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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 4/23/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Wicked Pictures
Directed by Jonathan Morgan
Running Time: 1hr and 35min
Price: 23.99
Genre: Couples/Adult Comedy


Alektra Blue
Rebecca Linares
Lisa Ann
Jayden Jaymes
Carolyn Reese
Tommy Gunn
Jonathan Morgan
Rocco Reed
Dane Cross
Danny Mountain
Chris Johnson

Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Slide Show
Trailers (Rocki Whore Picture Show and Jessica’s Guide to Fellatio before main menu) - 6 trailers
Web Site Info
Bonus Scene w/ Alektra Blue, Dale Dabone and Anthony Rosano  from Anarchy (great 18 minute scene from a great movie, look for my review on the site)

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 at 48 kHz and 384 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Another adult comedy for Jonathan Morgan and Wicked, looking forward to this one, should be interesting to see how much of the Baywatch feel and jokes they throw in this movie. I gotta say they do a really good job with the humor aspect of the movie, I laughed a few times as I watched this, it’s always nice to laugh when you are watching some sexy ladies do their thing.  I do have to say that the quick cuts are kind of distracting at times, I know Wicked seems to keep the run times pretty low, but maybe a different way to do it. I may have stated they were distracting, but I have to say that the sex overall was pretty good and was able to overcome them, pretty easily. So if you are in the mood for a comedy, with some very sexy ladies, who like to have sex, this is going to be one you are going to want to have in your collection, all in all, I am going to give this a RECOMMENDED rating. So pick it up and prepare to laugh in one moment and really aroused in the next. So another solid release from Wicked, and the star of this movie, Alektra Blue. I hope I have many dreams about her running towards me in slow motion.

Scene One: Alektra, Rebecca and Danny (3/5 rating)

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It’s a new day at the beach, and we get a voice over from Alektra, and it seems she intends to patrol the beaches, but also the surrounding areas, with the help of her busty friends. We see she is at the stand and she spots a weenie roast out of hand. She runs (in slow motion) to Danny and Rebecca. She is trying to keep the flames away from the beach. She inspects the grill and finds burnt weenies, but she is more interested in his weenie. Rebecca asks if she can join in, as the girls double team his cock, deep throating it and giving it a good work over. These two lovely ladies, with the long black hair and very nice boob, are going to make this lucky guy’s day. He starts off with some missionary with Rebecca as Alektra sits on her face and let’s her play with her pierced pussy. But it’s soon Alektra’s turn, as she is bent over getting fucked from behind, as she sucks on Rebecca’s tits. He pulls out and Alektra immediately goes for his cock, to work it over some more, but then she is bent over once again for some doggy action. Back to Rebecca, as she climbs on top and rides him for some cowgirl action, as they slap her ass. Alektra is almost the cheer squad as she keeps the other two going and even finds time to hop in the action when she can. But she gets center stage as she climbs on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action. Rebecca uses this chance to sit on his face and let him lick her pussy as he continues to fuck Alektra. And at the end, the girls kiss a bit until he jerks himself off onto the girls tits. They rub them together as the scene comes to an end.

Scene Two: Jayden and Tommy (3/5 rating)

Back at the beach, she is once again on duty and she calls Jayden on the radio, and we cut to Tommy working out in his gym and he starts to choke on a fly, and we hear a whistle, and we cut to Jayden running in slow motion, as she reaches Tommy. He gets better, but she wants to make sure, so she opens his shorts and pulls out his cock and has at it, with her hands and mouth. She unleashes her tits and then slide his cock in between those two lovely things. We cut to her naked and leaning up against the workout machine as he is fucking her from behind. So I know we are only a few scenes in, but if you are a fan of ladies with long black hair, and big boobs, this movie is going to win you over pretty easily. Anyways, we get another cut, and she is on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action on the exercise machine. He reaches around and plays with her pussy a bit while he fucks her. They move off the machine and onto the floor for some hard pounding in the spoon position. And this is also the second scene in a row with a lady with a pierced pussy. So you can add that to your list of goods things about this movie. She climbs on his cock for some cowgirl action, as she shows off her ass to the camera. And lucky for him, her boob are within reach, so he can lean over and suck on them even more. He pulls out and gives her a money shot all over her tits, and she then licks off his cock as the scene comes to an end.

Scene Three: Lisa and Rocco (2/5 rating)

Back to Alektra, she calls for Lisa, as a man is entering shark infested waters. But that man is Rocco and he is about to get into his bath tub, and he hears a whistle and we cut to Lisa as she runs in slow motion to him. She comes in and says that no body of water is safe without a lifeguard, he seems to be confused, but lays back and enjoys the hot water. She blows her whistle and tells him to get out. He asks her to leave, but she suggests that she stay so they can have sex, and he seems ok with that, as she begins sucking on his cock. After some oral action, we cut to her on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action, as her tits hop up and down. They make their way to the floor, as she continues to ride his cock in some cowgirl action. They move to some spoon action on the floor, but then make it back to the side of the tub for some missionary action.  She begs for his cum and he gives her a money shot over her pussy as the scene comes to an end.

Scene Four: Carolyn, Tommy and Dane (2/5 rating)

Alektra calls the help of Carolyn as we see Tommy and Dane are talking about his experience with Jayden, and Dane doesn’t believe him. They are washing a car, and all of sudden they hear a whistle and it’s Carolyn to the rescue, in slow motion of course. Dane is confused, but Tommy is all ready for what is about to come. He splashes him with the hose and she tries to give him mouth to mouth, and then after she saves him, she suggests they have sex, and Tommy is ready to go, as she runs up behind her. She strokes on Dane’s cock through his shorts, as her top goes down and then she ends up going down on both guys as she works over their cocks. She does a great job of working each guy over, and then we cut to Tommy fucking her from behind as she leans over and continues to work over Dane’s cock. She stands up and continues to get fucked by Tommy, as she jerks off Dane. We cut to her as she is riding Tommy for some reverse cowgirl action, as she continues to jerk Dane off. But Dane finally gets his shot, as he fucks her in some missionary action as she sucks on Tommy’s cock. There seems to be some rustling from someone as the scene continues, is it one of the guys or the cameramen, actually never mind, it’s the noise she makes as she is sucking on Tommy’s cock. She starts to beg for their cum, as Dane gives her a money shot on her pussy followed by Tommy on her tits.

Scene Five: Alektra and Chris (4/5 rating)

And it seems this next emergency is one she is going to handle this time. We cut to Chris relaxing by the pool, and a whistle noise soon, follows, so you know what that means, more slow motion running. She makes her way to him and tries to warn him about the dangers of not having a lifegurard. She moves in and they start off with some heavy kissing as she grabs his crotch through his shorts. She pulls down her top to unleash those amazing boobs, and she leans over and opens his shorts and really gives his cock some great oral attention, and with some great energy too. He slides the rest of her suit off and dives his face into her pussy and gives it a work out with his tongue and fingers, while she shoves a few fingers in her ass. But she wants his cock again, so leans over on the side of the chair and goes back to work on his cock, as he fingers her pussy. We cut to her on top his cock, riding him for some reverse cowgirl action in her pussy, as she wiggles her hips on his cock. She keeps that energy from the oral going as she rides him. We cut to some missionary action as she is chatting him up to keep him going. And she keeps begging him not to stop and even begs him to slap her tits. Another cut and we move to some doggy action, as she braces herself up against the chair. She moans and purrs as she is about to cum for him, so he throws in a few ass slaps to help her along. But it looks like he is going to cum first, as he pulls out and leaves a money shot all over her tits, and she licks off his cock and then plays with the cum on her tits, as the scene comes to an end.

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