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Jessie Vs. Misti

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 4/10/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Jessie vs. Misti
Burning Angel Entertainment
Directed by Joanna Angel
Running Time: 3hrs and 24min
Price: 22.99


Jessie Lee
Misti Dawn
Brian Street Team
James Deen
John Strong
Tommy Pistol
Vin Vericose
Mr Pete

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes (19 minutes of interviews and of course some BTS footage, some more of the Brian dancing, Tommy getting into the suitcase, and some of general goofiness from Burning Angel you expect)
Photo Gallery
Trailers (4 trailers)
Animated Menus
Shot in HD

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3.5 to 5.5 Mbps   

Overall Thoughts:

So we have yet another release from Burning Angel, so you know I am really looking forward to seeing this movie. And then you add Jessie Lee, who I have only seen a few times, but she encompasses all that is great about Burning Angel. And when you add a personal favorite of mine, the very awesome and lovely Misti Dawn, I am so ready to watch this movie. So this is a collection of some videos that were posted on the site and then brought together on this DVD to showcase these ladies.  And showcase they did, even though this whole movie was pitting each of the girls scene against each other, I think in the end, we can all agree that everyone is a winner while we watch this DVD. Both girls had scenes that really showed off what they bring to Burning Angel, the tats, the attitude, sexual energy and even a little humor thrown in. I do have to say that I was a little disappointed in the special features, that has to be the shortest BTS I have seen on one of their movies, granted this is a collection of web vids, so that may have something to do it. But still it’s longer than what most studios give you, so that is still great. So I just want to say that this is going to get a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating and if you are a fan of Burning Angel, I am sure you already own this movie, if not, I am going to say that if you have this in your collection, you are going to get numerous viewings out of it, enjoying the ride each time.

I would like to say that I look forward to seeing Jessie back in action, after recovering from that horrible accident, so please take your time and get well and we can’t wait to see you in action again. And another thing, this will be the last stuff from Misti for Burning Angel, which is sad, but the good news is that she has been busy lately and will have some stuff coming out soon, so if you are a fan, stay tuned, you will get to see much more of this sexy lady very soon.

Scene One: Jessie and Brian (3/5 rating)

Jessie wearing a sexy hot pink dress and Brian is all decked out in a suit, and it sounds like they are on a date and he has tried to really go all out to impress her. He brings out the first part of the meal, some turkey dogs, but she’s vegan. So he brings in a bowl of cereal and some soy milk. She REALLY seems to like the cereal and eats all of it, and he says its time for desert, gingerbread cookie, which he took a bite out of already.  She seems impressed and then feels that she should return the favor, as she is turned on by what he has done. She takes a seat on the chair and then pulls his cock out of his pants, and starts to show him her “appreciation”. She appreciates all of his cock and even his balls, and then he throws her on the table and begins to show how much he appreciates her as he slides his cock in her pussy. She begs for him to fuck her  and then tell him to pull her hair, she really likes it rough apparently. And then she orders him to fuck her from behind as she is bent over on the table with her ass in the air. He adds in a few slaps to the ass, cause we know she likes it rough. She flips over and grabs on to his tie as he continues to fuck her. He gives her pussy a little finger play and slaps until he slips his cock back into her pussy. She really does an amazing job of talking and keeping the heat going as the scene continues. Brian seems to be slowing down a bit, but Jessie still has a lot of energy going, so she gives him some oral attention, as he fucks her face. And she continues to purr and laugh as he goes back to fucking her from behind. And after awhile she begs for his cum, she wants it all over him, and he eventually pulls out and gives her a money shot on the cookie and mouth, and after some frosting jokes, she eats the cookie.

Scene Two: Misti and James (5/5 rating)

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We start off with an interview with Misti from Joanna, and we get a history of her tattoos as she shows them off to the camera. And a little about life in the Midwest when you are covered in tattoos. We get to see some of her southern hospitality in her voice and then we cut to her as she gives the camera a little dance as she shows off her body and tattoos some more. And then she says she want you to cum on her tattoo, and James walks in and kisses her arm and then down her leg, admiring the tattoos along the way. He slips off her panties and then pulls up her skirt, and then makes his way to her breasts, he is making sure to cover all the bases. She turns around for him so he can check out her body and then attacks her pussy with his fingers as he creeps behind her. The belt stays on, and that’s kind of sexy to me for some reason. He continues to work over her pussy as she leans up against the wall and almost knocks down the paintings on the wall. His face is buried in her pussy, but then he lets his fingers do the talking for a bit. He shoves his fingers in her mouth and lets her taste her pussy. He ends up behind her once again as she reaches back and begins to stroke his cock and finger herself at the same time. But he lets her take a break and slides his cock in her pussy for some doggy action as she leans up against the table. And of course we get some slapping and kissing as they continue. She turns around and sets one of her feet on the table as he continues to work her pussy over, as he grabs on tight to her ass. But she can’t let him have all the fun, she ends up on her knees and works over his cock with her mouth and hands. But he wants back in that pussy, as she once again is standing up with her leg in the air and then she climbs on him and he gives her pussy a good pounding, which just made this scene awesome in my book. He goes back to fucking her from behind and then she ends up on the table and he dives back into her pussy for some more play with his mouth. He then teases her pussy with his cock a bit before it ends up back in her pussy. Seems to be some great chemistry between these two, which adds to the overall heat in the scene. She wraps her legs around his shoulders and hovers above the table as he continues to fuck her and we get a nice look at her booty from the camera below them. She goes back to work on his cock as he leans over and smacks her ass, but soon enough he is back to fucking her again. And finally she gets what she wants as he cums on her tattoo on her arm, which she then rubs in and it really brings out the color in them.

