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Belladonna: No Warning 5

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 3/20/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

The hyperbole on the front of the packaging for this fourth entry in Belladonna’s No Warning line, distributed by Evil Angel, read ‘they never even saw it coming’ and you probably won’t either. Rougher and tougher than the four hardest of hardcore entries that preceded it, No Warning 5 manages to once again up the ante in the gonzo genre, getting so depraved at times as to almost become surreal. If fucking is an art, Belladonna is H.R. Giger, crafting some seriously dark material that’s impossible to look away from. Read on…

Chapter 1 – Lea Lexis And Tori Lux: Lea brandishes a whip when this scene starts while semi-naked Tori awaits her next move. Lea pushes Tori to the ground and plays with her feet and whips them and spits on them. She grabs Tori’s hand and spits on it and makes her slap her own face and then sticks her feet into Tori’s mouth and makes her clean them off. She pulls down Tori’s top and whips her tits and chokes her. The rest of the few clothes Tori was wearing come off and Lea whips Tori’s shaved pussy with the removed clothing. She gets Tori on all fours, stands on her face and plays with her ass and then pushes her face to the ground and slaps it before taking her pants down and making Tori eat her ass. She spits on Tori’s spread pussy and then eats it and fingers it and then she makes Tori go down on her. Tori stands up and is pushed against a column in the room and Lea uses the whip on her ass and then fingers her. She pushed Tori to the ground and sits on her face and smothers her with her ass cheeks and then makes Tori suck her own toes while she fucks her pussy with her foot. She leans Tori over in front of the window and spreads her ass open and then they trade spots and Tori eats Lea out. Lea ends the scene by playing with Tori’s mouth and slapping and choking her, with a finger or two up her pussy as she goes about her business.

Chapter 2 – Lexi Swallow And Tory Lane: Lexi is dolled up in a PVC suit, Tory in a mesh get up that compliments her curvy figure. Tory kneels in front of Lexi and then they kiss before Lexi goes to town on Tory’s pussy and fingers her roughly and eats her out for a while. Tory fingers Lexi and they move into a sixty-nine and Tory sits on Lexi’s face. Tory becomes the aggressor and smacks Lexi’s tits the forces her to the ground with her legs spread so she can eat her out and finger her hard. Tory takes out a cat o’ nine tails and rubs the leather ends over Lexi’s face and then proceeds to whip her tits with it while holding her hands over her head so she can’t move. Tory uses the handle of the whip as a dildo and fucks Lexi’s pussy and then they slap one another in the face before Lexi takes the whip and goes to town on Tory’s beautiful big ass with it. Tory bends over and gets her snatch fucked with the handle until she climaxes.

Chapter 3 – Bobbi Star And Francesca Le: If you weren’t already convinced as to the depraved greatness of Bobbi Starr, this scene will solidify that view for you. Francesca shows up fully clothed knowing that Bobbi is going to dominate her. She bends over and teases us and then Bobbi pushes her to the ground and gets her naked. She chokes her and roughs her up and then gives her pussy a good fingering. She pulls her hair and chokes her and slaps her and contorts her into all manner of interesting positions and then she eats and fingers her ass and pussy. Francesca gets on all fours and Bobbi turns it up a notch, getting more aggressive and going in deeper and harder and really hammering her asshole with her fingers and tongue. Bobbi’s top comes off and Francesca licks her feet and then Bobbi gets completely naked and shows off that awesome body of hers as she slobbers all over Francesca’s pretty face and smears her makeup before cramming her face into her own pussy and making her go down. Bobbi gets her mouth on Le’s asshole again and then bends her over and fingers her asshole, cramming three digits into that backdoor before pulling out and smothering her with her own ass and pussy, grinding on Francesca’s face until she obviously can’t breathe. She lets her up for air and slaps her around some more and then goes to work on her nipples. Bobbi fucks Francesca’s pussy with her feet and her fingers and then holds her hand over her face and gets rougher by cramming a giant plastic dildo down her throat. Bobbi holds the dildo as if it were her cock and Francesca rides it cowgirl style and then Bobbi shifts gears on her and crams it into her asshole. She fucks her ass and spits on her and brings the scene, and Francesca (who is convulsing and quivering at this point) to a big finish. This scene is amazing, Francesca just gives in and let’s Bobbi completely dominate her. She looks like she wants to fight back at times but Bobbi just keeps it up and despite Francesca’s fighting, it’s obvious she gets off multiple times. Bobbi Starr rules – not only is she hotter than hell and not only does she sport a great natural body but this girl KNOWS how to control a scene.

