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Naughty Nanny #3

Studio: Smash Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 3/23/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Naughty Nanny #3
Smash Pictures
Directed by Jim Powers
Running Time: 1hr and 38min
Price: $17.99


Faye Reagan
Britney Beth
Angelica Raven
Jynx Maze
Lily Carter
Evan Stone
Tommy Gunn
Jack Laurence
Alec Knight
Xander Corvus

Special Features:

Dialogue or All-Sex Option
Interactive Menus
Behind the Scenes (20 minutes of some interviews, it seems Faye is having a day few days and we learn about her reason for not doing anal on camera, some BTS fucking, and interviews with the rest of the cast, we learn a little about them during the interviews)
Photo Slide Show
Sneak Previews (8 trailers)
Playable World Wide
Shot in HD
Pick a Position

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg 2 at around 6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

As I am sitting here working on this review, the main menu is up on the TV, and I am getting a weird Danny Elfman vibe from the music that is playing. Sorry, had to point that out. So let’s get to the movie, well this is one of those releases, where I saw the cover, with the beautiful Faye on the cover, and I quickly chose this to be added to my list of movies to review, so would the content be as good as the cover. Well other than a few bad scenes, I would have to say yes. Faye, Jynx and Lily brought their A-game and really made this movie worth watching, and way worth watching again at some point down the road.  They were even enough to make me forget about the not so good scenes, and luckily for you, you can hit the ole fast forward button and move on to the hot sex scenes.  Video and Audio quality were average, few blurry issues with the video in a few scenes, and a few issues with sound, as the camera was a little too far away from the ladies. But nothing that was too distracting, which is a good thing. A decent amount of special features to keep you busy and some interesting ways to watch the movie, all-sex or with dialogue, or you can choose by position, so no matter what you like, they got you covered. So figuring out all the details, I am going to give this movie a RECOMMENDED rating, it’s worth having in your collection, and you can’t beat the price either, for what you get, it’s a steal.

Scene One: Faye and Evan (4/5 rating)

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She is washing dishes and he says he won’t be home tonight due to a meeting, so she will let his wife know. Later, she is on the computer, and she has a camera set up, this could be good. She changes into a sexy maid or nanny outfit. She has a duster and begins to work around the house, while giving a nice tease to the people who are watching on the camera. She then grabs her tit and moves it in nice and close for us, and it seems her outfit is dirty, so she takes it off, and it down to her stockings and underwear, which soon comes off. She doesn’t realize that he has walked in and he sits and watches her for a bit and then walks in and surprises her as she cleans his penis statue. She turns around and is a little nervous and tries to play innocent. She tries to leave, but he sits her down and has a nice chat, and agrees to let her continue, just so he gets a kick back. She climbs on his lap and he sucks on her tits. She then grabs him and brings him over to the couch and they kiss a little as he picks her up and puts her on his lap and begins to play with her pussy. He grabs a hold of her ass and dives face first into her pussy and ass, as she begins to purr with delight. He stands up and literally rips his pants off and let’s her grab onto his cock and begins to slowly lick and suck on it, with some nice deep throating action thrown in. He grabs the back of her head and begins to face fuck and then slides his cock in between her tits, making sure to cover all of her body. He picks her up once again and lays her on his lap and gives her ass a few spankings, while he fingers her pussy. He rolls her on top of him and slides his cock in her pussy for some reverse cowgirl action, which includes some great shots of her tits bouncing up and down. There is some side saddle action, followed by some spoon action as he works over her pink pussy. And we get a close up of her face as she is overwhelmed and out of breath as he works over her pussy, missionary style. She ends up face down in the floor with her ass in the air as he fucks her from behind. Some slight focusing issues during some close up shots. Unfortunately the doggy is short lived and we are back to missionary, with some close ups of his balls hitting her ass. And then we cut to some hard and fast action until he gives her a money shot on the leg, pussy and chest.

