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Killer Grip #3

Studio: Smash Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 4/5/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Frank Thring
Cast: Caroline De Jaie, Cory Everson, Debbie White, Gery Taylor, Gigi, James Brossman, Liliane Tiger, Lucy Love, Monique, Rambo, Ricardo Bell, Thomas, Thomas Stone, Valentina Velasques, Vivien, Zafira.
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: 01:49
Condoms: None.
Bonus: None.


Killer Grip #3 is a hand-job movie. No blowjobs, no pussy eating, no sex. Just hand-jobs.

Previously, a movie like this would never make it past my in-box. If you read my reviews, you know that I adore pussy and that pussies are the center of sex so far as I am concerned. So, penis-centric movies--like blowjob and hand-job movies--don't usually interest me.

You may think it kind of funny, but the other night I had a dream that the luscious and delectable Eva Angelina gave me a hand-job. As you might expect, I woke up hot and bothered. Thankfully, the gorgeous woman in bed next to me knew exactly what to do for me!

However, that intense dream got me thinking about hand-jobs. After all, although I do worship pussy, I thoroughly enjoy my own dick. And, if my lady doesn't want me to pop inside her, I am almost as satisfied if she uses her skillful hands to jack me off all over her tits. I really like to lose control as she takes over my orgasm!

So, since I remembered that I had just received a hand-job movie from Smash Pictures, I dug Killer Grip #3 out of my credenza and popped it into my computer's DVD player. You know what? I'm glad I did because I really enjoyed it!

Hand-jobs are, of course, not as fulfilling as full-blown sex. However, this collection of ten scenes, each about ten minutes long--is pleasurable.

Each of the ten scenes begins with some nicely shot travelogue footage of cities in Europe (Hungary, I think). Then, an absolutely stunning girl (I'd trade my car for a night with one some of them!) hooks up with a guy, pulls down his pants, and strokes his dick to full mast. Eventually, she strips off most or all of her clothes and continues to stroke him--sometimes using lotion or whipping cream as lubricant--until he pops. Not bad at all.

My rating scale is built upon sex, positions, actions, orgasms, and so on. So, it's hard for me to rate hand-job scenes.

Normally, a scene with foreplay, intercourse, and a male pop gets three points on my scale. To get to four points, the girl and/or the action must be above average. Finally, the fifth point requires a female orgasm. As you can see, this doesn't work for a hand-job movie.

Since there's no sex, I'm starting these scenes at two points. The girl can bring the rating to three points if she's extraordinaily beautiful. Up to four points can be earned if the girl has a particularly effective stroking action, uses lubricant other than spit, or provides a particularly interesting cumshot. No scene earned five points because none of the girls ever came.

Check out some photos of the girls in Killer Grip here. Enjoy!


All the scenes in Killer Grip #3 are essentially the same: Setup, girl grabs dick and begins hand-job, girl gets mostly (or completely) naked while continuing hand-job; girl causes guy to pop. What really changes from scene to scene is the girl's attractiveness (although none of the girls in Killer Grip #3 is unattractive, several of them are stunning!), her hand-job technique, how she lubricates the works, and how and where she makes him pop. So, I'll give you these variables, along with the girl's name, for all ten scenes.

The guys' names are listed in the credits, but not by scene. Since they're all unknown to me, I won't bother trying to call them by names. Sorry!

Scene One

Girl's Name: Lucy Love
Girl's Beauty: Gorgeous. You're gonna love her pretty smiling face, light brown hair, never-ending legs, perfect natural tits, and womanly tummy.

Commentary: Lucy lubes up her body with oil before she takes on her guy's cock. During the hand-job, she spends lots of time sharing eye contact with you and me as she's stroking his dick. And, she's topless throughout the entire scene. To increase her guy's pleasure, she uses repeated applications of lotion to his oh-so-lucky cock. To finish up, Lucy jacks him off into her hand and massages his semen into his shaft.

Points: 3.5 stars.

Scene Two

Girl's Name: Monique

Girl's Beauty: Pretty, in a cute girl-next-door way. She has short blond hair, a girlish face, an engaging smile, perky small tits, and never-ending legs.

Commentary: Monique's guy is extraordinarily well hung, and she uses her hands superbly to keep every inch of his shaft happy. In fact, her spit-lubricated hand movements are so fast that they literally blur on screen (I love her technique!). Monique is naked, except for her fishnet stockings, throughout most of the scene. To finish up, Monique jerks him off onto her tongue (we don't see her swallow).

