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Teenage Spermaholics #7

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 4/23/11

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Genre: Widescreen, 18+ Teens, Cumshots, Gangbang

Director: Mike John

Cast: Ayden Blue, Chastity Lynn, Chloe Reece Ryder, Gracie Glam, Katie St. Ives

Date of Production: 3/24/11

Length: 3 hrs. 26 mins.

Audio/Video: This DVD is shot in HD (High Definition). The Audio is very clear, and the scenes are presented in a 16x9 widescreen ratio.

Overview: This DVD involves a side story about Mike, and Tim who happen to be porn producers. They are constantly trying to get revenge on each other throughout the scenes by having sex with clients, and their assistant, Katie St. Ives. Each scene involves all types of sex, but mostly in a gangbang type of situation. The endings always include facials, or oral cumshots. There are even some female performers that swallow as well.


Scene 1: Gracie Glam pt. 1 & 2

This scene starts off with a little roleplaying involving a Mike, and Katie St. Ives. Basically the Mike talks to Katie about an incident that happened a week earlier when he tricked his partner Tim about having sex with Gracie Glam.

When the scene goes into the flashback involving the events of a week earlier the real action begins. Gracie shows up to the location of the shoot dressed in a joggers outfit. After meeting with Mike, and getting the inside scoop about him pulling a fast one on his partner Tim, Gracie meets the two guys she's going to do a threesome with. One of the male performers is an older guy with graying hair, and the other male is a younger guy with lots of tattoos. The sex is fairly hot in the scene. Gracie delivers an amazing performance. The chemistry going on between the threesome really helps to keep the scenes intensity going.

There's a little bit of everything in this scene. You have the usual positions like doggystyle, missionary, and cowgirl throughout it. There were a few parts that really stood out to me. I really enjoyed Gracie's striptease at the beginning. She has an amazing body that's about as flawless as they get. Another thing I liked was the oral sex parts. Gracie did an excellent job giving head. She would deepthroat a lot during the scene. There was even this one part where the younger male performer rested one foot on Gracie's shoulder allowing a good view of him banging her throat. The penetrative sexwas fun to watch as well,but I'm more into the oral side of sex so I focused on it a little more.

There were good parts in the scene, and there was one instance of bad. The bad part happened as the younger male was banging Gracie's throat. It appeared to me that she threw up a little, which makes the scene a tiny bit less enjoyable for me. Overall I think the scene was good. If you don't include the throw up part, it would be excellent. The ending was the best part of it all. Gracie recieved a very gooey facial glazing from the two guys. She did spit anything that got into her mouth right back out, but it was still a good finish.

Scene 2: Ayden Blue pt.1 & 2

In this scene it appears that Mike, and Tim have been trying to get even with each other over little stunts that they have pulled on each other. This time around Tim is the one who teaches Mike a lesson.

The scene opens with Tim sitting at his office desk in front of a computer. Mike walks in with Ayden Blue by his side. He wants to get on the PC, and set everything up for Ayden's upcoming scene. The scene basically involves Tim sneaking some personal sex time in with the very sexy Ayden. After Mike was diverted from setting up the scene, Tim coaxes Ayeden into some POV sex.

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Ayden looked really hot in this scene. She definitely has an amazing body. I think this is the first time I've actually seen her perform on a DVD, and I was looking forward to it. As I continued to watch the scene everything about it began to fall apart for me. Ayden's performance wasn't really that believable. Her orgasms seemed so fake. The scene felt like it was going on forever as I watched her. I'm not sure if this was her first scene in the Adult film industry, but it certainly looked like it. It was like watching someone try to be something they're not. Tim wasn't that good of a performer either. The sex isn't even really worth mentioning, but they did go through all of the usual POV positions including the blowjob, missionary, and even doggystyle. Sadly the most interesting thing in this scene was the finish where Tim shot a massive load into Ayden's open mouth. She looked as if she was going to cry. For some reason she ended up swallowed Tim's load, and gave a huge smile afterwards. This was definitely a bad scene.

Scene 3: Chloe Reece Ryder pt.1 & 2 

At the end of the last scene Mike enters the room where Ayden and Tim were busy having POV sex, and finds the video camera that was being used to film the whole ordeal. It ends with Mike saying he's going to get Tim back for what he had done. What confuses me is that this scene's skit seems to have little to do with the last one's. The actual sex part of the scene even involves Tim screwing another random female performer (Chloe Reece Ryder). I can't figure out how she's involved in the skit at all?

