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Appetite For Destruction

Studio: Teravision » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 4/25/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Feature
Director: Spyder Jonez
Cast: Jerry, Lucy Lee, Melissa Lauren, Nikki Benz, Nyomi Marcela, Ron Jeremy, Spyder Jonez, Tera Patrick, Tony T.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Nikki Benz.
Length: 01:23
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free boy/girl sex and a second for the cast, which includes Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Nikki Benz.


Appetite for Destruction is a pleasing feature starring Lucy Lee. Lucy plays a naughty girl who, after watching her husband fuck her friend Nikki Benz, tumbles down a staircase to her death.

Lucy soon finds herself in front of St. Peter, paradoxically played by naughty boy Ron Jeremy in a non-sex role. Ron truly sympathizes with Lucy's plight because, as I said, she's a real naughty girl and is going to be sent "down there" unless he can find some redeeming graces within her. So, Ron tries to get a good recommendation for Lucy from her friend Tera Patrick. Alas, Tera thinks of Lucy as just a good girl/girl sex partner. Ron even tries reading the thoughts of the "mourners" who gather at Lucy's funeral. Alas, they, too, only think of Lucy in terms of her enormous sexual appetites. In fact, some of Lucy's friends end up having sex in the funeral parlor, right in front of Lucy's casket! On and on it goes. Ron tries so hard to justify sending Lucy upstairs...to no avail.

When it seems that all has failed, Lucy remembers that St. Peter once was a lusty man himself. So, using the best of her skills, she drops to her knees to suck his dick. The movie ends before we find out for sure if Lucy went upstairs or down. However, if St. Peter is anything at all like me, he made an exception and let Lucy pass through the pearly gates.

My overall rating for Appetite for Destruction was diminished due to the dearth of Extras on the DVD. This lowered overall score should not prevent you from buying/renting/downloading this movie. It is a good release with solid sex and good production values. In particular, Nikki Benz is at the top of her career and her scene with Scott Nails proves it. Of course, Tera fans will want to see her scorching yet beautiful girl/girl scene with Lucy.


Scene One

In Scene One, busty blond Nikki Benz drops by Lucy Lee's house to visit. Lucy's husband, Scott Nails, informs Nikki that Lucy is upstairs, "passed out." Nikki then starts to leave, but changes her mind when Scott starts to grope and fondle her perfect body. Unbeknownst to Scott and Nikki, Lucy is not passed out. Instead, she remains at the top of the stairs and watches with satisfaction as her husband starts to undress and kiss her gorgeous friend. Scott soon bends Nikki over the staircase, doggie style, pulls aside her panties, and begins to passionately lick and probe her tasty and gorgeous pink pussy. Of course, Nikki's pleasure engine ignites immediately, as evidenced by her fervent and ecstatic moans and by her naughty talk. Nikki's pleasure increases even more when Scott starts to massage her rapidly swelling clit, finger-fuck her pussy, and rim her pretty tight asshole.

Once Nikki's cunt is soaking wet and ready for action, she drops to her knees, yanks down Scott's jeans and underwear, and takes his huge semi-erect cock into her insatiable mouth. With only a few sucks and strokes, Nikki transforms Scott's semi-rigid cock into a titanium-hard thing of wonder. However, Nikki isn't content for him to be just hard...she wants to send him to heaven. So, she continues to worship his super-long rod with her lusty mouth, lots of spit, and skillful hands. Scott enjoys the blowjob so much that he soon starts to piston his cock in-and-out of Nikki's mouth so that he can fuck her throat. By this time, Nikki has tossed aside her top so that Scott--and we--can enjoy her magnificent boobs (great camera work lets us savor her mams from several effective angles). I've said it before and I'll say it again, Nikki has two of the best perfectly-sculpted enhanced breasts I've ever seen! I must admit that I love 'em and would really like to fuck 'em! Before this fine fellatio segment comes to an end, Nikki gives Scott one of the most effective handjobs I've ever seen. Nikki uses both her hands on his rod and twists them circumferentially as she slides them up and down. Damn, that must feel good!

