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Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 3/25/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Robby D.
Cast: Faith, Jayna Oso, Jenna Presley, Jerry, Jessi Summers, Kaiya Lynn, Marco Banderas, Richard Raymond, Roxy Deville, Sativa Rose, Scott Nails, Sophia Santi.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Jenna Presley, Roxy Deville, and Sophia Santi.
Length: Length
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Two bonus stars: one for condom-free sex and the second for the three Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls in the cast: Jenna Presley, Roxy Deville, and Sophia Santi.


Deeper is an all-sex release by director Robby D that is composed of eight scenes. As you can imagine, each of the nine featured girls wants it deeper! In fact, they literally beg their partners to penetrate their bodies to new and unexplored depths.

Deeper is highly reminiscent of the work of former Digital Playground director, Celeste. That actually makes sense because Robby handled the photography for Celeste's movies. So, the quality of the video imagery is just about as perfect as you can expect from an adult release. The sex is beautifully performed and beautifully captured. And, it is well inside the box so couples should find it quite satisfying (be aware that Scene Eight is all-anal).

Deeper varies from Celeste's releases in that the video is not shown in slow-motion and there is an actual moans and groans soundtrack instead of music-only audio. It addition, Robby sets up scenes in a more off-the-wall fashion than does Celeste. For example, in Scene Five Marco Banderas fucks three different girls (Jenna Presley, Kaiya Lynn, and Jayna Oso)--but not at the same time. When he's banging one girl, the other two are completely absent from the scene. Bottom line, what could have been an awesome orgy becomes numerous serial couplings. Even more peculiar, while Marco is fucking each of the three delectable girls, he's actually thinking of none other than Jesse Jane! In fact, he has a large-sized poster that he places between himself and the girl he's with so that he can "pretend" he's with Jesse! Not only that, he blows his load all over the poster at the end of the scene! Hell, I adore Jesse Jane. However, I truly believe in the old song, "Love the One You're With!"

Deeper answers the question that I posed when I first heard that Digital Playground signed the gloriously-beautiful Sophia Santi to an exclusive contract. You see, Sophia is a girl/girl-only performer. Knowing Digital Playground's roster of directors (Joone, Robby D., and Celeste), I wondered how they'd make use of a girl/girl-only performer. After all, Robby seldom shoots girl/girl scenes and Joone generally shoots only a couple of movies per year in which he could use girl/girl scenes (of course, they're blockbusters of the Pirates or Island Fever variety). So, my thought was that Celeste would direct most of Sophia's movies.

Well, I was obviously wrong because Deeper is a Robby D. experience. And, Sophia doesn't touch a girl at any time during the movie. So, what does she do? She and Scott Nails masturbate with a sheet of clear glass between them. Even though they both get off, they never touch each other!

Speaking of Scott Nails...is anybody else getting a bit tired of him? Of course, he's the biggest (and, perhaps, longest!) stud in porn right now. However, did Robby D. really have to cast him in five out of eight scenes in this movie? Maybe Scott gives Digital Playground a "cheaper by the dozen" discount. In any case, it's quite clear that Deeper is not a Sophia Santi movie (I wish it was). Instead, it seems to be an excuse for Scott to get his rocks off.

Deeper lasts about 80 minutes and contains eight scenes. That's about ten minutes per scene. That's a bit too short for my taste since the performers barely get into each other by the time the scene comes to an end. In fact, some scenes contain only one position!

Check out some photos of the girls in Deeper here. Enjoy!


Scene One

In Scene One, Scott Nails, his cock rigidly erect, stands behind a rectangular piece of glass that is about two by three feet. As Scott presses his rod against the glass, magnificent Sophia sits on the floor in front of him and strokes the glass as if she were actually caressing his cock. As she strokes the "image" of Scott's dick, she gazes at it longingly while fondling her own boobs and squeezing her erect nipples (damn, she's gorgeous!). As the scene continues, she licks the glass (too bad Scott doesn't drop the glass so she can touch his flesh-and-blood rod) and fingers her panty-clad pussy. She also takes time to gaze into our eyes through the camera's lens. Before much else happens, the scene is cut short. Don't worry...it will conclude later in Scene Seven. (Since this is only part of a scene, I will not rank it until it concludes toward the end of the movie.)

