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Friends And Family 2

Studio: Smash Pictures » Review by Bill The Hobbyist » Review Date: 3/30/11

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 Friends and Family 2

Release Date: April 28, 2011

Running Time: 2:29

Condoms: None

Producer: Stuart Wall

Director: Jim Powers

Cast: Ashlynn Leigh, Chastity Lynn, Darryl Hanah, Rayveness, Shay Golden, Sophia Sutra,Tristyn Kennedy (AKA - Memphis Joy), Dane Cross, Evan Stone, Mark Davis & Seth Gamble

About The DVD

“Friends and Family 2“, is based on the true life story of Ashlynn Leigh and Tristyn Kennedy (AKA - Memphis Joy). The two girls grew up together in Texas, where Ashlynn’s stepfather often enjoy the girls in meeting his high sexual drive. This sexual docudrama revolves around the story of two families, where Evan Stone who plays the step-father teaches the girls everything they would ever need to know about sex. In addition to the scenes that involve around the two girls, there is always something going on sexually with the Stallion and Davis families. From a mom getting her daughter to help get her stepfather off to another mom making sure her daughters boyfriend knows how to satisfy her daughter. This is just a taste of what you will see, as “Friends and Family 2“ is filled with a great scripted story, some strong non-sex segment acting and lots of non stop jerk off material and it’s all in one dvd.

Please note: This review of “Friends and Family 2“, is a pre release review that I have had the honor to watch, enjoy and review for XCritic, from Smash Pictures prior to its release date of April 28, 2011

Darryl Hanah, Shay Golden & Mark Davis

Darryl Hanah (Mrs. Davis), goes in to wake up Shay Golden (Her Daughter) because Mark Davis (Mr. Davis) took so many Viagra pills that she can’t keep up with him. Shay, questing that it would be weird to join in with her step-dad, has Darryl quickly convincing her it would be OK. Darryl, delivers some great acting skills and role plays her character very well during the entire scene.

Once both are in the bed room with Mark, the fun begins in trying to bust his nut. Starting off with Darryl, holding his cock in position, Shay begins to go down on him. Shay’s, oral skills were pretty basic and lacked energy and excitement, but when Darryl joins in with her oral skills she added the needed excitement including nice deep throating and face fucking. As they both shared his cock orally, Darryl’s oral strength did help in Shay's skills getting a little stronger through the segment. But overall I would rate Shay's oral a bit below average since she did not have a good steady flow.  With mom by her side, Shay takes a pounding in missionary and comes to life with good excitement and reactions that were a lot better than her oral. Following, Darryl doing nice slamming in cowgirl and hard pounding in reverse cowgirl, Shay takes her step-dads cock up her ass. It was a slow and easy ass fuck and lacked in heer pounding back on his cock. It just did not have the excitement I had expected from all what I have heard, but being new to the industry, she should show stronger over time. The scene wraps up as Shay with her mouth wide open and mom watching on, takes Mark’s load of cum in her mouth.

Newcomer Comment: This is the first time I have seen Shay perform and even though it was not at the level of what I was expecting, she does show potential if she works on developing her areas of weakness and grows on her strengths. Fortunately, Shay was partnered with a strong performer and it was Darryl’s strength that carried the scene. As always, Darryl had me shoot my load several times as I watched.

Positions: Oral, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Anal, Cum In Mouth

Rayveness & Seth Gamble

Seth Gamble, comes over to see Ashlynn and finds that only her mom, Rayveness (Mrs. Stallion) is at home. Inviting, Seth to come upstairs as she finished the laundry, she starts talking to him about fucking Ashlynn. Worried if he is suitable and knowledgeable about having sex to please her daughter, she begins to seduce him and lays back on the bed as she masturbates. Wanting to make sure he knows how to eat pussy, she has him show his skills by going down on her. Once Rayveness, returns the favor to Seth, she does some strong oral work including working his balls and teasing his head by flickering her tongue on it. From nice aggressive head to fucking strong in missionary with her breast swaying in rhythm, she works him over and shows him how to fuck. From being very vocal the entire time and pounding hard in cowgirl, Seth gets a ride of a lifetime, right up to coating her pussy with his load of cum in the end. As, Rayveness plays with the cum that landed on her pussy, she brings a great nut busting scene to an end.

Positions: Masturbation, Oral, Cowgirl, Missionary, Spooning,

Chastity Lynn & Evan Stone

Evan, likes hanging out at the Davis residence while they are in band practice. Hell, who wouldn’t want to hang and watch the sexiest, wildest and one of the dirtiest girls in porn, Chastity Lynn. The scene in its self has a lot of strength right from the beginning as Chastity is singing during the practice. I immediately became a groupie of the band, so I could follow Chastity were every she now goes. Chastity, delivers a great acting performance that was so fucking great.

Once practice ends and it is Evan and Chastity alone, the two of them move onto one fucking powerful sex scene. From enjoying her suckable nipples and great views of her dynamite pussy lips that we all love to lovely views of her sweet asshole. Chastity, as always delivers a performance that shows why she is steadily climbing to the top of the industry.

Very vocal the entire scene, she starts off sucking cock with the best. Chastity, works a cock over that always bust my nut when watching. Her great skills include lots of licking, jerking, deep throating, sucking both balls in her mouth at the same time and a little face fucking to top it off. Her energy level and love for sucking cock shows real strong in this scene and will have you yelling for more.

