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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 3/15/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Wicked Pictures
Directed by Barrett Blade
Running Time: 1hr and 46mins
Price: 23.99
Genre: All-Sex Vignettes
Condoms: Yes


Alektra Blue
Victoria White
Tessa Taylor
Lizz Tayler
Eric Masterson
Barrett Blade
Dale Debone
Anthony Rosano
Derrick Pierce
Dane Cross
Danny Mountain
Chris Johnson
Danny Wylde
Monica Mayhem (wrote the songs and performed them)

Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Photo Gallery
Trailers (6 trailers)
Bonus Scene with Alektra Blue and Brendon Miller from Black and Blue (12 minute condensed version of the scene)
Web Site Info

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 384 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So you have a movie with Alektra Blue as the lead, count me in, add in the fact that she is playing a singer in a rock band, you can count me in once again, and add in some great sex scenes with her, and you already had me at hello, when it comes to this movie. Just watching the trailer, I pretty much knew (and hoped) I would enjoy this movie, and as you can tell from my review of the scenes, I really enjoyed it. And this was one of those movies where I got a surprise, in this movie, it was the great work by Lizz in her scene. So when you add some great performances by the supporting cast, mixed in with the usual special features, although I was kind of surprised that there wasn’t a BTS feature for this movie. But it still had a decent amount of trailer and an extra scene with Alektra is never a bad thing. Sorry I am trying to hide my fan boy comments, but they seem to sneak out every once in awhile. This is going to be another one of those movies that won’t spend much time on my shelf, I am sure it will be in my player most of the time. So I am going to give this a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, it was a great release, but a few of the technical and special features held it back a little from getting our top rating, but it’s still one you should have in your collection.

Scene One: Alektra vs. Eric, Danny, and Chris (4/5 rating)

After a pretty cool opening as we enter the club, we see that Alektra and her band are up on stage, but then we see she is jail and can’t seem to remember what she did to get there. After the show, it seems that some of her fans are waiting for her, she tries to scare some off and then a few of them are lucky of them to make it backstage, and she says she would rather suck their dicks than sign autographs. They quickly have their cocks out and she goes to work on them, making sure all of them are getting some attention, and to help the guys keep hard, she takes off her top and gives them a nice look at her boobs.  Her pants come off and then she gives them a tease with her ass, as they smack and play with it, but she goes right back to working over their cocks. A few of the guys get to finger her pussy while she works them over, that way she gets a little action too. She tells them to stand up and give her their cocks. She shows off her oral skills and even let’s a little face fucking go on, and she giggles with delight the whole time. And after a quick cut the guys cover her face and boobs with their money shots. And after all of that, she is still willing to sign their stuff for her.

Scene Two: Tessa and Dane (2/5 rating)

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Back at the jail, she starts to remember the night and talks about the store signing, where a few of her uber fans, Tessa and Dane show up and Tessa asks for a kiss. She gets one, and then Dane and Tessa go off to the side and get all hot and heavy as she continues to sign stuff. She looks over once in awhile and gets a little turned on by what she sees. After some heavy kissing, Tessa’s top and down and Dane’s pants are off and Tessa is working over his cock. On a quick side note, if anyone ever does a Buffy the TV show spoof, Tessa should play Willow. Anyways back to the action, she is bent over with her ass in the air as she sucks and strokes his cock, until we get a cut to her on her back, and he has his face deep in her pussy, she keeps looking over at Alektra just to see if she is enjoying what she sees. After he is done, she climbs on his cock and takes it in her pussy for some cowgirl action. She puts a lot of energy into the scene as she rides him, and you can tell he is trying to hold back from cumming too soon.  Luckily he gets a little break, as they switch to some missionary , slow at first, but he kicks it back and forth into high gear. There seemed to be some great heat between these two at the start, but it seems to be fading a little towards the end. She flips over with her ass once again in the air, and he fucks her from behind as she leans up on the side of the couch. Just got a great shot of her heels that she is wearing, very sexy and punkish. The doggy action continues with a few ass slaps and then the scene comes to an end as he pulls out and cums on her ass.

Scene Three: Lizz, vs. Sascha and Danny w/ a little help from Alektra (5/5 rating)

