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Malice In Lalaland

Studio: Vivid » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 3/22/11

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Malice in Lalaland
Vivid Pictures/Miss Lucifer
Directed by Lew Xypher
Running Time: 1hr and 38min
Price: 39.99


Sasha Grey
Kristina Rose
Phoenix Marie
Kagney Linn Karter
Chayse Evans
Mackenzee Pierce
Andy San Dimas
Sadie West
Alyssa Reece
Juelz Ventura
Jesse Capelli
Tommy Gunn
Billy Glide
Ron Jeremy
Danny Mountain
Chris Johnson
Keni Styles

Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Slide Show of either Production or Sex Scenes)
Storyboard (the book)
Behind the Scenes shot by Keni (a nice 54 minute featurette, with some great footage and interviews)
Web Site Info
Bonus Scene (well it’s the footage of the Phoenix, Billy and Tommy scene from Sasha’s camera, 8 minute cut of the scene)
Story/Sex Mode
Subtitles (given a choice of 6 different languages)

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps (states 5.1 Surround on Back Cover)

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 7 Mbps (shot on 35mm) shot in 2:35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen


2011 AVN Best Editing and Best Packaging Innovation

Overall Thoughts:

So I could bore you with some talk about numbers and averages, but let me get to the point right away. This was an amazing movie and I would easily give this a XCRITIC PICK and words cannot describe how it took me this long to check this out, but a huge thanks to Houston Don for giving me a copy of this to watch. I owe you big time sir. This movie needs to be in your collection, it’s a great take on the Alice in Wonderland story with a little mix of Fear and Loathing mixed in, with some amazing sex and even more amazing music, most of which is from Aguardente, who is going to be added to my music collection as soon as I am done with this review. I also love the fact that it is shot in 35mm and you get a few pops and cracks that remind you of watching a movie on the big screen. And of course, for a movie to get that high of a rating from me, there needs to be a good amount of special features, and with an hour of footage and the book that comes with the movie, with some great photos, story boards and some more BTS of the making and filming of this movie, way above and beyond what you normally get from porn movies. And I can’t end this review without mentioning the very sexy ladies that are included in this film, Sasha, Andy, Kagney, Juelz, Sadie and Phoenix, you ladies were amazing and I will be watching your scenes, over and over and over again, hopefully what they say isn’t true, I don’t want glasses.

Scene One: Andy and Chayse vs. Chris and Danny (4/5 rating)

We get a short animated opening, followed by some live action footage and then a very interesting opening credits as he pages through a comic book. Sasha is strapped to a bed and is woken up by a rabbit, who frees here from the straps, and she puts on her bunny slippers and attempts to make a run for it. He gets distracted from the TV as the light flickers and then he realizes that she is gone. He tries to track her down, and gets close to her, but she whacks him over the head and runs after the bunny. He leads her to the basement and she gets tracked down, but she once again attacks him and slips away and go through a door and is teleported to the desert. Back at the hospital, he goes to Andy and tells her that Malice has escaped, and she wants him to find her, she tells him to leave and then she starts to change into a different outfit as he looks through the peephole. He follows her as she goes to the morgue and we see that Chayse is sucking off a guy, and Andy opens one of the doors and pulls out her own guy and begins to suck him off. But that doesn’t last long as the fucking starts with some missionary and doggy , as Chayse hovers over Andy. Chayse goes back to work on Chris’s cock while Andy eats her out, but then the girls trade guys as the fucking continues. And then the girls are on their knees sucking off the guys as they give the girls a money shot in their mouths.  Chayse really had some energy in this scene, and Andy once again proves why she is so amazing and dirty. Somewhat of a short scene, but amazing still. The music was a nice touch to the scene.

