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M is For Mischief

Studio: Pulse Pictures » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 4/5/11

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Genre: Teachers, 18+ Teens

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Madison Monroe, Madison Parker, McKenzee Miles, Misty May, Misty Stone

Date of Production: 2011

Length: 2 hrs. 28 mins.

Audio/Video: It's not specified if the DVD is shot in HD, but it honestly appears to be. The scenes are presented in a widescreen, and fullscreen format/ratio. The audio is clear for the most part. There is one scene where I could hear the female perfomer well, but had a hard time hearing what the male performer was saying.

Overview: This DVD consists of ropleplaying skits based on Teacher, and student sex. There is also one scene that involves student with student sex. The director uses hilarious teacher, and student names throughout the DVD to add a little porn humor to the scenes. 


Scene 1: Madison Monroe

Madison has that barely legal look about her that is very attractive. Her personality during the scene makes it even more enjoyable. In this scene The female character portrayed by Madison Monroe, goes to her teacher for some help on her math homework. It appeared to me that the scene was going to be a teacher/student sex scene, but I was wrong. The teacher actually calls in another student to help her out. The male student who is to help her in her studies has an emo look about him. Madison, and her fellow student make a sort of deal to help each other out. She wants him to teach her math, and in exchange she gives him a hands on course in sex ed.

The male performer in this scene does an awesome job of acting like a total virgin. Madison teaches him everything about sex. She starts off by treating him to a very nice blowjob. After that she teaches him how to stimulate a girl. The guy looked so goofy as he was licking her pussy, and he kept on asking her if he was doing it right. It was fun watching Madison teach the guy about sex. She was soft spoken throughout the scene, and giggled a little from time to time about how he reacted to things. The two had sex behind the desk, on the teacher's desk chair, and even on the teacher's desk. The sex in the scene wasn't really hardcore. It was more like a first sexual encounter type of thing. In the end Madison let the guy come in her open mouth. I thought that finshed the scene off very nicely. 

This was a very enjoyable scene to watch. The roleplaying between Madison, and the emo guy was very believable, adding a much more pleasurable viewing experience. The ending cumshot was icing on the cake. It was a great scene from beginning to end.

Scene 2: Madison Parker

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In this scene Madison P. gets some first hand lessons on what a 'blowjob' is via Mr. Pokerpoon the teacher. The roleplaying is a little over-the-top, but it's still fun to watch. I'm guessing that Madison P. is supposed to be some sort of foreign exchange student? She ends up staying after class just to ask about the meaning of a new word her friends were talking about. The word just so happened to be 'blowjob'. Mr. Pokerpoon tries hard to be professional by explaing to Madison P. that 'blowjob' is American slang for oral sex. After realizing Madison P. was unable to grasp what he was talking about, he dropped his pants and gave her a personal lesson. 

Madison P. seemed to know exactly what she was doing. Her blowjob skills were rather good. After Mr. Pokerpoon got through teaching Madison P. about blowjobs, he took the lesson a good bit further. The two had sex all over the classroom, and in various positions.

Even though Madison P.'s accent was extremely fake (at least I think it was?), She gave an Awesome sexual performance. Her roleplaying naivety made the scene thoroughly enjoyable. I thought she was one of the most physically attractive female performers I have seen yet. The chemistry between Mr. Pokerpoon, and Madison P. (although comical at times) was really good. I really enjoyed the part where Mr. Pokerpoon tried to explain what a blowjob was to her in a serious manner. The ending cumshot was very good as well. Mr. Pokerpoon ended up shooting his cum into her open mouth. I'm not 100% sure, but it looked as if Madison P. swallowed? This was definitely another worthwhile scene from start to finish.

Scene 3: McKenzee Miles

McKenzee's scene started off differently than the first two girls'. This time the scene took place in detention instead of the usual after class classroom. I'm not sure what the guy's name was this time, but you could tell from the start his character was a little on the perverse side. The plot of this scene basically involved the principal getting bored, and challenging McKenzee to a tic-tac-toe match using the chalkboard. He made a wager that if she won she could walk out, and go home. If he won she would have to stay in detention for some extra days, and if they tied he would think of something creative.  The end result of the tic-tac-toe game was a tie, and almost immediately the principal started getting it on with her. 

