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Perfect Getaway, The

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 4/12/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Perfect Getaway
Wicked Pictures
Directed by Jonathan Morgan
Running Time: 1hr and 47min
Price: 23.99
Genre: Adult Comedy
Condoms: Yes


Kaylani Lei
Alektra Blue
Carolyn Reese
Danica Dillian
Mr Marcus
Mick Blue
Rocco Reed
Danny Mountain

Special Features:

Interactive Menu
Chapter Selection
Slide Show
Trailers (Lolita and Girl Trouble before movie) 6 trailers
Web Site Info
Bonus Sex Scene with Kaylani Lei and Kris Slater from Blind Date (16 minute scene)

Technical Features:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 at 48 kHz and 384 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So after my last review, it was good to keep the comedy vibe going with this movie. It had a great mix of funny parts with some great sex thrown in. I always like seeing Alektra, so the fact that she is in 2 scenes and spends most of her time naked, is not a bad thing at all. Kaylani does a great job showing off her acting skills and her ability to be the leading lady, and once again proves how talented the ladies of Wicked are, both in acting and the sexual encounters. And like always, you get a decent audio and video quality, with nothing to complain about, and the special features were also a little more than normal, although I was surprised to not see a BTS, but maybe since this is going to be continued, maybe they didn’t want to give anything away for part two of the story. I have to say that overall I really enjoyed the movie, so I think it’s worth slightly more than a rental, it’s one that I can see you sitting down and watching, and getting a few laughs and maybe a little aroused while watching, so I am going to give this a RECOMMENDED rating.

Scene One: Kaylani and Niko (2/5 rating)

So we get right into the action, and it seems we are watching something right out of a trashy romance novel. He picks her up and lays her on the bed  and then kisses and plays with her ass, and then helps her get out of that dress. He continues to kiss all over her somewhat naked body (still has her panties on, for now), focusing on her boobs before heading south to her pussy. He slips off her panties and dives right back into her pussy, using his tongue and fingers to make her cum. He stands up and she returns the favor as she swallows his cock down her throat. He reaches over and shoves a finger in her pussy and goes to work on it while giving it a few slaps here and there. We cut to some missionary, and he really gives her some good poundings and then they we get some spoon action as he continues to work over her pussy, before moving to some doggy action, which he pulls out and cums on her ass. We see that she was just dreaming as we cut to her in bed.

Scene Two: Alektra and Danny (3/5 rating)

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She is then woken up by her roommate, Alektra getting it on really loud in the next room. Things get quite for a second, before Alektra and her man, start round two. It seems that Kaylani has lost her man and job and she is need of a vacation. But we cut to the action in the next room, as Alektra is naked riding him for some reverse cowgirl action, as she hops on his cock, and is she slips off, she shoves it right back in her pussy. They switch to some spoon action, as she continues to take his cock deep in her pussy. She gives him so oral attention, but is right back to getting fucked in her pussy as she cums on his cock, as she begs for him not to stop. And when she is ready, she rips the condom off his cock and goes to work on it, until she tells him to fuck her face. Have to say that she really turned up the heat as the scene went on, I was a little worried at first, but she showed why she is a personal favorite as the scene went on. Anyways the fucking continues with some missionary, as she cums once again and he follows up a little later with a money shot on her pussy and stomach.

Scene Three: Alektra and Mick (4/5 rating)

We see that Kaylani has found a few brochures and Alektra is walking Danny out and is trying the best to blow him off and send him packing. She tells him that she needs a vacation really bad to forget about things. Alektra is all excited about picking out a spot for them to go to. She doesn’t really know where it is, but it seems that its going to be long trip on various types of transportation just to get there. She says no, so she suggests a desert retreat at a spa. She talks about the massages, and we cut to her getting a massage from Mick. He works her back and then tells him that she has a lot of tension in her vagina as she rolls on her back and lets him work his fingers in her pussy, to relieve a little of that stress. She offers a helping hand with her pussy and then lets him relieve some stress as she gets face fucked by his cock, as her head leans over the edge of the table. And she keeps telling him to do it harder and deeper. He finally gets a shot at her pussy with some missionary action on the massage table. He pulls out and gives her some oral love before going back to work on her pussy with his cock. After some brief kissing, she is getting fucked from behind, as she begs and screams for more. They take a brief break, as he lays on the table and she climbs on top and they continue with some cowgirl action, as her booty bounces and her tits are in his face. But we are not done there, as they go to some spoon action, he shoves his cock in her ass and gives it a workout. After she cums a few times, he finally pulls out and cums on her pussy. She licks it up with her fingers and then licks his cock off.

