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Passport (DVD & BD Combo Pack)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 3/29/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack
Digital Playground
Directed by Robby D
Running Time: 1hr and 51min
Price: 29.99


Aletta Ocean
Alexis Texas
Faye Reagan
Andy San Dimas
Jordan Sparx
Mckenzie Lee
James Dean

Manuel Ferrara
Scott Nails

Mick Blue

Special Features


Bonus Trailers (14 trailers, but once again, none from any of the newer titles)
1920 x 1080
Photo Gallery
Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes (10 minutes of footage from the photo shoots, Aletta fighting a spider in the shower, interviews with the ladies and guys and from the table read and more)

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 640 kbps

Video: AVC at around 19 Mbps


Bonus Trailers
16 x 9 Widescreen Format
Slide Show/Photo Gallery
Motion Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes

Overall Thoughts:

So I was super excited about watching this movie, with just seeing the cast of lovely ladies that are in this movie. I was hoping that it would deliver a solid release, after being let down a few times lately. But I have to say that luckily this movie did not disappoint. Yeah I realize that I scored a few scene rather low, but you know it’s rare that I will like all the scenes in a film, and when that does happen, it gets our highest rating, but you know this was still a very solid release, so I am going to give this an almost perfect rating of HIGHLY RECOMMEND.  It does have some minor issues with some focusing during the scenes, but not as bad as it usually is in Digital Playground movies. The special features were pretty good, but it would be nice to see some new trailers on the discs, and plus the short BTS gets a little help with the fact that the combo pack is a special feature in my book. So as I bring this review to an end, I just wanted to say thanks to Andy, Aletta, Faye and Alexis for some great scenes that I look forward to watching many, many times in the future. I can't wait to see what happens next, hopefully I won't have to wait too long to find out.

Scene One: Andy, James and Mick (5/5 rating)

The movie starts at a bar filled with lovely ladies, and Mckenzie walks in with Aletta, apparently she brought her there for Manuel, but Scott tries to work his mojo, but is soon interrupted. But we cut to Andy and James, and Mick walks up and starts to put his moves on Andy, but James tells him this is a party for two, but after Mick shoves some money down her dress, the party is now for three. After some heavy fondling by the guys, she ends up on her knees with a cock in each hand. They move to a couch and she ends up riding James, while she leans over and sucks on Mick’s cock. They guys take turns with Andy, but she asks for more as they work her over. There is some nice doggy action as she sucks and gags on James’s cock. It almost looked as if Mick gave her a money shot in the mouth already, but her mouth looked pretty empty afterwards, so I am guessing not. The energy that Andy is displaying as these guys are working her over is amazing, and it seems as if she isn’t going to slow down a bit, as they go back and forth on her. The scene ends as she is on her knees again and takes the money shots from each guy in her mouth, with some dripping on her chest.

Scene Two: Mckenzie and Scott (2/5 rating)

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After being shot down by Aletta, we see that Mckenzie is trying to make Scott feel better, and she soon ends up naked and his face in her ass and pussy. So I think he is getting over it pretty quick. After he works her pussy over a bit, he pulls down his pants and let’s her go to work on his cock, stroking and spitting on it. She climbs on bar stool with her ass out and he licks her pussy and then shoves a finger in her ass. He pulls it out and let’s her lick it off and then slides his cock in her ass. She sucks the taste of her ass off his cock and then he slides it right back in her ass. She ends up propping herself between two of the bar stools as he continues to attack her ass. She flips around on her back, still on the stool, and you guessed it, he has his cock in her ass still, but he rubs her pussy with his fingers this time. I have to say that after that amazing first scene, this one is a major let down, here’s hoping the next one is better. She ends up on her knees as she takes his money shot in her mouth and over her face.

Scene Three: Aletta and Manuel (5/5 rating)

Back to Aletta and Manuel, he seems to be having some great luck with her. He asks for her passport and she gets mad at him, but he is able to calm her down and convinces her to stay with him tonight. They start to kiss and she gives him a look with those piercing eyes, and he works over her neck, and then she wraps her legs around him as he plays with her pussy. Her dress starts to come off and he plays with her amazing breasts, and then turns her around and plays with her amazing ass, as she leans up against the wall. She turns around and takes a seat on the stool and he dives face first into her pussy and then she patiently waits as he opens his pants and pulls out his cock. He starts off with some face fucking, as he shoves his cock all the way in her mouth. She then ends up back on the stool, braced up against the wall, as he slides his cock in and out of her pussy, as she begs for more. She lets him know how much she is enjoying it as he continues to fuck her pussy. I loves me some girls with accents, and it’s even hotter when they are talking dirty and sexy. Anyway she asks for some doggy and he gives the lady what she wants, as he attacks her from behind with a few ass slaps thrown in. She keeps looking back at him with those eyes, my god they are amazing. He grabs her head and tilts it back as he fucks her, then she turns on her side and lets him continue to work her pussy over. She flips around for some missionary action, with some choking of her neck by Manuel. He gives her some hard and fast poundings and then they both get a break as she works over his cock and he then gives her a money shot in the mouth and chest, as she licks his cock clean.