Scene Three: Jessie and John (3/5 rating)

She shows us her boobs and then explains that her big boobs are cool, but I think we already knew that. John walks in and shoves his cock in her mouth and she works him over while she has her hands behind her back. He gives her some face fucking and then she ends up on the couch, as he tells her to slap her boobs, and then shoves his cock back in her mouth and gives it some fucking, as she tries to keep her breath. She really seems like she is going to dominated by him through this scene, as he works her over with some more face fucking. She ends up on top of him and really goes overboard with excitement as she rides him. I like to see a little enthusiasm from the girls, but it feels a little over done at times. She climbs off his cock and licks the taste of her pussy off of it, and then ends up bent over on the couch, and after a few spankings he slides his cock in her pussy. The over excitement has calmed down, but she still seems to have tons of energy once again. After some oral from her, she suggest some titty fucking, so he slides his cock in her tits and fucks away. She gives him some more oral and then ends up on top once again, for some cowgirl action, with some heavy pounding from him. He picks her up and then lays her down on her back and then gives her a pussy some hard slaps, which seem to turn her on, and then slides his cock back in her pussy for some missionary action. And if he stops for too long, she screams for him to fuck her until he finally does. And she really likes to slap her tits while she is getting fucked. And he isn’t done with her ass, as she ends up bent over and her tits bouncing as he fucks from her behind. And she tells him she wants his cum all over her tits, and he gives her a pretty good shot on both of them.

Scene Four: Misti and Brian (3/5 rating)

Misti is reading a book and it seems that she has a peeping tom outside her window, a one Brian Street Team. She heads to the kitchen and he sneaks in and puts some Burning Angel stickers everywhere. She gets a little frisky and plays with her pussy a bit as she drink her glass of water, and then walks in on him. He seems that he just wants to be a great street teamer and she jumps on him and they kiss and end up on the couch, He lifts up her bra and then pulls her panties down and then off, and begins to lick her pussy. And even though this is all about the sex, this seems to have some of the great comedy lines, you come to expect from the fine folks at Burning Angel. But back to the action, as she is working over his cock with her hands and mouth until she asks if he is going to fuck her, and even eggs him on at first while he fucks her. They start off with some missionary but then she says she wants to be on top, so she climbs on his cock and hops up and down on him, as she grinds her hips on him. She ends up with her ass in the air for some doggy, as she begs him to fuck her harder, so he throws in a few ass slaps to please her. She then tells him to eat her pussy, so he dives in and uses his fingers as she asks him if he is going to make her cum. He gives her pussy a few slaps and then he suggest she suck on his cock some more, and he even comments on how great of a job she is doing. She ends up once again with that booty in the air, for some more doggy action, he even sneaks a sticker onto her body, she is getting fucked. He comments on how hot she is, and she just tells him to shut up and fuck her, awesome! And like Jessie in the previous scene, if the guy seems to slow down, she reminds him what he is there to do, and he should do it harder and faster. She keeps telling him to cum and then finally pulls out and gives her a money shot in the mouth and face. And before we end this scene, you get to see a crazy dance from Brian as he celebrates being a street teamer.

