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Too Big For Teens 6

Studio: Reality Junkies » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 4/28/11

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: 18+ Teens, Big Cocks

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Amai Liu, Heather Starlet, Lily Carter, Lizz Tayler, Tasha Reign

Date of Production: Nov. 3,6,8,9,10/2010

Length: 2 hrs.

Audio/Video: Unspecified. The Audio is clear at most parts, but there is one scene where the audio varies a little in volume. Overall the audio seems digital in nature but I was unable to confirm that. The video is presented in a widescreen ratio, and seems to be HD quality. I'm also unable to confirm the video specifications due to lack of information on the DVD cover, or in the video itself.

Overview: This video contains five scenes involving barely legal female performers. Each scene contains a different scenario in which the performers do some adult oriented roleplaying. Various types of sex are included in each scene as well.


Scene 1: Amai Liu

Before I even start to give my review of this scene I want to say something. I'm a guy who enjoys porn. At times I even enjoy some of the more hardcore stuff. Even so I still have my morals when it comes down to certain things. This scene is extremely taboo in appearance. Amai Liu looks a little underage in this scene.

The scene opens with Amai sitting alone in her literature Professor's classroom. She walks up to him asking all sorts of questions pertaining to interesting little facts that she knows. At one point in the conversation Amai tells Professor Knight that she can size a person up just by looking at them. She tells him his height, weight, and even shoe size. By this time the Professor is beginning to get a little annoyed by Amai, until she blurts out his penis size which she claims to be 5.5 inches. Stunned the Professor says "What did you say!?". Amai keeps pestering him telling him she'd like to make sure that she was right about his penis measurement. Finally she just drops to her knees and undoes his pants so she can see for herself. You could tell the whole 5.5 inches thing was just a ploy so she could get into his pants. After comically admitting that she was wrong in the measurement, Amai began to perform oral sex on the Professor. The rest of the scene contained all anal sex in various positions, but I'm not going to go into detail because of the taboo like nature of this scene. The professor ended the scene by splashing his cumshot onto Amai's back.

I realize that the DVDs I review have a disclaimer saying that records are kept on the performers involved, and that they were over 18 years of age at the time of shooting. I still have a conscience, and a scene that appears this taboo disturbs me. I actually felt dirty for watching the scene.

Scene 2: Tasha Reign

Tasha's scene is kind of comical. I was definitely glad to see a female performer that didn't look underage. I can definitely give a better detailed review to this scene, because it doesn't look taboo.

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As the scene opens Tasha is talking to a friend over the phone about her failing grades, and an upcoming exam. She discuss the fact that if she doesn't pass the exam she won't be able to hang out with her boyfriend for the summer. Tasha's friend tries to talk some sense into her by telling her she should just study, but Tasha thinks the idea is boring. Her friend sarcastically tells Tasha that she could steal the exam, but Tash takes the idea literally. Tash makes her way into the Professors office in search for the exam, and ends up having to hide behind his desk as he walks into the room. The Professor seems to be a little horny. He boots up his laptop in search for some porn to whack off to. Immediatley he finds a site called 'Big Titty Blondes' which happens to be rather ironic since Tash is a big tittied blonde. Tasha takes advantage of the oportunity, and makes a deal with the Professor about the situation she's in.

The sex in the scene doesn't drag on for too long, and is enjoyable to watch. Most of the sex takes place on the Professor's desk top. The ending cumshot to Tasha's mouth, and face was a good finish. Overall the scene was decent. I've seen roleplaying like this before in other DVDs, so it wasn't really something new to me. For what it was the scene is ok.

Scene 3: Lily Carter

This scene is really hot. It involves one of those roleplaying scenarios where two girlfriends are over for a slumber party, and the friend sneaks out to have sex with their friend's dad. The scene starts off with Lily at her girlfriend's house getting ready for bed. The two girls talk about penis photos that one of their school firends took on their cellphone. They briefly look over the pictures before going to sleep for the night. When Lily's friend is finally asleep she sneaks in on the dad who is also sleeping. Lily takes the time to quietly uncover her the dad's penis, and even takes a picture of it using his daughter's cellphone. After that Lily startles, and wakes up the dad by sucking on his cock. The sex in this scene is even more enjoyable due to the subject of the roleplaying scenario. Lily's sexual encounter with her friend's dad makes for some very excellent viewing.