Scene Four: Faye and James (5/5 rating)

We cut to the next morning and Manuel gets up before he and grabs her passport and then slips back into bed as she wakes up. And apparently she is rather horny when she wakes up. She is on top of Manuel, when Jordan walks in and then Aletta decides it’s time to leave, but her passport is missing and he tells her that he has them. Scott walks in and tells him that someone is here to see him, and it’s some guy that owes him money and he has brought the lovely Faye along to pay his debt. Scott seems ok with it, but Manuel not so much, so Scott takes care of the guy and we see than James is the one who gets to have some fun with Faye. He takes off her dress and plays with her boobs before playing with her pussy as she sits on his lap. She can’t keep still as he works over her pussy and then ends up bent over the bed and she some slaps across the ass, as she purrs with delight with every slap. After some pussy play with his fingers, she begs him for his cock as he opens his pants. She sucks and swallows his cock, and gives his balls some attention as she works him over. After a decent oral session, she is laying on her back on the bed, as he starts to fuck her pussy. He grabs her hair and leads her closer, so she can get his shoes and pants off, and then lets her go back to working his cock over. But she ends up bent over on the bed with her ass in the air as he fucks her from behind. He tries to quiet her down as she gags her mouth, but he lets her go back to making noises as he fucks her. She ends up on her side as she whispers so softly to him to fuck her and she ends up on top of him for some reverse cowgirl action as her tits bounce up and down. They switch to some spoon action, followed by some cowgirl and then she jerks him off until he cums and she licks it off his body.

Scene Five: Aletta and Scott (4/5 rating)

Aletta is getting dressed and Jordan is there talking to her and telling her it won’t be that bad. Scott comes in and says he can get her papers back if she does what he says. So she gives him a stare and then pulls her ants down and then off comes her top. She turns around and shows him her ass. She sits down and gets her pants off and Scott walks over and begins to play with her pussy and then she spreads her legs and plays with it, as he watches. She gives him a stare and then walks over as he opens his pants and begins to jerk him off and then lets him shove his cock down her throat. She leans back on the bed and he dives into her pussy and licks away before shoving a few fingers in her pussy. She begs for him to fuck her, and turns around and presents her ass to him, as he starts to fuck her pussy from behind. He pulls out and she works over his cock, and then ends up on the bed again and bats those pretty eyes a few times until he shoves his cock back in her pussy. She asks him if he wants her ass, and I guess he does, as he licks it a bit before sliding his cock into it, in some spoon action. But she doesn’t want her pussy to feel left out, so she shoves a few fingers in. But after some brief oral, she is on top for some reverse cowgirl action in her ass, and she once again begs for more as she hops up and down on him. After some more oral action, she ends up on top once again for some cowgirl action in her ass, and she adds a few slaps to her ass while she gets fucked by Scott.  He gives her a money shot in the mouth and then she asks about her papers, but he doesn’t seem to think he can help.

Scene Six: Mick and Alexis  (4/5 rating)

Alexis and Mick are sitting on the couch talking about Aletta, which leads to them kissing, and Aletta sees them and begins to play with herself, until James catches her and tells her she needs to suck on his cock, which she does with no hesitation. We cut back to Alexis as she slowly pulls out his cock and begins to suck and kiss it ever so softly, and of course, she has that booty of hers sticking out so we can appreciate it while she works him over. And speaking of her ass, he soon has his face deep in it, licking her ass, before sliding his cock in her pussy from behind. He grabs a hold of her arms as he continues to fuck her, until she wants to suck on his cock before she climbs on top and slides his cock in her pussy, and then begins to work that booty on it. And she really makes that booty clap as she rides him. And that energy does stop as she goes back to working his cock over with her mouth and hands, and then she stands up and shakes that ass in his face, as he licks if from behind, and then she sits down on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action. After she is on the verge of cumming, she goes back to work on his cock, before she ends up bent over for some doggy action. And she keeps him going as she keeps begging for more as he fucks her pussy, like I said numerous times, it always nice when it seems the girl is actually giving a little in a scene, makes it way more enjoyable for the people watching, so I thank you. And after they work up a sweat, she takes a money shot in the mouth, and licks the cum off her fingers.

Scene Seven: Jordan and Manuel (2/5 rating)

Manuel is chilling by the pool as Jordan walks in wearing a bikini, and she asks him about Aletta, but I think the only thing he as on his mind, is fucking her. He shoves his hand down her bikini bottom and works over her pussy, and then her boobs, but they right back to her pussy, as they slip off her bottoms. She ends up naked and bent over on the bed, and jerking him off, before she puts his cock in her mouth. He slips beside her for some spoon action, followed by some more oral and cowgirl action. He really seems to be putting more of an effort into this scene, as she seems to just sit there and take it from him. This short scene comes to an end as he gives her a money shot in the mouth .

Scene Eight:

Aletta is searching for her passport, and is not having any luck. So I guess if all else fails, why not start playing with yourself, maybe that will make it appear. Guess not, as she stops and goes back to looking for it. She finds his stash of passports and then puts them back and has an evil look on her face, what does she have planned for him, guess we will have to wait and see as the credits start to roll.

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