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40 Years of Adam and Eve

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/21/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Adam & Eve’s 40th Anniversary

Adam & Eve

Genre: Compilation

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Director: Varied By Scene

Cast: Kaylan Nicole, Mark Wallace, Nick East, Rebecca Lord, John Decker, Stacy Valentine, Alec Metro, Chloe, Ashton Moore, Mark Davis, Dru Berrymore, Brick Majors, Stephanie Swift, Asia Carrera, Colt Steele, Tera Patrick, Judy, Evan Stone, Missy, Mickey G., Caroline Cage, Keri Windsor, Nina Hartley, Julie Meadows, Chris Cannon, Silvia Saint, Briana Banks, Dale DaBone, Marty Romano, Ava Vincent, Ian Daniels, Brooke Lane, Stephen St. Croix, Mia Smiles, Dee, Carmen Luvana, Eve Lawrence, Charlie, Monique, Randy Spears, Angela Stone, Hailey Paige, Tommy Gunn, Dragon Lilly, Todd Driller, Austyn Moore, Derrick Pierce, Herschel Savage, Ava Rose, Audrey Bitoni, Jean Val Jean, Courtney Cummz, Bree Olson, Tori Black, Poppy Morgan, Kayden Kross, Flower Tucci, Mr. Pete, Zenza Raggi, Seth Gamble; Jenna Jameson, Diva, Frank Towers, Draghixa (last four in bonus scenes only)

Length: 579:34 minutes (169:29 minutes & 214:40 minutes & 195:25 minutes)

Date of Production: 2010

Extras: The first two discs had some spam and a photogallery each. The third disc added in some trailers and two bonus scenes from early in Jenna Jameson’s career (one from The Dinner Party and the other from Elements of Desire where her name was actually

Condoms: Some

Audio/Video Quality: Adam & Eve’s 40th Anniversary had very little consistent about it, the three disc compilation by Adam & Eve released in the MPEG-2 format with a video bitrate hovering around the 3.4 Mbps mark when spot checked. Some scenes were in full frame while others were in anamorphic widescreen, mostly depending upon what was shot at the time. In any case, the visuals ranged from lousy to crystal clear, the emphasis for using condoms clearly noted in many scenes and the belief in special effects like slow motion such that fans of it will be happy. The audio was in 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a 48 kHz sampling rate and 192 Kbps bitrate, the majority of scenes seemingly mixing in the score louder than the vocals. In general though, the aural portion was as decidedly mixed as the visual elements.

Body of Review: Adam & Eve as a company has been around for four decades now, their best known products still coming from their sex toy line but some of their pornographic movies certainly favored by couples. While I have truly enjoyed many of their best works over the years, many more left me cold considering the lack of vocals, arty camerawork, and various degrees of condom use, not to mention the limits of most trysts I’ve seen. In recognition of their anniversary, the company released a three disc compilation called Adam & Eve’s 40th Anniversary, taking a wide variety of sex scenes from their back catalog to highlight here (all 42 scenes if you count the bonus scenes starring a youthful Jenna Jameson). While one might argue as to which scenes of the company could be considered the very best, this was a solid attempt at giving a lot of value to loyal fans, my listing comprehensive as far as it goes. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that some condoms were used for those still interested:

Disc One

Scene One: The Dinner Party: Kaylan Nicole, Mark Wallace, Nick East; Kaylan was a cutie in a flimsy negligee walking around in a grassy field when Marc and Nick rode up to her on horses. The trio started kissing in the 1994 scene and pawing each other, the men focusing on her while she split her attention on them. It was slow paced and erotic, the trio setting out a blanket for some oral and vaginal sex, her curvy body enhanced by the sunlight. There was grain and the sex was active, the guys finishing off by beating out rounds of genetic juice on her chest and face.

Scene Two: Rebecca In Paris: Rebecca Lord, John Decker: Rebecca was a sexy brunette with great eyes, her thong riding up her sweet little ass as she slobbed the knob of John on bed. While on the thin side, she was another one sexually aggressive in the sack, happily caressing him as he did likewise to her skinny frame, Rebecca going down on him far more than he did her before the condom clad sex took place. The movie was released in 1997 so the overacting was expected, the movie still maintaining an erotic air to it years later with John ending it by jacking off to her ass.

