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Virtual Daisy

Studio: Acid Rain » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 4/27/11

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Interactive sex.
Director: Jonathan Sable
Cast: Daisy, Mya Lyanna.
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: Indeterminate
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus point for condom-free sex.


If you’ve seen an interactive sex disk released by any of the major studios, you know what to expect from Virtual Daisy. Daisy teases, masturbates, engages in foreplay, and has sex in a variety of positions with an off-screen partner. The action was captured from your point of view, so it seems that you’re the one who’s having sex with her. In addition, the action was also captured from a second angle so you can also watch Daisy from a different perspective.

Virtual Daisy benefits greatly by having Daisy as its star. I've been a fan of this luscious Latina for several years. I really enjoy her lustrous brunette hair, big brown eyes, perfect all-natural tits, heart-shaped and blemish-free ass, hard body, and numerous intricate tattoos. She's definitely a girl with whom I'd love to spend some quality all-naked time!



The Virtual Daisy DVD operates in a manner similar to other interactive sex disks you may have seen. After you click Play, Daisy welcomes you to her interactive adventure. Then, Daisy, in a series of clips, gives you a taste of what you're going to see. "Are you ready to play? I want you to watch me get naked. Do you want me to play with myself? Do you want to see me put this (a dildo) in my ass? I want you to shove your cock into my mouth and then shove it down my throat. Then, slide it into my wet pussy. Are you ready to fuck me from behind? If you're good, I might even have one of my friends join in! I'll do whatever you want!" I don't know about you, but I'm hard and ready to go!

After the intro, the Main Menu appears surrounding images of Daisy. You can choose "Special Features (Extras)," "Instructions," "Good Girl," or "Bad Girl." You can read about the Special Features below in the Extras portion of this review.

Virtual Daisy has an interface that is different than other interactive disks I've seen. So, you may want to take a look at the instructions page before you start. You can make the action harder or softer, cause Daisy to have an instant orgasm, pop yourself, or play with two girls at a time (Daisy and Mya Luanna). Icons are arranged in an elegant triangular shape and are available through the use of an on-screen control panel.

While the Main Menu is displayed, Daisy tells you that you have to decide how you want it: "Shy and innocent or wild and nasty. The choice is yours, just push my buttons." If you like your girls shy and innocent, you're going to have to watch this disk for yourself to see how it goes. As far as I'm concerned, I want Daisy as wild and nasty as she can be. So, I chose "Bad Girl." When I did, Daisy responds, "So, you want me to get nasty, huh? What do you want me to do first?" At this point, a submenu is displayed allowing you to choose, "Tease," "Masturbate," "Foreplay," or "Sex."

Truthfully, I did watch a little bit of "Good Girl" Daisy and the footage is entirely different than the "Bad Girl" footage! It's even shot in different locations and Daisy's wearing different attire! This is noteworthy because on most interactive sex disks, the difference between "naughty" and "nice" is not so evident. As compared to the commentary I've written below, which is about "Bad Girl" Daisy, "Foreplay" consists only of a blowjob (no finger-fucking or toying) and the popshot during missionary sex is fake.


If you read my reviews, you know that I love to be teased. So, I chose that selection first. A new menu appears and Daisy asks what she should show you first. You can choose "Tits," "Pussy," and "Ass." Or, you can jump to other sections of the disk: "Masturbate," "Foreplay," or "Sex." I watched the three two-plus minute teases in order and enjoyed them all as Daisy narrates the action while she plays with her adorable all-natural boobs, pretty pussy, and perfect ass. The clips loop so that they start over automatically. In this way, you can enjoy Daisy's tease sequences over and over. There are two angles available...you can watch Daisy from across the room (Angle 1) or close up (Angle 2). However, I couldn't find a way to change the action from "Bad Girl" to "Good Girl." You have to go back to the main menu to change her demeanor. During all of the tease clips, "Back" and "Main Menu" appear at the top of the screen. You can use these links to go back one level to "Tease" or to the Main Menu. Of all the available tease selections, I enjoyed "Pussy" in Angle 2 the best. In this way, I could best enjoy Daisy's navel and genital-area tattoos and her clean-shaven pussy as she rubs and probes it with her fingers. Of course, watching Daisy spank her own perfect ass was a treat, too!


