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Nude Fight Club Round 2

Studio: Other » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 4/10/11

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The Movie:

NFC: Nude Fight Club – Round 2, from Digital Sin’s Lesbian Provocateur line, is an interesting adult feature. Rather than just slap a half dozen scenes onto a disc without rhyme or reason, the people behind this disc have gathered up fourteen girls for seven scenes. Yes, the expect amount of finger fucking and muff diving is certainly present but before we get there, well, we get to watch these girls go at it in the ring. While no one here is out to kill their opponent or really do any serious damage, the fights don’t appear to be staged at all. So basically, before each of the couplings get down, we watch them fight. Remember in high school when two girls would fight in the hallway or out back and everyone would yell ‘catfight’ and rush over in hopes of seeing one girl rip another girl’s shirt off? This is kinda like that except more explicit.

So without further ado…

Scene 1 – Linda Ray & Lisa Sparkle: Dark haired Linda has a European accent, her opponent is a blonde American named Lisa. The girls get into the ring and Linda is more aggressive right out of the starting gates. They grapple and wrestle and do a good job of wearing one another down as the camera gets in there and captures the action. Their tops come off and eventually Linda, not surprisingly, gets Lisa to submit and they start to fuck. Even once the fight stops Linda keeps pushing, getting her fingers into Lisa and taking control of the scene. They go down on one another and then the sex ends fairly quickly.

Scene 2 – Katalin Kiraly & Lily Love: These two blondes are in good shape and don’t waste any time mixing it up. They grapple and wrestle like they mean it, going at it with a fair bit of intensity. From there, they start to ham it up and smack one another on the ass. From here it starts to feel a little more staged than the first match, but soon enough they’re naked on the mat and eating each other out. The sex here is typical but at least reasonably passionate. They perform oral on one another and finger each other and there’s some enthusiastic titty sucking to boot.

Scene 3 – Bailey & Colette: Before these two get into the ring Collette makes it very clear that she’s in it to win it and that she has no qualms about kicking her opponents ass. Blonde Bailey doesn’t look quite as serious about this match. Regardless, they mix it up well and not surprisingly Collette takes charge and pretty much dominates, though Bailey shows that she can give as good as she gets and isn’t the pushover we first thought she might be. The fight goes on for a bit and it’s a surprisingly good match, but soon enough the clothes come off, the legs get spread and Collette proves more sexually aggressive, finger fucking herself before letting Bailey eat her out.

Scene 4 – Bianka Lovely & Gitta Blond: These two girls aren’t messing around, we don’t get any lead in interviews or trash talking, the match just goes off as soon as they get in the ring. The blonde on blonde action hits fast and hard and these two appear to be more sincere in their efforts to kick the shit out of one another than the other girls. The clothes also come off faster here than the other matches and the girls do an interesting job of using their naked bodies to wear each other out, so we get to ogle them as they brawl. Definitely steamier and more sincere in the sex department too, the girls go at it with legs spread and tongues as eager as can be and they wind up fucking as well as they fight. There’s something to be said for the sincerity here, it works very well.

Scene 5 – Aliz & Larissa Dee: These two dark haired hotties hit the exercise gear before this match starts, so we get a bit of a tease in that regard as the cameraman is smart enough to focus on the goods. They get into the ring and this one gets a little rougher than the ones that came before it, with some chocking and hair pulling and bitch slapping making things a little cattier.

Scene 6 – Cipriana & Tara Pink: This foxy boxing match is a good one, as we get a hot blonde taking on an even hotter brunette. Both girls are very pretty and while they’re not here to really knock one another’s teeth out, they throw a few good punches. The fight is over sooner than you might want, but at least the two make up for it with some hot sex. There’s some aggressive and forced pussy eating here that gives the sex a slightly kinkier edge than some of the other scenes, though eventually it turns into a mutually satisfying chow down.

Scene 7 – Bea Stiel & Kissy: Last but not least, another blonde versus brunette match that’s preceded by a bit of talking. Blonde Bea isn’t going to let dark haired Kissy out without teaching her a thing or two. The match starts and there’s some good aggression here, indicating that either these two are good actresses or they really don’t like one another all that much. After the fisticuffs and grappling is over with, however, the clothes come off but surprisingly enough they don’t find that common ground. With Bea pinned she leaves in a huff and Kissy is all by herself in the ring – she makes the best of it by spreading her legs and masturbating for the camera, getting dripping wet and licking her hands greedily – it’s pretty hot, actually, but it ends too quickly.



Nude Fight Club - Round 2 looks uneven in this 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer. Detail levels are sometimes perfectly strong though there are some times where the skin tones look a little bit on the pinkish thanks to some of the overhead lighting in the ring. There aren’t any issues at all with compression artifacts or edge enhancement anywhere to be seen. Eagle-eyed viewers may spot just a hint of shimmer here and there but you do have to be looking for it to notice it but things could have looked better than they do, even if they’re far from horrible and overall this is a nice looking, stable presentation.


The sole audio track on this DVD release is a Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo mix in English. This sound mix gets the job done nicely. There isn’t much rear channel activity except for the score but the music does sound nice and crisp. Levels are well balanced throughout the production and the dialogue is always easy enough to follow and understand.


Aside from some animated menus and the expected scene selection, this disc includes a still gallery and trailers for four other Digital Sin releases – that’s it.

Final Thoughts:

Nude Fight Club – Round Two is worth seeking out if you already know you want to watch girls beat one another up before going down on one another. If that’s not your kink, or you’re not completely sure that’s your kink, it’s probably better to go with a rental first. The sex here is steamy enough, but there might not be enough of it or enough variety of it to appeal to those outside of this disc’s established fanbase. That said, the girls do what they do well and if this is your deal, do check it out, you’ll be glad you did.

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