When it's time to move on to sex, Scott lies back on the staircase and Nikki straddles him reverse cowgirl style. While jacking her clit, Nikki slowly inches Scott's mammoth rod into her accommodating and bald-shaven pussy. Once he's completely inside, they fuck each other with increasingly passionate strokes. As they work together like a well-engineered fucking machine, Nikki does an extremely effective move: she reaches down, moistens her pretty and nicely-manicured fingers with her own juice, and massages it into Scott's rod as it slides in and out of her. Excellent move, Nikki! During this reverse cowgirl segment, the camera often zooms out so we can see all of Nikki's body as she and Scott pound each other. The resultant image proves why I adore Nikki's fine body and amazing tits! And, her pretty pussy is quite amazing, too. Eventually, Scott becomes so inflamed that he simply must pound her with frenzied and redline-speed strokes. Nikki senses his need and lets him do the work while she enjoys the ride. She enjoys it so much, actually, that she cums (Lucy, standing at the top of the stairs, masturbates violently as Nikki nears orgasm!). Afterward, Nikki stands and then bends over the staircase so Scott can "nail" her from behind doggie style. God, Nikki's mammoth boobs look GREAT as they hang and gyrate while he fucks her inexorably toward orgasm number two (great video). If possible, Nikki looks even better when she lifts her right leg high into the air while balancing herself on her left foot. In this way, the camera is able to capture absolutely incredible shots of Nikki's stupendous flesh from both close-up and medium distances. To finish up, Scott fills Nikki's mouth and plasters her chin, neck, and chest with his semen (it appears that two cameras were used to capture the popshot since footage from two angles is stitched together flawlessly). Then, Nikki vacuums the cum out of Scott's cock while stroking his shaft to coax out every drop. Four and one-half stars!

Scene Two

After watching her husband and friend fuck, Lucy trips as she descends the stairs. She dies when she hits the floor and is instantly transported into the light where she meets Ron Jeremy who plays St. Peter. Ron tells Lucy that he wants to help her go upstairs but that her "history" shows she's been a bad girl. "Help me help you! Show me why you should go upstairs." So, Lucy tells Ron about her best friend, Tera.

Lucy recalls for Ron an incident in which she was playing a sad song on the piano in a gorgeous sunroom while her friend Tera sat atop the piano and listened intently. Lucy confides to Tera that nobody understands her. Tera looks lustfully at Lucy and responds, "Well, I understand you. At least that's why I think we're such good friends." Lucy reaches out and strokes Tera's flesh: "We're best friends." At first, Tera doesn't "see it" that way. Lucy, however, doesn't care how Tera sees it: "I don't really care, I get what I want." So, she stands up aggressively and forces her mouth against Tera's. Tera responds instantly, and the two women share a very delicious open-mouthed kiss. Soon, that kiss progresses to groping and sucking. Lucy continues to be the aggressive one, pulling down Tera's top so that she can suckle greedily from her nipples (Tera's tits look amazing!). Meanwhile, Lucy uses her fingers to massage Tera's pussy through her pretty purplish panties.

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In due course, Tera gets in on the action and starts to play with her own boobs while Lucy continues to fondle Tera's magnificent curves, nurse from her breasts, and pinch her nipples: "Fuck," Tera exclaims. "That feels so fucking good!" Eventually, Lucy has Tera completely naked...what a sight! Tera then leans back atop the piano and, while seated on the bench, Lucy lustily licks Tera's clit and tongue-fucks her pussy (magnificent close-ups of Tera's soaking-wet pussy and engorged clit). Meanwhile, beautiful Tera fondles herself, arches her back, and heaves with pleasure. As waves of delight course through Tera, Lucy adds to the mix by shoving her finger inside Tera's slick vagina while continuing to rapidly jack her sensitive clit. After Tera sucks her juices off of Lucy's fingers, she exclaims, "Where's my dildo!" As Tera rolls over into the doggie position (still atop the piano), Lucy grabs one of the multiple-featured dildos that have "rabbit ears" to please the clit while the main shaft vibrates inside the pussy. As superb video captures Tera's stunning and insatiable body, Lucy skillfully uses the dildo to drive Tera wild: "Yeah, FUCK ME, LUCY! It feels so good! Fuck, yeah!" Eventually, Tera sucks the toy clean and then shoves it back inside her pussy so that she can fuck herself while Lucy suckles her abundant breasts and kisses her open mouth. Tera knows well how to please herself and is soon undulating in ecstasy.