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Once I got very acquainted with Daisy's fine flesh, I moved on to "Masturbate." After you choose "Masturbate," Daisy asks, "So, you want me to play with myself? What would you like me to do first? Do you want me to stick my fingers in my pussy? Or, would you like for me to stick a dildo in my pussy...my nice, wet pussy? Or, would you like me to stick a dildo up my ass?" Again, I watched the clips in order and clicked the "Finger Pussy" option first. As the four-plus minute clip runs, menus are presented so that you can make the action harder or softer or cause Daisy to have an instant orgasm. Daisy, looking absolutely scrumptious in a red bra and matching red panties and nylons, lays back in an elegant white chair, slips aside her panties, and then lubricates her pussy with spit-soaked fingers. Soon, Daisy plunges those fingers into her hot, tight, and wet hole and fucks herself while using deliciously-nasty words to tell you exactly how she feels. Of course, I like the hardest-possible sex. So, I clicked the "H" (harder) icon to make Daisy behave as nasty as possible. I also checked out the action from both angles and really enjoyed the close-up footage provided by Angle 2. After I watched Daisy finger-fuck herself for several minutes, I let her cum by clicking the "O" (orgasm) button. Damn, there's nothing better than an orgasm!

Angle 2 was also my preference when I watched Daisy fuck her pussy with a dildo. Daisy's tight, sweet, pink, and wet vagina looks absolutely sensational as it tightly grips her big, long, pink, and bulbous toy. Again, the "harder" footage appealed more to me than the "softer" version. In particular, I really enjoyed Daisy's "harder" screams and nasty talk--especially when I clicked "O" and let her cum.

In the final "Masturbation" category, Daisy fucks her asshole with a smallish pink toy while using a vibrator to stimulate her clit as she bends over doggie style. While narrating the action in a particularly nasty manner, Daisy reams her asshole with fast and deep strokes. To have the best experience with this selection, I suggest you use Angle 1 so that you can savor all of Daisy's fine body (she looks superb in doggie!) as she pounds her oh-so-fuckable holes. And, Angle 1 provides the best view when you let her cum--she sucks the toy clean ass-to-mouth (ATM) after she cums.


When it's time for you to join Daisy, select "Foreplay." Daisy invites you to finger her pussy, fuck her pussy or asshole with a toy, or let her blow your cock.

Since I love to feel the inside of a warm wet pussy with my fingers, I started there. For almost four minutes, I gently multiple-finger-fucked Daisy's hole and spread her labia wide to enjoy her precious pink. As Daisy sat back in the same elegant white chair she used during her masturbation segments, I banged her harder and deeper until she was on the brink of cumming. Then, I let her cum all over my hand as I shoved all but my thumb deep inside her! Use Angle 1 for a full-body look at Daisy or Angle 2 to fill your display with her finger-stuffed vagina.

I strongly recommend that you fuck Daisy's pussy with the dildo. Use Angle 1 and watch the look of absolute delight on her face as you shove a huge toy deep into her slippery wet cunt and then bang her with long and deep strokes while she fingers her own sensitive clit. Daisy's look of pure bliss during this segment is one of the highlights of Virtual Daisy! Her toy-induced orgasm is well worth watching, too.

If you choose to ream Daisy's asshole with a dildo, she'll help out by using a vibrator on her clit. Angle 2 is best for watching yourself toy with Daisy's ass close up while Angle 1 lets you enjoy her whole body. Pay attention to Daisy's facial expressions as she's enveloped with rapture each time you thrust the toy into her tight asshole.

After doing everything in your power to make Daisy's blood boil, it's your turn when you select "Blowjob" from the "Foreplay" Menu. Damn, this is an excellent nearly six-minute long segment during which you can sample not only Daisy's mouth, but that of Mya Luanna as well! (You can choose the "2" selection while Daisy's blowing you to make Mya appear. However, when I watched both girls please my cock, the on-screen control panel disappeared, so I couldn't go back to the Daisy-only version and I couldn't make the action harder or cum myself. I don't know if this is a glitch in all the copies of Virtual Daisy disks, but I found it annoying.) During this segment, Daisy kneels before you and goes wild with your dick as you lay back and enjoy the attention. Angle 1 is from your perspective (POV) while Angle 2 lets you watch yourself be blown by Daisy (and Mya, if desired) from a voyeur's perspective. This one-on-one or two-on-one blowjob is outstanding and is another of the high points of Virtual Daisy. After you enjoy Daisy's fellatio skills for as long as you like, let her know that you're ready to cum by clicking the "P" (Popshot) button. Then, she jacks you off until you explode into her wide-open mouth, onto her chin, and all over your own abdomen. She then sucks you dry and plays with your semen.


When it's time to feel pussy around your rod, choose "Sex." Then, Daisy will let you fuck her Missionary, Cowgirl, or Doggie Style.

In each position, you gently insert your dick into Daisy's dripping and swollen pussy and then the two of you pound each other for about three minutes. You can make the action harder or softer, pop at any time, and watch the action from the side or POV (click the Angle button on your remote to switch from side to POV). You're a great swordsman and make Daisy cum all over your fucking cock as she screams with delight and her body shudders uncontrollably. From my perspective, the best position is cowgirl in Angle 1: I really adored watching Daisy toss her superb body up and down on my cock! She also grinded my cock with incredible skill and finesse! On the other hand, it's also damned fine to watch Daisy's perfect ass cheeks come near and then move away from me as she pistons her pussy back and forth on my quivering shaft. Daisy's a fabulous fuck no matter what position I choose!