Scene Three: Habits of the Heart: Stacy Valentine, Alec Metro: Stacy was a buxom blond babe here and on the prowl by the pool outside when Alec carried her to the edge where they kissed a bunch. Her lengthy sun dress was moved aside to reveal her traditional black lingerie, Alec sampling her tits as much as she slobbed his knob. He initially had some pecker problems but her oral brought him to life, the guy licking her slit a bit before pounding her in several vaginal positions that looked good in the sunlight. He then popped a wad of population pudding to her crotch as she rubbed it in like skin lotion, their chemistry together undeniable.

Scene Four: Tattoo: Chloe, John Decker: Chloe was a redheaded anal queen back in 1998, engaging John in a tattoo shop this time. She wore a black crocheted top over red bikini bra and matching black shorts, his wife beater short and generic pants lasting almost as long. They tore each other’s clothing off and went down on each other, vaginally pounding on the tattoo table with some very active positions. There was grain and she was as emotive as ever, keeping eye contact and letting loose as he impaled her with his rigid rod. They then moved to anal as expected, John rubbing out the spunk on her stomach.

Scene Five: The Scent of Passion: Ashton Moore, Mark Davis: Ashton was in a garden as she made out with Mark, the busty blond gal savoring the erotic moment as much as he did (Mark ate her ass among other things). The slow pacing weakened the scene but he made every effort to get her off and she gave a very brief blowjob before he started planking her passive pussy with his condom clad cock. The audio appeared to have some looping in it too, her looks unable to make up for the poor editing. It ended with a load of splooge on her tit by his own hand, some of the load left on her tits as the camera weirdly zoomed away on his face (making fake faces).

Scene Six: Infinite Bliss: Dru Berrymore, Brick Majors: Dru was outside in a stone covered patio wearing fetish attire that enhanced her looks. The almost BDSM look was appealing to Brick too, the heavily saturated colors and grain screwing it up far more than I care to admit in this erotic adventure. Her headgear and buckles provided a distinctive look and her lengthy masturbation tease was appealing, her oral far more interesting to watch than his was. They screwed vaginally on a bench and moved quickly to anal, the slow motion effect hurting the heat for me. He finished with a small wad of semen to her chest, Dru massaging it onto her tits.

Scene Seven: Search For The Snow Leopard: Stephanie Swift, Mark Davis: Stephanie Swift, before she was under her lengthy Wicked Pictures contract, had substantial success in other venues, doing Mark at night in her black lingerie. He ate her out and drilled her pussy with his fingers, her hummer very sexy as she knelt before him in the dusty room. The active vaginal positions did not last long even with the condom, the cute brunette gal bouncing on his pecker as if driven by a need for seed. He bust a nut on her ass and the camera faded away.

Scene Eight: Always Lily White: Asia Carrera, Colt Steele: Asia was always a popular hotty for her looks and brains, this scene from 1998 by her once husband Bud Lee showing off his more erotic directing capacities as she did Colt. His hair was longer than hers and she looked poured into her slinky black dress, their kissing leading to some oral on a pool table and the floor. Asia was into him a lot and used a lot of hand action during her blowjob, giving him a lot of eye contact as she milked his balls almost to completion before they went into some short vaginal penetration positions. While not her most active work, she looked good here even with the minimal lighting of the night time scene, Colt beating off to her ass crack to end it.

Scene Nine: Sex Island: Tera Patrick, Judy (Judith Kostner), Evan Stone: While Jenna Jameson was still considered the queen of porn, back in 1999 and 2000, few would argue that Tera Patrick was being hailed as the next big thing even though her performances were rarely equal to her exotic good looks. In a movie that became the template for another major company’s signature series, Tera (who also went over to that company as a contract gal for awhile) was joined by Judy and the mighty Evan Stone on an exotic location designed for erotic couples sex. The ladies were in bed with Judy massaging Tera, the couple kissing during some saxophone riffs until Evan decided to stop watching and start participating. There was a condom and Evan vaginally boned like he owned them, depositing his wad of spew on their mouths in this short scene.