Scene Two: Britney and Xander (2/5 rating)

She gets a call and she is supposed to look for a watch. She is told to look in her closet, and she finds the watch, which is around a sex toy which is on. She takes off the watch and begins to check out her sexy clothes and heads to the bedroom. She takes off her clothes and gives us a nice view of her body in her red and pink underwear and bra, which come off and are replaced with some black lace stocking and matching bra. She looked pretty hot in the red stuff and even looks sexier in the black. She has a very nice body, so this should be a good scene coming up. So she grabs the toy and lays on the bed, with her legs spread and begins to tease her pussy with it. After a short tease, she shoves it in her pussy and lets it work it’s magic on her and by looking at the goose bumps, I would say it is working out just fine. And we cut to the son of the people who hired the nanny as he is on the phone with his dad and he enters the house and finds her on the bed, and watches until she realizes he is there. He tells her she doesn’t have to stop, she is hesitant at first, but she fires up the toy and gets back to business. She takes off her bra and looks at him while she works herself over. He asks if he can jack off while she continues and she can’t keep her eyes off his cock and then gives him a little helping hand as she turns off the toy. He reaches over and grabs a hold of her tits and then joins her on the bed and begins to lick her pussy. She slides her panties off and he kisses her neck and then lays on the bed, as she grabs on to his cock and works it over with her hands and mouth. But he soon has his face back in her ass, as he gives it a few licks before slipping his cock in and out of her pussy. He grabs onto her ass and gives her a ride, as he gives her ass a few slaps. She climbs on top and slides his cock in her pussy for some reverse cowgirl action. Ok I think I would really like this scene a little more, but she isn’t really bringing any energy to the scene. She is awesome to look at, but let’s show a little emotion or energy. The scene continues with some cowgirl, missionary and then a pretty good money shot all over her face and mouth.

Scene Three: Angelica and Tommy (1/5 rating)

She is watching TV, and seems to be laughing at what she is watching, and then an alarm goes off and she heads into a room and begins to take her top off and then starts sucking on the cock which is waiting for her. Quickly she is getting fucked in the ass in a few positions, and for some reason, Tommy is wearing a bib. Did I miss something? The anal fucking continues in various positions but then he is back to working over her pussy until he cums in her mouth. Very short scene, and I am very OK with that, not a great scene to watch, so let’s move on.

Scene Four: Jynx and Jack (4/5 rating)

He shows her where she will be staying, and she really seems to like it a lot. He has one question about her past experience and he blames the Republicans. All that he wants is a good nanny and she agrees, but he wants a little more than a normal nanny. He asks about her relationship status and she gives him a look and then he picks her up and they end up on the bed, and she tells him to take off her clothes. He picks her up and throws her on the bed, and then slide her pants down and begins to lick her pussy, while shoving a finger in her ass. She starts speaking Spanish as she starts with the sexy talk. She flips over and lets him shove his tongue in her ass and she enjoys his efforts. He lets his fingers do the talking in her ass and pussy and then she tells him to let her have a taste of his cock. There is a burrito reference and then she goes to work on his cock. Now see, this is a girl with some energy and excitement. And that energy is really shown as she works his cock over. The fucking starts with some missionary and then some very hot and energetic cowgirl action as she leaps up and down on his cock, with her ass spread wide. They both take turns shoving a finger in her ass and speaking of ass, she flips around makes her booty bounce and then he shoves his cock back in her pussy, as she really moans with delight. And once again his finger is deep in her ass, will something bigger end up in there? She then goes wild as she back up on his cock and luckily doesn’t break anything while she is in her sexual rage. She stops and tells him to fuck her harder, but she really wants to get fucked harder. He grabs her hair and pulls her back as she tells him to keep going and not to stop. Man, I don’t think he can keep up with her, she just wants more and more. And by more, I mean he leaves a nice money shot in her pussy and then pulls out and she spreads her pussy so we can see the cum.

Scene Five: Lily and Alec (4/5 rating)

Alec walks in and call for Lily and she comes down the stairs and then says she wants to take care of him, as she slides her clothes off and is naked on the stairs, playing with her pussy. He just stands there while she plays with herself and then he finally moves in and they kiss, and he makes his way to her tits and ass, covering all the bases. She sits on the stairs and spreads her legs and he dives right in and goes to work. But she returns the favor as she grabs his cock and gives it a  nice work over with her hands and mouth, spitting on it and giving it a few lick here and there. She makes sure and gives his balls some attention too, before going back to his cock. After a pretty long oral session she ends up top of him for some cowgirl action on the stairs. And once again we get another lady that shows a little effort as she rides him. And he also shows some energy as he gives her a pretty hard pounding before slowing down to let her catch her breath. She flips around for some reverse cowgirl action, but it may be a new position but these two are giving their all. She leans over the stairs and begs him to fuck her harder as we get some doggy action. Which ends with a money shot in her mouth. And she says that she will take care of him every day like this, talk about job security.


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