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Taxi Vol. 2

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 4/24/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Lesbian

Director: Marie Angel

Cast: Madison Young, Justine Joli, Dylan Ryan, Jiz Lee, Sir Sterling, Nic Swith, Dallas Fivestar

Length: 93 minutes

Date of Production: ?

Extras: Two very good behind the scenes segments are provided. Ani Tzenkova, a fashion stylist, talks about her work with Jincey Lumpkin and her insight on selecting the types of wardrobe to use on adult performers. Telmo (Tomas) Savant, the director of photography, talks about this first time experience shooting a porn film. I really like his cool and laid-back demeanor while he continues to talk during his segment. I think more production companies need to have some of their off-screen talent give their insight on the current film that they are working on. It would provide additional material for the viewer about the film's production process. They never receive enough credit for their talent, hard work and professionalism. Also, confessions are included. Justine Jolie, Jiz Lee, Sir Sterling, Madison Young, and Dallas Fivestar each have their own separate segment. Among the five women, Justine's confessional was the most insightful. The promos are Protect, Girlfriends Films, Freedom Trailer, Pin-Up Girls, and Road Queen.  The trailers are Budapest 2, Imperfect Angels 10, Net Skirts 5, Pin-Up Girls 5, and Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 17

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It was filmed in high definition with Sony XDCAM cameras. This DVD is presented in 16:9 widescreen format. 

Overview: Taxi Volume 2 is the follow-up movie to Jincey Lumpkin's series Taxi. Although the prior film was not loved by it's critics, this one should receive better accolades. First off, Justine Joli and Dylan Ryan's solo performances are award worthy. Furthermore, the three-way action between Madison Young, Jiz Lee, and Nic Swith is hot with Madison performing a sensational job. She continues to amaze me when I see her on film. I think the industry as well as the normal porn fan do not give her enough credit. It's important to mention that Taxi is an Internet sensation among the lesbian community. This successful series has created a lot of buzz and it's no surprise that it got picked up by the number one studio that makes lesbian films. It's a great partnership between Girlfriends Films and Jincey's producution company. Her other original series are Therapy, Confessions, and her upcoming one Inside.
Scene One: Traffic: Justine Joli is in the backseat of a taxi and caresses her pretty breasts. Her demeanor looks quite involved and focused. The camera shots are effective as they pan her luscious body. Her performance gains in heat as soon as she rubs her sensitive womanhood with solid passion. Also, the woman's active hands are very good stimulation tools that continue to caress her body and vaginal plaything. Once Justine sticks her fingers into her sex tunnel, the emotional release becomes more energizing and riveting. Her moans and squirms are turn-ons while she is spread out along the seat. Justine's sexy legs look hot in her black heels. Although her solo treat is short, it is still one of the best masturbation scenes this year.      
Scene Two: Cheat: Jiz Lee and Dallas Fivestar are sitting in the backseat of the cab. Suddenly, Dallas pounces on Jiz Lee and the inner lust between them pours outward onto the screen. The kissing moments are turn-ons and give off a good sense of their attraction for one another. When Jiz sucks on Dallas' nipple, the receiver's facial expressions look sweet. Furthermore, while the pussy eating action occurs, it is evident that Dallas is enjoying the oral gift. The sight of her slightly open mouth allowed me to imagine that I could feel her breath coming through them. I also like Dallas' body. Moments later, Jiz sucks and finger fucks her juicebox with much determination. Thus far, their performance is sweet and emotional as the viewer can feel the new founded personal connection between the two women. Dallas will want more of Jiz Lee's oral workouts. Afterwards, Dallas takes control and rubs and sucks the sexual honeycomb of Jiz. The heat level has risen greatly and the personal connection between them continues to stay strong especially during their kissing moments. Afterwards, Dallas' focused and determined pussy workover makes the woman's juicebox very wet. A very good performance by the ladies.           
Scene Three:
Safety: Dylan Ryan is alone in the backseat. She smokes a cigarette. The woman looks sexy, but also in need for someone to comfort her. Later, she begins to pleasure herself with the leather seat belt by rubbing her sensitive sexual mound against it. The viewer can sense Dylan's steady and consistent emotional demeanor. Her active hips are amazing turn-ons. Furthermore, Dylan's legs are very sexy and great eye-candy. Also, the sight of the woman's pretty beauty spot is captivating. She does a great job in pleasuring herself and making her legs quiver from her amazing workout. It's one of the best solo performances of the year too. It's important to note that the name that is shown on the screen when this scene is on is the incorrect one. It states Sir Sterling and of course, the performer is the unforgettable Dylan Ryan.
Scene Four: Penetration: A gorgeous Madison Young along with Nic Swith and Jiz Lee are in the backseat of the taxi. The pretty red head and Jiz come onto Nic. Moments later, Madison partially undresses Nic and focuses her attention on her groin. While sucking on Nic's toy dildo, she also places good focus on Jiz Lee's own toy cock. The beauty does a swell job in sucking it with her hot looking technique. Meanwhile, Jiz and Nic are kissing. Later, Madison begins to suck both dicks. Later, the penetrating activity occurs when Madison is on top of Nic while Jiz fucks her from behind. The hottie continues to look gorgeous in the cramped space. Her mouth is quite sexy and inviting. Later, Nic becomes the object of their affection again as Jiz kisses her and Madison rubs her sexual playground.

Scene Five: Smoke: Sir Sterling is smoking in the backseat. The self-stimulating behavior begins when she rubs herself underneath her pants. Later, she is stroking her strap-on cock. The scene shifts from darkness to brightness several times. This scene is very brief.  

Final Thoughts: For the most part, I really enjoyed watching this movie. The solo performances by Justine Joli and Dylan Ryan deserve award nominations especially the lengthier one by Dylan. Also, Madison Young continues to marvel with her gorgeous appearance and sexual electricity that she brings on screen. Taxi 2 is a far better product than it's predecessor. I recommend this worthwhile film.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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