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Twistys Twisted Fantasies

Studio: Twistys » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 4/29/11

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Web-to-DVD

Director: Bobby Manilla

Cast: Angel Dark, Britney Amber, Donna Bell, Helena Sweet, Kris Slater, Leny Ewil, Tanya James, Thomas Stone, Tommy Gunn

Date of Production: 2011

Length: 2 hrs. 30 mins.

Audio/Video: This DVD is shot in HD (High Definition). The individual scenes are displayed in a widescreen ratio.

Overview: This DVD is all about different sexual fantasies. Each scene in this collection/DVD has two performers who roleplay different types of sexual fantasy scenarios. All of the scenes on this DVD contain straight sex. Most of the sex included is more on the sensual/erotic side of the adult DVD spectrum.


Scene 1: Angel Dark

This scene opens up with a bald headed gentlemen, and Angel Dark groping each other in some heated passion. When I first put this DVD in, and was waiting for it to start I honestly expected some straight forward roleplaying. The title says "Twistys Twisted Fantasies", and that's what I expected. When I saw that this scene absolutely made no sense I was a little confused. The roleplaying scenario was absolutely missing. It was just straight out sex. There was no dialogue between Angel, and the bald guy whatsoever. I can't recall one word that was said between them during the entire scene. I did notice that the guy was wearing some sort of work uniform, but I had no clue what it had to do with this scene.

The sexual part of the scene consisted of lots of oral sex between the performers. Angel sucked on the guy's cock various times throughout the scene. The male performer finger banged Angel, and licked her pussy frequently as well. In my opinion the sex lasted a little too long. The two performers did have good chemistry. They also performed in many different positions. Without a story of some sort to back up what caused them to be so sexually motivated caused the scene to be dull. The only thing I really liked about this scene was the finish. Angel took the guy's entire load into her open mouth which was nice. Unfortunately she did spit it back out. It didn't bother me too much this time though. What did bother me was the fact that I didn't understand what the scene was about, and that it just looked like two random people having sex. This scene was definitely not a good way to start of a DVD.

Scene 2: Britney Amber

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This scene restored my hope for this DVD. The fantasy this time around was about a prison inmate, and a rather sexy female warden. The scene moves right into the scenario with Warden Britney talking, and introducing herself to the prisoner. She was dressed in the sexiest female warden outfit I have ever seen. It actually looks a little silly, like some halloween costume. After Warden Britney gets acquainted with the prisoner she begins to seduce him through the prison cell bars. She unzips his prison uniform, and sucks on his cock through the bars that are between them. From that point on it seems like Warden Britney gets extremely horny. She not only gives the prisoner a really impressive blowjob with lots of gagging, but he also recieves a titjob from her as well. Warden Britney even takes it so far as to let the prisoner do her doggystyle through the prison cell bars. After that the sex is all inside the cell.

Warden Britney rides the prisoner a lot during the prison cell scene, but there are also other positions that are performed. They do some spooning, and missionary positions before the scene finishes. The ending cumshot is decent. The guy who is playing the part of the prisoner (which I believe is Tommy Gunn) tries to shoot his entire load into her mouth, but he ends up missing a little. Other than that small detail I really enjoyed the scene. The sex through the prison cell bars was extremely hot. It's the type of thing I expected to see when I popped this DVD into my player.

Scene 3: Donna Bell

I was really hoping there wouldn't be another scene like the first on this DVD, but there was. This scene mimics the first scene in so many ways. It starts off like the first scene with two random lovers standing face to face groping each other. There is no dialogue just sexual moans and orgasms like the first scene had. This scene takes place in some random room that has no meaning whatsoever, and there is no fantasy scenario defined at all. I was extremely disappointed at this point of my review. I do not understand the logic in doing scenes this way when they are supposed to be fantasy/roleplay oriented. All I could think of was that this is a fantasy about ladies' stockings since Donna was wearing some sort of fishnet stockings.

The sex in the scene was fairly standard. It's what I would expect to see in any adult DVD I review. There was nothing special about it, and the sexual fantasy just wasn't there. If it was I definitely didn't notice. Donna's performance was good, as well as her chemistry with the male performer. The whole tone of the scene was more of a sensual/erotic one. It wasn't hardcore at all, except for the ending facial. The positions throughout the scene included cowgirl, spooning, doggystyle, and missionary. The absence of a defined fantasy scenario absolutely ruined this scene for me.

Scene 4: Helena Sweet

This scene had a small hint of some type of sexual fantasy. From what I observed it seemed to be a MILF type of scenario. There was a younger looking male performer, and Helena who looked older than him. There was a tiny bit of dialogue during the start of this scene, but I really couldn't make sense of it. It was like walking in on someone else's conversation. Like all of the scenes before, the two performers in this scene had good chemistry. Nothing about their sexual encounter seemed forced at all. I was glad that at least there was some sign of an attempt at letting the viewer know what the fantasy was about.

The sex in this scene was a little more enjoyable to watch than the ones I had issues with. I figure it's because there was some hint of a background to the scene's plot. I can't say that I'm really into the MILF genre of porn, but the atmosphere of this scene enhanced the viewing pleasure. I imagined that the male performer had went behind his girlfriends back to screw her mom. That's what the scene reminded of anyways. I've seen plots like that before in other adult titles. The sex was fun to watch, and Helena was quite attractive. The two performers exchanged oral sex with one another throughout the scene. There was also some the usual positions included. The finish was good, but not too impressive. The guy's cumshot which he sprayed across Helena's face was on the watery side. It definitely didn't make for a good facial. There was one thing in this scene that bothered me, and it was the implant scars that were obviously visible on Helena's breasts. I tend to notice scars, and body imperfections a lot as I'm viewing these DVDs. Usually stuff like that won't bother me too much unless it's extremely noticable. In the end this scene turned out to be just ok, but nothing special.

Scene 5: Tanya James

After I got through watching this scene I was confused as to why this DVD is the way it is. This DVD contains two scenes that contain a truly definable sexual fantasy. One of those was the fantasy about the Warden, and the Prisoner. The other scene is this one which is about a female customer, and a mechanic. This fantasy scenario involves that good old "Is there anything else I can do?" catchphrase. A female customer happens to owe the mechanic more than she has. She asks him If there's any other way that she can pay him (using the exact catchphrase I just mention). She drops to her knees, unzips his pants, and gives him a nice deep blowjob. Tanya, and the mechanic end up having sex all over the auto shop. They even have sex over the open hood of a sports car. What let me down about this scene was how it skipped around, and seemed a lot shorter than the previous ones. It almost felt like I was watching some kind of a fill in scene. A scene thats sole purpose was to just make the DVD a certain length.

The sex between Tanya, and Tommy Gunn was ok, but it was extremely rushed. For some reason sex in the various postions didn't last long. In fact the scene seemed to have been edited in some way. The only two parts I enjoyed in this scene were the POV blowjob, and the ending cumshot to Tanya's face/mouth. This was a bad way to end a DVD. I felt like I was denied a full scene.



- BTS (Behind The Scenes)

- Photo Gallery

- Cumshot Recap


I could complain a lot about this DVD, more than I could give it any praise. The two scenes that I mentioned throughout my review that had the lack of any noticable fantasy scenario were my biggest issue with this DVD. This DVD is supposed to be about sexual fantasies. It says so in the title. I find that very misleading. My second biggest issue is the ending scene. It definitely seemed a lot shorter than the rest of them. Not only that, it wasn't really that impressive. In fact The only scene I found even remotely impressive was the one about the prison fantasy. This entire DVD was a major let down, except for that one scene. I honestly can't even recommend renting it.

Final Rating: Skip It!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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