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Nikita's Extreme Idols

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 6/2/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Laurent Skye, Nikita Denise.
Cast: Barbara Summer, Brittney Skye, Eva Angelina, Nikita Denise, Randy Spears, Sandra Romain, Sascha, Talon, Tommy Gunn, Tyler Knight
Must-See Girls in Cast: Eva Angelina.
Length: 01:36
Condoms: Yes...in one scene only.
Bonus: One bonus point for the cast, which includes Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Eva Angelina.


Nikita Denise hosts a game show in which male and female pornstars compete to be America's next top fuck. As the guys and girls screw their hearts out on a real game-show stage, Nikita and her co-judges Herschel Savage and a guy named Tony V. watch every little move and evaluate every little groan. After watching four couples battle it out for carnal superiority, the judges choose one male and one female contender and present them with the grand prize...a chance to fuck Nikita!

Each of first four scenes follows a similar pattern: the guy and girl introduce themselves to the panel of judges and then take to the stage to compete in the fuck-a-thon. After they finish, they get a chance to tell the judges how they think they did. Then, each of the judges ranks their performance (Herschel has lots of hilarious--and quite negative--stuff to say about the guys!).

In the end, Nikita picks two super contestants (Sandra Romain and Tommy Gunn) and then appears with them in a scorching threeway to finish the movie. Personally, I think I would have chosen luscious Eva Angelina as the female winner. However, I am in complete agreement with Nikita when it comes to Tommy Gunn's incredible performance with Barbara Summer.

Co-directors Laurent Sky and Nikita Denise really score in this, their first co-directed release for Club Jenna. In just about every regard, Nikita's Extreme Idols hits a home run. In particular, the cast is awesome! Brittney Skye and Eva Angelina are two of my top-ten all-time porn girls. In addition, Sandra Romain and Nikita Denise are both on my list of nastiest bitches of all time (I had the remarkable fortune to watch Nikita shoot a scene a couple of years ago!). And, new-to-me Barbara Summer is a gorgeous and very succulent blond. Even the guys are top notch! X-Rated Critic's Organization (XRCO) hall-of-famer Randy Spears leads a male cast that also boasts Talon, Sascha, Tommy Gunn, and Tyler Knight.

I must also give a nod of approval to the cum shots. Instead of the all-too-common facial, the popshots are truly unique and noteworthy. For example, Randy pops all over Eva Angelina's trademark glasses and then she licks her spectacles clean before placing them like an offering in front of Nikita as she sits in judgment.

Finally, kudos to co-directors Laurent Sky and Nikita Denise for an aesthetic triumph. I really enjoy how Laurent and Nikita were able to use a single set (a game show stage) in numerous different ways by altering the on-stage props. It proves his inherent creativity and artistic prowess.


Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.

Scene 1

Set on a game show stage in front of judges Herschel Savage, Nikita Denise, and Tony V., Scene One features the incomparable blond and busty Brittney Skye and the very studly Talon. After they introduce themselves, they immediately get down to business, which is, of course, convincing the judges that they're the best fucks around. The action immediately cuts to an impassioned blowjob as Britney, dressed in her signature pink fishnet top and black super-short skirt, kneels in front of Talon and worships his cock with her insatiable mouth and greedy hands. While she squeals and babbles with delight, Brittney also swallows Talon's dick balls-deep on several occasions (superb camera angles and close-ups--especially when Brittney's big blue eyes make contact with ours). And, she uses her skillful hands to stroke his tip in a rotating fashion that drives him wild with lust.

Foregoing cunnilingus (I can't understand why Talon missed an opportunity to eat Brittney's gorgeous pussy), they move directly to missionary style sex once Brittney has finished gorging herself on Talon's meat. As Talon thrusts his cock in and out of Brittney's inviting hole, he increases her pleasure by reaching down with his hands to choke her throat, slap her face and tits, and to squeeze her nipples. Meanwhile, she frantically jacks her clit until it swells to mammoth proportions and calls herself a whore. Brittney is soon so engrossed in pleasure that she's reduced to a delectable mound of quivering flesh: "I fuckin' LOVE it! Keep fucking this whore!" In fact, Brittney feels so fucking good that she screams through an orgasm (she instinctively uses her hand to muffle her mouth as she screams uncontrollably)! After Brittney cums, Talon generously lets her suck her juice off of his cock before they transition to doggie. Talon then pounds Brittney hard and deep from behind as her delicious ass flesh jiggles provocatively (great camerawork). And, Brittney soon starts to match Talon's thrusts with her own powerful and energetic moves: "That's so fucking good! Fuck that fucking pussy, you mother-fucker!" Of course, Brittney constantly screams and growls as her insatiable body consumes an unending supply of pleasure.