Points: 3.5

Scene Three

Girl's Name: Zafira

Girl's Beauty: Beyond gorgeous...literally stunning. I'd trade my BMW for a night with her! She's the box-cover girl, so take a look for yourself!

Commentary: Zafira plays a hooker. A john doesn't have enough money for a blowjob, but his bankroll is more than enough to cover a hand-job. Damn, he gets his money's worth--outside in a cobble-stoned square, no less! Zafira lovingly strokes his cock as it becomes increasingly longer and harder. About one-third of the way through the scene, Zafira pulls one of her all-natural boobs out of her top (gasp!) and tugs aside her panties so she can masturbate with one hand while jacking his cock with the other (superb POV camera work). Later, she strips down to her panties so we can savor her absolutely superb body while she continues to stroke his happy cock. Meanwhile, she continues to fondle her own tits and clean-shaven pussy with her free hand. To make him cum, she uses super-fast twisting motions until he squirts a substantial stream of semen all over her perfect tits. Zafira is my favorite girl of the movie. I hope to see more of her in the future!

Points: 4

Scene Four

Girl's Name: Caroline De Jaie

Girl's Beauty: Gorgeous. Caroline has long blond hair, athletic calves, belly, and arms, and a tight hard butt. In addition, she has very nice boobs that look so perfect that they might be enhanced. However, no ripples or scars imply surgery.

-- sponsored by --

Commentary: While an unsuspecting worker takes inventory on high shelves in a warehouse, Caroline--panty-less and dressed in knee-high white leather boots, short-short white skirt, and almost-there blue blouse--boldly approaches, reaches up, and grabs his crotch through his jeans. No fool, he immediately drops his pants--right there in the warehouse--so she can have complete access. Soon, she discards her skirt so that she can frantically jack her clit with one hand while stroking her guy with the other. Later, and unlike the previous girls, Caroline lets her guy squeeze and fondle her tits while she turns the attention of both of her hands to his spit-lubricated dick (she squeezes the base of his shaft with her left hand while stroking its tip with her right). And, at one point, she even sits on his face so he can (maybe) lick her pussy while she strokes him (the camera never shows him eating her--pity!). We do get to see him squeeze her fine ass cheeks from behind. To finish him off, she has him stand and she squats down facing him (we get a peek at her pussy from behind). Then, she strokes him with increasing fervor (with both hands) until he plasters her tits and chest with his cream. Then, she uses his shaft to massage the cum into her flesh.

Points: 3.5

Scene Five

Girl's Name: Valentina Velasques

Girl's Beauty: Goregous. Valentina has ass-length black hair, mesmerizing eyes, breathtaking boobs, an attractive bald pussy, and manicured hands just made for hand-jobs!

Commentary: Valentina is busy cooking in her kitchen. Her guy comes into the room and she immediately gets horny...she wants to get fucked! He hikes up her short black maid's skirt, squeezes her ripe ass cheeks, and probes her panty-less clean-shaven pussy with his fingers. That's all it takes! He's rock hard and pressing against the inside of his pants with such force that the fabric is in danger of tearing! To inflame him even more, she strokes his still imprisoned cock with her nicely manicured hand. Then, they work together to open her blouse so he can suckle and fondle her pretty boobs. By this time, she really wants some lovin'! However, they have guests coming and he's afraid that if they take time for sex dinner won't be ready on time. So, they settle for a hand-job. Actually, it's more mutual masturbation than a one-sided hand-job...they jerk each other. Valentina really seems to enjoy pleasuring her man's dick, especially when she's just deposited a mouthful of spit on his super-long shaft. Eventually, Valentina realizes that she's in her kitchen and has something in the fridge that's much better than spit...whipped cream. Now things get really slippery as she strokes his white-cream-slathered shaft and head (great camera work) and fondles his balls! When he explodes, she catches his cum with her left hand and then uses her right fingers to scoop up tasty morsels to eat.

Points: 4

Scene Six

Girl's Name: Gigi

Girl's Beauty: Pretty. Gigi has shoulder-length brunette hair, a quick smile, dancing brown eyes, and small natural tits.

