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Babysitter Diaries 4

Studio: Reality Junkies » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 3/8/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Babysitter Diaries 4
Reality Junkies
Directed by Bobby Manila
Running Time: 2hrs and 3mins
Price: 19.99


Victoria White
Brynn Tyler
Jennifer White
Allie Haze
Nicole Ray
Tommy Gunn
Jack Lawrence
Alec Knight
Dale Dabone
Evan Stone

Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Web Site Info
Scene Selection
Slide Show
Behind the Scenes (22 minutes of interviews with the ladies)

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 6-7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So I believe I have reviewed another release from these guys, and I am not sure what I thought of it, will have to look to see (I gave it a RENT IT rating). But I have to say that I was rather impressed with this one. There were some great scenes with some very sexy ladies that really made this a solid release. I also have to say that there was no complaints with the audio or video quality in this release. Everything was in focus and no issues with volume control. I also like to point out that the special features rival some of the bigger studios, a 22 minute BTS is almost double of what you normally get, and I got to learn some new things about some of the ladies in the movie. Plus I was also glad to see Nicole and Jennifer, some personal favorites and I think I am coming around on the Allie bandwagon. I think these 3 ladies did such a great job you will look over the two scenes that were not so good. But with the improvements from the other review, I think I am going to give this a RECOMMENDED  rating. We shall see what the next movie I get to review of theirs does for me, so far they are going in the right direction.

Scene One: Nicole and Tommy (3/5 rating)

She is awaken by the doorbell and it seems someone has left a package at the doorway. She brings it in and sees that it is for Tommy and she is a little curious what is inside it. She tries to not take a look, but curiosity is getting the best of her, and she finds that there is porn is inside and that Tommy is in porn. So she looks around and decides to throw one of the movies into the DVD player to check it out, and it’s a Digital Playground movie. She is amazed at the size of his cock and guess who shows up all of sudden, Tommy. It seems Tommy wants to check out the game on the TV and she tries to stop him, but he turns on the TV and sees the porn playing. She tries to explain herself and he tells her that his wife has no idea about his porn career he used to have. She is willing to keep it a secret, but she wants a little something in return, and she gives him a hint as she strokes his cock through his pants. She grabs his tie and brings him closer as they kiss and then she falls down to her knees and opens his pants to see his cock in person, and she looks at it with amazement before she starts to slowly suck on it. Tommy seems to be impressed with her skills as she continues to suck on his cock and balls. But after awhile he suggests that she gets a little more comfortable as she takes off her bra and then lets him slide her panties down, but she can’t seem to keep her hands off his cock. After a lot of movement for both, she ends up laying on top of him for some 69 action, and he seems to have a hard time concentrating on her pussy as she licks and sucks on his cock some more, she must have the magic touch. He stands up and slowly slides his cock into her pussy, which takes it with no problems, as she moves back and forth on it. He pulls out for a second, but she grabs a hold of his cock and guides it back in and then he starts to really go at her pussy. And if he pulls out, she shoves her hand into her pussy, to make sure it is filled at all times. But after awhile she wants his cock in her mouth again, for some more oral action, which leads to some cowgirl action, as he grabs on tight to her ass. We get some nice close ups as she works that booty on his cock. We cut to some spoon action as he continues to work her pussy over and she moans with excitement. She leans back and gives him a few kisses and then he follows that up with a money shot on her pussy.

Scene Two: Victoria and Jack (2/5 rating)

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She is bored looking through a magazine and she gets a call from her friend and she is told about some huge party that is going on later tonight, but she soon realizes that she has to baby sit tonight. So she has a plan and she shows up at the house, way early and Jack is surprised to see her. She asks if she can invite some boys over and watch some porn and he seems to be ok with that and even lets her know where the naughty channels are. She seems to be turned on and starts to rub all over him and she talks about some school project she needs help with, and apparently pulling out his cock and sucking on it, was her homework. She grabs on tight to his cock and balls as she works him over with some great energy. Her oral skills include sucking on his balls, gagging and spitting on his cock, which seems to be driving him and me both pretty crazy. She takes off her skirt and he gives her a hand with her panties and then begins to lick and finger her pussy until he slides it into her pussy as she grabs on to her boobs and plays with them. She seems to be putting more of an effort, while he seems to be having some troubles keeping up. She ends up on top of him for some reverse cowgirl action on the couch. The scene started off pretty hot, but it seems to be losing that heat as the scene goes on. Next up is some doggy action as she has her ass in the air and she begs him to spank it. He gives her a nice money shot in the mouth as his wife walks in and is mad at first but after she explains, they say she should have just said something.

