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Buy A Bride (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 2/27/11

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Buy A Bride
Digital Playground
DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack
Directed by Robby D
Price: 29.99
Running Time: 2hrs and 11min


Angel Dark
Nikki Benz
Haley Cummings
Lou Charmelle
Mick Blue
Manuel Ferrara
Tommy Gunn
Scott Nails


Special Features:

Shot in HD
Digital Surround 5.1
Region Free
Special Bonus Trailers (14 trailers, although I don’t think they are really current titles, seems to be the same ones I have seen over and over again)
1920 x 1080
Photo Gallery
Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes Featurette (11 minutes of your basic interviews, we get to see the bruise on Nikki’s ass and some footage of the photo shoots and a weird 3D music video and some of the cast practicing their lines)

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 640 kbps

Video: AVC at around 20 Mbps


Shot in HD
Digital Surround 5.1
Region Free
Special Bonus Trailers (8 trailers)
16 x9 Widescreen Format
Slide Show/Photo Gallery
Motion Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes Featurette (same as Blu-ray)

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 448 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-5 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So from now on my reviews are going to cover a few movies I have purchased on my own, some of the screeners that Houston has sent me and the regular screeners that I have signed up to review for the site. And this is the first of the ones that I bought on my own. I was really looking forward to seeing this movie after I watched the trailer, I thought Angel looked amazing as always and I thought this was going to be Tommy’s time to shine as a male lead. I think he did a great job in the film showing off his acting skills. But when it comes to the sex that is where this movie really disappoints, I think they wasted Angel, she is beautiful and is usually amazing in her scenes, but I don’ t think they did a good job of showing off what she can bring to the table.  I know some of the scores are high, but you can deny the fact that the audio is great and the usual problems popped up for the video aspect. And plus the special features are decent, but like I said it’s the same trailers and very short BTS that you have seen in all of the Digital Playground movies, but I still consider the DVD/Blu-ray Combo part to be a special feature. So even though the scores come about to a Recommended rating, I am going to bump it down to a RENT IT rating, cause most of the high scores are for the technical stuff, and they help out the poor scores for the sex scenes. I could have easily given the scenes with Angel a 5/5 but the camera ruined what should have been a great scene.

Scene One: Lou and Mick (2/5 rating)

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We get a little story before the action gets going, Tommy is waking up and hitting the shower as Nikki makes his bed and then gets a quick peak of him as he showers, and she really seems to like what she sees. He gets out of the shower and she has his clothes out on the bed, and is making him breakfast. Scott seems to crash the breakfast and tries to get some free food and tries to put some moves on Nikki, but she blows him off. At work, Tommy is looking over a dating site and his co worker comes in and tells him how she met her husband, and a buy a bride type site. She gets a call from her man, Mick, and we see that he is cheating on her with Lou. They start their “workout” with some kissing and then exposes her boobs, then she climbs on his lap and they continue to kiss. She takes his short off and then goes for his pants and pulls out his cock and jerks him off for a bit, as he helps her get out of her clothes. He rubs her pussy a bit and then she shoves his cock into her mouth and begins to work it over. After a bit, he sets her on the side of the couch and dives into her pussy. We  have a pierced tongue, bellybutton and pussy on Lou, for those that are into that kind of thing. The view of the action is a little hard to see at this point, but she spreads her legs a bit to help us see what is going on.  He comes up for air and some kisses and then she ends up on his cock for some cowgirl action in her pussy. He gives her a few ass slaps as she hops on his cock. He then picks her up and sets her down on her back and continues to work her pussy over with his cock. He pulls out and she sucks on his cock some more and then ends up with his cock back in her pussy pretty quick. She flips around and he dives his face in her ass and licks away before he slips his cock in her pussy for some doggy action, which leads to some anal action too as he slowly slips it in. He pulls out and she sucks the taste of her ass off his cock, and then gets face fucked while he grabs on to her long black hair. She climbs on top again for some more anal action, this time for some reverse cowgirl action. Some slight focusing issues pop up during this position, as they get up close and personal on the action. We see that Mick is working up a sweat as she is on her knees, working over his cock and jerking him off until he cums in her mouth and she then licks off his cock as the scene come to an end.

Scene Two: Haley and Scott (1/5 rating)

We cut back to Tommy and Haley, and she has to leave cause of a meeting, and Scott barges in and sees Tommy looking at the buy a bride website. They see Angel’s profile and seem to like what they see. Scott gets a call and has to leave, and he meets Haley in the bathroom, as they celebrate hump day. He pulls her top down and plays with her big tits, squeezing and juggling them. She gets on her knees and he slides his pants down and pulls his cock out and she works him over pretty good. The camera gives us a nice view of her tits as they jiggle as she works his cock over. And because she has big tits, you knew some titty fucking was coming. And finally after a long oral session she is bent over and leaning against the urinal as he fucks her from behind. I am starting to see some of the ole camera being focused on one spot a little too long that seems to pop up once in awhile in Digital Playground movies. Anyways, she ends up back on her knees as she tastes her pussy on his cock and then ends up getting fucked from behind once again. After some more oral from her she climbs on top of him for some reverse cowgirl action in her pussy. She flips around and continues to ride him for some cowgirl action, as she bounces and wiggles her booty on his cock. She ends up on the floor once again with his cock in between her tits and fucks her tits until he gives her a money shot on her tits.

