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Office Perverts Vol. 6

Studio: Reality Junkies » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 4/26/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Office, All Sex

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Ann Marie Rios, April O'Neil, Bobbi Starr, Jynx Maze, Madison Ivy

Date of Production: Nov. 17, 22/2010

Length: 1 hrs. 53 mins.

Audio/Video: It is not specified whether or not this DVD is presented in HD. The quality of the video is really clear, and would suggest to me that it as least something close to HD. The scenes are presented in a widescreen ratio, probably 16x9. The audio appears to be digital, but it is not specified either.

Overview: This DVD contains five scenes with varying office sex roleplay scenarios. It has scenarios involving co-workers, managers, and secretaries in various types of sexual encounters. There are even some new twists on office sex porn in this DVD.


Scene 1: Ann Marie Rios

The scene opens up focusing on a guy sitting behind a desk in an office. He is obsessing over the fact that he has to stay over hours to complete some work. To begin with the scene had some sort of romantic music playing as the guy was looking over his work reports, but I was definitely glad that the music didn't play during the actual sex. I'm not really into the romantic, or even retro porn tunes that play during some of the adult films. As the guy sits there all alone, and disheartened by the work at hand the lovely Ann Marie walks up to him. She basically asks him how his work is coming along, then heads out of the office. After Ann Marie leaves, the guy becomes overtaken by exhaustion from working long hours. He eventually falls asleep at his desk, and has a very interesting dream.

The dream is more of a fantasy in my opinion. It seems this office worker is also obsessed with Ann Marie. In his dream Ann Marie visits him at his desk with some very lustful intentions. The pair of co-workers engage in some very heated sex all over the desk. The sex included some foreplay between the two as well as a lot of doggystyle, and cowgirl riding. There was also some missionary thrown in the mix too. The sex in the scene was very enjoyable to watch. Ann Marie had a very playful, and wild thing going on about her during the scene which I really liked. Occasionally she would say some things in spanish inbetween her orgasms that made the scene even more hot. Sometimes I didn't understand what she was saying in spanish, but I was able to make out some of it. After some pounding, and riding the guy finally shoots his load into Ann Marie's open mouth. She does spit his cum back out, but I still thought the scene as a whole was extremely sexy. There was a little twist at the end too. The guy awakens from his dream to find Ann Marie's panties hooked on his computer moniter.

In it's entirety this scene was really fun to watch. I found that it wasn't long and drawn out like some scenes tend to be in adult DVDs. In my opinion it was the perfect length. It had an adequate amount of foreplay, and sex. The ending cumshot was also very satisfying. I usually do not enjoy fantasy plots in porn, but I think this one was done just right.

Scene 2: Madison Ivy

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This is one of the more interesting office sex scenes I have ever seen. Unlike the first scene, this one is based in a fictional reality, if that makes any sense? When the scene opens we find Madison sitting behind a desk in what appears to b a law firm. For a moment she sits there typing up something on the PC while some porn music plays in the background. After that the scene takes a very odd twist. As Madison is sitting there behind the desk working she recieves a call on her cellphone. Out of nowhere she starts some serious 'sexting', snapping some pictures of her private parts using her cellphone camera! Unfortunately for Madison her manager sees what she is doing and interupts the situation. After being startled, Madison becomes apologetic fearing the loss of her job. She asks the manager that old cliche porn question, "Isn't there anything I can do?". The manager doesn't think too long on the offer before the two hare having some lustful office sex.

Unfortunately when it comes down to the sex part ofthis scene you get basically the same action as you saw in the first scene with little variation. I suppose the desk is about the only decent place to have sex in an office? Madison rides the manager's cock on top of the desk, and recieves some missionary style sex there as well. The manager, and his rather large cock recieves a nice sloppy blowjob at the beginning as well as some doggystyle action during the scene. The ending cumshot was not that impressive to me. I've mentioned it in other reviews that I prefer a facial frosting, or oral cumshot when it comes to a good finish. In this scene the manager empties his load right above Madison's pussy on her pelvic region. It was a little disappointing.

Overall the scene was decent. I really liked the sexting bit. It was something new that I haven't seen in previous office porn titles. I think it brings office porn into the current century. The only issue I had was the lack of a real variety in the office space sex. It would have been nice to change the location of the sex a little, and add some notable variation to it. Other than that the scene was ok.

Scene 3: Bobbi Starr

The more I watched this DVD the more I realized how they were covering all the bases when it came the different office scenarios. In this scene we find Bobbi returning to what appears to be a home office. She sorts through her mail a little before noticing her neighbor reclining on her sofa. He informs her that he, and his wife had had an argument. He also informs her that due to his being kicked out, he is searching for an apartment to rent, or a place to stay. Other than that little bit of dialogue the scene went straight into sex after Bobbi says "Let me help you". I didn't totally understand it other than maybe Bobbi got really horny, because she noticed that he was pitching a major tent. From that point on it was horny, and lustful sex.