Once you think you have seen it all, Chastity continues with exciting fucking that is strong, nonstop and powerful. Regardless, if she is taking a finger fucking or riding hard and slamming in cowgirl, you can easily see that she is 100% into it and loving every minute. Bringing her wild fucking to an end, Chastity with her mouth wide open takes his load, sucks out every drop, plays with the cum and swallows it down. Chastity’s, scene was so strong and exhilarating, I was jerking off non stop and lost count how many times I came during the scene. Thanks, Chastity for another fucking fantastic scene.

Positions: Doggie, Oral, Cowgirl, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Spooning, Cum In Mouth

Sophia Sutra & Dane Cross

While watching, Evan and Chastity fuck from the door. Sophia and Dane get so charged up they grope at each other till they are going at it non stop while looking on. I have been excited as I have watched Sophia’s scenes and her performance in this one is awesome. As Dane, plays and fondles Sophia, he quickly moves to fucking her doggie where she takes a strong and exciting pounding. The way she orally works his cock over is exhilarating to watch as she passionately sucks, licks, strokes and had me shooting my load all over the screen just watching. When, Sophia moves back to fucking, she doesn’t miss a beat. Your woody will remain strong every second, regardless if it’s taking a hard pounding to watching her sweet and sexy ass bounce as she rides hard up and down. Non-stop powerful sex continues from this sweet young lady and right up to taking a facial with excitement, licking his head clean and not missing a drop. If you haven’t been keeping up with Sophia Sutra, you need to, she is hot!

Positions: Doggie, Oral, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggie, Facial

Ashlynn Leigh, Tristyn Kennedy (AKA - Memphis Joy)

During dinner at the Stallion’s, Ashlynn convinces her parents to let Tristyn spend the night. When, Ashlynn’s mom gets a call and has to head out it leaves Ashlynn alone with her best friend Tristyn and Ashlynn’s step-dad (Evan Stone). Quickly the two girls head up stairs and use each other in practicing sex. When, Evan walks in and watches on, he is rubbing his cock hard till the girls spot him. As the girls are kissing and grinding pussies, Evan can’t take anymore and joins in.

The girls give him a treat of a lifetime in every possible way they could. Oral by both was not only strong, but fucking hot as hell to watch. From sucking, licking, gobbling balls they had me so pumped, I was jumping up and yelling, “I wanna join in too”. After the girls take turns tongue fucking Evans ass, they give him a whirlwind of pleasure in taking turns fucking. You will see everything including Ashlynn getting the hell pounded out of her in missionary to Tristyn doing some major grinding in cowgirl.

Evan, was like a kid in a candy store and what better two pieces of candy to enjoy than these two young ladies. As Tristyn, gets a semi cream pie, Ashlynn quickly dives down on Tristyn’s pussy and licks the cum up. Just when I though it was all over. Tristyn lays on her back with mouth wide open as Ashlynn drools the cum from her mouth into Tristyn’s closing the scene and dvd out with nice and hot cum swapping. This is one non stop jerk off scene and the only thing that would have made it better, would have been having my cum licked out of Tristyn by Ashlynn. Knock out scene girls, Thanks!

Positions: Girl/Girl, Oral, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie, Cream Pie, Cum Swapping


One of the extras that is a must watch for everyone, is the interview entitled, “Ashlynn,Tristyn & Jack The True Story”. Here the two girls visit in detail the life that they encountered with Step Dad Jack and how they handled and enjoyed many moments too.

Audio & Video: From exceptionally strong camera work by Director: Jim Powers, you are treated to some of the best camera angles, close ups, crispness that any dvd can bring. The overall sound quality was strong, regardless if it was acting, fucking or the music segment. Consistently clear is the best in describing it.

My Final Thoughts

This year, there seems to be an abundance of good dvds coming out, but only a few seem to stand out above the others. Putting out a powerful movie/dvd today takes a lot more than just great sex scenes. Those powerful ones build not only on great sex, but they have to carry more to be at the top. Many of todays viewers want more than just sex. They want a story that is not only interesting, but catches and holds their attention as much as the sex. However, to make a great story, the overall acting talents must be strong and realistic. Many porn stars today can suck and fuck pretty damn good, but too many of them can’t act worth a shit. The acting talents of stars will continue to separate them from the others as more and more dvds/movies like “Friends and Family 2“ come out. DVD quality is another issue and what I always look for is if the picture quality is so life like, it has me reaching out to touch or lick the screen. Another area I look at is the replay value and if it is something you will want to watch over and over again. In everything I look for, well “Friends and Family 2“ delivers it and more. I strongly believe that not only will “Friends and Family 2“, be one of the top movie this year for Smash Pictures. But, it will also be one of the top in the industry that will bring home awards. All in all, “Friends and Family 2“ with its unique story and everything else that comes with it, is an “XCritic Pick” in my book and I know once you watch it, it will be for you too. “Friends and Family 2“, releases April 28, 2011, so get it pre-ordered now, so you can enjoy it the day it comes out. Again, it was enjoyable and a honor to do this pre-release review for Smash Pictures and XCritic on such a great movie.


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