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Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/23/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Harder (Inari Vachs)

Adam & Eve/Skinworxxx

Genre: All Sex, Inari Vachs


Director: Joshua

Cast: Inari Vachs, Teagan Presley, Eric Masterson, Sean Michaels, Danny Mountain, Tommy Gunn, Jack Vegas
Non-sex roles: Joshua, Rob Brick

Length: 80:48 minutes

Teagan Presley and Inari Vachs

Date of Production: 2010

Extras: For some, the best extra will be the bonus scene from Bud Lee’s “The Third Eye” between a younger Inari Vachs and Dale DaBone. It was in the then-standard full frame and lasted a scant 12:45 minutes, but it showcased her talents quite well, her anal a little passive but the scene otherwise pretty strong (and yes, there was a condom used). There was also a lengthy 35:17 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, going from Inari-sans makeup to her cleaning up and otherwise shown preparing for her scenes. This was followed by a 9:41 minute interview of Inari Vachs by Eric Masterson, these two extras specifically made for the movie as interesting for me as the sex footage from the scenes. There was also the obligatory photogallery, trailers, and spam.

Condoms: None

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Inari Vachs with Eric Masterson

Audio/Video Quality: Harder was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Joshua for Adam & Eve under his Skinworxxx label. I know I’ve busted his balls a time or two on aspects he eventually picked up in his learning curve, still admiring his wisdom to use some of the very best crew to make the performers look their best under the constraints of his vision for the outcome (for example, he used David Lord extensively here, one of my favorite porn personalities, and who hasn’t seen the quality of cameraman Francois Clousot’s work at Wicked Pictures?). The compositional matters were moderately strong in most cases, the editing almost always on the rushed side (which is becoming the new standard throughout the industry), and the lighting usually quite thoughtful. Care was taken to enhance the strengths of the featured performer, the video bitrate hovering around the 6.1 Mbps range when spot checked, though it went higher at times too. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a sampling rate of 48 kHz and a bitrate of 224 Kbps. I expect very little in this aspect of porn given how even the biggest producers skimp so very often on audio, their post production efforts adding multiple tracks or spicing things up with loops but always lacking the care needed to capture the actual sex sounds as much as they should. Surprisingly, that was less the case here with the separation notable and the dynamic range suitable as a step up, some minor background noise heard but hardly invasive or common. Whatever the case as to how this was achieved, the music was balanced nicely into the teases and I could always hear what was said, the clarity enhancing the strokability as it were.

Inari Vachs with Sean Michaels

Body of Review: Joshua is the male partner of popular hotty Teagan Presley, his online devotion to advancing her interests as strong as anyone else I’ve seen in recent times. Now that she has a contract with Adam & Eve, their company Skinworxxx has been given more chances to showcase his style as a director. While not everything he has done to date works for me personally, I think it’s fair to suggest that he knows his limits and works around them by hiring some of the most capable crewmembers available, resulting in shows like Harder. My initial belief was that the movie was a showcase to his lovely wife Teagan but upon receiving the flick just the other day, I found out it was dedicated to retired hotty Inari Vachs as a springboard for her comeback into the industry. As a long time fan of hers from way back, knowing she was in every one of the five scenes (six if you count the bonus scene) meant I was sure the rating would be favorable no matter what she did but would the flick live up to the titular hardness became my question. In a word, I’d have to say that yes it did, her lesbian encounter with Teagan satisfying as a starter, progressing through a BJ-only scene, an IR scene, and all the way into a double penetration tryst. My biggest concern at this point became the use of second and third tier male talent in most scenes, Tommy Gunn and Sean Michaels being the only exceptions. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Inari Vachs with Danny

Scene One: Inari Vachs, the light haired lass standing on the front cover, was up first in a lesbian scene with immensely popular cutie Teagan Presley. Teagan was naked on a white couch in a gossamer filled room, Inari’s sheer robe offering scant protection from the prying eye. The two kissed and caressed each other, Teagan seducing her with her hands and tongue as Inari’s bikini undies came off. Teagan seemed more into doing her than usual and Inari has always displayed a love of fine pussy, Teagan giving more pleasure than receiving for a change. It ended with a mutual fingering by the gals on Inari’s dripping wet snatch, the light coating of sweat punctuating the action before they kissed as the camera panned away.

Inari Vachs

Scene Two: Inari Vachs, again starting off in a clinical outfit only to enter a room dressed in a skimpy blouse, eyed moper businessman Eric Masterson before kneeling down to gracefully slob his knob in a slow and seductive manner. It started off slowly and warmed up quickly, Inari using her hand to gland combat style to get him fully erect as she toyed with him, the hummer getting increasingly messy as it progressed. It ended all too soon with a very small load of genetic juice jerked off to her chest, the pattern of her bouncing into different rooms continuing.

Scene Three: Inari Vachs, this time in a lengthy white dress, coyly walked around the bed of Sean Michaels as she prepared to reunite with the black stud after a long absence. While some refer to Sean as a “poor man’s Lexington Steele”, comparing the performances of the two reveals that Sean is a far better lover on screen and the results showed here in what became the hottest pairing of the movie. They kissed while clothed (at length too), Sean slowly working his way to her all natural tits and her arms wrapped around him, both disrobing as naturally as could be before they went down on each other. It was too brief by half but the look in his eye as he ate her sweet ass spoke volumes as to the quality of the tryst, his large black dick soon boning her like he owned her. She pumped actively on the rod and gyrated as she became increasingly excited, impaling herself on his pecker until she beat him off all over her legs and crotch.

Scene Four: Inari Vachs, next up in black attire as she paired off with moper Danny Mountain, avoiding his judgmental eyes before dropping down to her knees to give him a sloppy blowjob. There was no apparent chemistry between the couple but she worked him over like a seasoned veteran, her mouth engulfing him every which way but loose until she actively rode his cock vaginally and anally. Inari was more active during the anal than vaginal work here, the sparse background helping focus eyes on her thrusting hips as she proved to be too much for him to handle. It ended when he rubbed a load of population pudding to her crotch, the overall effect less than satisfying for me despite the strength of her performance.

Scene Five: Inari Vachs, up last wearing a red & black striped corset and matching accessories, finished the movie out with a ménage a trios between studly Tommy Gunn and meager Jack Vegas. The cheap dungeon setting was not taken advantage of but she sure seemed enthusiastic about going down on the men, alternating between them orally before they took turns pounding her pussy. For her part, Inari was an active rider of cock enjoying her partners, the chemistry less than she had with Sean or Teagan but her passion and enthusiasm enhancing it as much as possible. The scene seemed cut short though, moving into a double penetration rather than lots of anal positions and tease, the men giving her a couple of facials of spunk to appreciate with her hands jerking them dry of whatever was left as she looked up at them.

Summary: Harder by director Joshua for Adam & Eve showed that a few years off did not weaken the performance skills of lovely Inari Vachs, the young lady as desirable as ever, possessing a hard body few half her age can claim. The way she embraced her sexuality and appeared to truly appreciate the various sexual encounters (regardless of how little chemistry she may have had with some) elevated it for me, held back primarily by the minimal amounts of tease footage and the mopes used as her meat puppets so I rated it as a solid Recommended, fans of the beautiful woman certain to consider this a career capping “must have”. In short then, whatever limitations Harder may have had from my admittedly harsh viewpoint, it had more Inari Vachs footage than anywhere you will find outside of a lame compilation, the short running time bugging me more than a little bit but my appreciation for getting another chance to see wonderful Inari Vachs in action helping put it in perspective. If you are unfamiliar with her body of work, by all means go and check her past performances out but don’t skip this one lest you miss out on some heated action sure to satisfy.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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