As the scene continues, Lucy regains control of the dildo and uses it to pound Tera until she cums hard. Believe me, Tera's orgasm is a beautiful thing to behold! The women then share a brief kiss before Lucy becomes the center of Tera's attention. After Lucy lies back on a plush white couch and spreads her legs wide open, Tera shoves a long, purple, double-ended dildo into her pussy. Tera then reams Lucy's hole with long, deep, and twisting strokes while Lucy jacks her own clit: "It feels so fucking good!" Tera also licks Lucy's clit on occasion. Working together as only two horny pornstars can do, Tera and Lucy soon score when Lucy experiences a "Big O" that causes her body to heave and contort with excitement. After Lucy calms down a bit, she and Tera use the double-ended toy as it was meant to be used: they shove one end in each pussy and then fuck each other furiously while each girl jacks her own clit! Great video captures the action as each pussy swallows her half of the queen-sized cock. To finish up, each girl sucks her own cum off of the toy and then they share a sweet open-mouthed kiss. Five stars!

Of course, Lucy's encounter with Tera doesn't do much to convince Ron Jeremy to open the pearly gates. So, he asks Lucy about her commitment to her marital vows. "Well, ah, he cheated on me first!" Ron checks his notes and finds out that, no, she cheated first. Doesn't look like Lucy's gonna go upstairs!

Scene Three

In Scene Three, Lucy tells Ron about her marital indiscretion. Lucy's friends, Nyomi Marcela and Jerry, join her for a drink in her living room. Jerry and Nyomi are really into each other and, immediately after sitting down on the couch, begin to make out. They haven't even had any wine yet! Nyomi sits in Jerry's lap and confesses that they've been "doing it" all day. Even so, they can't keep their hands off each other. Lucy, sensing the lusty vibes emitted by her friends, quickly suggests a threesome. Jerry admits that they haven't been in a threeway but that he'd like to. Needing no further motivation, Lucy jumps into Jerry's lap and shoves her tongue deep into his mouth as Nyomi, aghast, looks on. Soon, Nyomi's trepidation turns to delight as a smile breaks out on her face. Eager to join it, Nyomi pushes Lucy away from Jerry so that she can shove her perky hard nipples into his eager mouth. Meanwhile, Lucy releases Jerry's cock from the confinement of his pants and begins to suck and stroke it hungrily. Soon, Nyomi strips off her clothes--she's so fucking cute!--and then sits back on Jerry's lap so he can continue to suckle her perfect tiny breasts. Soon, Nyomi decides she wants a taste of cock, too. So, she slides down Jerry's body and, as Lucy holds his dick from its base, Nyomi greedily blows him. Sensing that Nyomi can handle Jerry's dick without her, Lucy then straddles his face so that he can feast on her pussy juice while Nyomi continues to suck and stroke his shaft. Is there anything better than a pussy on your mouth while a mouth is on your cock?

Always the aggressive one, Lucy then slides down Jerry's chest until her pussy reaches his cock. At that point, Nyomi grabs his shaft and shoves it inside Lucy's juicy wet pussy cowgirl style. As Lucy thrusts her body up and down on Jerry's cock, her creamy white juices ooze out of her pussy and coat his cock (great close-ups of her dripping vagina!). Meanwhile, Nyomi lovingly squeezes Jerry's balls. Damn, all Jerry needs to do is lie back and enjoy the ride! And, enjoy it he does...especially when Lucy shoves her erect nipple into his mouth! Soon, however, Jerry becomes too agitated to simply lie still. So, he begins to match her strokes as he and Lucy fuck each other to heaven. As the scene continues, Lucy lifts herself off of Jerry's cock so that Nyomi can suck it clean and then mount it for some cowgirl lovin' of her own. Jerry then slides his cock in-and-out of her super tight pussy. Nyomi's ass looks absolutely stupendous as it fills the screen while Jerry reams her! During this segment, lusty Lucy helps out by squeezing and spanking Nyomi's ass cheeks, by stroking Jerry's cock, by squeezing his balls, and by providing deliciously naughty words of encouragement.