Commentary: Gigi is a lucky girl. She's in her office getting a professional makeover by a male make-up artist. To repay him for his services, after he's finished, she grabs a handful of is cock through his jeans, tugs off his pants, and then takes his smallish (but rapidly swelling) penis into her very capable hands. I like her technique: as he stands above her while she's seated at her desk, she cups her hand around his disk and stokes up and down. Meanwhile, she applies pressure with her thumb to the bottom side of his shaft and the underside of his head. She uses her other hand to squeeze his balls. Her technique looks like it would feel wonderful. While Gigi pleases his cock, he looks down at her cleavage and at her anxious aerolas that are peeking out from her dress. Eventually, the allure of those perky tits just forces him to pull aside her dress so those boobs can be released from bondage. Of course, once they're free, he fondles them. Even better, she eventually casts aside all her clothes. Not much of interest transpires after she gets naked...she continues to stroke his cock while smiling as if she's the first woman to ever discover a penis. Of course, eventually she makes him squirt a few drops on her chest. Not a particularly stimulating scene.

Points: 2

Scene Seven

Girl's Name: Vivien

Girl's Beauty: Stunningly beautiful Vivien has ass-length black hair, superb breasts, and compelling blue eyes. She is really the stuff of wet dreams!

Commentary: On a terrace overlooking a city, Vivien takes a sip of wine and then beckons her stark-naked and 100% erect guy to join her. She immediately--and knowingly--begins to stroke his shaft with well-practiced hands while he cups her boobs and kisses her neck. Soon, she squats in front of him so she can lovingly look his happy cock in the eye as she strokes it with both hands (nice POV camera work). Meanwhile, she turns her big blue eyes to the camera so we can get lost in their beauty. She also favors us with a dazzling smile. Eventually, she slips off her top so that we can gasp in delight at her superb breasts. Then, the guy lies on his back so she can pump his vertical and achingly hard cock with increasing intensity. She also squeezes his balls. When she makes him cum, her dazzling face beams with delight as his forceful and ample load squirts straight up in the air at least 18 inches. The cumshot is really excellent. Afterward, she licks her cum-covered fingers clean.

Points: 4

Scene Eight

Girl's Name: Debbie White

Girl's Beauty: Very cute. Debbie has straight shoulder-length blond hair, a cute face, and an all-natural body.

Commentary: As Debbie's guy is busy shining the chrome on his motorcycle, Debbie walks up close to check out his wheels--and him! She leans on the seat of his bike and is sternly reprimanded--nobody messes with his cycle! So, she tries another tack--she fondles him instead of his bike! His rapidly swelling dick is quickly released from the bondage of his pants and in Debbie's quite capable hands (nice close-ups). As he groans contentedly, Debbie drops to her knees as she strokes his shaft with increasing passion. Debbie uses both hands in series (her left pleases the base of his shaft while her right hand strokes his tip) to jack his spit-lubricated cock. Meanwhile, he removes her top to reveal her tiny all-natural boobies. Debbie's hand actions become so rapid that they literally blur on the screen. Of course, her guy really enjoys her technique and pants in ecstasy. To make him explode, she bends down, doggie style, in front of him and jacks him faster and faster until he cums in her cupped hand.

Points: 2

Scene Nine

Girl's Name: Cory Everson

Girl's Beauty: Gorgeous Cory is exotic looking, has black hair gathered into a pony tail, and humongous tits that are either 100% natural or some of the best enhanced ones I've ever seen.

Commentary: When the scene begins, Cory, dressed in a tight black mini-dress and high heels, is busy hanging her laundry to dry. A guy spies her through the gate, likes what he sees, and beckons her over to talk with him. Cory is apprehensive, but his wily ways soon win her over. Soon, he has her walking with him, hand-in-hand, to a secluded garden. They kiss and then he slips down the top of her dress (GASP!) so that he can suckle two of the prettiest queen-sized boobs you'll ever see. Then, she squats in front of him, feels him through his pants, tugs down his pants, and immediately begins to work on his flaccid dick (I enjoy how the scene starts from the beginning--she has to stroke him to full mast). At first his cock is barely big enough to fill her hand. However, as these things tend to do, it quickly swells as she applies her effective squeeze/stroke motions. Meanwhile, he grabs overflowing handfuls of her gigantic boobs. She also guides his cock between her breasts for a little titty-fucking. Little-by-little, Cory intensifies her moves as his dick swells and lengthens logarithmically. And, through effective POV camera angles, Cory turns her big blue eyes to both her guy and to you and me. There are also effectively photographed-from-beneath shots that highlight her magnificent mams and pretty pink pussy (her labia spread open by themselves!). Later, she stands behind him (sort of a reverse standing spoon position) and kisses his mouth while her hands remain steadfastly focused on his now-enormous penis. To finish him off, Cory jacks him off onto her splendid tits (his first ejaculation is of such high velocity that it overshoots her entirely and flies over her shoulder!). I enjoyed this scene more than any of the others.

