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Cream Pie Cravings 2

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 4/7/11

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Genre: Cream Pie, Widescreen

Director: Andre Madness

Cast: Danni Dillion, Katie, Kiara Diane, Nicole Ray, Victoria Lawson

Date of Production: 2011

Length: 1 hr. 54 mins.

Audio/Video: The video is shot in High Definition (HD), and is presented in a widescreen ratio. The audio is presented in Doby Digital.

Overview: This DVD is more about the sensual, and softcore side of sex. It contains hardly any roleplaying, and jumps right into the action. Each seen ends with a creampie cumshot, which is focused on at the end.


Scene 1: Nicole Ray

The scene opens up focused on the already naked Nicole Ray who is reclining in a chair, and masturbating. The setting is an intimate bedroom setup. Nicole's male partner is lying on a bed, watching her as she briefly pleasures herself. 

My first impression of Nicole was that she is very attractive. She's a blonde which I'm not really partial to. I prefer the dark haired ladies a little more. Even so, I thought she looked really amazing. The sex started fairly quick. It seemed as if I was interrupting the middle of a sexual encounter since the scene had already begun before I started viewing it. The chemistry between Nicole, and the male performer appeared to be a little bit forced. It felt like Nicole was showing off in my opinion. While she geniunely seemed to enjoy the sexual experience, she acted a little crazy at times. There were moments where she would be calm, and whispereing dirty things to the male performer. Other times she would be throwing some sort of wild tantrum telling the guy to fuck her harder. If it wasn't for the craziness in the scene, I think it would have been very enjoyable. Watching Nicole have those crazy fits, just ruined the mood for me. It wasn't a very good scene at all.

Scene 2: Danni Dillion

This scene starts of in pretty much the same fashion as the previous one. It gets down to the point within minutes of starting the scene. The scene opens up with a guy working on a sports/race car in a mechanic's garage. Out of nowhere appears the amazingly beautiful Danni Dillion. I can't recall ever reviewing a scene with her in it. Danni has that newcomer, or barely legal look about her. She is sporting a sexy school girl's outfit that includes the plaid mini skirt, and long socks. 

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The pair of lovers don't waste time in getting down to business. The guy places Danni on the hood of his car after removing her top, and panties. The socks, and mini skirt are left on during the scene. The male performer spends a rather long time pleasuring Danni's pussy with his tongue. After that the sex is slow, and sensual. Danni never really moans or carries on as they are having sex. She only occasionaly gasps, and does this pouty expression, which I found very hot. I think the highlight of the scene was Danni's impressive blowjob. I expected to see her give a more inexperienced oral performance, but she went all the way. She gave a balls deep blowjob without gagging, or anything like that. She also kept good eye contact while she was doing it. This scene was very enjoyable to watch, even though it was a little on the softcore side of the spectrum. 

Scene 3: Victoria Lawson

This happens to be another bedroom scene. Normally I would complain a little about that, and mention that it would have been nice if they would have used a different setting. This case is different considering that the first bedroom scene was little on the crazy side. 

This scene opens up with the guy on top of the already naked Victoria. Victoria is very attractive, and pleasant to watch as she performs throughout the scene. She seems a little on the timid side compared to her male partner who is a little on the rough side. I could tell as I watched the scene that Victoria was really enjoying herself. This definitely made for a more pleasurable viewing. The male performer's rough actions which included some forcefulness, and slapping added to the enjoyable quality of the scene. I did notice one thing that was different from the previous scenes, and that was the fact that the male performer didn't go down on Victoria's pussy. I didn't mind it, I just merely noticed it. The chemistry between the two performers was perfect. They acted like a genuine couple, and they both performed very well. I think the blowjob part of the scene was my favorite. I guess that's probably, because I'm more into the oral part of sex. In the end I found this to be a truly enjoyable scene.

Scene 4: Katie

The setting of this scene was different, so I thought that was good. It took place in a kitchen area that had a huge mirrored wall. Katie starts off totally naked, and admires herself in front of the large mirror for a little while before her male companion steps into the scene. 

For the most part the sex took place on a kitchen counter that was close to the mirrored wall. I can't say that I felt the chemistry between the pair of performers was genuine this time, because it really didn't appear that way. Katie seemd to be really out of it for some reason. Her orgasms didn't even seem genuine. The guy finger banged her a little in the beginning before they got started into the main sex. for the most part the sex consisted mainly of doggystyle types of positions. The only thing That really caught my eye was the ending after the guy had came inside of Katie. Katie ended up taking a strawberry, and dipped it in the guys cum then ate it. That's actually the first 'cum on food' bit I've seen in a while, and I thought it was rather nice. I think there should definitely be some more 'cum on food' DVDs released. I apologize for straying away from the review a little there. This scene was just ok to me. It wouldn't have appealed to me at all if Katie hadn't ate that cum covered strawberry.

Scene 5: Kiara Diane

This scene was probably the worst out of the entire DVD in my opinion. It was a little on the cheesy side. Like two other scenes before it, this scene was another bedroom scene. I really don't get it? It seems to me they would have had more of a variety of settings being that this DVD is only five scenes long.  

The beginning of this scene started off hot, and heavy with some retro style porn music. I don't know why the chose to do this, but it seemed rather silly to me. Watching the pair of performers get it on in front of a mirrored closet door while the music was pumping was like watching a pair of dancers. Their movements mimicked the music's rhythm. When the music ceased the action seemed a little dull. The scene itself seemed to slow down in pace. Instead of having two performers that had geniune chemistry about them, it just seemed like I was watching two porn stars. I guess what I'm trying to say is that they didn't seem like a real couple. That really ruined the scene for me. The ending was also another issue. After Kiara recieved her creampie, she dipped her fingers in, and then licked them clean. The issue I have with this is that they made it dramatic by putting it in slow motion. I don't know if the director was paying homage to the porn of the past, but I didn't like it. This is definitely the worst scene on the DVD.



- Behind the Scenes

- Interviews

- Bloopers

- Bonus Scene

- Photo Gallery



I realize that the director of this DVD was probably going for quality over quantity, but sometimes that doesn't work out so well. A few of the scenes were fairly good. One of those scenes I found to be exceptional, but for a DVD of only five scenes to be worth recommending it would need to fairly impressive. This DVD unfortunately wasn't. To me it wasn't the subject matter that turned me away, but the lackluster performances and the absence of variety in the scenes. Three bedroom scenes on a five scene DVD just isn't that impressive to me. The least they could have done was to make the locale for each scene different. I also noticed there were some good extras, but that isn't what makes an adult DVD great. It's the actual scenes themeselves that will make or break a title. With all that considered I can't honestly recommend this DVD. It's just worth a rent at best.


Final Rating: Rent It.

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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