Scene Ten: Wildflower: Asia Carrera, Nick East: As Asia's sexual desires reawaken, her dreams became more vivid. She has a romp with Nick in this next one. As ever, Asia looked good and enjoyed what she did in front of the camera. He ate her on a pool table and she blew him adequately in return, no condoms leading to a crotch pop for those that care.

Scene Eleven: Eyes of Desire 2: Missy, Mickey G.: Missy was a blond spitfire that truly enjoyed sex, enjoying this time with her real life partner Mickey. The voyeur theme was played up and director Candida Royalle made this one of the most erotic of her movies from the last decade, the pacing on the slow side but both partners seeming in love and lust at the same time (most porn is just pay for play by comparison). This was the least explicit scene of the compilation but among the best sequences for heat and passion, the oral followed by vaginal and anal penetration and no pop shot displayed (it was presumably an internal pop if at all).

Scene Twelve: Caribbean Undercover: Caroline Cage, Brick Majors: The next scene was with Caroline and Brick on a rocky alcove while Evan and Shelly(?) screwed on the boat. The scene was edited to go back and forth between them and to be honest-I didn't like the approach. Both couples had their own merit and this style detracted from each but the scenery was fine and those who haven't watched much porn might enjoy the romp. Thankfully, this compilation version eliminated the distracting secondary scene and focused on the vaginal and anal exploits of the main couple, albeit still in slow motion.

Scene Thirteen: Fire and Ice: Keri Windsor: The blond babe had a lengthy solo scene with an ice figure this time, standing out as one of the most unusual solo scenes shot in porn. The stylish effects were not my favorite but overall, she carried it on her appeal alone, the slow motion aspects not helping much.

Scene Fourteen: A Midsummer Night’s Cream: Nina Hartley, Evan Stone: Nina and Evan were up next in a vastly loose interpretation of Shakespeare’s tale of sexual arousal, performing at night on a stone gazebo for some short oral and vaginal sex before the chest pop ended it.

Scene Fifteen: A Witch’s Tail: Julie Meadows, Chris Cannon: The first sex scene had Julie and Chris in a civil war period piece. Except for minor details like her platform shoes and his USMC tattoo-the scene was fairly accurate. It also showed Julie's lovely natural body outdoors having a great time. The couple enjoyed each other and it showed throughout the scene as they did the oral and straight sex with a measure of energy reserved for real life couples (which they were not). There was some anal at the end and Julie worked for me here as much now as she did ten years ago given her physical and esthetic appeal.

Disc Two

Scene One: Devoured: Silvia Saint, Mark Davis: Silvia, wearing an elegant black dress, was up next with Mark on a date that ended with the couple kissing outside a home at night. The slow motion kiss lingered and his hands were all over the beautiful blond, her mouth reciprocating actively during a wonderful blowjob as she knelt in front of him by the door. The vocals were dubbed in afterwards and it looked grainy but she was as much a doll as I remember, the couple doing a standing 69 before he started banging her pussy with a condom on. It was an active ride that ended with his spunk on her tits and Silvia sucking him clean.

Scene Two: The Fiesta: Briana Banks, Dale DaBone: Briana, all dolled up with diamonds and a white dress, was up next in a stylishly shot scene at a luxurious mansion. They stripped, she inhaled his cock all the way (throating him), the gal teasing his tip with some tongue action. He wore a rubber to bang her pussy and she was an active rider while holding onto the railing, some taste testing ending in a facial of seed for her to enjoy.

Scene Three: Emerald Rain: Briana Banks, Evan Stone, Marty Romano: Briana wore a colorful sarong as she shared her body with Evan and Marty, the men slowly peeling her attire away as they caressed her body and kissed her while all standing in a slowly moving stream of water. The editing was slow paced and Marty went down on her as she blew Evan, moving to both men orally and some condom-clad cock riding vaginally. Her tits flapped around as she bounced on pecker, Briana getting two facials of seed jerked off her way.

