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Open Invitation: A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Private » Review by Aaron Scott » Review Date: 4/28/11

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The Blooms are a seemingly content couple - both are successful and attractive, but something is missing from their lives.  When Ms. Bloom requests sex, Mr. Bloom immediately responds that they had just done it a few days prior.  Still, they screw for what seems like just a few minutes before he is finished and she is left longing for something more.  Something, unknown to them, like their neighbors, the Angels - who screw like rabbits in just about every imaginable position.

While out for dinner, Mr. Bloom sees the Angels making out near the bathroom.  They think he is cute, and soon are trying to find a way to get them involved with their kinky erotic plans.  After some drinks and a smoke, they invite the Blooms to a small get-together at a friend's home.  Thinking it is nothing more than more drinks, the Blooms accept the offer.

Once there, they find themselves in the middle of a swing party - or, as one of the guests calls it, an open situation.  While four of the guests make their way upstairs to have a little fun, the Blooms remain downstairs and gradually become part of the action.  The focus moves from the foursome in the loft to the group below as everyone is satisfied.

From there, we are witness as Ms. Bloom opens up more to the idea of the open lifestyle, and engages with Ms. Angel during a photo shoot.  Later, the couple continue to take part in the action - leading to a full swap.  This takes place during a huge swinger party (a real event in which over 100 people enjoy pleasure to the fullest).

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One of the best aspects of this feature is that the sex is never treated like a hardcore production.  There are no extreme close-ups of penetrations, and we are given the chance to see the action from a much wider view - allowing us to really enjoy the passion of the scenes.  Sure, there are facial cumshots, but nothing ever seems dirty.  Instead, we become more like one of the participants - actually there amongst the party-goers.  The plot takes our leads from a normal, professional couple through a seemingly natural indoctrination into the lifestyle.  Nothing felt forced or phoney - just like a smooth flow into bliss.

The Extras

What the bonus features lack in quantity, they more than make up for in quality.  First, we are given an 11-minute behind the scenes extra, where we get brief chats with some of the 100+ guests from the feature's final scene.  Intercut with the talk we are given footage of them in action.  While the feature focused mainly on the cast, this allows us to get more intimate with some of the non-professional participants.

Next, we are treated to a nearly 1-hour bonus scene.  The scene begins with two guests crossing paths outside of the event location.  While acting like they are in town for business and continuing on their way, they both return to the party.  The bonus scene is more like a bonus movie, as we watch some of the guests arrive and get acquainted before the "professionals" are disrobed so that the fun can begin.

Previews for Billionaire, Downward Spiral, Orgy at the Villa, and Cheating Hollywood Wives are also included.


The video quality is pristine, and really shows how a blu ray feature should look.  While making use of natural lighting, scenes that take place in darkend rooms (such as the final "event") are never too dark to see.  This lends to the intimate quality, as nothing is every drenched in bright light.  Only the bonus scene looked more like high-end video, but even that scene was never too dark or distorted.  Colors were always warm, natural, and allowed us to see every body type and skin tone.

Audio was also clear, and there was no problem hearing dialogue (what little there was - not that it is a bad thing).  One slight issue I had was that the same songs seem to just repeat over and over during the feature.  A small distraction, as the action on-screen quickly wiped it from my mind.  One huge positive is the ability to choose from five languages to watch the feature in.  Besides the standard English, we are given the options of hearing it in French, German, Spanish, or Italian.

Final Thoughts

"Open Invitation: A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco" takes us along as a "normal" couple expands their sexual horizons.  The feature is presented tastefully, and never feels like a standard porno.  This is, instead, a true adult feature, and is worthy of the utmost praise.  Watch it alone, or - better still - watch it with your mate.  Just watch it.  XCritic Pick 

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