation scenes, and the like. Even though these scenes are not really "sex" scenes, they are essential to the story. But, they do not contribute to the overall sex score of the movie--hence the "recommended" rather than "highly recommended" rating.

While most plot development in adult movies becomes either boring or highly unpleasant (due to bad acting), Celeste and her performers skillfully manage to keep the sexual tension high throughout the entire movie. She deserves a pat on the back for that.

Check out some photos of the girls in The Story of J here. Enjoy!


Note: It is really hard to describe this movie in the conventional scene-by-scene manner. Sorry, but you'll need to read along the following expository paragraphs!

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Scene One must have been very hard for Jesse Jane to create. After all, she's known as perhaps the most "into-it" sex performer ever and always seems to have a helluva good time while fucking. However, her character in The Story of J is extremely timid and shy and doesn't seem to like sex at all. In fact, one could say that she just tolerates having her pussy stuffed with Mick Blue's substantial cock. In any case, the scene begins as Jesse and Mick arrive at the house of the Mistresses "J" (Jana Cova, Justine, Jelena, and so on). Mick pounds on the door while Jesse uses her big eyes to scan her surroundings like a terrified deer caught in headlights. Once they gain access, Jesse meekly sits upon a lone chair in the entryway and, within seconds, Mick has her stripped down to her underwear, pulls out a dagger, and, to show her who's boss, touches the (apparently) sharp blade to her throat (he doesn't hurt her, just frightens her into submission). Then, he uses the knife to cut off Jesse's bra, which nearly causes her to cry while she struggles to cover her exposed breasts with her arms (awesome acting, Jesse). Meanwhile, in the musical soundtrack, melancholy strings sing their song of woe that, of course, serves to heighten the effect of Jesse's terror. After attempting to kiss her--it's hard because she's squirming with repulsion--he cuts off her panties to reveal her naturally hairy bush. Then, he runs the blade and handle of the dagger across her ripe flesh while suckling on her nipples. Soon, he sets aside the dagger and, instead, uses spit-lubricated fingers to tentatively probe her vagina before leaning her back on the chair so he can boldly go down on her with his tongue and fingers. He also slaps her clit with his hand. Against her will, Jesse's body starts to react to the pleasure and her pussy becomes wet as he finger-fucks her with multiple fingers. And, she doesn't resist the next time he tries to kiss her mouth. Later, Mick forces Jess to suck his cock, which she does with trepidation and distaste as a soprano sings a heart-wrenching aria. Eventually, Jesse, who looks absolutely stunning, succumbs to his dominance and lets him fuck her as they stand against a rock-sheathed wall. Mick fucks her with long slow strokes as the camera zooms in on her hairy pussy as it swallows him balls-deep. Then, after a bit more forced fellatio, Mick continues to ream her, again in the standing position (what an awesome position for sex!), then doggie style. Jesse looks so melancholy, and appears close to tears, as her pussy is forced to swallow Mick's cock while he pulls on her platinum-blond hair. (Again, it must have been very hard for Jesse to feign displeasure when she--according to every indication I've ever seen--adores sex!). Without the slightest concern for Jesse's pleasure, Mick cums quickly--all over her face (it's probably the best facial I've seen Jesse take!) as she stares at him with obvious and penetrating disgust. Mick leaves her as she turns her cum-covered yet despairing face to the camera. I hate to see girls misused or at all hurt in sex scenes. However, knowing Jesse, I know that she's doing an excellent job of acting and that she wasn't really mistreated. Four stars.

After Scene One, Mick hands Jesse's clothes over to the ever-present Jelena Jensen. Jelena, who always wears a maid's skirt and no top, looks fucking awesome and oh-so-erotic even though she never appears in a full-fledged sex scene (what a pity). Jesse is escorted by Jana Cova and Justine to be "groomed," a several-staged process that includes being fondled by the mistresses, dressed in transparent high-heeled shoes, and bathed sponges (the mistresses are oh-so-tender to Jesse's curvy body as they pamper her).

Later, Jelena physically drags Jesse Jane to the first stage of her re-education. Jesse, nude, fearfully enters a wood paneled room dominated by a huge stone fireplace where mistresses Jaqueline, Jelena, and Justine--topless and drinking a green potion--await her. The mistresses give Jesse's voluptuous and hard body a once-over with their eyes and, fortified by the green potion, lay her on a soft couch and begin to fondle and kiss her body. As the music changes from mournful to upbeat, Jesse's transformation begins. You see, for the first time in the movie, Jesse appears to enjoy being touched sexually, especially when the mistresses fuck her mouth and pussy with erotically beautiful glass toys (absolutely magnificent videography). In fact, Jesse starts to crave sexual feelings--instead of being repulsed by them--and her body begins to erotically undulate and thrust with pleasure as the toys disappear into her holes. In fact, although the silent-movie nature of the movie prevents one from knowing for sure, it appears that the mistresses cause Jesse to cum. Then, it's off to a candle-lit deck where mistresses Justine and Jaqueline give Jesse a sensuous bath in an oversized whirlpool-style tub (words cannot do justice to the beauty of this segment). There's just something SO appealing about water dripping off a drenched female body, especially when it trickles off her clit!