Scene Three: Angel and Scott (3/5 rating)

Back to Tommy as he is entering his info and trying to bid on Angel, but it seems that Scott is also trying to outbid him. He gives him a call and they continue to fight for her and Tommy ends up winning the bid for her. A few weeks later we see Tommy, Nikki, Manuel and Scott are all there waiting for Angel to show up and Scott is once again being the asshole. Angel finally shows up and he introduces her to his friends. Just gotta say that Angel looks amazing and he is a lucky guy. The next morning Angel is asking questions to Nikki and then seems to be a little bossy to Nikki, and Tommy comes in and invites her to meet him for lunch. She shows up, looking amazing yet again, he says he needs a few more minutes, so she heads to the bathroom, but stops and talks to Scott. She knows that he was also bidding on her, but it looks like he is going to win after all. He slips some money in her bra and then she climbs on his lap and he grabs a hold of her tits, as her skirt goes up to show off her amazing ass. She begins to rub his crotch as he plays with her pussy, and then leans her back and dives his face into her pussy. Not a great angle at the moment, so we can’t really see what is going on. But I am guessing from the look on her face and the noises, that he is doing a great job down there. He slides her panties off and is face first in her pussy, licking her as he spreads her pussy wide open. He shoves a finger in her pussy and works it over a bit, and then teases her pussy with his cock, before sliding it in her. After a bit she goes to work on his cock, as she concentrates on the tip, and licking his balls a few times. I really want to give this scene a better score, but the camera work once again interferes with the enjoyment of this scene. They continue with some titty fucking, wow that two in a row for Scott so far. She sits on the end of the desk and rubs her pussy , while he gets the rest of his clothes off. He ends up laying on the desk and she works over his cock some more, and then climbs on top and guides his cock into her pussy for some cowgirl action. We get a few shots from the front as he has a hold of her tits and she gives him a few kisses. But she ends up turning around for some reverse cowgirl action in her ass. While still in her ass, he turns her on her side for some spoon action, as he continues to fuck her ass. We then get a close up of her ass, as he spits on it and then slides his cock in her ass as he fucks her from behind. She looks back and gives him a few glances as she moans with delight. As she is on her knees, he gives her a money shot in the mouth and then licks his cock off.

Scene Four: Angel and Manuel (3/5 rating)

She makes her way back to Tommy and they leave for lunch. And she makes a big deal about Nikki joining them for lunch. But Nikki leaves cause she has a date. Later we see that Manuel shows up to fix some plumbing and he asks about how she is liking it so far. It seems to be going fine, she asks if he likes prostitutes as she lifts up her top and then moves in for a kiss. They make their way to the bed and he climbs on top of her and plays with her tits. Some more kissing and fondling as she lifts his shirt off and then he heads south and slips her panties off and begins to work her pussy over with his tongue. There really seems to be some great chemistry and heat between these two and it looks like I am in for a great scene. She slips over and sticks her ass in the air and he dives in and then brings her closer for some more kissing. She wants a little more than kissing, so she gets his pants off and begins to suck on his cock, and then climbs on him for some 69 action as she continues to work him over. The camera focus mostly on her working over his cock and not of him eating out her pussy and ass. The rest of her clothes come off and he slips beside her for some spoon action in her pussy, slow and steady at first. But then speeds up as she switches to some doggy action. So once again, I am starting to think they are taking a pretty hot scene and ruining it for us, especially with their choices to what to focus the camera on. With these two and the heat they had at the beginning of the scene, it seems to be quickly dying as the scene goes along. They switch to some cowgirl action, as she grinds her hips on his cock. She leans back and continues to ride him as works over her pussy, well I am guessing it’s her pussy, can’t really tell at this point. After awhile I finally see it is her pussy that he is working over. She sucks on his cock a little and then slides it in between her tits and then back in her mouth, but he wants his cock in her pussy. So they switch to some doggy style as we see Nikki sees them and starts to film them, maybe she is doing a better job at it. Anyways the doggy continues until he cums all over her back and ass. She tells him that he should leave before Tommy gets home.

Scene Five: Nikki and Tommy (2/5 rating)

We cut to Tommy in his car, and he has a ring and he is practicing how he is going to propose to her. But before he can, Nikki shows him the footage of her and Manuel. He seems pretty sad and Nikki tells him that she has been there for him the whole time, and then gives him a little help as she pulls down her top. She leans him back and they kiss and she helps him take his shirt off. She goes to open his pants, but he goes for her boobs again and then helps her with her skirt. She finally gets a hold of his cock and begins to work it over, as she licks and strokes it. She does a really good job showing off her oral skills for him. But we cut to her as she is on top of him and he slides his cock into her pussy and fucks her pussy as she hops on his cock, and lucky for him, her tits are within reach so he can grab on tight. She makes it a little easier as she leans forward so he can suck on her tits while she gets fucked. Once again you would think the sex would be pretty hot between these two, considering there has been some sexual tension during the movie, but I am really not feeling it all. The fucking continues with some spoon action, which leads to some brief oral and then he fucks her pussy some more as he hovers above her ass. The scene ends as he gives her a money shot in the mouth and she licks up every drop of cum as it drips off her chin. The movie comes to an end as we see Angel in the car with Scott and looks like everyone got what they wanted in the end.

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