The sex in the scene was ok, but I honestly thought it lasted a little too long compared to the other scenes. They performed many more positions than the first two girls. If I remeber correctly they did spooning, 69, doggystyle, cowgirl, and some other position variations. I didn't really find McKenzee as attractive as the first two girls, but her performance was pretty impressive. I'd say the performance in this scene was a little more intense than the previous scenes. The roleplaying seemed a little more naughty as well. I wasn't really impressed by the ending cumshot either. The guy gave her a creampie, and creampies just aren't something I'm really into. I prefer to see facial, or oral cumshots. That's just my preference though. I'd say this scene was ok, but it did seem a bit slow paced to me.

Scene 4: Misty May

Misty's scene had something to do with her getting in trouble, and needing the principal to help her out so she could remain on the volleyball team. I couldn't really understand the whole plot due to bad audio. In the scene you could hear Misty very clearly, but the male performer was really hard to understand.

The principal in this scene decides to exploit Misty's situation by having her do a striptease in his office. After Misty is totally nude, the principal finds that it's not enough just to see her naked. He then coaxes her into having sex with him. Misty's performance was really wild. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy the situation, and added exaggerated facial expressions throughout the scene. She was definitely fun to watch. I think she is one of the more lively, and fun female performers I have seen thus far. The sex was amazing, and consisted of sex on the desk, and sex on the office chair. After the beginning oral sex the pair shared in the scene, they moved onto some missionary and doggystyle sex positions. There was never really any dull moments. The chemistry, while a little wild, was still quite enjoyable to watch. The ending facial cumshot was excellent. After Misty got her face frosted she gathered her clothes, and walked out of the principals office totally naked sporting her facial frosting. It truly was a good scene. I just wish the audio quality was better. 

Scene 5: Misty Stone

Misty S. begins her scene with a visit to the principal's office. It's not because she is in any sort of trouble, or anything like that. Misty S. just wants to be Principal Fitzergood's number one student. The beginning dialogue involves Misty S. trying to get it across to Principal Fitzergood that she wants to impress him. She rants on about wanting to be in the glee club, and go the extra mile for the school. Unfortunatley she keeps getting interrupted in mid-explaination by an office call about some meeting Principal Fitzergood (I love these hilarious names!) is supposed to attend. After several tries, Misty S. gets right down to the point, and asks the principal what it is that the girl he's supposed to meet does better than her. Without a moments hesitation she is removing her top, and offering herself to him. After removing all articles of her clothing, and a little foreplay the sex begins.

There is only one issue I have with Misty Stone's performance, and it's that she acted like two totally different people during the scene. When she was talking about bettering her position as the principal's greatest student at the beginning, she seemed more like a student. During the sex she seemed to switch to a way more mature personality. If she would have kept that fun, eager, and nervous personality she started off with I think the scene would have been much more enjoyable. 

The performance overall was ok, but it didn't seem true to the roleplaying that was being portrayed. I did like the intensity of the sex that was shown at times, but other than that it wasn't really impressive. The ending cumshot was also 'just ok' to me. The principal/male performer came across her chest, and all the way down to her pelvic region. That's more of a preference type of issue though. I'm sure some guy's may enjoy watching such a cumshot. I'm more of a facial/oral cumshot type of a guy, that's just the way I am. This was my least favorite of all the scenes.


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Teacher, and 18+ Teens is one of the few roleplaying genres I enjoy. Looking back I think I may have reviewed a couple in my time here ...

I was fairly impressed with this DVD even though it was only five scenes long, and had a couple of issues. The extras on the DVD were lacking in a big way, but the performances throughout it were really enjoyable to watch for the most part. There were only two problems I found while watching the scenes. One of those problems was the audio in scene 4. For some reason the male performer in that scene was hard to hear, which took away from the roleplaying plot. The second problem was Misty Stone's performance in scene 5. To me it was like watching two totally different performers. She seemed strong willed during the sex part of the scene, and nervous during the roleplaying part. Other than those to issues, I thought the DVD was ok. I wouldn't say it was worth buying, but I think it's definitely worth a rent.

Final Rating: Rent It!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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