Back at the jail, she once again remembers another part of the long night. She recalls and interview with Lizz, and she is pretty much being difficult during the whole interview, being a real diva. Alektra seems to want to be anywhere right now instead of here.  As she tries to leave, Alektra says she will leave unless she gets to see Lizz’s boobs. So she tries to hide them for a bit, but seems to open up after a bit. So she is getting pissed and she tries to walk off again, but she says she will stay only if she gives one of the camera guys a BJ. So he comes over and she doesn’t seem to be too shy about giving him a BJ after all. But Alektra doesn’t want the other guy to be jealous, so she tells him to come over and get a piece of the action. And as she works over the guys, we see that Alektra likes what she sees and begins to play with her pussy. As she continues, Alektra keeps guiding her along, and is soon pretty much naked on the couch,  playing with her pussy as Tessa continues to work them over. We cut to the bedroom as one of the guys is fucking her pussy she he jerks the other guy off. But she asks him if he wants to fuck her too, but Sascha seems to be very much enjoying fucking her pussy and doesn’t want to stop. So Alektra comes into the scene and slides a condom on Danny and she finally lets him fuck her as she climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl action, and she makes sure and keeps Sascha pleasured too, in her mouth. Gotta say that Lizz really did a great job of playing the sweet and innocent girl who turned into a real sexual monster as the scene got going. Alektra once again makes an appearance and tells Sascha to fuck her from behind, and Danny makes he way around to her mouth and shoves his cock in there. Alektra comes in and slaps her ass and pushes Sascha to fuck her harder and harder. We cut to Alektra as she really is working over her pussy as she watches the others get their freak on. She comes on over and once again slides a condom on Danny and then Lizz is once again on top of him for some cowgirl action in her pussy, as she leans over and swallows Sascha in her mouth. Sascha backs off and let’s Danny really work her pussy over, as we get a close up as she spreads her ass for the camera. But then we hear Alektra’s voice, as she tells them to cum all over her face, but then we cut to Alektra as she reaches climax as she works over her pussy, and then back to the guys, as Danny gives her a large load on her face, and then Sascha follows suit. The things a lady does to get an interview.

Scene Four: Alektra vs. the Band (Anthony and Dale) (4/5 rating)

Back at the jail, it seems we are once again back at the show, as the band is playing, and Alektra is rocking the same sexy outfit as she does on the cover, and she really seems to like her alcohol as a bottle seems to be in her hand whenever possible, very Axel Rose-ish. As the song comes to an end, the band leaves backstage and they find out that they have gone platinum, well at least Alien Ant Farm did. So she starts to take off her clothes to celebrate and then suggests they fuck to celebrate, I wonder if No Doubt was ever like this backstage. Anyway, she is on her knees, working over the guys, once again showing off her oral skills. I can only hope her band mates are going to get more than a BJ like her fans did.  She lets them fuck the hell out of her face, as she begs for more. But I guess I was right, she asks, who wants to fuck her first, I think this is why band break up, anyways it seems Dale gets first crack at her pussy, while she works over Anthony’s cock some more. A quick change as Dale continues to fuck her pussy for some missionary action, as Anthony has his cock shoved in her mouth. No matter what they do, she just seems to want more. Anthony gets a chance, as Alektra is on top of his cock, taking a real pounding in her pussy in some reverse cowgirl action. But Dale is not left out as Alektra to keep swallowing and sucking off his cock. I wonder why Barret isn’t part of this fun, I know it’s his film, but he must regret missing out on this action. Alektra flips around for some cowgirl action from Anthony in her pussy, he gives her a few slaps in the ass to keep her going, but I don’t think she needs to the help. She begs for their cum after a bit, but not before she really gets into riding Anthony’s cock, as she turns it up to 11. She lays on her back and let’s Anthony continue to fuck her pussy until he pulls out and cums on her stomach and Dale gives her a money shot on her amazing chest.

Scene Five: Alektra and Victoria vs. Derrick (4/5 rating)

Back at the jail, and she is not happy about fucking her band, but that can’t be why she is in jail. So we cut to her and Victoria, and Victoria is reading an article which is really bad mouthing her. So she goes ape shot and starts to tag the walls and starts to get really out of control. Victoria tries to stop her, but there is no stopping her. And after some thrown bottles and some silly string, she ends up on top of Victoria as they start to get all hot and heavy and start kissing. But of course, someone knocks on the door, and it’s security and he sees the room and tells them that can’t be doing this. He tries to leave so he can call the cops, but they throw him on the bed and Alektra climbs on top and begins to kiss him and then lets Victoria in, as Alektra is working over his cock within seconds. She lets Victoria have a few tastes, but she is sitting on his face, so he is getting a nice taste of her pussy. As Alektra has all of his cock in her mouth, he is getting a mouthful of Victoria’s tits. Derrrick stands up and picks up Alektra and next we see her as she is getting fucked in the pussy by him, reverse cowgirl style. Victoria tells him to keep going and to give it to her harder and harder. She grinds her hips on his cock, as Victoria plays with her pussy. But she ends up sitting on his face some more as Alektra wiggles and grinds on his cock some more.  But she is not that mean, as she lets Victoria climb on his cock for some cowgirl action in her pussy. Alektra reaches around and teases Victoria’s ass a little as she is getting fucked. Alektra then ends up leaning on the headboard of the bed, and plays with her pussy as Victoria gets fucked. But it’s soon Alektra’s turn once again, as he fucks her from behind and Victoria slaps her ass a few times and then slips under her so she can suck and lick her boobs. Alektra keeps teasing Derrick, asking for more and more. But Derrick is not done with Victoria as he is back to working over her pussy in some missionary action, as Alektra is there to cheer them on and to keep them going. He pulls out and cums on her pussy and some goes in Alektra’s mouth, as the scene comes to an end. I guess we know why she ended up in jail now. Back in the jail, she doesn’t seem to really care, she’s a rockstar and she can do what she wants.


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