After Jesse is ritually purified with clean water, she's allowed to rest a while on a virginal white bed in a stunning wood-paneled room. Then, it's time for Jesse to learn discipline. Justine awakens her, forces her to kneel in a corner, and then spanks and whips her black-pantied ass. Dubbed-in spanking and whipping sounds coupled with slow-motion video and the lack of red welts on Jesse's flesh combine to create a dreamlike surreal effect. Throughout this dreamy disciplinary segment, Jesse does a fine job of using her face and body movements to show pain. Eventually, Justine determines that Jesse has been sufficiently disciplined. So, leaving her writhing in pain, Justine departs. Jesse, unable to contain her feelings, either cums so hard that rivers of her juices stream out of her panties or she loses control of her bladder and pees (whichever you'd prefer to believe!) Again, the scene is a dreamlike surreal effect in which Jesse seems to be in pain after being inflicted with a whipping that doesn't raise welts.

In due course, it's time for Mick to bid Jesse adieu when he leaves her so she can receive the remainder of her "treatment." To remind her who's boss, he makes her stare at a mirror upon which he's written "Sir Michael." After Mick and Jesse leave the room, Jelena, in a very prophetic move, erases "Sir Michael" from the mirror. In essence, she's erasing Mick from Jesse's life. Then, to celebrate Jesse's emancipation, Jelena rips her panties open and masturbates while sitting on a cabinet next to the mirror.

As Jesse's re-education continues, Jana Cova, Justine, and Jaqueline accompany Jesse to the living room where Ben English gets to choose between her and Jassie. While Ben samples a glass of wine, Jesse and Jassie snuggle up to Ben, hoping to be chosen. Ben eventually chooses Jassie and Jesse, looking dejected, reluctantly moves away to sit and watch. Ben immediately begins to work his randy hands across Jassie's tight, hard, body and to squeeze her tiny natural boobs. He, like Mick, retrieves a dagger, runs its tip across Jassie's boobs, erect nipples, and throat (instead of fearing the blade like Jesse, Jassie relishes its touch). Then, Ben cuts the straps holding Jassie's outfit together until it falls onto the floor leaving her nude. Once she's naked, Jassie licks the sharp cold steel of the knife before pulling Ben's huge cock out of his pants for some spirited and very enjoyable fellatio (Jassie shows Jesse that having a cock in your mouth doesn't have to be unpleasant!). Meanwhile, she uses a free hand to pleasure her own clit. Sex begins--without cunnilingus--when Jassie sits on Ben's cock, reverse cowgirl style, and matches his balls-deep strokes with her own sexy thrusts (great close-up and wide shots highlight Jassie's small--yet so pretty boobs--as they bounce for joy in sync with Ben's fast strokes. Later, they spend some very pretty time in the spoon position as tight close-ups highlight Jassie's hugely engorged clit. Then, it's on to missionary for some extra-deep in-and-out action that causes Jassie to cum with a back-arching orgasm. Unwilling to let her down from her orgasmic high, Ben continues to bang her hard until he's ready to cum. His orgasm is extremely unique: as Jassie kneels before him, he ejaculates into a crystal wine glass while she dreamily watches him. Then, she licks his wayward semen off the outside of the glass. I truly wish she had lifted that glass to her mouth and drank his cum. Alas, it didn't happen. Four stars.

As Jesse's transformation continues, Justine joins her outside for a little girl-on-girl playtime. After gently offering Jesse her tongue, Justine is rewarded when Jesse accepts it and gives her back a little, too. Justine then attacks Jesse's big boobs by slapping them and spends some time licking and suckling those boobs as well as her neck. Then, Justine spreads Jesse's legs wide and goes down on her pussy with tongue and fingers, gently opening Jesse's labia with her fingers so her tongue can penetrate deeper. Jesse's transformation becomes even more assured as she feels so fucking good when Justine suckles and tickles her clit. In fact, Jesse starts to feel randy herself. So, she squeezes Justine's nipples until they become hard and erect and even uses her hands to probe and please Justine's pussy as Justine heaves with pleasure. In due course, both girls mutually masturbate each other, each girl's fingers deep inside the other girl's pussy. Then, in the sweetest part of the movie so far, Jesse's transformation nears completion: she smiles wickedly--yet genuinely--when she and Justine lock their tongues together in a most pleasant duel. This footage is so delightful that I stopped by DVD player and savored Jesse's radiantly happy face as her tongue embraces Justine's. Awesome! The girls continue their lovemaking until skillful Justine gives Jesse a volcanic orgasm. Four and one-half stars.

