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Job For Jenna (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack), A

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 4/19/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

A Job for Jenna
Digital Playground
DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack
Directed by Robby D
Price: 29.99
Running Time: 1hr and 44min


Jenna Haze
McKenzie Lee
Jennifer White
Delila Darling
Mick Blue
Tommy Gunn
David Perry
Scott Nails
Charles Dera

Special Features:


Bonus Trailers (14 trailers, with a few new ones thrown in)
1920 x 1080
Photo Gallery
Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes Featurette (9 min with interviews and stuff from the shooting, and we get to see Tommy’s new pimped out vehicle)

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel 48 kHz and 640 kbps

Video: AVC at around 18-22 Mbps


Bonus Trailers
16 x 9 Widescreen Format
Slide Show/Photo Gallery
Motion Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes Featurette

Overall Thoughts:

So let’s get into this review, I was super excited about checking out this release, for the simple fact that you get both Jenna Haze (always at the top of my list of personal favorites) and Jennifer White (a fairly new girl who I have enjoyed seeing in past reviews)  in the same movie, but unfortunately not in the same scene, but either way, we are off to a great start. It was weird not seeing her in a movie that her company didn’t put out, but its always a good thing when we get to see her, she never disappoints. So now that we have pointed out the obvious bright spots in this movie, let’s put things in a perspective and mention a few things, that were not so great overall. There were still a few times when the camera seemed to focus on something that really had nothing to do with the action, but I have to admit, it wasn’t as bad as other movies I have reviewed from them. The special features were once again fairly limited with a mere 9 minute BTS with the same 14 trailers (a few new ones) that you have seen over and over again. The only reason it got  a decent score in special features, was due to the combo pack, which is  a great special feature, and I am still surprised that they are the only ones doing it still. Someone has to follow them soon in offering that.  So I am going to give this a RECOMMENDED rating, cause I think this is worth it alone for the 2 scenes with Jenna and the 1 with Jennifer, and those are the only ones, I can picture myself watching again, a few times maybe. It had the potential to be great, but fell a little short of that.

Scene One: Jenna and David (4/5 rating)

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During class, Jenna and Jennifer are talking about going to the mall, while London is the back showing off her tits to one of the guys in class. Class is dismissed and Jenna heads home, and it seems she is the only one there. She hops on the computer and looks up being a call girl. And we cut to her and David, and it seems that this is her first time, and she doesn’t know what to do. He tells her to turn around and show him her ass. She leans up against the dresser and he pulls her pants down and shoves his face deep in her ass. After some deep kissing, he lifts her on the dresser and dives his face into her pussy and gives it a work out. But he would rather she be on the bed, so he lifts her up and set her on the bed, as he continues to work her pussy over with his tongue and fingers. She plays the sweet and innocent girl so well, but she shows she can be a nasty girl, as she works over his cock. They move back to the bed for some spoon action, as she tells him how much she wants to make him happy. She ends up with her face into sheets and her ass in the air, as he licks her ass, while she shakes it for him. He slides his cock in her pussy for some doggy action, and my god he is really working up a sweat as he fucks her. He gets a break, as she works over his cock some more with those great oral skills she always brings to the scene. She ends up working over his balls while he jerks himself off, and then he says he wants her on top, so she climbs on his cock for some cowgirl action. He slides out a few time, but she gets that cock right back into her pussy as soon as possible. We follow that up with more oral from Jenna, as she spits and strokes his cock. But we get back to the fucking in some reverse spoon action in her pussy, until he pulls out and jerks himself off till he gives her a money shot all over her pussy.

Scene Two: Scott and Delila (2/5 rating)

We cut to her in the shower, as she cleans herself off after a job well done. And we see by the wad of cash in her locker, she really did well. Jennifer and London walk in and see the money and then they head off to class and talk about her experience as Tommy sort of looks and listens on. We cut to Jenna and Jennifer getting her set up and Scott and Delila are already getting all frisky and hot on the bed. The girls leave as Scott starts to take off her pants to expose her red lingerie which goes nicely with the hair and complexion. He slides her panties off and works her pussy over with his tongue. She then works over his cock as he has a hold of her hair and fucks her face, as she gags a few times on his cock. And after a decent oral set, she ends up laying on her back, as he fucks her pussy on the bed. She follows that up with some more oral, before he fucks her from behind, and throws in a few ass slaps just for fun. And then something odd shows up, and it shows up a few more times, and it kind of distracts me for the rest of the scene. She ends up on top of him for some reverse cowgirl action, as he fucks her pussy pretty good.  Some more oral leads to some spoon action, with some choking of her neck, as he pounds her pussy. He pulls out and she ends up on her knees as he gives her a money shot all over her face.

