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Battle Bang 1

Studio: Other » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 2/22/11

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Battle Bang 1
Antigua Pictures
Created by Felix Fast and Kevin Musser
Running Time: 1hr and 24min
Price: 23.99


Lexi Belle
Isis Love
Kelly Divine
Stacy Adams
Rico Strong
Danny Mountain
Keni Styles
Ryan Blaze
Suicide Jimmy (host)

Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
BJ Loop
Sex Loop
Cum Shot Loop
Strip Downs (23 minute montage of the ladies stripping off their clothes)
Web Site Info
Fights Only
Trailers (3 trailers)

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So I have to say that I am not a huge fan of MMA type fighting, I used to really be into wrestling, WWE and ECW when I was in college, but for some reason, never got into UFC and stuff like that. So that may factor into my review a little, although I am always excited to see the very cute and sexy Lexi Belle, so it may not be that bad. But with the two matches and sex, I have to say that the winner for the fighting, is the second match, while the sex award goes to the first match, but neither were all that great. The audio and video were average, the only real issue was the fact you could hear the other sex during the loser sex in the first round, but I am sure stuff like that will get fixed as the series goes on. The special features were actually pretty decent, you can choose what you want to watch, the Strip Downs, BJ, Sex or even just the fights. So no matter what aspect of this movie you liked, you can pretty much just watch that part. So at least it has that going for it. I am going to give this a RENT IT rating, because if your into MMA fighting and porn, this is a perfect match for you, nothing you should own just yet, but maybe down the road as the series continues it will get better.

Match One: Keni Styles vs. Ryan Blaze, winner gets Lexi Belle and loser gets punished by Kelly Devine

I am not going to tell you who win the matches, just in case you really want to check this out, no spoilers on the fight. And then even do a pretty good job of hiding who is fucking who on the back of the DVD case.  So they are treating this like a real match, with pre-fight interviews, some trash talking and they all want to fuck Lexi Belle, so you can’t blame them. She even gets to tease them as she is also the ring card girl. So they break up the rounds, 1st round is submission/grappling, and the second, is the kickboxing round.

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So after awhile we finally get to the sex aspect of this movie. So the winner gets his shot at Lexi Belle. And she attacks the winner and is all over him, wiggling her hips for the camera, and then he releases her tits and dives face first into them, and then she gets down on her knees and gives him some victory oral for his cock. But he wants a crack at her ass, so he slips her bottoms off and she sits on his face, while she leans forward and continues to suck on his cock, before slipping forward and onto his cock for some reverse cowgirl action. She hops up and down on his cock and then goes back to sucking on it, then climbs back on for some cowgirl action. We then cut to some missionary on the floor as she moans with delight as he gives her pussy a workout. He then leans her forward and licks her ass and pussy  and then lunges her forward and she ends up sitting on his face again, and they do a few rolls, all the time he is face first in her amazing ass and pussy. He stands up and she goes back to work on his cock, and rubs his balls, before she ends up back on the floor for some more pussy licking by him. She seems to be really ticklish or something as the scene continues. She then presents her ass to the winner as he fucks her pussy from behind as her face is in the mat. He then shows off his balance skills as she does a hand stand against the rail as she sucks he cocks, and then lets him down and sits on his lap until he gets her back on her back for some more missionary action. She climbs on top for some more cowgirl action, but after he slips out he picks her and lets her bounce on his cock as she climbs the wall. She then gets back on the ground and jerks him off until he gives her a victory money shot in the mouth.

It’s the loser turn, and Kelly is determined to choke him with her huge ass. After some pushing and shoving, and a few slaps, he is naked on the floor, working his cock over, while he reaches her for pussy and rubs it. So maybe losing isn’t so bad after all. I think it is too early to tell, the winner got the best girl in my opinion. She slips out of her bottoms and presents her ass to him, and after a few slaps, he slides his cock into her pussy. You can hear Lexi in the background, I guess they shot both scenes at the same time, perhaps not a good thing if you are going to hear the other girl during this scene. So back to the sex, she continues to bounce her ass on his cock, as he gives her a few slaps and then she asks if he is ready for her ass, he says yes, so she slowly backs up and slips his cock into her ass and continues to bounce that booty on his cock. She licks the taste of her ass off his cock and then tells him to lay down and she sits on his face and tries to suffocate him, but then decides to let him lick her pussy and then leans forward to suck on his cock some more. After that, he gets another shot at her ass, in some reverse cowgirl action. I though she was going to punish him, she taking it too easy on him. The anal continues with some missionary, as she tells him to punish her, as she screams she is about to cum on his cock. He follows that up with some spoon action in her ass, and then pulls out and cums in her mouth.

Match Two: Danny Mountain vs. Rico Strong and the winner gets Isis Love and the loser Stacy Adams

So once again, I am not going to spoil the fight, so that you can see on your own. Once again the first round is the grappling round, followed by a boxing round, and I guess they only go two rounds.

So the winner gets Isis and she asks if he has enough energy for her, she jumps on him and they kiss for a bit and then she ends up on her knees and begins to suck on his cock, her prize. She slips her bottoms off and then sits on his face, while she continues to suck on his cock. He licks her ass and pussy as she continues to deep throat his cock. She then spins around and tells him to don’t move as she slips his cock in her pussy and bounces that ass as she takes him in her pussy. She then stops and lets him take control for a bit and then she once again rides him as he lays there, she seems to like it better that way.  She then gives his cock a few slaps, but then kisses it, before she goes back to work on it. She then plays a little hard to get as she teases him with her booty but he eventually slips back into her pussy and fucks her from behind. After that the winner dives his face into her pussy and goes to work on it, and she says she almost squirted in his face. So after that he goes back to fucking her pussy on the floor. She then shows off her flexibility as she licks her feet and then he gives her a money shot in the mouth, I was almost sure there for awhile that he did already in her pussy, but I guess not.

So now it’s the losers turn for Stacy. Who walks in and shoves her huge tits in face and then tries to get him going, but apparently he isn’t up for it. So in Battle Bang that means they bring the winner and he gets to punish her, and he has his cock out and she slips it in between her tits and then we cut to some spoon action on the floor. After some pussy work, he shoves his cock in her mouth and fingers her pussy as she moans with delight. He follows that with some doggy action as her ass is up and face is down in the mat. We quickly cut to some reverse cowgirl action. He seems to have enough juice to give her a money shot in the mouth as she begs for it. She licks off his cock as the scene comes to an end.

We get a preview of the next episode and it looks the loser is really going to get punished in the next fight.

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