Chapter 4 – Adrianna Nicole And Ashli Orion: Ashli starts this scene off by teasing us before Adrianna comes out and they put on some boxing gloves and start sparring. They pound on each other and eventually fall to the ground and start grappling and once their tits fall out, they start kissing. Ashli’s shorts get pulled down and Adrianna eats her out and then sits on her face and wiggles, getting a bit of satisfaction for her own bad self. She then bites her nipples and tugs on them with her teeth before getting Ashli on all fours and watching her finger herself. She chokes Ashli with a silver metal dildo and then fucks her with it, first her mouth and then her pussy, before the girls trade places. Ashli turns the tables on Adrianna, who has great breasts which are sucked on a lot, but is soon once again on all fours getting a few fingers crammed into her pussy. Adrianna pushes Ashli’s face to the ground and then fingers her snatch and thumbs her asshole at the same time. She replaces her fingers and thumb with both ends of a double ended dildo which Ashli then takes down her throat. Adrianna uses the metal dildo again, managing to work it into Ashli’s ass and then they kiss for a bit before Adrianna gets down on all fours with her ass in the air so that Ashli can tongue it. Adrianna flips over and Ashli eats her pussy and fingers her ass before cramming a giant black dildo up there while Adrianna diddles her clit. The girls sit on each other’s faces and swap some spit and kiss a bit before fingering one another some more and tonguing each other’s assholes to end the scene.

Chapter 5 – Kelly Divine And Lexi Belle: Kelly Divine is on all fours with a ball gag in her mouth and a collar chained to her neck walking around on all fours when this scene starts. Lexi whips her and then spreads her ass cheeks and spanks her. She pushes her to the ground, whips her tits, then takes off her shorts and puts them on Kelly’s head. They tongue kiss and Lexi fucks Kelly’s pussy with a metal dildo before making her lick her leather boots. Kelly gets bent over in front of a window and then Lexi makes her put on a rubber pig mask. She makes Kelly eat he out through the mask as best she can and then has her down on all fours so she can whip her ass again. She uses that metal dildo from earlier on Kelly’s asshole and then chains her up and makes her sit on the toilet and piss in front of the camera. She makes Kelly crawl out on all four and then she puts on a big black strap on cock and makes Kelly, still wearing the pig mask, suck it before getting her on all fours and fucking her up the ass with it. She pounds Kelly’s ass with the strap on and then pulls out and walks her, chained collar and down on all fours with the mask still on, to a mirror where she makes her stare at herself, ending a remarkable scene and closing out an even more remarkable feature.



This shot on digital video production looks pretty clean presented here in a reasonably stable 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen presentation. There is some mild edge enhancement in a couple of spots and a noticeable bit of mpeg compression evident throughout in the darker scenes. Skin tones look nice and natural, the compositions are dead on, and aside from the fact that this digital video production looks like a digital video production and as such suffers from the minor defects usually associated with the format, everything looks as good as you’d realistically expect it to.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. The dialogue comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. There is no background music used anywhere during the feature aside from the opening credits and the levels do tend to fluctuate quite a bit from scene to shining scene but aside from that there isn’t much to whine about here. The audio is fine.


Disc One features a cast list, a few web-links, animated menus and chapter selection. The main extra feature on the second disc is a Behind The Scenes featurette (1:34:55!) that includes some fairly revealing and interesting interviews with the female cast and shows us that, as depraved as the main feature can get, these girls are pros and are completely willing participants in all of the mayhem – in fact, most of them make it painfully obvious that they’re having a blast on this production (something that seems common in the behind the scenes bits on Belladonna’s discs – you get the impression that those who work with her on a regular basis really do like her). It’s also interesting to watch Bobbi and Francesca do their interview together, laying there cuddling which is quite the contrast to the domination that Bobbi submits her to in the feature. Good stuff!

Rounding out the second disc is a cast list, some filmographies, a still gallery, animated menus, a few weblinks, and chapter selection sub-menus.

Final Thoughts:

If you like your girl on girl action rough and kinky, No Warning 5 gives you exactly what you want. As depraved as it can get without becoming a turn off, Belladonna has crafted a masterpiece of sexual depravity with this release, quite possibly the roughest and craziest of the series so far. Evil Angel’s two disc set is a good one, offering up the content in good quality and with some strong extras as well. Highly recommended – you need to see it to believe it.

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