Scene Two: Kagney and Alan (5/5 rating)

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We cut back to Sasha as she continues to follow the bunny through the desert and into his home, which is much bigger than it looks on the outside. He gives her some clothes to put on and as she leaves, she is naked but she thinks she is wearing the clothes still. As she is walking around, Fred sees her through his binoculars as she finds a gas station, and is let in by the bunny. She looks around and finds a bedroom and realizes that she is naked and takes a quick shower before putting on some real clothes. As she is about to leave the gas station, he pulls up and begins to knock on the door, until he gets a gun pointed at him. It seems the station is owned by Alan and he scares him off, and then he talks to his girl, Kagney in the car, and she is all hot and horny as the take things to the back seat. Sasha and the bunny look on and he humps her legs as they continue to watch. Alan plays with her tits for a bir, and then heads south to work over her pussy with his fingers and tongue.  She returns the favor with some deep throating of his cock . She gags on his cock and then ends up on top, riding him while they are in the car, I think that is why this scene is so hot, something about being in the back of the car, just adds a little something. He works over her pierced pussy with some spoon action, as her big tits bounce and wiggle. She follows up with some oral and then ends on top again as he gives her a hard pussy pounding. And then we get some very hot and sexy doggy action as she is bent over the seat, and then he gives her a money shot in the mouth as the scene comes to an end.

Scene Three: Sasha and Keni (5/5 rating)

Sasha leaves and starts walking away as Fred calls Andy and begins to jerk himself off while he talks to her, he really has a thing for her, which you can’t blame him for. She gets pissed and hangs up the phone. We cut to Sasha as a man, Keni,  who very much looks like Johnny Depp from Fear and Loathing, and then talks to her about taking her picture. They drive by Fred as he is taking a leak and then he begins to chase them. We find out that Keni is the Chester Cat. Fred catches up but then ends up hitting a semi but some how is able to survive, unharmed. He walks after them as Sasha and Keni keep heading down the road. Fred “borrows” a scooter from a guy, as Sasha and Keni make their way to a hotel. They get a room and Keni reminds her about the photos he wants to take of her. He opens his suitcase and pulls out a blue “Alice” dress and she says no at first but then puts it on for him. He pulls out a blue cat head, which he puts on, and then starts to take pics of her, as she plays for the camera. But she wants a little more as she opens his pants and begins to suck on his cock, before the clothes come off and he has his face deep in her ass and pussy. She goes back to work on his cock, as he grabs her hair and face fucks her before he moves on to fucking her fairly hairy pussy. There is some spoon and reverse cowgirl action and some cowgirl action, as he grabs on tight to her amazing booty. Then there is some doggy as her ass sticks up in the air, and then some more oral as she works over his cock some more. But he climbs on top of her and fucks her and then she ends up on top for some cowgirl as her booty works for the camera. They get some 69 action going on, then missionary and then he pulls out and cums on her stomach and mouth.

Scene Four: Mackenzee and Jesse (3/5 rating)

After they are done, he invites her to the party tonight, but he calls his friend first on the phone and sets up a meetup. Sasha falls asleep, as we cut to Fred still searching for her. He makes his way to the hotel and walks in on Malice, but then gets knocked out by the flash of Keni’s camera. We cut to a strip club and Ron is enjoying the ladies working on the stage. Ron asks Sasha to sit by him and Keni sits up nice and close for the ladies. He gives Sasha a mushroom cupcake and he tells her to sit back and relax and enjoy the show. He takes a whiff of his hooka, and then we cut to Mackenzee and Jesse as they play and frolick with each other on the stage. They take turns sucking on each other’s tits, and then continue to work the pole as we see the world is getting all wonkey and wobbley, must have been some strong mushrooms.  Soon Mackenzee has her face deep in Jesse’s pussy , with  her ass out for the camera. But then the girls pull out a few toys and begins to play with their pussies with the toys. And Ron has fallen asleep, he must have gotten worn out watching the ladies play with each other.