Scene Two

Scene Two features Scott Nails and ebony-haired, all-natural, and multiple-pierced (ears, nipples, navel, and clit-hood) Roxy Deville. It is amazingly creative and must be seen in order to fathom the inventiveness of its creator (Robby D.). Scott lies back on his king-sized bed and masturbates while watching a video of himself and Roxy on a big-screen flat-panel TV. Meanwhile, Roxy is also in a bathroom adjacent to Scott's bedroom. She strokes her hot body and multiple-finger-fucks her cunt while watching the video and real-life Scott as he jacks his rod. In the video, Roxy gives Scott's super-sized dick a very enthusiastic combination blow/handjob using a goodly amount of her spit as lubricant. Roxy takes his cock deep into her cheeks (jaw-breakers), hungrily licks his rod, fondles his balls, and lets him fuck her throat. When it's time for sex, Roxy climbs on top of Scott cowgirl style and the lowers her soaking-wet pussy down on his cock as her clit-hood ring adorns the action. Then, Scott reams her capacious vagina with balls-deep strokes while Roxy shouts ecstatically and matches his thrusts with her own butt-jiggling moves (great camerawork!). Later, Roxy sucks her juices off of Scott's rod and then mounts him again--this time in the reverse cowgirl position. Roxy looks very erotic--and quite exotic--as she lies back on Scott's chest and enjoys the high-energy ride while chanting, "deeper, Deeper, DEEPER!" Eventually, she lifts herself off of Scott, sucks his cock clean, and then moves into the doggie position so that Scott can pound her from behind (great camerawork). To finish up this ingenious scene, Roxy (both the real-life and video incarnations) suck and stroke Scott's cock until he explodes. In the video, Scott shoots his load all over his own belly and then Roxy laps it up with her tongue before sucking his cock dry. In real life, Scott fills Roxy's mouth with sperm and then, grinning broadly, she swallows it. Too bad that Roxy didn't cum in either the video or real-life scenario. Four stars!

Scene Three

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Scene Three is quite spooky and features a dimly lit figure as she watches Faith and Jerry make out and then have sex. As the scene gradually fades in, Faith and Jerry are in a formal dining room dressed in evening attire. They embrace tenderly. As they hold each other tightly, Jerry's wandering hands soon find Faith's pretty boobies and then, of course, he squeezes them! Faith soon opens a serving platter of tongue that's sitting on the dining-room table (it's an oral-centric scene, you see). Then, looking mysterious, Faith gives Jerry an incendiary open-mouthed kiss as she undresses him. Faith then licks and suckles Jerry's nipples and then he slips aside her top and repays her in kind by hungrily suckling her pert nipples. Instantly, Faith is naked and standing above Jerry so that he can use his tongue on her nicely groomed pussy (she has an oval-shaped patch of pubic hair crowning her otherwise clean-shaven genitals). Jerry also suckles and bites her very large labia and probes her vagina with his tongue (great video). Of course, Faith eagerly repays Jerry's oral favors by unzipping his pants so that she can suck his flaccid cock to full mast with just a few strokes of her very talented mouth. This is very good fellatio. In particular, I really enjoyed how Faith sticks her tongue out, under Jerry's cock, as she blows him. Faith uses enough spit to cause stringers to appear when she takes Jerry's cock out of her mouth. And, she uses experienced hands to stroke his rod, too. Even better, she often acknowledges our presence by turning her big green eyes toward us as she sucks Jerry's soul out of him through his penis. When Jerry's cock is ready to do battle, Faith bends over so he can ream her pussy standing doggie style (her ivory-skinned body looks superb in this position!). As Jerry pounds her, Faith fucks him back--gently at first, but with increasing vigor (great close-ups of Faith's dripping pussy swallowing Jerry's dick balls-deep). After Faith cums, Jerry lifts Faith's right leg high in the air so that we can get an unobstructed view of the action as he continues to pound her as wave after wave of pleasure crash through her body. In due course, Jerry sits back and Faith slides her pussy down around his cock reverse cowgirl style. Once her capacious pussy has consumed him balls-deep, they continue to fuck each other with frenzied and deep strokes. Meanwhile, Jerry uses his fingers to spread Faith's pussy wide open and jack her clit. Of course, Faith screams with pleasure as another orgasm explodes within her! And, her clit swells with delight, too! Eventually, Jerry can no longer hold back. So, he simply slips his cock out of Faith and shoots his load all over her lower abdomen and outside of her pussy. Too bad there were only two positions. Four stars.