The first part of this scene is more or less a blow bang involving Chloe, and three other male performers. The scene actually begins with a very long striptease that lasts at least 1/3 of the scenes entire length. It was nice to get acquainted with Chloe's very sexy body, but I do think they lingered on it a little too long. After Chloe shakes, and shows off her massive breasts for a while two male performers enter the room. Chloe almost immediately gets down on her knees and begins blowing each of the guy's cocks in turn. I was honestly thinking that there was only going to be two guy's, but a third one showed up. The blow bang was fun to watch, and was basically a down to the point kind of thing. After Chloe sucked the three guys cocks, and let them fondle her a bit she recieves three loads into her open mouth. Two of the guy's loads were really impressive, but one of them shot a rather pitiful load. It was nice to see Chloe end that part of the scene by swallowing instead of spitting.

The second half of Chloe's scene involved some POV sex with Tim. This part of the scene was really long and drawn out. It would have been sufficient enough just to have ended it with the three man blow bang. The only thing that was remotely good about this part was the penetrative sex that was missing in the previous sex session. Chloe ended up sucking Tim's cock several times, and even let him do her doggystyle. She even gave him an oily titjob with her huge tits during the scene which was a nice addition. In the end I was glad to see her swallow another load, but the time it took to get Tim off was double that of the three male performers in the blow bang. Overall this scene was ok, but the pace of the scene ruined it just a little.

Scene 4: Katie St. Ives pt.1 & 2

I'm a huge fan of Katie St. Ives, but her role in these odd skits just didn't impress me. I was actually glad to see her having sex for a change instead of acting. This scene begins with a skit about Mike obsessing over the fact that Katie has screwed everyone but him. He leaves the scene letting Katie hang out with some of the guy's who work for him, and Tim as well. The guys easily convince Katie into a gangbang for old times sake. After she does a little striptease for the camera three of the guys join her in some group sex. Katie definitely doesn't disappoint in this scene. You can tell from her reactions that she really enjoys what she's doing. She was a lot of fun to watch. I was glad that the scene was fairly long.

Katie gets banged really good by the three guys. They do her in several positions throughout the scene. The sex takes place on a couch, and pretty much remains that way for the entire length of the scene. The sex was very intense, and quite enjoyable to watch. Katie's oral techniques were impressive too. When she wasn't having her sexy orgasms, she was deepthroating the guys' cocks. The ending was awesome. Katie swallowed the first guy's load which was really thick, but she had a difficult time swallowing the second guy's. She ended up spitting his load onto her breasts, and rubbing it in. The third guy gave Katie a very impressive facial that covered the majority of her face.

I was thoroughly impressed with this scene. Katie didn't let me down. Her performance, and her frosty finish made for some excellent viewing. This was truly a worthwhile scene to watch.

Scene 5: Chastity Lynn pt.1 & 2

Mike decides to take his vengeance to a higher level by taking advantage of Tim's daughter in this scene. It seems that Tim isn't quite the dependable father figure he should be. He schedules some time with his daughter, but Mike screws the whole thing up. After Tim leaves the office, Mike calls up Chastity pretending to be her father. He tells her (in Tim's voice) that he won't be able to meet her. Mike ends up getting the ultimate revenge by tricking Chastity into performing for him in front of the camera.

Chastity ends up in a three man gangbang. This time around the scene is an interracial one, which is a change from the previous scenes. I'v actually seen Chastity perform in other scenes, so I kind of knew what she was capable of. Chastity is a lovely blonde female performer with a newbie look. She can perform as hardcore as some of the seasoned female performers out there, and she definitely doesn'y let the viewers down in this scene. She gave an impressive performance that was enjoyable to watch. The sex in the scene was intense at times, and Chastity gave some excellent blowjobs throughout it. I enjoyed watching her get sloppy as she deepthroated the guys. The end of the scene was as enjoyable as the the sex before it. Chastity ended up swallowing all three massive loads the three male performers.  She actually took two loads in her mouth to begin with, and swallowed them before swallowing the last guy's load.

I was impressed with this scene. Chastity's performance was really good, and the finish was exceptional. I wish all of the scenes would have been as impressive as this scene, or Katie's scene.



- Behind The Scenes (36 mins.)

- Cumshot Recap

- Photo Gallery


I have to say this was honestly a unique viewing experience. It is the first Teenage Spermaholics DVD I have seen, so I didn't really know what to expect. I definitely didn't expect any sort of roleplaying to be included. When I first saw the cover I actually thought this was going to be a straight out POV DVD involving the consumption of sperm by some newbie female performers. This would have totally pleased me if it were so, but I was kind of let down because of my high hopes. For the most part the performances were good, and some of them were exceptional. The fact that one of the scenes wasn't really impressive, and the rather odd roleplaying in each scene keeps me from giving this DVD a high rating. In all honesty I think this DVD is only worth renting at best. I just think it would have been better as a POV DVD without all of the drama.

Final Rating: Rent It!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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