Scene Three: Jennifer and Alec (4/5 rating)

As Jennifer shows up, they talk about her boyfriend who is over seas, and that they chat online with the web cam. They leave and she heads upstairs, after we get a nice look at that booty (thanks), and she starts to fire up the computer and finally gets to talk to her man, but she seems to be having some technical issues. But she decides to give him a strip tease, first showing off her boobs and then turns around and lets him get a nice look at that booty. She blows him a kiss and then turns around and shows off the ass some more and off come her panties as she starts to play with her pussy. But for some reason Alec comes back and heads upstairs and sees her and can’t believe what he is seeing. She sees him and stops what she is doing. She is humiliated and he tries to calm her down. He wants to leave, but she wants to talk to someone, she says the web cam isn’t helping with the urge for a cock in her pussy. So she stands up and grabs his tie and pulls him closer, and he puts up a fight for a bit, but she doesn’t seem to care, as she takes off his pants and tells him to shut up as she begins to suck on his cock. And she shows him just how much she misses a cock as she works him over. He tells her to turn around so he can get a taste of that ass, as he licks and fingers her pussy. She tells him to shove his face in her ass and this just reminds me why I have become such a fan of her, she rarely lets me down. He tells her to back up on his cock and begins to fuck her from behind, while fingering her ass. And her ass gets some attention as she is on top of him and then slowly slides his cock into her ass and begins to move up and down on it. She talks about how she should babysit more and he seems to be very Ok with that suggestion. She keeps taking it in the ass, as he reaches around and plays with her pussy with his fingers. He doesn’t give her a real hard pounding, but you can tell her ass is pretty tight, but we see it seems to be opening up a bit  as they move to some spoon action. And she leans back and gives him a few kisses as he pauses for a brief second. She wants him to cum all over her face and he stands up and gives her a very money shot on the face, and she lets the cum drip down her face onto her chest.

Scene Four: Brynn and Dale (2/5 rating)

She shows up and it seems that she has really helped out by showing up and we find out that he is about to grade some papers and hers is in the pile. And what do you know, his wife has a bunch of things to do, so she won’t be back soon, how convenient. So she bugs him about her paper, but tells her to leave, so she makes her way to the couch and shows off her ass for him and slips her top off to give him a little tease of what she has under her shirt. She gives him a look and then points for him to come over and join her. He does and doesn’t seem to put up much of a fight about it, as they kiss and he licks her boobs. She stands up and pulls down her shorts, to show off her pink panties, and then the top finally comes off. He asks if she wants to suck his cock, and it seems she has been waiting to see it for awhile. She pulls down his pants and underwear and works him over. She double fists his cock and gives his balls some attention as she makes a few little jokes about how hard school and his cock are. She takes a break and stands up, and ends up sitting down on the couch, the panties comes off and he spreads her pussy apart with his fingers and begins to lick away at her pussy. And from the loud screaming, I think he is doing great work on her pussy. She tells the professor to shove his cock into her pussy, but he teases her a bit before he shoves it in. To go on a little tangent, she really reminds of me of another lady in the business, just can’t put a finger on who. He continues to work her pussy over in some missionary action, and after a blur cut, she is on top of him for some reverse cowgirl action, as she wiggles her hips on his cock. They follow that up with some doggy action after she plays with her pussy and wiggles her ass for him again. After she talks about cumming, she says she wants him to cum all over her tits, so he gives her a nice load on one of her tits. She asks if she is going to get an A, but he said he already graded her paper and got an A already.

Scene Five: Allie and Evan (4/5 rating)

Allie shows up and it seems that the lady that hired her, is about to go out on a blind date and seems like she is complaining on everything. Allie just sits there and tries not to blow her brains out as she listens to her complain on the phone. When she gets off the phone, she goes on a rant about respecting her house and kid, and then leaves. It seems that Allie has put up with a bunch of crap from her and is waiting for a chance to get back at her. And Evan, her date, calls and wants to pick her up, so Allie has a way to get back to her, as she tells the lady her date is going to be late. So Allie heads to the bathroom to change into this very tight and sexy leopard print dress, very awesome. She starts to put her stocking on, and Evan shows as she is rolling the last one up. She drop her necklace and asks him to help her put it on. And as he does, she has her hand on his crotch and then finally gets around to that other stocking. They start off with some heavy kissing and she turns around and he pulls her dress down to expose her breasts while kissing her neck. She then bends over and shows off her amazing booty to him and us, and then he dives in and begins to play with her ass and pussy. He gets her panties off and then climbs under her as she sits on his face, as he continues to lick her pussy, which has a little patch of hair on it, for those that like that kind of thing. He stands up and starts to take off his pants as she whispers to him to give it to her. He does and she grabs on and begins to jerk and suck him off, while working over his balls too. He grabs on to her head and begins to face fuck her a bit as she tries to swallow all of his cock. He picks her up and then sits on the bed, as she slides his cock into her pussy and begins to ride it, as he grabs on tight to her ass. She reaches back and massages his balls as he pounds her pussy. She flips over for some missionary action, as he gives her some deep and slow thrusts before he ends up face first in her pussy, licking and fingering away at it. He ends up going back to shoving all of his cock into her pussy, as his balls slap against her ass. He walks around and shoves his cock into her mouth and ends up rubbing her pussy until they move on to some doggy action. She may not have a lot when it comes to the boobs, but boy does she make it for it when it comes to her ass. And speaking off her ass, he pulls out and jerks himself off until he cums on her ass, and she giggles with delight until the lady comes back and sees them.

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