Scene Four

Jessi Summers, in Scene Four, is a must see. She's new to me and is really a superb piece of eye candy! She begins by giving us a little tease segment, pulling her fabulous tits out of her top and squeezing them for our delight. She also rubs her bare pussy, strips nude, licks her lips, and smiles at us as if she knows we like what we see (she's right). Abruptly, Jessi is dressed in another outfit and is in a running shower. As rivers of water sluice off of Jessi's hair and fine body, she chants "deeper" and shows off her fine gooseflesh-covered ass, beautifully groomed pussy, big boobs, and erect nipples. Scott Nails soon joins her and turns his attention to her fine boobs. He also kisses her neck, cheeks, and eager mouth. As the shower continues to drench Jessi and Scott, she drops to her knees and takes Scott's fully erect penis into her ravenous mouth. She tries valiantly to swallow its length, but it's simply too big for her. So, she makes up for this "shortcoming" with her enthusiasm, her eager hands, and her balls-gobbling technique. Eventually, Scott realizes how good it would feel if Jessi's boobs were wrapped around his rod. So, he pulls his dick out of her mouth, sets it between her wet boobs, squeezes her flesh around it, and then fucks her with strokes so long that his tip hits her throat. Later, sex takes place in only one position: standing doggie. I guess this makes sense since it's really one of the very few positions in which to have sex in a shower! In any case, gorgeous Jessi bends over and uses her hands to pull her ass cheeks far apart so that Scott can fuck her from behind. Scott pounds her balls-deep (she has a deep pussy!) with redline-speed strokes as she screams "deeper!" Very nice camerawork captures the action--especially when Scott lifts Jessi's leg to give us an unobstructed look at the in-and-out action. To add to her pleasure--and to get herself off--Jessi reaches down and fingers her clit and pussy while Scott fucks her. To finish up, Jessi drops to her knees and Scott explodes all over her face and into her mouth. Jessi delightedly swallows every drop that landed in her mouth. Four stars.

Scene Five

Scene Five is another incredibly inventive scene. In it, Marco Banderas fucks Jesse Jane in his mind while actually having sex with lusty Latina Jayna Oso, cute Asian Kaiya Lynn, and busty brunette Jenna Presley. Marco does not have sex with all three girls at the same time. Instead, he fucks each girl individually and clips of each of those three encounters are edited together. The scene begins in a very creative way...we get to see clips of each of the three girls as they tease us by masturbating and/or caressing their own bodies. To transition from one girl to another, the poster of Jesse is passed in front of the lens. Then, foreplay begins. While fastidiously keeping a large poster of Jesse Jane between him and each of the three girls (so he can pretend he's with Jesse), Marco ravenously eats and finger-fucks all three pussies (clips of each cunnilingus segment are stitched together). Of course, all the girls enjoy having their pussies eaten. However, Jenna really enjoys herself, arching her back and squealing with delight as Marcos' superb cunnilingus technique pays big dividends. The next series of clips highlights each girl's fellatio skills as they suck, swallow, lick, and stroke Marco's king-sized cock. If I had to choose the best cocksucker of the three, it would be Jenna Presley--wow, she's SO enthusiastic, talks so naughty, and swallows SO well! On the other hand, I think Jayna does the best job with her hands. After this amazing round-robin foreplay comes to an end, Marco gets to fuck Jayna doggie style, Jenna in the missionary position, and Kaiya reverse cowgirl style. Of all the girls, Jenna talks the nastiest during sex, Kaiya is the most enthusiastic as she hurls her tight little body up and down on Marco's cock, and Jayna looks the best--especially when Marco temporarily pulls his cock out of her pussy so we can check out her gorgeous gaping hole. Kaiya pounds and grinds Marco so hard--and jacks her clit so well--that she makes herself cum at least twice. To finish up this very unusual scene, Marco jacks off--onto the poster of Jesse Jane, of course. After Marco splatters Jesse's printed face with his semen, Kaiya uses her fingers to scrape the cum off of the poster and then feed it to herself. Five stars!

Scene Six

In Scene Six, all-natural, freckle-faced, and longhaired blond Charlotte Stokely plays Scott Nails' maid. As the scene fades in slowly, Charlotte bends over to clean a bathroom sink. While working, she can't help but admire her startlingly beautiful reflection in a mirror that's above the sink. While she primps and straightens her hair, Scott looks on lustfully from across the room and pays special attention to how Charlotte's ass nicely fills out her maid's uniform. Soon, Scott starts to stroke his hard cock--still inside his pants--and then, thus emboldened, approaches Charlotte from behind so he can get an even better view. Scott tries hard to behave himself--after all, one never has sex with the help! However, when Charlotte turns her attention to cleaning a staircase, Scott simply cannot contain himself--her ass looks SO good whenever she bends down! So, he again moves close to her. But, this time he grabs handfuls of her ass and squeezes tightly--much to Charlotte's consternation. Fearful Charlotte then takes her imminent spanking with resignation. Scott doesn't really hurt her ass when he spanks it. Actually, he swats it rather passionately and squeezes her ripe butt cheeks with more lust than anger. In no time flat, Scott has his cock out of his pants and inside Charlotte's juicy wet cunt as she bends down in supplication atop the staircase. As Scott pounds her pussy harder and deeper doggie style from behind (great video), Charlotte's anxiety morphs into pleasure as her whimpers of fear become groans of ecstasy. In fact, Charlotte's pleasure engine really ignites when Scott reaches down to finger her clit while he pounds her with ever-increasing frenzy. "Deeper, deeper, deeper," she whispers as her moans become more impassioned. And, Charlotte's enjoyment becomes truly evident when she drops to her knees to voraciously suck her juices off of Scott's rod. Lovers of juicy fellatio will love how rivers of Charlotte's drool drips onto the floor as she devours his cock--especially when he fucks her throat and when she swallows his dick almost balls-deep. Charlotte is a great cocksucker! After this great cock-cleaning action, Scott sits back on the staircase so Charlotte can straddle him for some reverse cowgirl vaginal sex. Scott pistons in-and-out of Charlotte fast and deep (she begs him to go "deeper!") and then Charlotte begins to fuck him back, matching his thrusts with her own as her pleasure builds. To finish up, Charlotte sucks and strokes Scott's cock until he's ready to pop. When he explodes, he shoots his load directly into her wide-open and very greedy mouth. She shows Scott--and us--her cum covered mouth and then, like a first-class slut, swallows every drop. Four and one-half stars!