Scene Five: Jessie and Tommy (4/5 rating)

Joanna is going through her clothes and Jessie walks in and wonders what she is doing. Apparently they are going to hit the town, but she is looking for a particular shirt. She opens a suitcase and it appears Tommy has been in there awhile. I guess they were playing a game and Joanna forgot about him. He seems to be very confused and not sure where he is. She tries to calm him down and apologize for forgetting about him. Tommy really shows his comedic skills during this scene. They take him to the bathroom and try to clean him up and the comedy continues. She gets him in the tub and asks Jessie to come in and help out. After the bath, we find out that Jessie wanted to have sex with him and she wants to finally fuck him. She starts off with some oral and he stays in character the whole time, he begins to remember stuff as she deep throats him. So apparently her blowjobs can bring back people to reality and make them remember things, even if they have been stick in a suitcase for awhile. He finally takes some control and throws her on the bed, and plays with her pussy for a second, and then really goes to work as she has her back to him. He takes off her short and plays with her boobs, and after he finally gets her bra off, she is right back to working over his cock with her mouth. But remember he has been in a suitcase for awhile, so you know he misses that pussy, so he dives in and licks her pussy. He lays back on the bed, and Jessie climbs on his cock and goes for a wild ride for some cowgirl action. She takes a break for some more oral work on his cock, and then is right back on for some reverse cowgirl action, still hopping like crazy. She asks if he wants to fuck her from behind and after a miscue, he finally gets in the right spot for some doggy action. And he seems to be getting more and more back to normal self as he continues to fuck her in doggy and then in missionary, all still in character. She promises him that if he cums, she will give him a sandwich and he stands up and gives her a money shot in the mouth as she is on her knees, and Joanna comes in and gives him a sandwich and he forgets about the girls and then starts to flirt with the suitcase in the room. I gave this scene a fairly good score, the sex was pretty good, but I thought Tommy added some fun to the scene too.

Scene Six: Misti and Vin (3/5 rating)

Misti is going through her suitcase and James comes in with the camera and we find out that this was filmed during the AVNs and she is getting dressed, and we find out that she is expecting someone soon. She lures him into her room with promises of video games, but she really wants to have sex, and she is going to let James stay so he can film all the action. After some more interview time there is a knock at the door, and before he can get a word in, she has him up against the wall, kissing him and then sits him down on a stool and gets him out of his pants and underwear pretty quick. She immediately goes to work on his cock, and then she ends up starting to take off the clothes we just saw her put on for us. And she is naked and he dives into her pussy and works it over with his fingers and tongue. She works his cock over some more and admits she asked him over so he can fuck her, so he gives her what she wants, starting off with some missionary action. She stands up and sticks that booty out for some doggy action as she leans up against the wall. She gives him some more oral attention and then climbs on him and rides him. All I can say is that, if I even hear from Misti that she wants to play video games, I know I would literally sprint there in hopes for something like this to happen to me. So let’s get back to reality, she ends up once again with her booty out, and he attacks her from behind once more, until she ends up on her back once again and begs and begs him for his cum all over her face. And he pulls out and after a little help from Misti and his hands, he finally gives her a pretty weak money shot all over her.

Scene Seven: Misti and Jessie and Mr Pete (5/5 rating)

So after seeing the girls in separate scenes, we finally get to see  these tattoo beauties together in action. They start off with some heavy kissing on the couch and Pete sees them and ask to come in and join them. They first kind of blow him off and he tries to get them to let him join in the fun. They give him a clothes make over turning this bro into an alt dude. But it’s going to take more than clothes, he needs to act the part too, so they give him some music, as they get back to kissing, and Jessie goes for Misti’s boobs. Minutes later, the girls have dosed off and he wakes them up as he sings the lyrics, they try to put some eye liner, but he stops them from doing that. He gives one last attempt to woo them, and it seems to work and they finally give in. Misti starts to kiss him while Jessie pulls his cock out of the tight jeans and begins to suck on his cock. Misti moves in and double teams his cock and then he finally gets out of those skinny jeans before the girls go back to work on his cock and balls. The girls start to lose their tops and soon he is inside Misti’s pussy for some spoon action, while Jessie licks her pussy and sucks on his cock anytime it’s not in Misti’s pussy. But Jessie soon gets her turn, as she climbs on his cock and rides him for some reverse cowgirl action. But she may want his cock, but she doesn’t want Misti to be left out so she sits on his face as he continues to fuck Jessie. But she gets a chance to ride his cock once more as she leans over and licks Jessie’s pussy, to make sure she isn’t left out in the action. The girls laugh that they are glad they gave him a chance, and then he starts to fuck Misti from behind as she keeps working over Jessie’s pussy. Misti once again screams for him to not stop if he slows down for a second, and he slaps her ass, while she slaps Jessie’s pussy, it’s a slap fight. But Pete shows off his skills as he makes Jessie squirt and then fucks her missionary as him and Misti kiss. He tries to get Misti to squirt, he doesn’t, but it sounds like he go really close, and then fucks her in some missionary action, until he pulls out and cums in Jessie’s mouth and then she lets a few drop fall into Misti and then they keep sharing his cum , until they get back to the kissing that started this whole scene.

We cut to a short outro as we get the final scores and it seems the girls have tied, so that was kind of expected.

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