Scene Four: The Edge: Ava Vincent, Chloe, Ian Daniels, John Decker: Penthouse Pet Ava was up next with sexually aggressive Chloe, the ladies dressed up seductively as the tuxedo clad men invited them inside the mansion. John paired off with Ava while Chloe took care of Ian, the men servicing the ladies before getting blowjobs. John loved Ava’s asshole and Chloe tore into Ian’s cock orally, some anal fingering leading to vaginal and anal penetration of the ladies by the condom clad cocks. The ladies appeared to have a contest going on to see who could get off the most, both gals getting a chest pop to end it.

Scene Five: Stolen Moments: Ava Vincent, Mickey G.: Ava, the sexy blond from the last scene, was up next in bed with Mickey. They kissed and she wore a loose satin robe, her partner helping her off with it as he played with her tits. He continued by going down on her, lifting off her matching panties and savoring her juices as she moaned to the tempo of the light jazz score, her own blowjob rather short before they banged doggy style. A few more positions of condom sex and her screaming loudly in pleasure ended it a belly pop though he had troubles taking it off so little landed on her tummy.

Scene Six: X Professionals: Brooke Lane, Stephen St. Croix: Brooke, dressed modestly in a small air hanger, embraced Stephen for a lengthy kiss by the door leading to the plane. He lifted the dress to play with her ass and she dropped down to slob his knob, a variety of vaginal positions taking place after that. He rubbed a large load of semen out on her stomach and it ended abruptly.

Scene Seven: Color Blind: Mia Smiles, Dee, Stephen St. Croix: Hotty Asian Mia and lean Rican Dee were up next in bed with Stephen, the gals taking his clothing off and taking turns blowing him while offering him a taste of their assets. There was some face sitting and lingering oral but the vaginal penetration was generally pretty active. Condoms were used and there were a lot of lame stylish effects used, the gals not shy about eating each other out from time to time. The nut went all over Mia’s torso before the scene cut out to the next one.

Scene Eight: Rawhide: Carmen Luvana, Evan Stone: Carmen Luvana was probably the best contract performer ever to work a substantial body of titles for the company. Her work in this movie was considered breakout for her too, the old fashioned western attire and sex in a large field certainly adding to the tease factor even if it looked slightly pale and washed out. This was the ending scene in the movie and they took their sweet time caressing, tasting, and touching on top of the usual oral and vaginal sex (but the penetration was shortlived); the pop going to her great ass.

Scene Nine: Snow Job: Eve Lawrence, Stephen St. Croix: “During a hike with Steve, Eve finally admits that she's had feelings for him. Turns out, the feeling is mutual! Who'da thunk it?? Eve declares the air to be "cleared" and starts kissing Steve until he lifts her sweater up and starts kissing those fantabulous tits of hers. Eve crouches down and does some kissing and sucking of her own before bending over for doggystyle. Steve continues hammering away until she gets on her back for some deep missionary followed by a weak shot on her stomach. Watching Eve contort her thick, sexy body was pretty stimulating. But, much like the location of this scene, the chemistry between the cold was pretty cold and non-existent.” (review by Michael Vega)

Scene Ten: K-Sex 106.9: Charlie, Monique: The compilation then took a step backwards by about five years, showing an interracial lesbian scene starring sexy Charlie and curvy Monique, the levels of grain far more than I cared for. Poorly shot, I zipped through this scene but it covered the basics all the same with a lot of oral, fingering, and some toy use.

Scene Eleven: Nina Hartley’s Guide to Threesomes: Two Guys and a Girl: Nina Hartley, Randy Spears, Chris Cannon: Nina, wearing a sheer black top and matching bikini undies, was up next exploring why she liked having Randy and Chris at the same time. The camerawork was lame and it lost focus a bunch but the basic premise of a threesome was handled well enough, Nina reciprocating orally but getting twice as much fun in return for her efforts. The vaginal penetration showed her enjoying their efforts too, gyrating on cock and moving to anal before the men tossed off rounds of spunk to her tits.