I really enjoyed the bedroom sex this time around. In my previous reviews you'll find that I'm not a huge fan of bedroom scenarios, but the spicy edge added to this one makes it very fun to watch. The fact that several different sexual positions was used in the scene adds a variety which is always more enjoyable to watch. I hate to see scenes that linger too long on one position. The only thing that I didn't enjoy in this scene was the ending cumshot which ended up on Lily's ass. I just wish it would have been a facial at least.

Scene 4: Lizz Tayler

It was hard for me to stop laughing at this scene. The scenario was totally off the wall! Lizz was apparently going form door to door trying to sell some cookies for some reason that I can't recall. An older German gentleman answers the door. After Lizz states her purpose, the German gentleman mentions his nationality. From there a whole lot of funny dialogue ensues. Lizz practically barges into the guy's home asking him questions about Germany, and its malls. She also ask about the food over there, and the boys. The German guy tells poor clueless Lizz about Germany's wonderful sausages, and how they are so big. He even mentions that German boys have big sausages too. Lizz ends up asking the German guy if she could see his sausage, or maybe it was the other way around? I can't recall that detail, but he pulls out his 'sausage'. Lizz exclaims in a rather ignorant manner "Mister you have a big sausage!", and grabs a hold of it. She also tells him that she now believes him. The German guy asks if Lizz would like to taste his 'sausage', and she says yes I would. From there the two engage in some serious sex. I say 'serious', because it has a more serious tone to it than the actual roleplaying scenario. I absolutely loved the finish to this scene. The German guy ends up shooting his load into Lizz's open mouth, and on her face.

I found this scene oddly enjoyable. The scenario, even though it was a bit wild, seriously enhanced the scene. I actually enjoy the odd scenes a lot more than ones with scenarios that have been done many times over. At this point in my review I honestly think this is the best scene on the DVD! The ending was just as good as the scenario for this scene. I really enjoyed watching it!

Scene 5: Heather Starlet

This scene included a unique scenario. I liked that the director of this DVD chose to go a different route, and used some unique roleplaying scenarios. In this scene Heather is taking driver's ed. The male driving instructor tries his best to remain professional throughout the scene. I liked how the male performer who portrayed the driving instructor, actually sounded like a real driving instructor. After Heather makes some very bad mistakes on the road, and can't parallel park she asks the instructor to drive her home. She actually has the hots for this guy, and lures him into her house for a sexual encounter. It was funny how the guy looked so confused as Heather was seducing him. After all the initial roleplaying scenario was over the sex took on a more serious tone. I guess I'm ok with that, but I would like the scene to have had the same feel to it throughout. Most of the sex took place on Heather's couch. The performers mixed up the positions throughout the scene which I like. The finish to this scene was excellent. Heather recieved a nice, thick load in her open mouth.

I really enjoyed the different scenario. I can't remember seeing a driver's education scenario before. There were a few problems I had with the scene though. A big problem was the audio. During the driver's ed part it was hard to hear what the male performer was saying sometimes. I had to turn the volume up on several occassions. Another issue was the inconsistency in the feeling of the roleplaying during the scenario, and the actual sexual encounter. It's not a major thing, but it irritates me a little when the performers who are roleplaying change their personality when the actual sex is happening. I realize people get a little more serious when having sex, but in a roleplaying scenario it's kind of like watching two different sets of people. Other than those two things the scene was really good.



- Cumshots

- Behind the Scenes

- Slideshow


This DVD is really hard for me to rate. The scenes for the most part were enjoyable, but the first scene seemed a bit taboo for me to even go into detail about. Amai's appearance seemed a little underage. I use the word 'seemed' because the disclaimer to the video states the the performers were over 18 years of age at the time of recording. I have nothing against Amai, It's just hard for me to watch someone that looks as young as she does perform. With that being said, I did enjoy the other scenes of the DVD for the most part. My favorite was definitely the one with Lizz Tayler and the German performer. I actually got a good laugh out of that scene, and enjoyed the sex in it as well. I would have honestly bought this DVD just for Lizz's scene if I would have known of it's existence in the DVD. I cannot honestly recommend this DVD though. The first scene sort of pushed the limits of taboo to far for me. If this DVD is worth anything, it's worth a rent for the four other scenes especially Lizz Tayler's scene.

Final Rating: Rent It!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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