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Head Cases

Studio: Tom Byron Pictures » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 4/2/11

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Genre: POV, Blowjobs

Director: Tom Byron

Cast: Chanel Preston, Amber Rayne, Chastity Lynn, Kelli Staxxx, Nicki Hunter, Raylene, Richelle Ryan, Scarlett Sweets

Date of Production: 2/21/2011

Length: 2 hrs. 20 mins.

Audio/Video: There's nothing that I can find that states this DVD was shot in HD, but the quality is superb. The video is very clear, and the scenes are displayed in a widescreen ratio. The audio is very clear, and doesn't need much adjusting at all to hear it.

Overview: This is a DVD video that's all about POV (Point Of View) blowjobs. Tom Byron makes a point to focus on the ladies, and their faces while they give head. His vision for the DVD is quite artistic. The backdrops of the scenes are in a brilliant white so that the focus is mainly on the girls as they suck cock. There are some familiar female performers in the scenes, as well as some newcomers to the adult film industry.


Scene 1: Chanel Preston

The scene opens up with a candid conversation between the cameraman, and Chanel about why she loves to suck cock, what age she was when she gave her first blowjob, and a couple of other questions. Chanel's confidence in what she does showed very well in her performance. From the start of the scene to the end, her lovely smile was very welcoming. As a viewer I could tell she really enjoyed what she was doing, which made the scene even more enjoyable for myself. For half of the scene Chanel wore her matching red bra, and panties along with a pair of red high heels. I was glad that the scene was fairly long, because I really enjoyed the half of it where she was totally naked. The only thing I found disappointing was the ending cumshot. Chanel basically finished the guy off with a handjob, and let him come all over hisself. The remainder of the scene was really good. Chanel gave an awesome blowjob with some handjob action as well. Her technique was truly amazing. For a first scene this was really impressive.

Scene 2: Scarlett Sweets

Scarlett got almost the exact same interview as Chanel before the scene started. The cameraman did touch base with what Scarlett liked about giving head, and how she was new to the adult film industry. I have to say that at first glance I thought Scarlett was cute, but she didn't really look like the female porn stars I'm used to watching. She definitely acted nervous throughout the interview, and the part where she stripped during the scene. She actually stripped so fast that I couldn't get a good look at her body. I did notice she had a little extra weight on her, but I didn't think it was a bad thing. The actual blowjob was ruined by her hair constantly covering her face. Her performance was really dull as well. It had no real excitement to it. To me it looked as if she just wanted to get the whole thing over with. The only thing good I can say about the scene is that Scarlett took the cumshot into her open mouth. She didn't swallow, but I thought it was nice that she took it in her mouth. Overall I'd have to say this scene was somewhat of a let down. I think Scarlett needs some more experience in the field, before taking on a DVD like this.

Scene 3: Chastity Lynn

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Chastity seemed very shy, and timid in her pre-scene interview. I thought that was a really sexy thing. She talked about recent DVDs she had been a part of. She also mention that she had just started doing anal scenes. I know she's not really a newbie in the industry, but she definitely has that newbie look about her. Her blowjob was really impressive, and enjoyable to watch. She had a really wet, and sloppy technique keeping the guys cock lubed with her spit throughout the scene. During the entire blowjob she slurped, and gagged. To me this is always a huge turn on. I love it when a female performer acts so hungry for cock. There was one point in the scene where she kept both of her hands behind her back while sucking which was extremely hot. She ended her scene by taking the guy's cumshot on here face, and in her mouth. It was a decent ending. I'd say that Chastity did an excellent job. Her performance kept my full attention. This was a very good scene overall.

Scene 4: Raylene

Raylene is a lovely dark haired female performer with a beautiful smile, and a sharp witty sense of humor. You can witness all of that in her pre-scene interview. She smiles frequently while the cameraman asks her various questions about here career. Raylene even mentions that she has been in the adult film industry for two years. At the end of the interview she mentions her website, after the cameraman asks her if there's anything she liked to promote or share. Raylene starts her scene off in a very sensual manner. Her technique isn't sloppy, or wet at all. She uses her hands a lot throughout the scene to aid in the blowjob. There's a point in the scene where Raylene removes her clothes to reveal her very large breasts, and very hot body. My only complaint with this scene is about the part where she's on her hands and knees sucking cock, and her breasts look distorted. It would have been decent of the cameraman to have let her stay on her knees for the blowjob. The breast distortion kind of ruined the mood for me. After that, the scene seemed to drag on slowly. I really enjoyed the ending cumshot where Raylene took it in her mouth, and spit it back out. I'm usually not a big fan of female performers who spit after taking a guy's load in their mouth, but I guess I'm getting used to it. This scene was a little bit of a let down. It wasn't Raylene's fault at all. It was just a matter of the sex position, and the cameraman's decision to shoot it that way.