Scene Twelve: The Perfect Secretary: Carmen Luvana, Hailey Paige, Angela Stone, Tommy Gunn: Carmen Luvana, the attractive blonde contract star on the front DVD cover, cute and lean Angela Stone, Hailey Paige giving another solo performance as she watched, and muscular Tommy Gunn, were up next after Carmen and Angela warmed one another up on a desk top. The licking and rubbing the gals did was passionate but it wasn't until Tommy joined them that the scene started to really kick in (in terms of chemistry and energy at least). The two primary gals of the scene were good in that they kept working one another over as he boned them and if you like oral with straight sex, you'd be hard pressed to find a much better scene in the movie.

Scene Thirteen: O The Power of Submission: Carmen Luvana, Dragon Lilly, Todd Driller, Tommy Gunn: Carmen Luvana, playing the lead of the movie as featured on the front DVD cover, had a few false starts until she was trussed up in bondage gear to be flogged by Nina Hartley. Nina never sexually engaged her but Dragon Lilly, did, masturbating the contract cutie and going down on her until Tommy Gunn and Todd Driller, provided their cocks for Carmen to handle. She jerked them off and sucked them in turn, providing the oral stimulation needed to get them fully erect. That led, of course, to the men vaginally screwing her in several positions while the quartet was watched from the couch by three onlookers (Kylie, Nina, and Angelina). Dragon never took a cock inside of her, preferring to assist Carmen instead, also wielding a strap on dildo to pummel the gal before the men rubbed out loads onto Carmen's chest.

Scene Fourteen: Tailgunners: Austyn Moore, Derrick Pierce: Austyn Moore, having paid her tributes to Dr. Strangelove, ditched Carmen for her terrible acting and began the last scene of the movie with Derrick Pierce. He fed her some oxygen but she wanted it the old fashioned way; straight from the meat pipe. She jerked him off and alternated with oral attention, showing she has a lot more oral ability then penetrative power when they took to screwing. He diddled her cookie a bit and ate her first but didn't seem to appreciate her all that much before he hit the pussy. Her facial expressions looked pained more than anything else but at least she bounced on his lap a few times before his formerly condom clad cock was dropping a load on her abdomen. The plot holes and dialogue after this scene were unintentionally hilarious but no more so then the rest of the movie, closing out the movie with some politically correct drivel about women's rights.

Scene Fifteen: Lady Scarface: Carmen Luvana, the hotty on the front cover, was up first as she faced off against federal immigration agent Herschel Savage in a cramped office. He was strip searching her, exploring every nook and cranny to make sure she wasn’t smuggling in anything; getting especially frisky on her private parts. Carmen figured it was part of the price to be paid to make it into the country so she followed his lead and aggressively blew him and then actively participated in the fucking. There was a condom used and the sex on a couch was without chemistry but having watched a number of her scenes in the past, I have to admit that she was at her best here. She did some PTM and he gave some oral before she took the population pudding to her face.

Disc Three

Scene One: The Contractor 2: Ava Rose, Audrey Bitoni, Jean Val Jean, Evan Stone: “After almost six months on the site and with the job almost finish state inspectors come to the work site to shut them down. All hell breaks loose as Carmen walks off the site to get some answers leaving Ava and Audrey behind with the inspectors .So in order to help out the ladies decide to take things into their own hands to try and sway them. Both ladies make easy work of Evan and Jean as they have them with their pants off and working on their wood. The foursome go from having sex one the scaffolding to the mattress under tarp. They switch from 69, missionary, doggie, RCG and a few others before both these beautiful ladies are bathed in cum.” (review by Ravyn)