In missionary, be sure to watch the pop shot from both Angle 1 and Angle 2. You'll slide your cock out of Daisy and then spew your load all over the outside of her quivering pussy (it's almost as delicious as a cream pie). Then, you'll see Daisy scoop up your cum and eat it.

In cowgirl, you "supposedly" cream inside Daisy's pussy. I say "supposedly" because you keep your cock inside Daisy when you piston faster and faster as you near orgasm. However, after you "cum," there's no evidence of semen inside Daisy's pussy. I'd say this is a FIP (fake internal popshot).

You'll cum for real in doggie. When you can no longer control yourself, you'll shower Daisy's ass and black leather corset with your hot and steamy load. Meanwhile, Daisy shakes her pretty butt for you!

Evaluation of the Sex:

To me, there are really three variables that determine whether I'll enjoy an interactive sex experience: 1) the beauty of the girl and whether or not I'd like to be with her; 2) the girl's performance and whether it is believable or not; and 3) the credibility of the cumshots.

Daisy's beauty and desirability: Hell YES! Daisy is an incredibly luscious Latina. I really enjoy her lustrous brunette hair, big brown eyes, perfect all-natural tits, heart-shaped and blemish-free ass, hard body, and numerous intricate tattoos. She's definitely a girl with whom I'd love to have some quality real or interactive sex! Five stars!

Daisy's performance and believability: Throughout most of the interactive sex experience, it seems that Daisy is really glad to be there and is having a hell of a good time. I think that Daisy was rather tired or uninspired during her tease segments because they are a bit too mechanical for me. Perhaps she really couldn't get her juices flowing all by herself. And, I've seen much better masturbation scenes than those in Virtual Daisy. On the other hand, Daisy's performance will skyrocket as soon as you join her. As soon as somebody else wields the toy or finger-fucks her cunt, she explodes with lust. And, her blowjob skills are first-rate. Even better, when she has a dick in her pussy...well, you'd better watch out! Four stars.

Cumshot believability: There are real and fake popshots in both "Good Girl" and "Bad Girl" demeanors. However, none of the ejaculations are computer generated. When fucking "Good Girl" Daisy, you won't pop at all in missionary or cowgirl. However, you'll spew your semen all over her ass in doggie. "Bad Girl" Daisy is a little luckier...you splatter the outside of her pussy with cum in missionary and plaster her ass and back in doggie. However, in cowgirl, the pop shot is a fake internal popshot (FIP). So, the popshots are real five out of eight times. That's worth four stars!

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): I didn't care much for the clarity of the wide-screen video. Although the "Tease," "Masturbation," "Foreplay," and "Sex" clips were shot in a very beautiful home in exquisite surroundings, the video is way too soft--worse than VHS would be. When shown at "actual size" on my computer's monitor, the video even showed signs of pixelization. The image looked pathetic when I enlarged it up to fill my 1024 X 1280 monitor. On the positive side, the lighting is excellent, the color balance flattering, and the editing perfect. Interestingly, the video in the Bonus girl/girl scene featuring Daisy and Mya is better than that in the main feature. Three stars.

Audio (technical): I wasn't impressed with the audio either. Throughout the experience, there's a lot of ambient background noise and Daisy's voice sounds somewhat like it's in an echo chamber. And, her voice is occasionally too quiet to hear properly. Three stars!

Extras: In comparison with interactive sex titles I've reviewed lately, the extras on this disk are above average. First, there's a short photo shoot video during which you can watch still shots being captured. You'll also find a four-minute behind-the-scenes featurette that consists of makeup footage, impromptu conversations, Daisy's virtuous piano skills (Mary Had a Little Lamb!), rehearsals, outtakes, and other silly tomfoolery. There's also a five-star 16-minute girl/girl scene featuring Daisy and Mya, two self-running slide shows (hard and soft photos), and a five-minute "Dress Up" featurette during which Daisy dons white transparent nylons and white lace-up high-heels and then shows off her superb and very sexy body. Four stars.

Aesthetics: The visual aesthetics in Virtual Daisy are superb. The locations and sets are lavish and are outstanding places in which to fuck. Even better, however, are Daisy's outfits and her makeup. "Good Girl" Daisy is dressed as a high-class bitch replete with fine jewelry while "Bad Girl" Daisy is adorned as a first-class slut. Bottom line? Real attention was given to the visual appearance of Daisy and the locations in which she was shot. On the other hand, there is absolutely no music to support the on-screen action. I think a little appropriate music would have covered up the distracting ambient sounds I mentioned about under "Audio." Four stars!

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.33
Average video rating: 3.00
Average audio rating: 3.00
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 4.00
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 3.866

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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