Later, Brittney and Talon transition to reverse cowgirl. I'm not going to tell you much about this segment except that when you watch it you'll understand why Brittney is one of my top-ten all-time favorite performers. Damn, she not only looks fine (her body looks better than ever!) but she is also one of the best performers to ever grace the blue screen! To finish up this hot scene, Talon showers Brittney's face and body with high velocity semen. Unfortunately, he overshoots Brittney's wide-open mouth. So, she has to scoop up some cum off of her boobs and belly with her fingers so that she can taste his high-protein shake. Four and one-half stars!

Scene Two

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In Scene Two, blond and busty Czech Barbara Summer takes on super-stud Tommy Gunn. Again, the contestants introduce themselves and then the action cuts directly to an unfortunately mundane blowjob. Let's just say that Nikita is so disappointed in Barbara's oral technique that she steps down from the judge's stand, walks across the stage to where Barbara is sucking Tommy's cock, and gives her some pointers. However, whatever shortcomings Barbara has in the oral department are more than made up for during anal sex later on!

After Barbara's less-than-stellar blowjob, she straddles Tommy's face as he sits on a very modern-looking black leather chair. Then, doing exactly what I would do under the circumstances, Tommy voraciously gobbles Barbara's succulent pussy flesh, frantically licks her clit, and probes her oh-so-sweet hole with his eager tongue (GREAT video). Of course, Barbara moans ecstatically and her body heaves with pleasure as Tommy shows off his cunnilingus skills. Tommy's pussy-eating technique pays big dividends when Barbara screams through an intense orgasm (she slaps her own ass as her body quakes when she cums). Sex begins in the cowgirl position. Barbara furiously pounds--and erotically grinds--Tommy's cock as he sits back in the big, black, leather chair and enjoys the exhilarating ride (great moves, Barbara!). Meanwhile, lucky Tommy grabs handfuls of Barbara's firm flesh. Believe me, even though I certainly enjoy giving my woman a high-energy pounding, it is so nice to see a girl so into the sex that she literally does all the thrusting! After this extremely good cowgirl segment comes to an end, gorgeous Barbara kneels atop the black chair so that Tommy can fuck her from behind, doggie style. Even though it's obvious the Tommy wants to be the one to drill Barbara's juicy and dropping cunt, she is so horny that she simply must fuck him back. In fact, they fuck each other so well that it looks like they were engineered to do just that! And, Barbara's beautiful bouncing boobs appear to have been designed to make my cock swell ever larger. In due course, Barbara quivers through orgasm number two and then they transition to reverse cowgirl. However, instead of stuffing her pussy, Tommy gets to experience the thrill of her tight asshole when it grips his cock tightly as she hurls herself up and down. Meanwhile, Tommy multiple-finger-fucks her spread-wide pussy and jacks her clit. Barbara obviously loves having her asshole stretched wide by Tommy's cock...her naughty vocabulary and ecstatic moans give her away!

Even though this scene has been scorching so far (except for the lukewarm blowjob), the best is yet to come. When it's time for Tommy to pop, Barbara holds up a clear glass cup that is partially filled with water. Tommy then shoots his entire load into the cup and long strings of his semen slither through the water. Then, nasty Barbara drinks and swallows the mixture, making sure to get every drop of semen. Fucking nasty! Four and one-half stars!

Friends, the remaining three scenes are so superb that I really hesitate to tell you much about them at all. They are all five-star scenes and are, to my way of thinking, must see for porn lovers everywhere. Although I don't want to give away the intensity of Scenes Three through Five, because I think you owe it to yourself to see them for yourself, I'll give you a brief outline of each.

Scene Three

Scene Three features the unrivaled and sensational Eva Angelina with porn legend Randy Spears. This scene demonstrates, yet again, why Eva is my favorite currently-performing girl. Her enthusiasm, her gusto, her wide-eyed wonder, her energy, her erotic moves, her screams of delight, and the obvious bliss she derives during sex make her stand out in my mind as a legend in the making. And, her dark hair (streaked with red in this movie), cute face, big brown eyes, generous breasts, tempting pussy, proud and erect clit, virgin asshole, perfect and shapely body, and her volcanic orgasms are to die for! If Eva chooses to stay in the business for the long haul, I predict that she will join Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Ginger Lynn, and Jewel de'Nyle (among others) in the firmament of porn luminaries. In this scene, Eva gives Randy a blow/hand job that even that legendary veteran will remember for a long time. She also shows just how horny--and passionate--she can be when she and Randy fuck vaginally in the reverse cowgirl (wait until you see her engorged clit!), cowgirl, and standing doggie positions. Believe me, her enthusiasm is fucking contagious! And, the pop shot that concludes the scene is wonderful. As Eva giggles happily, Randy blows his load on her trademark schoolgirl classes. Then, she licks them clean before giving them as a supplication to Nikita. I nominated this scene for a 2007 X-Rated Critic's Association (XRCO) award! Watch it and see why!