The first thing I noticed after Bobbi's impressive oral sex technique, and after she undressed was that she was unshaved downstairs. I'm not really impressed by that kind of thing. I prefer the female performers who are clean shaven. Other than that small detail Bobbi was really hot. The sex in the scene varied just a little from the other scenes since there was a sofa involved. Bobbi rode her neighbor's cock for a while on the couch before the moved onto the desktop sex for the remainder of the scene. Even though the desk was rather small in size the pair of lust birds managed to perform some missionary, and doggystyle sex upon it. The ending cumshot was ok, but it wasn't great. I noticed that the guy shot most of his load past her head which was a disappointment. I would have loved to have seen more cum on Bobbi's face. She did end up recieving a little on her face, and some in her mouth which was still good.

This scene was good in that it was shot in a different type of office setting. I like a good change of scenery when it comes scenario based porn. Bobbi's bush was just a tad bit distracting for me, but her lustful side made the scene quite enjoyable. I also thought her soft orgasms were a nice addition to the scene. I could tell she was really enjoying the sex, and not just putting on a show.

Scene 4: Jynx Maze

In this office sex scenario the man behind the desk has landed himself in some major trouble. It seems that with the help of his former asisstant he was able to get a huge promotion in the firm he works for. The former female asisstant Jynx pays him a visit at his current office. He confides in her that he can't read, and that he really needs her help. He offers her the opportunity of a promotion as well if she works for him again. It doesn't take long for Jynx to seal the deal with some dirty office sex.

To begin with Jynx performs some amazing fellatio on her desperate partner. After this is pretty much different variations of anal sex throughout the office. The performers in this scene were fun to watch. Jynx had an amazing body adorned with nipple rings, and leg tattoos. Her male partner was well endowed which made it more fun to watch her suck his cock. Between the more serious scenario, and the sexy performance this scene made for some excellent viewing. The ending cumshot, on the other hand, was a little less desirable. The guy ended up shooting his load onto Jynx's butt cheeks. She did at least sample a taste of the cum though.

I think a lot more thought was actually put into this one scene which made it less of a random encounter. The anal sex was enjoyable to watch, and not too graphic as some anal sex scenes tend to be. I'm not really into anal sex, but I ended up enjoying this scene anyways. I guess the only thing I didn't like which comes down to a matter of preference was the ending cumshot.

Scene 5: April O'Neil

This scene opens up already in the middle of some action. There's a guy sitting behind a desk, reading a newspaper, and getting his cock sucked by Jynx from the previous scene. I don't think the two scenes, are related at all. It doesn't take long for the the guy to get interrupted by a fellow female co-worker. This fellow co-worker happens to be April O'Neil. After April fusses on him about some account not being given to her, she quickly resorts to seducing the already half naked individual. She removes her top, and bra then crawls across the desktop to meet the guy in a sensual kiss. After all the clothing is removed April starts the scene of with some serious deepthroating skills.

After the guy gets treated to some amazing oral care, he tends to April's needs by liccking her pussy and butthole. I wasn't actually that comfortable with all the butthole licking that went on during the scene. It's just not something I'm into, or like to watch. The sex included the usual over the desktop kind of stuff. I really enjoyed watching April's intense orgasmic reactions as the guy was pounding away at her with his massive cock. I believe she thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the scene. The guy ended up shooting two loads during the scene. He shot one, and then screwed April some more before shooting another.He shot one massiveload all over her butt, and another across her breasts. It was an ok ending, but not that great.

The only issue I had with this scene was the finishes. Both of the guy's loads were really watery, and it kind of looked like he pissed on her. If it weren't for this fact the scene would have been top notch. I like to see thick loads shot on the female performers, not something like that. Other than that issue, the scene was good.



- Cumshots

- Behind The Scenes

- Slideshow

- Striptease


This was an excellent example of a DVD with more quality, and less quantity. Every scene offered a different office sex scenario which kept me interested throughout the entire DVD. I didn't get bored one instance. There were also some performers that were new to me. I like to see fresh faces when it comes to the adult film industry. It helps keep things more lively. The only things I didn't really like in this DVD were some of the finishes, and that all comes down to the viewers' personal preferences. I think ending cumshots are a little on the trivial side when it comes to rating a DVD. What I might prefer in a finish, might be different than what another viewer enjoys. In the end it all comes down to performances, and what you get as a packaged deal. In that sense I honestly think the performces were good. The extras that were included also make this DVD more desirable. Overall I believe this DVD is highly recommendable. It's something fresh in the realm of office sex, and adult entertainment. 

Final Rating: Highly Recommended!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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