Points: 4

Scene Ten

Girl's Name: Liliane Tiger

Girl's Beauty: Gorgeous. Liliane is a blond (with dark streaks) who wears her hair in a braid. Her boobs are medium-sized, all natural, and oh-so-suckable. Her face is very pretty and wears an easy and captivating smile. And, she has an ornate tattoo on her left shoulder and another on her tailbone.

Commentary: Liliane, busy studying some computer printouts at her desk, is less than enthusiastic when her guy interrupts her for a little quickie. At first, she tries to resist his advances. However, she eventually succumbs when he kisses all the right spots on her neck. They move to a couch and he immediately pulls her tight red blouse up over her ripe pretty tits. Of course, he simply must grab and fondle her boobs. Liliane, meanwhile, opens his zipper to free his cock from bondage. Then, she strokes it to full mast. To give her better access to his rod, he thoughrfully removes his pants. Once she has complete access, she spits on his dick and strokes it with increasing fervor while his smiles with delight. The chemistry between Liliane and her guy is incendiary...not only do they share sweet smiles but they also kiss repeatedly and playfully while she jacks him. And, he boldly works a finger or two into her panties to please her pussy. Eventually, Liliane removes her panties (she has a fine body) and shows off her multiple-pierced labia and clit hood (he finger-fucks her pussy). Then, in my favorite single segment of the entire movie, Liliane mounts him, 69 style, and madly jacks his spit-slippery dick while he gets to eat her pussy and squeeze her boobs (sadly, we don't get to see the cunnilingus). By this time, Liliane is completely nude and a real sight for sore eyes---especially when she turns her pretty eyes to us through the camera lens. When he can no longer hold back, he pops a very small load on her pierced tongue. No matter, she likes it anyway and her faces beams with delight.

Points: 4

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): Gonzo-ish/amateurish. Some of the video was very nicely captured while other segments are badly color balanced or lit. The outdoor scenes are mostly attractive while the indoor scenes often leave much to be desired. My guess is that a hand-held camera set on "automatic" was used to capture the action. As such, the exposure and color balance algorithms sometimes resulted in less-than-effective footage. In addition, I noted some digital compression artifacts that resulted in some pixelized frames in Scene One. On the positive side, the camera angles are extremely effective and result in very watchable scenes. And, the editing does not make you get the impression you missed something when the action moves from one camera angle to another. Three and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): The sound was nicely recorded--you can easily hear the performers' ooh's, ahh's, and giggles. There's not much dialog--since they probably don't speak much English. So, the editor dubbed in some appropriate music during the action. Four stars.

Extras: The full-motion chapter selector allows you the option to either watch an entire scene or skip to its cumshot. There's a two-plus minute slide show that automatically advances every six seconds. You can also control it manually by clicking "pause" or "next chapter" on your remote. A ten-minute "Behind the Scenes" feature really is behind the scenes--not just a photo shoot video. There's a little bit of chatting by the cast and crew, scene rehearsals (although the "scenes" don't all seem to be from this movie because they include blowjobs), and video of the cameraman capturing live action and stills. Finally, there are previews for ten Smash Pictures releases as well as website information. Three stars.

Aesthetics: Killer Grip #3 was shot in exquisite and/or very creative surroundings in Europe (Hungary). Scenes begin with some sightseeing forage of beautiful cities and foliage. Then, some of the action was captured outside (for example, in a nearly-public square or on a balcony overlooking the city) or in very unusual and creative indoor locations (on an industrial building staircase, in a warehouse, or in an office). Overall, I think the locations--and the creativeness of the director in choosing locations and sets for sex--is noteworthy. In addition, I think the girls are superbly made-up and their outfits are very attractive. Since the girls and guys speak little (if any) English, music accompanies the sex scenes. It is appropriate but not especially inspired. Four and one-half stars!

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 3.50
Average video rating: 3.50
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 4.50
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 0.00
Overall rating: 3.70

Dr. Jay

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