Scene Two: Eden: Courtney Cummz, Carmen Luvana, Jean Val Jean: Carmen Luvana, the topless blond with implants on the front DVD cover (second gal from the left), was up first in a tiny pink patterned bikini masturbating on a lounge chair by the pool. She was caught off guard and stopped, only to go horseback riding in the countryside with Jean Val Jean after changing into a skimpy white outfit that left little to the imagination as well. The romantic moment was definitely a trade up from Jerry and she was enamored by the man who wooed her under a large tree; the pair kissing as they felt each other up. He went down on her as she held onto a low branch, a storm brewing with a lot of wind foreshadowing the event. Eating her front and back led to her blowing him, Carmen wrapping her lips around his cock just in time for the two to be joined by lovely Courtney Cummz. Courtney took over most of the oral duties and did so enthusiastically as Carmen provided support (and a bit more head). Courtney rode first and then Carmen took a longer ride (with JVJ putting on a condom). I wasn’t too happy with the imbalance of riding time since Courtney was a more active fuck but the gals did some intermittent oral (PTM, PTOGM) and on each other before he rubbed out a load of population pudding on Carmen’s ass cheek for Courtney to lick at.

Scene Three: Sunshine Highway: Bree Olson, Evan Stone: “Bree is back once again and ready to prove that country girls know how to have fun two. Set against an old barn, Bree is wearing a long white country dress, cowboy boots and cowboy hat and waiting to have a significant role in the hay. Extended tease and masturbation scene from Bree that includes some dirty talk, as she fingers her pussy from behind. Her man comes into the barn, and Bree soon orally rewards him for a tough day rustling cattle. Bree works hard to get her face all down Evan Stone’s massive dick, but only gets partially down the shaft. Seems like his dick is even too big for her pussy as it takes Bree several thrusts to get the whole thing in. Once it does, we are all rewarded with some great screams of passion from the blonde goddess. Hot scene that ends with cum shot into Bree’s awaiting mouth.” (review by Colonel Mustard)

Scene Four: The 8th Day: Bree Olson, Tori Black, Poppy Morgan: Bree Olson, Tori Black, and Poppy Morgan, were up next outside at night in a lesbian tryst. The women were made up as tattooed "cats", the almost surreal look of the scene interesting to me. While it wasn't the best lesbian scene of the year so far (sorry David, start eating that cockroach), once the ladies started going at one another sexually it was mighty hot (Tori ruined the illusion by starting to laugh at Bree during the initial fight). The ladies ate each other out at great length and stayed in character, screeching like a pack of wild cats (or at least gals raised by a pack of cats) and fingering one another though one dildo was presented for penetration too. I like lesbian action and Bree is always welcome in a movie as far as I'm concerned but there were times when this one got on my nerves as excessive. My gal pal toy tester thought they were unintentionally funny too, abhorring how much spitting was done by the ladies as well as the post production aural changes in the voices but they did look pretty hot to me.

Scene Five: Kayden’s Krossfire: Kayden Kross, Flower Tucci: “Kayden Kross and Flower Tucci are having a serious conversation. Flower is frustrated and worried. The two blond beauties kiss. Then, they remove each other's clothing. They kiss again. Lady Kayden pleasures Flower's precious stone orally and fingers it hard. Next, both women rub each other's beauty spots. Moments later, the Tucci gets into position to finger Kayden's pretty wazoo. She screams with delight. Then, Kayden plays with Flower's flower. Moments later, the Tucci sucks on Lady K's toes. Next, she sucks on the pretty woman's precious gateway. It's a hot scene. Kayden screams with glee. Then, Flower fingers and rubs Lady Kayden's pussy again. She licks it great and sucks on it with great fervor. They have amazing chemistry. They kiss. Then, Kayden plays with the Tucci's flower again. She fingers it hard. Then, Flower rubs her own lovebox and it gets wetter. Next, Flower rubs Miss Kross' wazoo while Kayden is in doggystyle position. She finger fucks it hard and licks Kayden's juices. Later, they kiss and Flower kisses her body and rubs her pussy. Then, they kiss at the end of the scene. This is a great scene.” (review by Apache Warrior)