Scene Five: Sasha, Alyssa and Kristina (5/5 rating)

Fred is now tied up and tries to escape as Sasha and Keni are once again on the road again. Fred once again escapes and calls someone. We meet up with Sasha and Keni and a guy who looks like Slash, I guess he is the mad hatter in this version. Keni leaves and then “Slash” tries to put the moves on her, but she punches him after he makes a comment about her hair. She walks around and checks the different rooms as people are having their fantasies are being lived out. She walks into a room where Alyssa and Kristina are. She says that her lady likes to watch, so Sasha ends up naked pretty quick and begins to kiss Alyssa, while Kristina plays with herself until she can’t take it anymore and decides to join in. The girls kiss and rub each other, but the girls do a good job of double teaming Sasha. They get a nice train going as, Sasha licks Alyssa’s pussy and Kristina has her face deep in Sasha’s pussy and ass. They switch up as Sasha works on Kristina’s pussy for a bit. But then Kristina and Sasha put on their strap ons and then begin to double team Alyssa with them. But then they have some threeway fucking as they lay next to each other and the hot scene comes to an end as the light fades from the fire.

Scene Six: Juelz and Sadie vs. Keni (5/5 rating)

Fred makes his way to Ron’s club and tries to get some answers out of him, but he seems to be no help. He makes his way into the club, and asks about Sasha and Keni, but he continues to give him some vague answers, so Fred pulls out a gun and finally gets some real answers from him. He doesn’t need him anymore, so he pulls the trigger. We then cut to Keni’s room as Juelz is working over his cock and then Sadie takes off her bunny head and goes to work on his cock. They kiss and giggle before they go back to work on his cock. Her gets a little action with Juelz’s tits and then dives his face in Sadie’s pussy, but then he works on Juelz while she licks Sadie’s pussy. He starts off fucking Sadie in some missionary, giving her a hard pounding, as he Juelz wraps her hands around her throat for a bit. We cut to the girls working over his cock and then Juelz ends up on top of him for some reverse cowgirl action in her pierced pussy. And then Sadie gives up some amazing booty bouncing as he hovers over Juelz, but then ends up with Keni’s cock in her pussy, as he leans over and licks Juelz’s pussy. Juelz gets some doggy and cowgirl action and then Sadie gets her turn with some reverse cowgirl action, as Juelz sits on his face. The scene ends as he gives both the girls a little of his money shot in their mouths. But then he puts on his cats head and gets a few pics of the ladies.

Scene Seven: Phoenix vs. Tommy and Billy (5/5 rating)

Fred makes his way to the party and Sasha gets another visit from the bunny and she follows him, as Fred makes his way through all the rooms. He comes across Keni’s room, which ends up bad for him, and then he finds the room Sasha was in, but she once again hits him over the head, and escapes. She gets picked up by group of people in a car, including the lovely Phoenix. It seems they are supposed to shot a movie, and Phoenix is the star and they apparently need a cameraman, and Sasha agrees to help out. Fred finds out where the guys live and talks to their mom and she tells him that the guys are shooting their big scene today. They make their way to the diner and they start filming and it seems Billy and Tommy are the lucky guys today. She pulls down her top and shows off her amazing boobs, and then gets on her knees as the guys pull out their cock and she works them over. Billy slides her panties off and dives face first into her pusys asn she sucks off Tommy. She goes back to working them both over, but then ends up bent over as Tommy fucks her from behind as she continues to suck on Billy’s cock. She ends up riding Billy and then ends up back on Tommy as she gets face fucked from above by Billy. Tommy is working over her ass as he shoves a few fingers in her pussy. I love the 70’s style music playing during the scene, reminds you a cop show from that era. Anyways, back to the sex, she bounce up and down on Billy with some great energy, before she ends with Tommy back in her ass, followed by Billy. They take turns fucking her until she ends up on her knees with her mouth wide open as she takes their money shots in her mouth.

As Sasha is about to finish filming the scene, the bunny comes in , followed by Fred, who ends up shooting the bunny and then Andy comes in and gives her a shot in the ass and then things get weird and animated and then we see Keni is alive, but has 8 more lives left. Things are back to normal as Fred is once again looking over things and Sasha is tied up once again.


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