Scene Seven

Scene Seven is a continuation of Scene One (Scott Nails and Sophia Santi masturbating together). When the scene fades in again, Sophia uses a lipstick to draw targets around her erect nipples and to trace Scott's huge cock as it presses against the sheet of glass that separates them. She then draws stringers of cum on the glass and licks her "lipstick" semen. Then, she turns her attention to herself, pulling aside her panties so that she can use her right hand to earnestly stroke, probe, multiple-finger-fuck, and jack her pussy and clit (great video). Meanwhile, she gazes hungrily at Scott's looming dick and uses her left hand to squeeze and caress her remarkably beautiful breasts. Sophia makes herself cum and then watches Scott intently as he jacks his shaft with increasing vigor. Soon, Scott explodes, shooting a voluminous load of semen all over the glass that still separates him from Sophia. Then, Sophia "licks" the cum from the bottom side of the glass while using her fingers to spread the semen around on the top side. Then, she massages some of his cum into her breast. I'd prefer if Sophia had actually fucked Scott. However, since she won't do guys on camera (at least yet), it's about the most intriguing solution I can imagine. Using my masturbation-only scale, I rate this scene three and one-half stars.

Scene Eight

Scene Eight is among the most unique I've ever seen. In it, lusty Sativa Rose lies face down on a hardwood floor with everything except her ass and legs hidden underneath a bed. When the scene begins, Sativa is motionless and dressed only in transparent pink panties and bright red high heels. Soon, Richard Raymond joins her and tenderly caresses and kisses her thighs, legs, and ass cheeks. Richard's hands pay lots of attention to the luscious crack between Sativa's butt cheeks and to her pretty feet. After several minutes of tension-building suspense, Richard finally pulls off Sativa's panties (I couldn't wait for her perfect ass to be revealed) and then uses his hands to spread open her cheeks and his forefinger to fuck her asshole. Richard soon opens an elegant-looking case that contains numerous progressively-larger anal toys. One-by-one, Richard uses the toys--each one larger than the previous one--until he's certain that Sativa's asshole will accommodate his erect and aching cock. While he fucks Sativa's ass with a toy in one hand, Richard uses his other hand to tenderly massage her soaking-wet pussy. This is really intense--and quite beautiful! Once Sativa's sphincter has relaxed enough to accommodate the largest toy, Richard pulls his cock out of his pants and slips it into Sativa's ready-and-raring-to-go asshole as she continues to lie silent, motionless, and facedown on the floor. As superb camera angles capture the action, Richard then pounds Sativa's tight brown eye for a couple of minutes until he's ready to pop. When he explodes, he plasters Sativa's perfect ass cheeks with cum and then unceremoniously leaves the room. This scene is remarkable because Sativa was able to act so inert while being fucked up the ass. It must have taken an incredible amount of discipline on her part. Four stars.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The wide-screen video, shot in high-definition (HD) and downsampled for DVD, is superb. The lighting not only illuminates the performers appropriately, but it also lends a very pleasing and quite aesthetic mood to each scene in the production. The camera angles and close-ups prove that Robby D. really does know what we want to see. And, the editing and special effects are right on. Five stars.

Audio (technical): The 5.1 Digital Surround Sound--including the natural moans and groans as well as the performers' lines and background music--is flawless. The volume level and digital surround effect are perfect. Five stars.

Extras: In addition to a full-motion chapter selector, Deeper includes studio contact information, five minutes of Behind-the-Scenes footage that highlights Sativa's gorgeous behind, a manually-operated photo gallery, a self-running slide show (same photos as the photo gallery), and trailers for ten Digital Playground releases. Three stars.

Aesthetics: Superb. From a visual perspective, everything is first-rate, from the locations, to the sets, to the props, to the wardrobe, to the makeup. In addition, the music is splendid! Each scene is supported by music that aptly fits the mood and atmosphere of the scenario. Five stars!

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.14
Average video rating: 5.00
Average audio rating: 5.00
Average production values rating: 5.00
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.83

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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