Scene Six: Roller Dollz: Bree Olson, Ava Rose, Mr. Pete: Ava Rose, Bree Olson, and Mr. Pete, were the last sex scene of the first disc, another dream sequence in bed where the ladies wore roller skates and provided a mouth and pussy to play with. Ava and Pete were up first here, Bree joining in after suitable warming up time, the couple going down on each other at a paced rhythm. Ava was an active rider and the weird lighting effects and music might not be my preferred manner of shooting this kind of thing but Ava's ass rippling looks good in any circumstances, her getting lost in the moment adding to the fun despite said limitations. When the ladies went into a 69 as Pete drilled Bree was perhaps my favorite part of the scene other than Ava on top as she impaled herself. There was some vocal dirty talk but like the rest of the show, not all that much as they all continued to work on each other. The pop shot went to Bree's mouth for swallowing, Ava looking on as if she wanted some of it for herself.

Scene Seven: Carolina Jones and the Broken Covenant: Bree Olson, Ava Rose, Zenza “Karim” Raggi: “The next morning Bree and Ava are off the find the Ark but get captured instead then rescued by her Father Prof. Jones (Tibor Butch who doesn't look or sound anything like Harrison Ford). Father and daughter part ways and Bree and Ava are off again, this time in a three way with Alex who if you watched the bloopers got his nuts crushed during the filming of the final scene. The ladies share cock sucking duties and take turns riding him. Bree gets it both anally and vaginally before he gives both girls a facial and they do some cum swapping.” (review by Ravyn)

Scene Eight: Rawhide II: Dirty Deeds: Kayden Kross, Tommy Gunn: Kayden Kross, hardly dressed in her western ware, was up last in bed with built Tommy Gunn, in a romantic interlude showing both of them having some fun as part of the plot. It was heavily edited and showed most of the footage close up, their sex noises truncated in favor of the music as she wrapped her lovely lips around his bone to blow him and he reciprocated at greater length. The two bumped uglies vaginally and she screamed too much but I could see her appeal all the same. The scene finished up quickly with a crotch pop he jerked off himself.

Scene Nine: The Perfect Secretary: Training Day: Kayden Kross, Randy Spears: Kayden Kross, the sexy blond featured on the front cover, was up first as she was introduced by Justine to boss Randy Spears. She was wearing a beige vinyl top and black skirt, her ass completely exposed as she bent over to pick up pencils. The leggings completed the picture and Randy simply could not pass her up, caressing her fine ass and spanking it lightly before digging for clams inside of her pussy. Kayden was then shown without all the garb, masturbating as Randy sucked her feet until she was giving him a hummer, her oral skills modest but far more appealing than his were. The couple then engaged in some limited vaginal penetration, Kayden learning to become more active when she warmed up. The ending wad of genetic juice was stroked off by Randy to her ass, Kayden offering a wide smile at the load she elicited from him. It should be noted that the movie was told in reverse order, a weird way to tell a story as far as I'm concerned.

Scene Ten: The A Team XXX: Bree Olson, Seth Gamble: Bree Olson, the sexy blond featured on the front cover, was up first on a couch with moper Seth Gamble, the two fighting before some makeup sex. His hands were all over her body, the guy kissing her and massaging her pussy, Bree wrapping her lips around his pecker to blow him with a lot of energy. She used her hand to gland combat to increase the friction, the couple actively screwing vaginally in several positions. Bree made lots of moaning noises and became even louder during the anal, the gal taste testing his pecker a few times over the course of the scene. The chemistry between them was questionable but the degree of passion Bree showed for cock, even moper cock, helped elevate the scene, the ending load of genetic juice landing on her abdomen by his own hand.

Summary: Adam & Eve’s 40th Anniversary by Adam & Eve did not fix the technical issues marring the weakest scenes shot, nor did there seem to be a consistent attempt to locate the very best scenes available but there was so much information to process here that casual porn fans might become overwhelmed at trying to watch this in a limited amount of time so enjoy it as a title I can Recommended. The sheer volume was weakened by the plethora of marginal scenes provided, your mileage varying considerably depending on how much you enjoy this kind of compilation. In short then, Adam & Eve’s 40th Anniversary was definitely a case of quantity over quality but the overall impression I had was favorable thanks to the stronger scenes holding my attention for so long.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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