As Justine and Jesse are finishing up, Jelena, topless and wearing her maid's outfit, arrives on the scene, gets turned on, masturbates, and fondles her fucking gorgeous boobs until Justine and Jesse are sated (in fact, Jesse is so sexually drained that she cannot stand by herself!). Then, Justine leads Jesse away to learn "restraint." Jesse, bound with coils of rope (she looks unbelievable!), is forced to sit atop an ancient flickering TV that actually shows live video of Jesse as she's being taped by Jelena. In other words, in real time, you can see two images of Jesse, one "real" and the other a video image on the TV screen. Jesse has no choice but to watch Jana Cova and Jaqueline as they kneel, right before her eyes, and engage in a delightful tongue swordfight. Jana and Jaqueline, noticing the TV, become so engrossed in the images that they actually fondle Jesse's on-screen boobs! Eventually, the girls come to the conclusion that fondling Jesse's real body might be more fun than playing with a video image. So, they do just that, delicately stroking and caressing Jesse's body as Jelena continues to record everything that transpires. Then, as Jesse watches, Jana and Jaqueline go after each other with tongues, mouths, and fingers. Just as I was thinking that Jesse was being neglected, Justine arrives on the scene and rectifies the situation by grabbing and squeezing handfuls of Jesse's big breasts and by kissing her sweetly (great tongue-on-tongue action). Abruptly, Justine leaves. So, once again, Jesse is forced to watch the other girls as they multiple-finger-fuck and lick each others' pussies. Poor Jesse: she WANTS SOME NOW! Jesse's restraint lesson ends with absolutely no restraint: Jana, Jaqueline, and Jesse each takes control of her own pussy, masturbates, and writhes until she cums. Meanwhile, Jelena videotapes everything she sees and plays with her awesome breasts. Four and one-half stars.

Mick returns to find Jesse asleep. When he awakens her, she seems genuinely happy to see him, smiles broadly, and hugs him tight. Meanwhile, Jelena watches them as distaste screams from her face. After dressing in very sexy black outfit and applying lipstick to her nipples (this is extremely hot to watch!), Jesse is allowed to choose between Mick and Eric Masterson, who appears to be the master of the house. Unsure, Jesse finally picks Eric. So, the ubiquitous maid Jelena and Mick disappear to give Jesse and Eric some privacy. In comparison to her initial boy-girl with Mick, Jesse is quite active and forceful (although one cannot really say "dominant" yet). She willingly shows off her awesome body, eagerly sticks out her ass for Eric to spank, seductively strips out of her thong as Eric caresses her fine buttocks, takes pleasure in Eric's kisses and caresses, enthusiastically allows him to multiple-finger-fuck her pussy, eats her juices off Eric's hand, and, most importantly, is no longer meek, naïve, fearful, or fragile: "I am Jesse, see me roar!" As the scene progresses, Jesse gives Eric an enthusiastic, slobbery, and eager blowjob, taking his rod completely down her throat. When it's time for Eric to penetrate her, she truly enjoys getting fucked--first in the missionary position, then reverse cowgirl style. Jesse looks unbelievably fine in this position as she erotically undulates her hips, grinds her pussy as it swallows his cock, and joyfully thrusts her body. Without giving Jesse a chance to cum, Eric has her kneel before him so he can unloose his load onto her face and tits. She lovingly licks his cock as its quivering subsides. Four stars!

Newly sure and confident Jesse wants to take some control of her sex life with Mick. But, no, that's not what HE wants! Still, she takes charge, pulls down his pants, and gives him a very spirited hand/blowjob (through ejaculation) to show that she, too, can be dominant. Although Mick obviously enjoyed the fellatio, he doesn't like her having any control whatsoever. So, it's over between them. Mick gets mad and leaves Jesse with Eric and the two of them become a couple. The other "J" mistresses become quite jealous of Jesse and seek their revenge by having Justine whip her. However, in the middle of the thrashing, Jesse is transformed from submissive to dominant, grabs the whip, and shows Justine who the new boss really is. Then, in a bizarre sequence, Jesse imagines herself dead on the ground, crime-scene tape surrounding her precious body. That dead body, of course, represents her old self. Her new self, however, walks into the future with Eric.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The video is excellent in every conceivable regard. Robby D. is credited as the videographer. It is obvious that his many years of behind-the-camera experience paid big dividends. Five stars.

Audio (technical): I know the movie is supposed to be reminiscent of silent movies. Still, I miss hearing the performers during sex. Otherwise, the 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound is superb in every regard. Four stars.

Extras: Below average. Usually, Digital Playground releases tend to have excellent extras. However, the last couple of their DVDs that I've reviewed have left a lot to be desired. This one has only a text-based biography of Jesse Jane, Photo Gallery, Company Info, Trailers, and the sort of things one really expects today like Full Motion Chapter Selection. Where is, at the very least, the Behind the Scenes feature? Where's the bonus scene? Where are the sort of extras that make DVDs superior to tapes? Two stars.

Aesthetics: Superb. Other than what I've said in the Synopsis above, the only thing I'll mention here is the perfect choice of music to accompany each scene! Absolutely magnificent. Five stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.20
Average video rating: 5.00
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 5.00
Extras rating: 2.00
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.44

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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