Scene 5: Nicki Hunter

I think this may have been the first scene I've saw Nicki perform in. She is truly one fiery redhead. She may not be a true redhead, but her personality is definitely fiery. In her pre-scene interview she doesn't hold back on details. She lets the viewer know that she's been in the business for quite some time, and that she has over 1,000 scenes of experience. The blowjob is nothing short of amazing. From start to finish she totally has the guy excited. She uses boobjobs, handjobs, and even an ass/pussyjob to thrill the guy. There truly wasn't one dull moment in the whole scene. The ending cumshot was enjoyable to watch as well. Nicki took the guy's cum into her open mouth, then spit it back out letting it dribble down her chin. I really enjoyed her dirty talk throughout the scene. It wasn't trashy talk, but sexy talk that would get any man hard. This was truly one very enjoyable scene.

Scene 6: Kelli Staxxx

When I first layed eyes on Kelli I wasn't sure what to think. As the pre-scene interview went on I began to like her personality more, and more. Her body was very sexy. She has very large breasts, and a big butt too. In her interview she was very open with the the guy behind the camera. She even admitted to giving her first blowjob at age 12. Kelli even claims to have given over 5,000 blowjobs. She describes her technique as very wet, and she truly isn't lying. Kelli gave the wettest blowjob I think I have ever seen in a DVD. I also noticed that she liked to deepthroat a lot. She ended up recieving the cumshot on her very nice tits. I'm usually not much for cumshots to the boobs, but I found it to be ok in this scene. By the end of the scene I really liked Kelli. Her performance really impressed me. Kellie is definitely one of my favorite female performers now. This scene was truly another great addition to the DVD.

Scene 7: Richelle Ryan

Richelle got the same pre-interview treatment as the other girls, but she seemed to be a bit fake to me. She could hardly answer any of the simple questions the cameraman had asked. When he had asked her about why she loved to suck cock, her reply was that she didn't know, she just did. Most of the other questions were answered in the same fashion. Richelle seemed like she was trying hard to be something she's not. This of course is my opinion, but it definitely appeared that way. Richelle was also asked about her oral technique during the interview, and she replied that she was very messy/sloppy. I brought that up, because during the entire blowjob scene she seems like she's trying to impress the director by being over sloppy. It was actually kind of ridiculous. I noticed that right before the cumshot there was a break in the scene, and when it showed her again the slobber that was all over her face was cleaned off. I assume this was so the viewer could tell what was cum, and what wasn't. This scene was quite disappointing. Richelle's entire performance seemed forced to me, and not genuine.

Scene 8: Amber Rayne

Amber was the most physically unattractive of all the female performers to me. The interview that was given to her was kind of awkward to watch. She answered the questions in a manic sort of way. The interview was probably the worst part of the scene. Her performance was an entirely different story though. Out of all the female performers on this DVD, I think Amber gave the best blowjob. Her technique was very impressive. She would deepthroat frequently, and even gag a little which I find very sexy. While she wasn't the best looking out of all the girls, I definitely think her skills made up for that many times over. Amber was the only one out of all the scenes that actually swallowed the cumshot, and that gets high marks in my book. I'd say this scene was among my favorites. Amber's performance was really amazing, and I think the interview could be easily overlooked due to that fact. 


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This DVD is more than just another POV (Point of View) blowjob collection. Tom Byron humerously discusses at the beginning of the video about his creative reason for making the DVD. This becomes very apparent as I watched the first blowjob. Tom Byron wanted the female performer's faces to be the focal point, and he achieved this in different ways. One such way was that he entirely eliminated the background. All you'll see as you watch is the girl, and her face as she sucks a guy's cock in POV fashion. This makes for a more personal, and enjoyable experience. I really enjoyed Tom Byron's artistic point of view, and I honestly think the DVD is worth renting. As a reviewer I personally watch each DVD I review from begining to end, and this DVD held my attention. As an artist I totally appreciated Tom Byron's creative vision, and presentation of the POV blowjob. If you're into POV blowjob DVDs then I'd definitely rent this one. It's worth a watch.

Final Rating: Rent It!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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