Scene Four

Although I liked Eva Angelina's performance in Scene Three more than any of the others, Nikita preferred Sandra Romain's work in Scene Four. It's easy to see why. Although Eva's enthusiasm is unsurpassed, Sandra's downright naughtiness--as well as the intensity of her performance--is truly noteworthy. Instead of taking just one cock, nasty Sandra takes on those of both Sascha and Tyler Knight. Of course, Sandra excels when she blows the guys one-girl-on-two-cocks. In particular, her cock swallowing and balls-gobbling techniques are remarkable. And, the rawness of her sexual proclivity is also extraordinary. Like Eva, Sandra gives an extremely high-energy performance with Sascha in reverse cowgirl. However, unlike Eva, Sandra starts out in anal and keeps her ass plugged through almost the entire scene (her gaping pink pussy looks fucking beautiful when she's getting her asshole reamed!). The sheer amount of pleasure--including ass-gasms--that Sandra receives through anal sex is mind-blowing. In addition to getting her asshole reamed in reverse cowgirl, Sandra also enjoys some incendiary spit-lubricated anal sex in the missionary position with Tyler (she uses her fingers to spread her labia wide, fuck her pussy, and jack her clit). However, the hardest-hitting and most aggressive sex in Nikita's Extreme Idols comes later when Sandra takes an intense double-penetration in the reverse cowgirl position (great close-ups highlight the action as Sascha fucks her pussy while Tyler keeps her asshole filled to the brim). After Sandra cums volcanically, she eagerly sucks her pussy and ass juices off the cocks. Then, each guy jacks himself off until he spews his semen all over a glass tabletop. Nasty Sandra then licks up nearly every drop of cum and eats it!

Scene Five

Nikita and the other judges deliberate for a short time and then choose Sandra as the best female performer and Tommy Gunn as the best stud. Nikita rewards the two winners by coming out of retirement to give them 20 minutes of indescribable bliss highlighted by slobbery and very aggressive fellatio (both girls work on Tommy's lucky rod-- they blow him two-girls-on-one-cock and individually), finger-fucking, and condom-protected anal-only sex in the reverse cowgirl (both Sandra and Nikita), pile driver (Sandra), and standing doggie positions (Nikita). I particularly enjoyed how the two girls cooperate so well during sex. When one girl is being fucked, the other girl gobbles, slaps, or squeezes her boobs; fingers her clit; licks her feet and/or legs; spits on, spreads wide, slaps, licks, tongue-fucks, or finger-fucks her cunt; kisses her mouth; tastes her cum; slaps her ass; or sucks her ass juices off of Tommy's cock. Of course, when the girls cum, their orgasms are explosive! And, Tommy's Popshot, during which he spews his semen all over both girls' tongues, is first-rate, too. Even better, Sandra and Nikita cum-swap. See for yourself what happens when two eastern European girls dedicate themselves to Tommy's--and their own--feral pleasure. It's incendiary! You've gotta see this scene!

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): As has always been my experience with movies directed by Laurent Sky, the video is excellent. Color balance, camera angles, lighting, and camera movements are all nearly perfect in every regard. The video is not widescreen, but is sharp and clear, even when blown up to fill my computer's monitor. I would offer one suggestion to Laurent's editor...I like to see the transitions and initial insertion after each transition. These elements were often edited out of the video in Nikita's Extreme Idols. Four and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): Most of the audio is clear and audible. However, I did notice that some of the dialog is a bit hard to understand--perhaps it's because Barbara, Nikita and Sandra all speak with strong accents. However, I think the majority of the problem is due to low sound level while the dialog was taped. There is a musical soundtrack. However, it never overpowers the sweet sounds of sex. Four stars

Extras: In addition to full-motion chapter selector (a select-a-shot feature allows you to jump right to the sexual position you want to see) and interactive menus, the primary Extra is a 20-minute Behind the Scenes featurette. It contains an interview of Nikita Denise, photoshoot video, outtakes/bloopers, footage of the girls being made up, and behind-the-camera shots. Additional Extras include trailers for seven Club Jenna releases, a five-minute self-running slide show, and several commercials (clubjenna.com, J22 [a "male-enhancement" supplement], and Jenna's phone chat ad). This selection of Extras is about average in today's market. Three stars.

Aesthetics: From a visual perspective, the aesthetics are first rate. I like how the sex scenes took place on a game show stage and how the props on the stage change from scene to scene to provide variety. I also like how attention was paid to the girls' attire, their hair, and their make-up. From an audio perspective, the musical soundtrack is appropriate and fitting to support a game show atmosphere. However, it's not what one would call inspired. Four and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.80
Average video rating: 4.50
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 4.50
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 4.36

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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