Eventually, Nyomi transitions to the reverse cowgirl position and continues to fuck Jerry's cock while Lucy frantically fingers Nyomi's clit (Nyomi's hard body looks wonderful in this position). Lucy also lends a helping hand by stroking Nyomi's hard abs, by squeezing her erect nipples, by licking her clit, and by kissing her open mouth (great camerawork). And, Lucy takes the opportunity to suck Jerry's cock clean on a couple of occasions. Later, Lucy lies on her back so that Nyomi can lie face down on her belly (missionary style). Then, from the back, doggie style, Jerry takes turns plowing one alluring pussy after the other! As superb camera angles (lots of close-ups) capture the action, Jerry gets to do what most men can only dream about...fuck two girls round-robin style! Damn, this looks--and must feel--superb! In due course, Lucy moves into the doggie position and Nyomi straddles her doggie style (Nyomi's chest to Lucy's back). Then, lucky SOB Jerry again gets to fuck both pussies one at a time (gorgeous video!). To finish up, Lucy and Nyomi lie cheek-to-cheek and open their mouths wide to accept Jerry's load. His powerful ejaculation, captured from two angles, showers both girls' faces with cum. And, some lands in their open mouths, too. So, of course the nasty girls cumswap. Four stars. (Too bad neither girl came during the scene.)

By this time, Ron is thinking that Lucy is a lost cause because nobody on earth will say one nice think about her. Lucy then mentions a friend Melissa (Lauren), who came to her funeral. So, Ron looks down to earth to "listen in" on what the "mourners" were thinking--and see what they were doing--during Lucy's funeral. The mourners had no positive thoughts about Lucy and, as a matter of fact, Melissa and Spyder Jonez ended up fucking right there in front of her casket.

Scene Four

Scene Four is begins in chic black-and-white. Toward the beginning of the scene, clips from various stages of the sex are stitched together in a sort of MTV fashion. As she and Spyder stand in front of Lucy's casket, Melissa begins by opening Spyder's zipper so that she can worship his cock with her mouth. Then, because Spyder likes pussy as much as I do, the foreplay switches rapidly to cunnilingus so that, in front of all the mourners, he can feast on her pussy while she shouts her approval. Spyder does an excellent job pleasing Melissa's pussy with his tongue and fingers. So much so, in fact, that Melissa is soon writhing in ecstasy. He also applies large quantities of his saliva to lubricate the works, sharply spanks her pussy to increase her pleasure, and forces her to suck her juices off of his fingers. Little-by-little, Spyder literally rips off Melissa's clothes. Then, she rewards him by giving him an intensely pleasing, high-energy, and very slobbery blowjob. She even deep-throats his dick and lets him fuck her throat.

When it's time for sex, the image reverts to full color. Spyder bends Melissa over the casket, doggie style, slips aside her panties, and shoves his aching cock deep into her soothing hole. He then teases the shit out of Melissa by repeatedly slipping his dick completely out of her before forcefully ramming it back inside again. This repeated teasing action drives Melissa wild and causes her to scream with pleasure and to shout out naughty words to motivate Spyder to even greater heights of lust. Eventually, Spyder stops teasing Melissa and really lets her have it with deep, hard, and fast strokes (great camera angles and close-ups of Melissa's pussy as it eagerly swallows Spyder's rod). As Spyder reams her pussy, he takes numerous opportunities to spank her pretty ass. And, Sypder's thrusts cause Melissa's medium-sized, all-natural, and pierced boobs to bounce provocatively. Melissa soon becomes so enraptured that she has to grab onto Lucy's casket to control herself. In fact, her pleasure is so intense that her words degenerate into meaningless babble. Eventually, they transition to cowgirl. As Spyder lies on his back, Melissa shows exactly how fantastic a slut she really is as she hurls her body up and down on his cock with incredibly powerful and rapid strokes (great camera angles). Melissa is one hell of a good fuck! Meanwhile, lucky Spyder gets a close-up view of Melissa's pierced nipples as her boobs bounce uncontrollably inches from his eyes. Melissa is SO hot that she brings Spyder to the brink of orgasm. So, to prevent a premature popshot, he lifts her up and sets her on her back so that he can fuck her missionary style. While Spyder pounds her with slow and deliberate strokes, Melissa pleases herself with her fingers, squeezes her own tits, and turns her big blue eyes toward us with an intensity that betrays her passion. To finish up, Melissa lays her head on the floor, under Spyder's dick, and licks her lips as he jacks himself off. When he explodes, he fills her mouth and showers her nose and eyes with his cum as she giggles triumphantly (the popshot was captured with two camera angles). After his spasms diminish, she sucks his cock dry and turns her sperm-covered face to the camera. This is a good and hot scene. However, I'm disappointed that Melissa didn't seem to have cum. Four stars.