Scene Four: Kaylani and Rocco (4/5 rating)

Back to reality, Alektra suggests some yoga classes and then they flash to the last time they are at workout class, with two guys who are much like Hans and Frans, as the girls are using the Shake Weights.  She then tells Alektra that she has always wanted to do something a little dangerous, and she doesn’t mean sky diving or running with the bulls. We cut to her in a seedy bar, wearing some mesh. a bikini and sexy skirt, and she flirts with Rocco and then they head off the bathroom, as she soon ends up on her knees, giving him a blowjob. We cut to her with her skirt up and he is working over her pussy with his fingers. He eventually moves in and uses his mouth and tongue on her pussy before going back to the finger play. We then cut once again, to her on top of him, for some reverse cowgirl action. I have to say I am liking this scene, but I can’t decide if it’s because of her look and attitude in this scene. I think I like my Kaylani, a little on the wild and naughty side. And speaking of naught, she ends up bent over with her ass to him, as she takes his cock in her pussy for some doggy action. She flips over, and continues to take his cock in some missionary action as she continues to moan and purr with delight. He ends up cumming on her pussy, and she licks it off with her fingers.

Scene Five: Kaylani and Carolyn (2/5 rating)

Back to reality, and I am shocked to see that Alektra is disgusted by her fantasy. She then picks up a brochure about back packing through Europe. We cut to her at a hostel and Carolyn walks in and is playing the Swedish girl Inga and thinks that Kaylani is a big Hollywood star and she wants to be in a movie. Her boobs slip out as she tries to show off her talents. She grabs her hand and puts it on her boobs and it seems that Kaylani likes this after all. And she really seems to like her boobs as she kisses and licks them. But “Inga” wants to see Kaylani’s boobs, so she opens her shirt to get a good look at them. Kaylani dives face first in her pussy and uses her fingers and tongue to make her cum. After a quick cut, we see that Kaylani is sitting on Carolyn’s face, and she is working her pussy over, as she grinds on her face. The girls break out a clear dildo, and after they both lick it, Kaylani shoves it in Carolyn’s pussy. But after awhile, it’s her turn to use it on Kaylani, but she has another toy for her and uses it till she cums and then they both lick it clean.

Scene Six: Danica and Mr Marcus (3/5 rating)

So back to reality and Alektra brings up fantasy island, and all of a sudden we are in a spoof of the TV show. It appears a nerd has just arrived, and they transport him into a bondage room, where he is tied up and Danica comes in and is ready to dominate him. She grinds on him and teases him with some sexy talk, but it appears, his fantasy is going to take break, as Mr Marcus walks in and begins to make out with her and then slaps her ass a bit. She turns around with a huge smile on her face and then grabs his cock and begins to suck and gag on his cock. After she is done with his cock, she ends up in the sex swing, taking his cock in her pussy. She gets off the swing and ends up bent over a bench, as he starts to fuck her pussy from behind. The nerd watches as she gets fucked and slapped from Mr Marcus, I don’t think this is what he was hoping for when it comes to his fantasy, but Danica seems to be really liking it. Have to say she kind of reminds me of Juelz Ventura a little in this scene, minus the tattoos and her tits. After some missionary in her pussy, he heads south and gives her ass a workout, as he fills it with his cock. He ends up giving her a money shot on her pussy and ass, she then goes to our nerd friend and asks if he is ready and he says yes, but then we find out that Marcus is going to rock his world. The nerd screams, as we cut back to reality, and it seems she has finally figured out where she is going to go on her vacation.

She heads off to her room, and then Alektra finds another suggestion for her, but she is no where to be found, she left a card, and then we are left with a To Be Continued as the credits roll.

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