Scene Three: Jennifer and Mick (4/5 rating)

We cut to Jenna as she pulls up to her date, and its her teacher Tommy. She is all ok with it, but things are interrupted as his wife shows up. So we go to Jennifer and it seems her date is going much better. She is laying on the bed, and Mick slides off her panties and dives into her amazing ass. She moans with delight and grasps onto the sheet as he continues to work over her ass. He pulls her back and slides his cock into her pussy, as her tits bounce up and down. He leaves a few hand prints as he slaps her ass while he fucks her. He stops for a bit, as she licks and spits on her ass, but goes right back to giving her pussy a great workout. Some more ass licking, and he is back to work on her pussy, I am guessing some anal is on the way soon. But not yet, after the doggy she gets on her knees and works over his cock, as she takes all of him in her mouth, with some face fucking and ball licking thrown in. There is something very hot about the fact that we are this far into the scene and she still has her panties down around her legs still. Anyways, more oral leads to some deep kissing and then she climbs on his cock for some cowgirl action as he spreads her ass. She leans back a little and really lets the booty bounce as she continues to ride him. And we finally get that anal we were teased about earlier, in some spoon action and then some reverse cowgirl action. The scene comes to an end as he gives her a shot on her tits, as she is kneeling on the ground.

Scene Four: McKenzie and Charles (1/5 rating)

Back to class and it seems someone is really trying to get the Tommy’s attention, but he seems more concerned about the phone call he is trying to make. We cut to his wife and it seems she a little fling of her own on the side with Charles. She leads him into the living room, as her tits are exposed and he is behind her, he takes off her panties and begins to lick her pussy as she is bent over on the couch. That is short lived, as she must really want his cock as she shoves it in her mouth. He helps her out a bit as he fucks her face, and she double fists his cock as she continues to work over his cock and balls too. We cut to some spoon action, which leads to some missionary and then quickly to some reverse cowgirl action. She flips around for some cowgirl action, as they both spread her ass for the camera. Some more missionary follows and then some doggy, they are really trying to get all the positions in, it’s just to bad I don’t care at this point. Anyways we are back to some oral work, and then he slides his cock in between her tits and works them over until he gives her a money shot in the mouth.

Scene Five: Jenna and Tommy (5/5 rating)

Back to Tommy as he is once again on the phone, and London finally gives up and on trying to seduce him and leaves. Jenna walks in wearing a very sexy dress and starts to really turn on the heat, he tries to say no, but I don’t think there is a man alive who would turn this lovely lady down. She climbs on his lap and pops out her perky little tits, and they kiss a bit, before he sucks on them a little. She grabs his tie and leads him to the front of his desk, and he once again plays with her tit’s a bit, before heading south to work over her pussy with his tongue. And she just moans and purrs with delight with every lick of her pussy. She turns around with her ass in his face, as he licks her ass, before she grabs his tie and gets him to stand, as she heads to her knees and begins to worship his cock with her mouth and hands. There is a point where they are showing the action from behind and you can’t really see what is going on, almost as if it’s a soft core angle, but luckily they don’t spend too much time on it, and get right back into the action. And speaking of action, they start to get their fuck on, as he fucks her pussy as she lays on the desk, and calls out his name as he fucks her. She once again does an amazing job and keeping the sweet and innocent girl going, and throws in a little hot and nasty talk, just to make sure you are enjoying what you are seeing. She turns on her side as he continues to fuck her pussy, and then licks the taste of her pussy off his cock, before she is bent over the desk for some doggy action. And we get some of that great booty action as she wiggles her hips on his cock. He goes back to licking on her tits until he jerks off in her mouth and gives her a decent money shot, as she licks off his cock.


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