Scene Five

After being forced to listen to the thoughts of the people attending her funeral, Lucy reveals her innermost thoughts and her soul to Ron Jeremy. From the perspective of her eternal reward, the prospects appear grave since her thoughts and her soul are focused on the cocks of her husband Scott Nails and Tony T. As soon as Ron touches Lucy's head with his fingers, he sees Lucy's thoughts clearly as she ravenously gobbles Tony T's rod while hubby Scott pounds her pussy from behind, doggie style. (Ron sees the action in a disjointed and rather hallucinogenic way as her confused--yet extremely carnal--thoughts are revealed in a blurry, rambling, and pulsing way.)

As Lucy bares her thoughts and soul (as well as her body, of course), both guys get to eagerly fuck her throat (nice deep-throat action, Lucy) and frantically pound her pussy in positions including doggie, standing doggie, missionary, and reverse cowgirl. In each of these positions, Lucy blows one cock while the other pounds her pussy.

The hardest segment of the entire movie comes next when Lucy mounts Scott vaginally cowgirl style and then gleefully serves up her asshole to Tony. Tony, of course, eagerly accepts Lucy's invitation and shoves his cock past her sphincter and into her anus so that he can fuck it while Scott continues to ream her pussy with his super-sized dick. As the guys double-penetrate (DP) Lucy, she screams with delight and shoves her butt back to meet each of Tony's deep anal thrusts. And, midway through the ATM segment, Lucy shows just how nasty she is by cleaning Tony's cock ass-to-mouth (ATM).

As the scene continues, Lucy enjoys more DP action--this time in the reverse cowgirl position. Lucy lies on Tony's chest so he can pound her asshole while Scott fucks her pussy from above. By this time, ravenous Lucy cannot stand the idea that one of her holes is not filled. So, when Scott's cock accidentally slips out of her pussy, she screams, "Put it back in!" Before the scene concludes, Lucy enjoys a little doggie-style anal-only sex when Scott reams her balls-deep from behind (her pussy looks superb as it winks open and closed in reaction Scott's thrusts!). Frankly, I find it amazing that Lucy's asshole can literally consume all of Scott's immense rod! And, it's also noteworthy that Lucy can swallow his whole shaft when she greedily performs ATM on it! To finish up, Tony T feeds her his load--he squirts it directly into her wide-open mouth--and then he fucks her throat for a while. Then, Scott shoots his wad onto Lucy's face and onto a bench. Gluttonous Lucy then laps up Scott's semen from the bench with her tongue. Interestingly, Lucy's innermost thoughts--which are, of course, about sex--don't include an orgasm for her. Pity. Four stars.

Sadly, none of St. Peter's (er, Ron Jeremy's) investigations do much to earn Lucy a place in heaven. However, I'll bet the blowjob she gives Ron does the trick.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The widescreen video, shot in HD, is very good. The image is crisp and clear with no sign of grain, pixelization, or digital artifacts. The lighting, color balance, and camera angles are very effective. I particularly enjoyed the somewhat blasted-out whiteness of the "gatekeeper" scenes during which Lucy tries to convince Ron Jeremy to let her into heaven. I also like the editing. Clips are stitched together in such a way that I never got the feeling that I missed something important. In addition, a feeling on continuity was always maintained. On the other hand, I did see a couple of instances in which a crewmember's body or some camera equipment appeared within the frame. Four stars.

Audio (technical): Quite good. The sound is always crisp and clear. In addition, the volume is consistent...you can always hear the dialog as well as the delicious moans and groans. The musical soundtrack supports the on-screen action without obfuscating it. Four stars.

Extras: Here's where Appetite for Destruction falls flat. In addition to a full-motion chapter selector, the only Extra is a short (three and one-half minutes) automatically advancing slide show. One star.

Aesthetics: From a visual perspective, Appetite for Destruction is quite appealing. I particularly liked the special effect photography that lends an ethereal effect to the shots featuring Lucy and Ron Jeremy in the "way station." In addition, the black and white, MTV-style effects in Scene Four are top notch. And, the surreal and hallucination-like feel of Scene Five is very effective. The locations used when the movie was captured are all very pleasing and somewhat out of the ordinary--it's not often that people fuck atop a magnificent grand piano or in front of a casket in a funeral home. From the audio perspective, I think that the musical score chosen to support the sex scenes is good, but not particularly great. For example, I would not have chosen hard-driving rock music to accompany the sex scene at Lucy's funeral. The remaining music supports the action nicely. Four and one-half stars!

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.30
Average video rating: 4.00
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 4.50
Extras rating: 1.00
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.00

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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